Cirque du Soleil, Essena Onneil and the good news!

There are no catch from the title, they are exactly 3 things I want to talk about in this post. Circus, social media, and good news!


Bandi and I went to watch Totem by Cirque du Soleil last Friday and it was amazing!!! I seriously couldn’t express how amazing it was in words! They took insanity to another level! Just as I thought it was crazy enough, BOOM! They did another unthinkable show. Just watch it if you have a chance or if they ever come to your city!

Bandi and I, super excited!

Bandi and I, super excited!

The cast!

The cast!

Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Essena O’Neill, a girl (model?) who quits instagram because she lost the meaning of real life. Oooh… sounds pretty serious huh?

By the way I wrote the sentence you would understand my side of this quitting instagram crap. Yeah, I found her move to be a bit hypocrite. She quit instagram, blamed social media for making her doing what she didn’t want to do.

Geez, to cut my preach shot. Let me give you the same situation of her excuses:

  1. A teenager blames sex (without protection) for getting pregnant.
  2. A person blames the candle for burning her house.
  3. A police office blames his gun for shooting the wrong person.


Hey Essena, It’s not instagram, IT’S YOU.

It’s not instagram who lies, it’s you who are the LIAR.

It’s not nuclear or gunfire who created war, it’s the fucking politicians.

I know it’s easier to blame the tool instead of sitting down, thinking what went wrong with me and admit it to the world that you did something wrong and you will fix it.

You know why people say facebook is bad? Because people can’t stop comparing themselves with other people when they read the newsfeed.

Oh… my high school friend just got her new BMW car. Why couldn’t I get BMW?

Oh… even the ugliest person I know is having a boyfriend. Why am I single?

Oh… This guy went on another holiday again? I didn’t even go anywhere this year. I don’t have anything to post, nothing to show off!

And there you go, BAM! You become depressed when you were actually perfectly fine, single and happy.

It’s not the facebook, not the instagram, not the tool that you should blame! It’s YOURSELVES, people! Yes, you can blame instagram if that will make you feel better (temporarily) but we know it won’t solve your problem.

In this very very vague yet transparent life, I know it’s not easy to be true to yourself, to be authentic, but try your best to be honest. Honesty is like a jewel now and be that jewel. :)

You will never be happy being somebody that you’re not. Be the real you, even though the real you is narcissistic and vain, just admit it… at least you’re being honest.

We all love to see ourselves in the mirror and adore ourselves, what’s wrong with that? It gives us happiness, confidence. As long as we’re not trashing people down, who cares about being vain?

You can be whoever you want, as long as it’s not fake.

Now you know I’m pro social media. Of course I’m pro! What’s not to like? You gotta be kay-poh on other people’s life leeeh! Xp You can stalk Cristiano Ronaldo’s instragram or your ex-boyfriend’s facebook. LOL.

Good News

I have a good news I couldn’t wait to tell you guys!!! I’ve held it for so many months now I will officially announce that…

Bandi and I are…

finally official resident of Singapore!


We’ve been waiting for the verdict for a year and last September it was finally approved. :)

It’s been five years since I moved to Singapore for good. It’s been one hell of amazing ride, looking forward for many more of amazing things happen in this life. =)

Now, I’m sharing one of my favorite quote that always gets me excited about life:


May, always excited.

One super fun weekend and one failed diet plan

It’s eighteen days to Christmas!!!

How’s everyone doing in this joyful festive season? I wish everyone’s planning for fun and joyous things to do for this holiday! :)

This December, I promised Bandi that we’re staying in Singapore. This is because this year is the most tiring year for our passport; we have been traveling all year long, December would be the first month without traveling at all! We’re gonna dining in for Christmas’ Eve together with our housemates and then we’re gonna go to the midnight mass.

What’s your Christmas plan?

Anyway… following up my #projectLEBAY, well…. let’s just say the project failed miserably. HAHAHA. Maybe it’s a very wrong timing. I have so many feast invites in the office, bonding with new friends, new activities, and don’t forget the rainy season got me lazy to exercise. :D Yadda yadda yadda, those are all excuses I know.

I even received email from reader about this project and here I apologize sincerely for the unfinished meal plan. I will resume the project on 2015. I promise. :)

One of the reason why this project failed is because I’ve been enjoying cafe hunting lately. I have a new favorite neighborhood in town. It’s in the Upper Thompson Road.

Upper Thompson Road houses a road length stretch of cafes and restaurants. You can find dimsum place, kopitiam, Korean Bbq, but the ones I love are the cafes! Upper Thompson offer variety of independent cafe. My current favorite is Habitat Cafe, but the best coffee belongs to Pacamara Cafe.

This espresso is awesome!

This espresso is awesome!

Upper Thompson is also very near to my house and my office, so I plan to visit often and try new cafes. I even have a plan in mind to make one post specially for Upper Thompson Road. :) If you notice, I have never written about restaurant reviews ever! The reason is because I found Food Blog is opinionated and sometimes overrated. How would you rate food? It’s almost like rating a pretty face.

