About being sad and unhappy

As I grow older I learn that people who spend their money on appearance and physical stuffs like branded bags or plastic surgery are not shallow and vain. Women who only married rich men are not materialistic. And Men who spends more time at the gym than reading books are not all stupid.

People just has different way to be happy and I must accept that not everyone sees happiness like I do. If they are after materialistic thing then so be it, they know what they want and that’s good for them as long as they don’t hurt other people.

I no longer hate these kinds of people, instead I wish them to have more money so they could buy more bags or do more plastic surgery, thus everyone will be happy.

Now I realize, people that’s really bothering me is unhappy people. ┬áThe kind of people who always said I hate this, I hate that, I don’t want this, I don’t want that, but they don’t give any conclusion either.

Sample no. 1:

People who bothers me: Ugh, I hate weekend!

Me: Why?

People who bothers me: Because I have to take care my baby.

Me: Then why did you have kids?

People who bothers me: No choice. I do this for my mother. She wants to have grandkid.

Me: Do you love your mom?

People who bothers me: Yes.

Me: Then don’t complain. You’re making her happy right?

People who bothers me: But I don’t like kids. They are annoying, noisy, blah blah blah [insert all the negativity you could find]

Me: Then your mom would understand if you told her that.

People who bothers me: But my husband also wants kids.

Me: Then don’t get married.

People who bothers me: If I’m not married, I will regret it when I’m old.

… *Me, Leaving the room*

Sample no.2:

People who bothers me: I hate my tummy.

Me: Why? It is fine.

People who bothers me: I’m fat.

Me: Then maybe you could go for a run.

People who bothers me: I don’t like running.

Me: Dancing? Swimming? Anything you like?

People who bothers me: I don’t like exercising.

Me: Well, then maybe you wanna watch what you’re eating.

People who bothers me: I can’t. (without reasoning why)

Me: *lost words*

People who bothers me: I want to just do liposuction.

Me: Go ahead if you think it’s necessary for you.

People who bothers me: But I don’t have money.

Me: Save more.

People who bothers me: I can’t. Never mind. I’m already ugly.


Sometimes I must clear my head before I wanted to punch their faces, I just need to tell myself all over again, be patience, they’re just unhappy. They complain about their lives like it’s the worst ever. They feel constantly unhappy about everything. They hate the world they live in. I have one other sample (this conversation really happened) about a woman answering my question about “If you could choose on your next life, do you want to be a girl or a boy?”

She answered: “I don’t wanna be either because I don’t wanna be human again. Be human is tiring, you must take care your family, your kids, blah blah blah.”

I was petrified. And for those materialistic people, this comes out from a wealthy woman.

I feel sad everytime I have a conversation with unhappy people because I can’t do anything about it. It’s just so sad to be unhappy. The worse thing is, unhappy is contagious.

It is human to be sad and unhappy sometimes, but remember this: we are not the only one having problems. Everyone has their own problems. And we can’t measure that our problem is bigger or their problem is not important and things like that because everyone has different strength.

And remember what Barney said, when you feel sad, just stop being said and be awesome instead!

(Actually I write this post because I feel sad. And I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling awesome again.)