The moment I felt invincible

It was my first encounter with snow ever. EVER.

I’ve never liked cold weather. I was born as a sun catcher and a beach lover. I’ve never known how snow feels.

So when I first touched it…

Photo 21-10-13 9 59 44 pm


Photo 21-10-13 10 05 51 pm

I didn’t know it was fun playing with snow when my bestfriend, the sun, was present. It was warm and cold at the same time. It was the good kind of paradox.

Photo 21-10-13 10 08 03 pm

I tried to lick the ice but my other bestfriend, Bandi told me not to. “You don’t want to have a stomach ache on a trip.” He got the point. So I licked him instead.

Photo 21-10-13 9 10 23 pm

It tastes sweet. :)

Of course, we didn’t stop the “selfie” there.

Photo 14-11-13 2 11 11 pm

And then I slept on the snow.

Photo 21-10-13 10 02 40 pm

And then I did some push up on it, you know… for the sake of being fit during the trip. LOL

Photo 21-10-13 10 02 04 pm

And then I slid on it.

Photo 21-10-13 10 47 31 pm

And when I got up, I couldn’t feel my buttock. I tapped on it and the snow fell down from inside of my skirt. LOL.

And then I climbed up to the cliff walk. And I saw this.

Photo 21-10-13 3 33 33 pm

Shot in HDR

And I thought…

Photo 21-10-13 3 37 50 pm 

I am invincible.

I had that moment. It was just about 5 seconds. I looked down and I closed my eyes because I was scared. I breathed the air in and then I opened my eyes and there it was…. The greatest view I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

And then I reminded myself, I should never worry about anything. ANYTHING. The universe is so great and the universe is invincible. The universe is always at my side… and I am invincible.

I should never be afraid as long as I do the right thing. I should always believe in the good memory, and hold on to it whenever I feel sad. Life is incredible. Earth is beautiful. There are still so many things I haven’t explore.

I looked to the left, looking for Bandi. He was standing quite far from me. He stood still too. I didn’t call him, I let him having his moment too.

Photo 21-10-13 9 35 34 pm

There were only the two of us on the cliff walk. I waited for him to turn his head to me. When he did, he came to me and I asked, “what did you do over there?”

He was speechless. He was titlis-struck too. :)

Photo 21-10-13 9 11 51 pm

Bandi, act-cool

Actually I ‘m preparing an ultimate post for this ultimate journey but it’s still half-written. This morning I woke up remembering Mt. Titlis and I just copied half of my camera’s memory card to the laptop so I felt like reminiscing this moment. =)

Bye for now Titlis!

Bye for now Titlis!

I’ll post more soon! Behooolllddd people!!!


May, whose buttock has melted.

Duit darimane? Dari OTAK lo!

So yeah, I’m back for bitching!

Kemaren di Path rame postingan ini:

Capture-an headlines dari detik

Capture-an headlines dari detik

And yeah, I agreed completely with the survey (God knows how absurd the survey could be) but I do agree. In order to embrace life, we must go travel, to reduce our ego with the fact that we are just a tiny dot in our big and beautiful earth and of course to be grateful with how awesome our planet is.

If you asked what is my main purpose of traveling, it is simply: to see the world. Because I am intrigued and curious about the planet earth we live in.

However, some people decided to post this a couple days later:

Balasan posting sebelumnya

Balasan posting sebelumnya

Since si pembuat post ini bisa maen Path, gue asumsikan at least doi punya duit buat beli andriod/IOS based smart phone. And you asked, “DUIT DARI MANA?”

Let’s make this clear:


Yang pasti nggak akan semahal duit yang situ keluarin nongkrong-nongkrong di starbucks/TWG setiap hari (demi pencitraan) atau beli kemeja-kemeja branded (yang actually you can’t afford) atau clubbing tiap weekend atau buka botol di bar high-end.

It’s all about priority my friend!

Lo bisa bilang “duit darimane?” karena duit senang-senang lo abis buat party atau nongkrong-nongkrong high-end. Guess what? Harga nongkrong di TWG tiga kali seminggu selama sebulan equals to jalan-jalan ke Boracay seminggu. Surprised? That’s because not only you suck at math, you also suck at life!

Gue pernah traveling ke Jogja, naek kereta seharga 90,000 perak! Nggak pake AC, semaleman tidur di bangku keras dan temen gue tiduran di lantai pake koran. Tidur di penginapan yang harganya 70,000 permalam itu pun dibagi tiga sama si Strawberry dan Avocado. Makan gudek cuma 4,000 perak, naek becak keliling-keliling cuma 5,000 perak bagi dua sama si Strawberry padahal pantat kita gede-gede, si tukang becaknya keringetan luar biasa.

Mahal? ENGGAK! Penuh cerita? IYA.

Mahal kalo lo maunya ke Maldives pake travel high-end, dongo!

And again, let me emphasize traveler berbeda dengan tourist. Traveling means kita nggak jadi turis. We blend in with local people, learn something about new culture, know more and embrace the journey, no matter how difficult it is, you will be left with sore legs and awesome stories.


I’ve heard this quote before:

Traveling is the only thing you purchase that makes you richer

And everytime I paid that flight/train/bus ticket, I will always remember this. My bank account might be decreased, but my personal value is increased.

Yep, you can spend all your money in stock market atau rexadana atau semua investasi lain-lain, but that doesn’t mean you spent ALL YOUR MONEY to invest. Geez, don’t you have life?