But I will write more about Upper Thompson Road. After I collect enough researches about it. :p

I know there is another hipster area beside Upper Thompson in Singapore, such as Tanjong Pagar or Duxton Hill. But I personally prefer Upper Thompson simply because it’s near to my house. :)

If you like coffee, be excited about this, because I’m on a quest to try as many coffee as possible! My preference for Coffee is the Ristretto (easily defined as Espresso, but with half amount of water). I found Ristretto in some of coffee shop (like Pacamara and Koultoura in Jakarta), but they usually would just call it Espresso. You can actually easily see the difference by the amount of water.

Even though I prefer Ristretto, Espresso is also fine for me. Basically any concentrated coffee is fine for me. I don’t really like American Coffee or what we call it Long Black. I feel there’s too much water in there.

My first choice will always be black coffee, but sometimes (very rarely happen) I would want some milk on my coffee. Even though I usually went for Latte, I actually loved cappuccino better, but the sad thing is… I rarely found cappuccino to be done properly… That’s why I would just go for Latte.

I have so far 3 most memorable coffee I’ve had in my life:

  1. Koultoura Coffee – Jakarta, Indonesia.
  2. The Coffee Academy – Hong Kong.
  3. Pacamara – Singapore.

The reason why they’re so memorable is because they have good blends. I love the coffee blends to be aromatic and tangy.

Talking about good cafes, me and my girlfriends decided to have a cafe day out last Saturday.

We started with my personal favorite, Habitat. Here’s some picture!

Photo 6-12-14 12 36 29 pm

Gossiping with my girlfriends.


From Habitat, we continued to Little pancake.

Photo 6-12-14 1 36 18 pm

Literally little. :p


I actually read a lot of good reviews about Little Pancakes, but even though it was pretty decent to eat and it actually tasted good, I found nothing really special about it.

We continued to the next cafe, called TCC, which is a franchised cafe-chain in Singapore (probably in some other country too, I’m not sure). Here we played some board game because one of my friend, Fefe had a friend who is soooo crazy about board game. It was FUN!

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

My Saturday turned out to be very very active. It was ironic because I came home very late the night before. I had the most fun Dinner and Dance ever! It was the Schneider Electric Dinner and Dance event with Fabulous Fifties theme! It turned out to be super fun!

A simple collage

A simple collage

I wish I had more pictures, but my phone wasn’t with me that night, so I only relied on other people sending me their photos.

It’s amazing that a lot of fun thing could happen in just one weekend. My weekend usually starts with playstation and ends with PC games. LOL. This weekend I had so much fun.

To continue on what happen after the board game… Angel and I went back home to eat dinner and met Bandi and Ricky (both Angel and Ricky are very close friend) and we spontaneously decided to do Capsa Night!

When one of my housemate, Felik heard word “capsa” he joined us. And this is what makes the Capsa more fun!



Five hours later, after rounds and rounds of Capsa game, we finished a bottle of tequila! Can you imagine that!?! I thought it was physically impossible but we actually finished it.

You guys could pretty much picture the idea of what happened next, right? XD

It was 3 am in the morning and a group of drunk people walked to 24hrs McDonald’s. HAHAHAHA. Gosh it was fun.

Annndddd…. the fun still continues on the next day, Sunday.

We had a birthday bash! yaiy! And we didn’t cut cake. We cut tumpeng! :D

Photo 7-12-14 10 40 31 pm

We played another game called “WEREWOLF ULTIMATE”

Photo 8-12-14 8 18 02 am

The birthday girl is the one holding flowers!

We played another game called “Werewolf Ultimate”, which is very very fun. You can actually create the game without buying it. Just google it! It’s great for group fun activity, no matter if they’re strangers or close friends.. :)


It’s been soooooo long since I made a personal post, isn’t it? I just feel that last weekend deserves a post. It was seriously one of the best weekend I’ve ever had. It was mix of everything I love doing, dancing, partying, meeting new people, playing games, coffee drinking, wine drinking, spending time with close friends, celebrating birthday, went on a shopping spree (yes we actually had time to go to the Fossil for the 30% disc!), eating good food and good cheesecake, and lots and lots and lots of laughter.

A weekend to remember.

Thank you for spending time with me, friends! There’s a saying: home is not a place, it is people. Indeed it’s true. :)



having fun, always.


Kenapa foto prewed penting untuk orang Indonesia?

Setiap kali orang tau gue dan bandi lagi preparing a wedding, pertanyaan paling sering muncul pertama kali bukannya “kapan?” atau “dimana?” bahkan boro-boro bilang “congratulations!” Pertanyaan yang muncul biasanya “prewed dimana?” atau “udah prewed belum?”

Gue pernah nulis kebingungan gue akan foto prewed dan mengapa itu mesti ada, tapi itu ditulis ketika gue belum engaged dan belum tau apa apa soal gini gono nya wedding.

Makin kesini makin sering muncul pertanyaan “prewed dimana?” seakan2 wedding nya dimana itu nggak sepenting prewed nya. Jawaban gue dan Bandi adalah “kita ga prewed” lalu diikuti dengan senyum manis. Tanggapan mereka biasanya “APAAAH??” dengan mata jum-in jum-out ala sinetron Indonesia.

