2010: a year to remember

It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve posted something here! I’ve been pretty busy with my life, since I’m working from 6:45 in the morning until 5 or 7 at night (depends on what day), then straight go to the gym, for the sake of my New Year’s Resolution to be fit—which I hope would really happening this year—then hit the bed after gym time.

So, this is a catch-up post. Nothing serious though. :)

These past 2 months of 2010 has been the greatest days of my life. Maybe because I put the idea in my mind that this year will be my luckiest year, since it’s the world cup year, and my LDR boyfriend will be coming home in this summer. :D

Starting from my great trip to Singapore to visit my best friend slash soul mate slash debate partner or whatever-you-name-it, to teaching in the actual school. Seriously, I’m teaching in the local school where they still greet teachers before and after lesson. They also still shake hands with the teachers. It’s really nice to teach there and really fun for my side coz I can recall couples of my favorite memories from my junior high school moments.

My teaching schedule in that actual local school will end in the edge of this February, coz however I was only the substitute teacher. I kinda feel sad because I’ve had so much time there. Not all my students are bright, but they’re fun and unique. There’s a guy who always chatter in the class, even though I seriously was angry to him. There are always some of quiet students, naughty students, clever students, and of course the annoying ones.

This whole teaching in actual school thing really taught me something, that “we really owe our teachers a lot!” We don’t owe material things, but teaching is tiring and exhausting. And I bet no one was ever cared enough to think about that. There, we owe them a good prayer and a glimpse of hope that us—as a student—might make them proud one day.

So, I think that’s it for the catch up so far. I really believe that 2010 definitely will be a year to remember. I hope I’ll have more times later after these teaching massacres end and write more stuffs.

Tha Tha For Now, May.