Believe it or not, I do invest too. Yes, I may not sound so smart but I do invest. Gak banyak, tapi sedikit-sedikit. Sama kayak gue traveling, one city at a time.


Like I said, it’s all about priority. If you’re a narrow minded douche who never walks out of your comfort zone, then don’t bitch it with “DUIT DARI MANE?”

You just don’t want to waste spend your money for traveling, GOT IT. Don’t be a bitch about it. I never bitch about “Anak muda harus sering nongkrong di TWG dan party sebelum pinggang gampang sakit” then wrote it over with CAPSLOCK “DUIT DARIMANA BUAT PARTY, NYET?”

Because it’s simply not my priority, I get it.

Another Example: Buat orang-orang yang hobi-nya koleksi action figures. Mereka mungkin nggak butuh pergi traveling, karena mereka udah dapat kepuasan dengan beliin action figures. But do we bitch to them, “DUIT DARIMANE BUAT BELI ACTION FIGURES?” Kagak kaaaan! Karena itu bukan priority kita.

Then this post came out:

Kenyolotan selanjutnya

Kenyolotan selanjutnya

It’s either you got married too soon atau lo kebelet married. Lo harus beli asuransi pendidikan sekarang? SAAT LO MASIH MUDA? Geez! I feel sorry for you, bro!

Disaat gue masih muda (late twenties juga masih muda dong) dan planning my next adventures, you already have kids yang masuk SD? Sorry, gue punya banyak temen yang punya anak, but they don’t complain like kids are burden. Cih.

Makanya, bro! Punya anak kalo udah siap financial dan mental, jangan maksa!

Anyyyway, balik lagi ke kata-kata “…kecuali bapak situ banyak duit.”

Well, gue ulangi, itu kalo lo maunya pergi ke Maldives pake travel high-end.

I’m gonna tell you something, I had a normal (slightly underpaid) salary when I was working in Jakarta and I still could manage to feed my mom and dad, paid for my motorcycle installments, and WENT TRAVELING.

Dengan gaji anak Jakarta, di saat yang bersamaan gue bisa beli aset, hidupin bapak emak gue yang udah nggak kerja, sesekali main bareng temen-temen gue dan pergi traveling. I swear to god, Bapak emak gue kagak tajir sama sekali.

Right now I am twenty seven years old, I am underpaid employee living in one of the most expensive cities on earth and I still can manage to feed my parents, pay my insurance, invest, and traveling. I have so far visited almost all the southeast Asia countries and still exploring Indonesia, one city at a time. And I am planning my European adventure.

Semuanya gue bayar pake keringet gue, hasil jerih payah otak gue. Nggak satu peser pun pake duit bapak gue.


I don’t splurge my money on the things I couldn’t afford and then bitching about can’t go traveling because it’s expensive.

I put my priority straight! Bikin satu bank account yang nggak boleh di-toel-toel gue tempel gede-gede “TRAVELING FUNDS” isi sedikit demi sedikit tiap bulan, tabung jatah cuti lo, masak sendiri biar nggak sering-sering makan di luar, jogging instead of bayar gym, BANYAK CARA CUY!


I’ve seen a lot of amazing skies, heard a lot of eye-opening stories, met a lot of awesome people and enriched my soul in a way you will never understand…

Because if I die tomorrow, I have lived my life. And you… You will leave so many credit cards debt my friend… for your house, your car, your insurance. No story to tell.

Don’t ever EVER bitch about traveling!

But again, hey, you will never understand. You can’t afford to travel, that pretty much explains the capacity if your brain. Xp

Use your brain. When there is a will, there is a way.

Once again, traveling is not expensive.

(however perception of expensive itself depends on how you see it) For me, traveling is never expensive.

I will tell you story when I went to Hanoi last year. I met a late thirty (or early forty?) British Accountant. We talked about football and stuffs at the beginning, then we started to switch information about the cities we have crossed in our Southeast Asian journey. Then I asked him, “How did your company let you go on leave for so long?” He replied, “They didn’t let me. I decided to quit then.”

“Wow. That’s a very brave decision. What made you do that?”

“Because I realize I’ve gotten old… and I haven’t seen the world.”

Gue nggak bilang kita harus quit our jobs then impulsively go traveling lah. Sambil kerja, sambil kumpulin duit dan investasi pergilah traveling sesekali. Mumpung masih muda, fisik masih oke, otak masih encer, masih rela ber-susah-susah-an di jalan, masih nggak ada yang ngelarang-larang, pergilah bertualang, daripada duit habis buat makan di resto high-end dan ngopi di starbucks melulu. :p (Sumpah gue ga ada masalah buat starbucks. I drink it too. Hahaha)

Important note:

I don’t criticize people who got married fast, built a family before they even turned twenty five, spent all of their lives taking care of their family. It’s all your choice. But don’t bitch about it! It was your choice wasn’t it?

I adore people who got married early and stayed with their priorities, taking care of the family and truly happy about it.

Bottom line is: Don’t bitch about traveling when it is not your priority. Don’t complain about how hard it is for you to manage your money. And most importantly, don’t judge about how I spend my money on. IT’S MY MONEY, I can do whatever I want with it. You don’t see me bitching to see you buying your house. Geez. Jealous much?


May, resident: the universe.