Di kala masa masa slacking gue, gue pun mulai berpikir, kenapa prewed itu segitu pentingnya? Paket wedding di Palembang yang termasuk foto prewed pun harus dirombak karena Bandi request untuk keluarin foto prewed dr paket krn kita emang nggak prewed. Muncul komen menyayangkan dr pihak keluarga kenapa kita gak foto2 prewed dan dicetak di kanvas gede utk ditaruh di entrance gedung. Gue pun berpikir, apa sih foto prewed itu??? Dari mana muncul kata2 prewed?

Kata “prewed” adalah kependekan dari “pre-wedding” yang artinya “masa sebelum pernikahan” yang artinya lagi adalah masa pacaran. Dan foto prewed bisa di-definisikan sebagai “foto-foto semasa pacaran” bener gak tuh, analisa gue?

Mungkin beberapa orang butuh prewed karena semasa pacaran mereka segitu in love with each other nya sehingga kerjaan nya cuma sayang2an aja so mereka jarang foto-foto atau mungkin masa pacaran mereka terlalu singkat. So intinya mereka butuh foto-foto yang representatif untuk ditaruh di wedding mereka, thus they need a professional photographer to capture their lovey-dovey moment.

Kalo lo bilang kata “prewed” di luar negara Indonesia, pasti kaga ada yang ngerti. Sure, di Singapore ada juga foto2 prewed dengan sebutan “wedding photoshot” dan orang amrik nyebutnya “engagement photoshot” so basically it’s only about the difference of the word, intinya sama: foto berdua dengan pose manis/romantis/cute untuk nantinga ditaruh di wedding.

Gunanya apa? Sudah gue jelaskan diatas. Analisa gue sih foto prewed itu gunanya untuk dipamerin di wedding.

Trus kalo gunanya cuma se-simple itu, kenapa gue dan bandi harus bayar mahal2, harus rempong make-up panas2, bawa2 baju bagus dan ganti baju di wc umum, dll?

Kalo emang gunanya cuma buat ditaruh di entrance gedung, gue punya RIBUAN foto berdua sama Bandi!

Lalu, gue mengambil kesimpulan…. Orang indo itu kan gengsi nya tinggi, makanya yang ditanyain itu adalah lokasi prewed nya, “prewed dimana?”

Semakin jauh/mahal si prewed semakin bergengsi lah si penganten. Ya gak? Iyalaaah ngaku ajaaa!

Destination yang populer untuk foto prewed itu biasanya Bali dan Singapore. Gue bisa ngerti kalo BALI emang cantik lah untuk foto2 romantis begitu, tapi kalo Singapore? Romantis dari maneeee siiiihhhh??!! Yah tapi kan yang penting foto prewed nya di luar negeri, masalah romantis mah nomor dua lah.

Sejujurnya gue banyak liat foto-foto prewed yang lokasinya bagus-bagus, gaunnya bagus-bagus tapi ekspresinya nggak ada booook!!! Sebagus-bagus nya semua props dan kamera yang digunain, si foto nggak akan “kena” kalau ekspresi nya maksa. Menurut gue, lokasi, gaun, make-up itu nggak penting. Yang penting ekspresi si kedua pasangan. It’s just my opinion yah.

Anywaaaay, gue juga menarik kesimpulan kalau pasangan calon pengantin ini sebenernya pengen jalan2 romantis berduaan, tapi kan selama pacaran itu “gak enak” jalan2 berdua, ntar diomongin orang, jadilah pake term “mau pergi foto prewed” LOLOLOL. Kidding… Not!

Well, Bandi and I love traveling together since forever and we never give a fuck of what people say. So at least the memories behind the photos aren’t the trouble of changing gowns in the public toilet. :p Yah intinya segala sesuatu yang udah dieksploitasi di Indonesia itu pasti udah banyak udang di balik bakwan nya lahhh!

So, untuk orang2 yang memandang sedih ke arah Bandi dan gue pas kita jawab “kita gak prewed”, tolong jelaskan kenapa gue dan Bandi mesti buang buang duit kalau kami berdua punya stock foto2 kayak gini???

Photo 2-11-13 11 43 27 pm

The movie marathon set me up in the romantic mood.

Another beach photo, which turned out to be dramatic. Taken on November 2012 at Boracay Island, Philippines. Even though the photo is heavily edited nothing is photoshopped. We used self-timer and didn't expect that it would be this good. =)


Photo 1-11-13 12 11 35 am

Photo 4-6-10 10 26 48 am

Photo 21-10-13 10 45 53 pm

Photo 23-12-13 10 27 53 am

Photo 16-10-13 7 37 58 pm


Photo 16-10-13 7 42 41 pm

tumblr imperfect

Love unconditionally

Lokasi tempat eksotis: checked!

Pose romantis: checked!

Editan luar biasa: checked!

Smokin hot people in the photo: checked!

