Wedding, sunblock, and cholesterol.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the depressing feeling in the previous post. I didn’t mean to spread sadness but I got carried away because one of my bridesmaid went through a very bad breakup. Don’t worry, she’s a very strong woman and three weeks from now I will meet her and we’re gonna have a bridesmaids road trip to Bandung! Woot woot! I’m so gonna make her laugh again! =)

We will have the second bridesmaids meeting in the actual wedding venue! How exciting is that! We’re also gonna try the table layouts with the florist. Ahhh, so exciting! I know I promised not to talk about wedding, but I began to get attached with the whole planning because I (seriously freakishly) love planning!

The last one year I’ve spent my life planning for Europe trip, now that it’s over, I felt my life goal-less. So I guess I’m focusing all my energy to the wedding now. Oh my god, I’m such a dork I plan everything! The bridesmaids have already started calling me bridezilla. Dammit. So I just went ahead signing the wedding-related email to the bridesmaids and groomsmen “Love always, Bridezilla and Grumpygroom.” LOL

Why Bandi is the Grumpygroom? Because he is grumpy. :p

Anywaaaaay, I just feel like writing a post today, without any particular topic in my mind. Hey, I have already warned you that 2014 will be blabbering year! :D

Last Wednesday I went out with my girlfriends and we ended up browsing around cosmetics in a korean shop called Innisfree. I’ve naver heard about this brand before but I think it’s quite cheap compared to the other Korean brands in Singapore, umm, I’m not sure actually… I never shop cosmetic in any Korean stores before. My heart is already taken by Sephora. :p

I went to this store because one of my girlfriend wanted to buy a serum but the four of us ended up purchasing something. I ended up buying a spray sunblock. This is quite revolutionary for me because I’m one of those people who is lazy to apply sunblock even though we know sunblock is very very important. One of the reason why I’m lazy to put sunblock on my face is because my face will look so oily and so fair/white. Just FYI, my face is not fair like the other Chinese girls. I have tanned skin which I acquired on purpose. I feel that fair Chinese girls are so common and I want to stand out (yeah yeah hipster.)

Back to the sunblock topic! My previous sunblocks have always been the cream ones so when I found this sunblock, I was so happy! First, it was so easy just to spray it on my face. Second, my face didn’t react badly so I think we’re fine. Third, it’s water based so it’s not so oily!

The revolutionary spray sun block is the one in the middle!

The revolutionary spray sun block is the one in the middle!

Oh well, see how random my blabber is? If I can see what’s going on in my mind maybe I would see a lot of small bubbles full of thoughts, maybe something like the crowded junction in Japan. Hmm, I just remember something… One friend told me I’m vulgar. Hmm… Am I?

Yes I am! LOL! Maybe vulgar sounds bad, I’m more like… outspoken in a dirty way. LOLOLOL. No lah, I’m just like to joke a lot and sometimes I didn’t filter my words and forgetting my audience. You know in Path we’re only allowed to have 150 friends? Well, I already maximize the quota and I only share my path with people I’m comfortable with, because of yeah… I’m vulgar. LOL. I know I know I have to stop saying bad words and tell dirty jokes. But I just can’t help it!!! Maybe when someday I become a mom, I’ll stop. =)

But for now, I’m still a kid at heart. :p

So let’s move to the next topic! These past two months I’ve been feeling a sharp pain in my chest. I’ve gone to the doctor three times for three different medications. They’ve checked my heart and it turned out to be normal. The lungs are fine too so the doctor said it’s just probably a strained muscle. What the heck? Strained muscle for two months?

The pain got worse everytime I ate fatty and oily food and when Strawberry visited me with his protein freak boyfriend, he told me to cut down the fats intake. After arguing (of course), I took his advise and I felt a bit better… until I ate another Babi Guling yesterday. LOLOL

If you know me in person, you’ll know that I LOVE FOOD. My love for food is bigger than my love for Bandi, seriously! I will choose food over Bandi in a heartbeat! But I love my body more. I want to live long. I know it sounds weird because I’m still young (yes I am!) but I feel uncomfortable everytime I eat unhealthy food. My tummy is bloated, my throat hurts and my chest gets more painful.

I think it’s a wake up call for me… to finally realize that I cannot keep taking my body and my health for granted. I remember I read Oppie’s blog about how she changed her diet because of health matter. I never thought I could ever do that, but I also knew Oppie loved food too! So I guess in one point of someone’s life, they will have this epiphany of starting a healthy life just because their body send them a signal.

Sadly, my body has already sent me the signal. (And goddammit I’m only twenty something.)

How horrible is my eating habbit? Oh man! Seriously! I eat EVERYTHING! If sendal jepit (flip slops) tastes good, I’d probably it them too!

This new oath will have its first challenge and temptations because tomorrow morning I will fly to Palembang, the home of good (and unhealthy) food. Oh maaaaannn! Why god whhhhhyyy?!!!

Anyhow! Today is January 10th. I kept thinking what’s so special with this date? Why this date seems like so familiar… Hmm… Then I browsed this blog and I remembered! On January 10th 2009, I sent Bandi away to US. It was heartbreaking.

Tha tha for now!

Bonus Photo: The two Spongebobs!

Bonus Photo: The two Spongebobs!


May, sakit pinggang.