So yeah, Bandi thought we didn’t need to waste money by doing prewed lahhh. But anyway, jangan diambil serius lah post ini yaaa, gue cuma iseng aja. Nggak ada maksud mau offence orang2 yang foto prewed di Spore. ;)

This post is only for fun bitching.

Bandi and I did our “save the date” photoshoot in Singapore too, come on. Dan kalau mau disebut prewed boleh juga lah. Bandi and I did a photoshot for fun with our lovely friend/photographer. His girlfriend begged us to do prewed photos for fun and if we didn’t do that she wanted to jump off the bridge. So yeah, we did this to save someone’s life. That’s you, Fefe! I saved your life!

I will spill the what-so-called pre-wed photos later on okay?

But for now, let’s just say Bandi and I have already had too many stock of photos to use on our wedding. :p

May, who loves taking photos too much.

Let me introduce you to the kiasu society…

This is just gonna be a very short post shouting my frustration about kiasu people.

What is kiasu, you ask?

Kiasu is literally translation of “scared of being lost.” In this context often used for people who go follow certain trend just because other people do that.

If you went to Singapore, you would likely see so many queues, usually in the food stall. Is the food guaranteed to be delicious because of the long queue?


Kiasu people tend to follow crowds. They don’t have identity or personal preference. They just follow crowds.

I have never been bothered about this until… TODAY!

I planned to have lunch at McDonald’s this noon, because obviously I want the cute minions. But they were SOLD out in the first 10 minutes because apparently people started to queue since morning and the queue was damn long!

I saw it before my very eyes some people who didn’t even know what minions are or even knew there was a movie named Despicable Me went to buy three sets of happy meal. They just wanted the minions! To take photos of them and then upload it to facebook and maybe after that they will never touch the minions again.

I WANT THE MINIONS! I want to play with minions!!!

Don’t be so kiasu until you make other people’s life more difficult, lah!!!

If you think I’m exaggerating, let me ask you to go to Tim Ho Wan, or Sushi Express, or go to McDonald’s in Thursday 11 a.m. then you’d understand.

Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god's sake!

A friend sent me a photo. Look how kiasu he is? Does he have 20 children for god’s sake!

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald's today.

The Queue for Happy Meal at McDonald’s today.

This also could apply to Liverpool vs Indonesia all-star football match. I read it in soc-med that a lot of real liverpool fans couldn’t get the tickets because A LOT OF KIASU people went to buy the tickets and I could bet that THEY CAN’T MENTION EVEN ONE FIRST NAME from the liverpool team. They bought the ticket just so they could take a photo, checked in on facebook and then live-tweeting during the whole game, without even enjoying the game.

I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!! I HATE THEM!!! I hope they get kicked in the nuts (for guys) and get the most horrifying stomach cramp ever in their periods (for girls)!

I don’t understand why they would do that.

Are they satisfied by the feeling of exclusivity? importance? Feeling that they get it before other people? Is it because they don’t have life? They don’t feel important themselves they need to do those things to make them feel important?

Why are they so scared if other people have something that they don’t have? That’s fine if you don’t need the things, isn’t it?

I even see a kiasu person buy things just because she saw her friend bought that. In the end she didn’t even use the thing. Wow. Just wow.

It amuses me how people could be so insecure about stupid things.

Whatever, this made me so angry so it deserves am angry post!!!

P.S. talking about Minions, anyone here playing Minion Rush? I would love a challenge! =) add my game center ID: MAYELLOW or my facebook for a minion rush challenge! =) It’s more fun with more people. Right now I’m stuck at 477,452 while the number 1 score at my board is 1 million something. Tsk, I was thinking to unfriend him. Hahahaha.


May, the angry minion.

Wednesday on Friday Night

Yes! You got it right!

I’m talking about watching Wednesday singing a love song with Lucas in Friday night!

It’s the dark-soul skinny little girl from The Addams Family, wanting to get married to the love of her life, Lucas Beineke and in instant I fell in love with this Broadway musical. YAIY!

The most famous and bizarre family in musical!

I was so happy when Bandi said he would love to accompany me to watch this. I know he’s not a fan of going to a theatre. So far he’s done that only for me and he always fell asleep even before intermission.

At first I didn’t have the heart to ask him wasting his money again for theatre unless it’s special occasion. So when Phantom of the Opera announced to come to Singapore, I tagged along with friends to watch it. But nobody seemed to want to watch The Addams family because it comes from comic and it’s not an award winning musical like Phantom of the Opera obviously.

I have never watched broadway musical before. I watched Laskar Pelangi musical and it was AWESOME! Then I watched some musical like into the woods played by local people. It was quite good but never once watched a broadway quality musical.

AND THEN there was 40% discount promotion and Bandi told me, “Do you want to watch The Addams Family?”


So last Friday when the day finally came I was super excited!!! I met Bandi at Marina Bay Sands around 7:30 (the show was on 8pm). I was a little confused because everyone was bringing Phantom of the Opera posters, buying Phantom of the Opera merchandise etc. I knew that Marina Bay Sands Theatre also held Phantom of the Opera which was opening last week but isn’t it weird that nobody seemed to be exciting for Addams Family.

After I came back from the toilet Bandi asked to see the tickets and BAM! I did a very stupid mistake.

It was written Grand Festive Theatre, Resort World Sentosa.

(I know, I know, I was so stupid I deserved to be slapped.)

Bandi was furious I could see from his face. He asked me, “How did you not know it’s in Sentosa?”

“Well, I only read the Grand Theatre so I figured it was in Marina Bay Grand Theatre…” (Why are they so freakin NOT CREATIVE naming all the theatre with same names!)

I showed Bandi my cutest minion face but (obviously) it didn’t work.

Bandi stormed out from the Theatre (yeah the amazing thing is, we managed to get into the theatre!!! Weird huh?) and found taxi. By the time we rode the taxi it was 8 pm straight. It’s almost impossible to make it.

The taxi driver promised me to reach Sentosa in 12 minutes and holy cow he kept that promise!

Bandi and I both ran like mad cow to the Theatre and yeah, we missed it. (OF COURSE, DUH!)

We missed the first act. We were let to go in when the second act started. After that it was pretty much awesomeness. =)

I have never seen Bandi enjoyed musical before (unless Laskar Pelangi because he’s a hardcore nationalist) but we did have a great time watching The Addams Family. The lyrics are rhyming and beautiful, the songs are catchy, the characters are funny and the sense of humor is so dark and witty. And the choreography oh my!!!! SUPER AWESOMENESS.

This post might be a little exaggerating because this is my first broadway musical, and I must tell you, I AM HOOKED!!! I want more!!!

Here are some of the images taken from internet:

Pugsley loves to be tortured! I know, bizarre right? XD

The whole family was playing “Full Disclosure” game.

Morticia (Wednesday’s mom) did the final dance with all the Ancestors.

I love how this simple story could be so meaningful and no matter how weird Morticia and Gomez are, they love each other. And that love conquers all.

There is also one scene between Morticia and Mal talking about marriage and I found it to be true. Morticia said that in marriage, there should be no secrets ever. You have to share every thing with your spouse. ( I agree)

There is one more memorable scene between Wednesday and Lucas when Lucas refused to run away with Wednesday. Lucas is the kind of guy who thinks logically and Wednesday is so impulsive. She said “your problem is that you’re not crazy enough” and Lucas replied, “I can be impulsive… I just need time to think about it first.”

I laughed on that moment understanding that Lucas is so like Bandi. He tries to be more impulsive and it’s fun to see that but in the end, Wednesday would listen to what Lucas says. That you need balance in a relationship. You can’t be too crazy and you can’t be too dull.

I love how I bring the craziness into the relationship and how Bandi calms me down. I love us. =)



“Right and wrong, who’s to say which we should refuse. All we know, love survives either way we choose. Here you are at the edge, go ahead and fall. Don’t resist, I insist. Love still conquers all.”



Gordon is fucking awesome!

So before you all get confused, let me tell you how it started first.

Bandi and I love to watch Masterchef USA since the very first season. Not Masterchef Jr, Not Masterchef Austalia, Indonesia, UK or anywhere, but Masterchef USA, because the three judges are so awesome. They are Chef Graham Elliot, Restaurateur Joe (an Italian guy who is so fierce and has the ice cold eyes) and of course our favorite guy… The one and only…

GORDON RAMSAY! (the right one, just to clarify)

Although Ramsay is known of his habit of swearing the F word, we just couldn’t help to love him. He’s so honest and original. Bandi loved him so much so he started to watch Ramsay’s other shows like Kitchen Nightmare, Hotel Hell, Gordon Great Escape and of course his cooking show. I personally love to see him cooking! He just seems so passionate about food. And of course… he is a Michelin star chef!!!

And and and, he once was being held gunpoint in somewhere around south America because he was spying on Shark Fin’s transaction. He defends animal rights! (Even though he’s a chef, isn’t that ironic, yeah yeah, here goes the animal activist. I am an animal activist too but let’s not get so dogmatic okay?) I liked him more and more lah!

Bottom line is… Bandi and I love Gordon Ramsay!

We planned to visit Ramsay’s Michelin star restaurant in London and even though Ramsay is no longer the head chef for his restaurants, we’re still excited for the fact that he trained the head chef and he was the one who approved the menu, so this must be good.

Bandi always said, “We trust Ramsay too much, we approved everything he said, have you ever wondered if he really has a good palette?”

Yeah, the only thing that can answer that question is if we eat in his restaurant… or eat his cooked food. The second one was almost impossible so we figured to just eat at his restaurant.

But then….


He came to Singapore accepting challenge from Singaporeans to cook off against three favorite hawker cook. The three dishes are Chilly Crab, Chicken Rice and Laksa.

Here’s how: Gordon Ramsay has three days to perfect his personalized version of Chicken Rice, Laska dan Chilly Crab. The three dishes will go head to head to the most famous Chilly crab in Singapore (Jumbo Seafood), Laksa (Katong Laksa) and chicken rice (Maxwell’s Tian Tian Chicken Rice).

For the Laksa itself, I don’t think Katong has the best Laksa in Spore, I still prefer Yishun’s. For the Chilly Crab, I still think “No Signboard” seafood has the best Chilly Crab in Singapore. But hey, it’s Singapore’s decision.

To make the story short, Bandi and I voted for the dish, and decided to… QUEUE TO TASTE GORDON’S COOKED DISHES FOR SEVEN FREAKING HOURS.

The cook-off started at 6 pm, and I started to queue from 1.30 pm. The luckiest thing is…

Lucky Number 936

Lucky Number 936

If only I was late 5 minutes, I wouldn’t get the ticket. Phew! What a lucky bitch. Bandi, me and my friend Elisa fot the last 100 tickets. There are about 700 other lucky persons queuing in front of us, and the other 800-ish people went home disappointed behind us. The other 200 tickets were for VIP’s.

Brought Gordon's cookbook just in case...

Brought Gordon’s cookbook just in case…

I picnicked in the park, sat in the rain and sunshine, watched my iphone battery died, and finally mati gaya. I finally could taste Gordon’s dishes at 8:30 pm.

Bandi was sleeping and stress in the same time. LOL

Bandi was sleeping and stress in the same time. LOL

And here it goes. The moment of truth.

The moment I didn't even dare to dream.

The moment I didn’t even dare to dream.

Here’s the verdict…

Gordon's Ramsay Chicken Rice

Gordon’s Ramsay Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice: This is the non-guilty version of Chicken Rice. The rice is not oily (like any Hawker’s), the fragrant is extraordinary, something new! (I think Gordon put a new herb that’s never used in chicken rice before). It smelt foreign, but seriously aromatic and appetizing in the same time. The chicken is super tender and tasty. And the most surprising is the chilly, holy crap Gordon fucking nailed it! I LOVE IT.

Gordon Ramsay's very first Laksa

Gordon Ramsay’s very first Laksa

Laksa: Soup is very Laksa-like, but hotter and spicier. Shrimp is really REALLY delicious. I mean, how could you master cooking perfect shrimp? This guy really knows how to cook. The shrimp is perfectly cooked, not one second less or more. It’s just perfectly well done. Fish cake is just fine, Taupok is tender. It smells delicious also and the best things is… the laksa noodle is gooey. Remember that he only had 3 days to practice mastering the dish. And this 100% kicks Katong Laksa’s ass!

Gordon Ramsay's Chilly Crab

Gordon Ramsay’s Chilly Crab

Chilly Crab: I didn’t eat the Crab meat, simply because it was so crowded by the time I got into the eating area (we were the last batch). Gordon was about to enter the room and everybody was screaming like hell. So I just tried the soup and took home the dish afterwards. The soup was okay, tasted more like Tom Yum for me but Bandi loved it! I brought back the Chilly Crab and gave to my neighbor Ricky and his brothers and sister, they all prefer Ramsay’s version. So I guess this dish is a winner.

Matter of fact, Ramsay only won the cook-off in the Chilly Crab dish. He lost Laksa and Chicken Rice. WHAT A BULL CRAP. I just feel that Singaporeans are too pride to admit Gordon cooked it better, or they just couldn’t open for ‘new flavor’ that Gordon brought into the dish.

Let me give you my honest opinion.

Gordon is not only a good chef, he is surprisingly humble, funny and outgoing. He jokes around with people with his witty sense of humor. He gave around his autograph, he took photos with people and made sure the photos were okay. He’s just so thoughtful! He slept on 4 am the night before for practicing, can you imagine how tired he is (consider cooking in the hawker center is damn hot and stuffy!) But he’s still very humble and thoughtful.

I didn’t have the heart to chase him for photo or autograph not because he’s tired and I pity him lah (of course I don’t care what?) I was so freaking tired I thought I would faint and passed out. Hahaha. So I left as soon as I saw him and watched him do funny things. =)

From cooking point of view, this is my opinion:

THIS GUY CAN COOK! He has a good palette (at least I approved his palette) and he’s revolutionary in the kitchen. He’s total, perfectionist and professional. He gives 100% for every dish he prepared. I was the last 15 people he served and my dish still looked pretty.

From now on, he’s not only Bandi’s Kitchen Hero. He’s mine too. =)

Here’s some photos I took from random internet (just because my phone was nearly dead by the time Gordon entered the room and I didn’t even have the energy to fight over hundreds of people around me).

Gordon was cooking just like a hawker cook.


Gordon prepared the tray of food for us. =D

I was somewhere there if you could find me. :p

He was eating in Katong Laksa a couple days ago.

So that’s it.

After 7 hours of queuing, ate the amazing dishes, Bandi and I went home and he said, “what the fuck just happened?”

“Huh? What?”

“We queued for 7 hours? WHO DID THAT?”

And then we laughed stupidly. Yeah, what a meaningless 7 hours. We could’ve… I don’t know, saved the world instead?

But minutes after we stopped laughing and blabbering, we high-five-ed, “WE JUST ATE GORDON’S FOOD!” And IT’S FREE!!!

What are the chances for that to happen, riiiggghhht??!!!

So yeah, another bucket list is crossed.

Gordon you are fucking awesome!!!!!


May, #TeamGordon all the way!

Bonus Photo of Bandi's dish, from Gordon's cookbook: Honey Glazed chicken with Shrimp Pilaf and Potato Fritata. Yum!

Bonus Photo of Bandi’s dish, from Gordon’s cookbook: Honey Glazed chicken with Shrimp Pilaf and Potato Fritata. Yum!


Look at the bright side, all the roaches are dead.

Actually I don’t want to post about this since the post will be useless and I don’t like seeing this post five years from now and think that my past self complained a lot, afterall I am the miss Sanguine, I shouldn’t bitch around unless it’s entertaining… But I guess I just need to be heard.

I don’t need to tell the details about the Haze situation because there are thousands of news about this and after 4 days of constant coughing and short breathing, yesterday PM Lee Hsien Leong went down to Jakarta to find the solution for this issue.

Just FYI, the latest news showed that PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) has reached 401, the highest in Singapore’s history. Thank god it went down again to 360. Oh but god knows how high it will be tonight.

Here’s a report from NEA (National Environment Agency for the last 5 days.


Jakarta pollutant air is usually rated 120 in PSI, and the air is already harmful and uncomfortable for people, can you imagine when we, breathe the 200-300 PSI air these three days??? And even reached 400?!!!

Let me illustrate of how bad the haze is… Yesterday night I went home to see a lot of cockroaches laid around dead below my HDB building. When I went up to 15th floor and entered home, I found 4 dead cockroaches in my kitchen just beside the trash chute.

Yes, even the cockroaches couldn’t survive the haze. (But umm… At least now all the roaches dead.)

You know how you can never sleep in the forest area where you don’t find any bug? Yes, because if there’s no bug in the area, high chance it is not a safe area to live.

If the haze could kill the roaches, do you think it won’t kill me for the next three days??? Okay, kill is a strong word, but there is a high chance that I will get a lung cancer!!! AND I DON’T WANT THAT!!! I want to live long! (and prosper! Right, Spock?)

Oh I am feeling so helpless now!!!

Today’s morning

I feel so sad when I saw Bandi last night coughing non-stop and he said his throat was very hot and itchy. Like I told you, Bandi didn’t fall sick easily. I had to rub him a vapo-rub all over again and I just hate it to see him suffering. :(

This morning I received email from SPCA, saying that the animal shelter will be closed until Sunday for the whole afternoon session, that means there will be no adoption until the haze is over. I felt like punching somebody! Not only this haze made the people sick, it has caused animals so much trouble too!

I don’t want to blame any government in this issue, even though I did swear on my own govt in some social media, because seriously, I’ve been suffering dizziness, nausea and burning eyes. And I so miss fresh air. Oh trust me, if we all can choose between 100 million dollars and fresh air, we’ll choose fresh air.

Singapore Govt had asked Indonesian govt to name the company and Singapore govt will fine them ASAP but I don’t know why Indonesian govt didn’t release the list. (Hey we all Indonesians understand this lah ya… You know how easy to bribe our govt.)

Oh dear greedy people who gain money for the palm plantation…

I don’t know what made you choose the slash and burn pattern to clear the land, but if it’s for maximizing profit, let me tell you this….


All the money in the world will not buy you a new set of lungs!!!

One third of orang utans in Sumatra are predicted dead because of the fire. They are suffocating and lost because their homes are burnt down.

Orang utan is an endangered animal. Do you want to make them extinct too??



I tried to find any flight from Singapore to any city that’s not affected by haze like Jakarta, Bangkok, Bali or Phuket and guess what? Jet star tickets to Bangkok and Bali are sold out! Jakarta is selling fast and reaching $700 per flight! WTF!!! I checked the other budget airlines and got the same outcome. T.T

I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m sad, scared and sick at the same time.

I can only pray now that everything will only be better from now on.


May, choking up.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.

3 awesome things on last weekend

1. We found the polka dot cow and submitted the photos and we won!

For the past one month, there has been so many plywood-made cows all over the town. This is actually a movement to raise awareness for liking outdoors and environment. The advertisement also mentioned that if we found the polka-dot cow who surfs, we could win a prize!

Guess what, when strawberry visited last weekend, I literally walked kilometers everyday with her, going around Singapore and we found the polka-dot cow!!!



My friend Ricky was with us and submit this picture of me and my two besfriends, quoting “Reunited with old friends.”

The submitted photo

The submitted photo

And guess what again, he won the lucky draw prize! Here’s the proof.

I never won anything in my life!

I never won anything in my life!

Well, it wasn’t me who won, but technically I won too. Haha!

The funny thing is… last Saturday Ricky and I talked about those times when we used to go to the movies for free. Ricky used to receive free tickets from his brother and would bring me to movie theater. I said “Oh how I miss the times of going to movies for free.”

And the lucky draw prize is… a pair of Gold Class movie tickets!!!

GEEZ!!! How words could really turn into prayers that easy!!! Now you know you REALLY can’t talk about bad things cause it could happen!!! I remember this quote I’ve read long time ago…

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” —John Greenleaf Whittier

So yeah, that also works for saying good things, it might happen!

Ah awesome, I’m going to a Gold Class cinema for freaking free!!! I went to Gold Class before and it was free too (Bandi got a free pair as a gift for being the most likable colleague on his company’s dinner) and it was AWESOME! I’ve tried the 21 Premierre in Bandung before but seriously this is much much more awesome! I think there was only 40 people per cinema and the barcalounger chair is so great and the screen is also. The ticket costs $38 per person if I’m not wrong.

I remember I told Bandi I don’t think I will ever purchase a movie ticket this expensive, so if it wasn’t free I would never go. But yeah, I’m kinda lukcy. =)

2. I FINALLY ate syomai abang-abang after one and half year!



Yeah!!! FINALLY!!! Even though the photo doesn’t look appetizing, trust me, it was very VERY GOOD! (Well, even the worst syomai still tastes good for me. I LIKE SYOMAI like crazy!) My strawberry is so criminal minded she smuggled the syomai into the cabin!!! Hahaha. Worth the risk, mi amigo!

3. This photo! And the fact that I spent my weekend with my bestfriend.

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

I have never laid on the grass like this before (I always wanted though) and even though we both had a problem with ants, we did it. Of all the hundreds of photos we had taken that weekend, WE LOVE this photo the most!!! And trust me, it took so many effort to open the eyes because the sun was just too bright! We finally found a wide tree and laid down beneath the tree. And this is the first shot ever! =D

And anyway, this photo was taken at the park of Vivo City’s balcony.


May, physically exhausted.

Err, Let me have one bonus collage photos of Strawberry and me. =D



The Ultimate Guide of Visiting Singapore for Indonesians!


Gue sangat sangat overwhelmed dengan betapa banyak orang yang mau bantuin gue planning my Europe trip dan betapa insights dari orang2 yang pernah kesana sangat SANGAT membantu gue. Gue adalah orang yang sangat suka nyusun itinerary, planning budget for a trip atau bahkan cuma ngomongin tentang trip berulang2 aja gue suka.

Salah satu teman blogger ngirim email kalo dia mau kesini, nanggepin post gue tentang undangan ke Singapore. GUE HEPI BERAT lah. Akhirnya hidup gue bisa agak meriah dikit dengan sogokan syomai doi. =D Gue pun happily bantuin doi nyusun itinerary then it hit me. I’ve been living here for almost 3 years, kenapa juga gue nggak bikin post tentang visiting Singapore, to the details khusus buat para temen2 dari Indo? Daripada gue selalu ngetik ulang setiap temen gue nanya tentang Singapore. (Not that I don’t like it) tapi kan lebih gampang kalo gue udah ngebacot panjang lebar di blog gue.

Beruntungnya gue ketika pertama kali ke Singapore, ada temen gue si ratu kepo yang ngebuatin itinerary gue to the detail sehingga gue nggak repot dan walhasil I did enjoy my very first trip to Singapore. So it’s time for me to make one, customized for fellow Indonesians.

WHY Singapore?

Gampang ini jawabnya: DEKET! Hahaha. Kalo mau jalan2 ke luar negeri, yang paling deket yah Singapore, kagak juga sih, yang peling deket tetep timor timur, tapi please yah, ngerti konteksnya. Trus nggak usah pake visa, trus tiket budget airlines murah dan berlimpah ruah!

Nggak maksud untuk promosiin negara orang dibanding negara sendiri, coz honestly kalo maw bandingin dengan Indo, disini nggak ada apa2nya. Indo gede banget dan cantik banget, so jangan dibandingin begitu yah. Kan tujuan ke Singapore buat jalan2 dan belanja (dan bawain gue syomai) sedangkan kalo jalan2 keliling indo tujuannya ber-wow-wow sampe merinding liat kecantikan alamnya. =)

Dan lagi yah, jalan2 ke Indo tuh mahal huhu. Gue masih terus planning for my all-around Indonesian trip tapi serius deh, mahal sumpah. Jadi yang murah meriah dulu yaaa.

HOW MUCH is the total budget?

Penting banget ini! Nih, gue langsung breakdown deh ya…

MRT tourist pass $ 20.00
Hostel (3nights/pax) $ 90.00
Eat (3days) $ 75.00
Luge $ 12.50
USS $ 74.00
Shopping Budget $ 50.00
$ 321.50

Setelah gue convert ke Rupiah sekitaran Rp. 2,5 juta lah plus tiket bolak balik bisa dapet 750rb – 1juta (tergantung keberuntungan) so TOTAL BUDGET paling 3,5 juta rupiah juga udah cukup. So siapa yang bilang jalan-jalan tuh mahal? Yah tapi kalo lo mau naik Singapore Flyer, nginep di MBS, gambling di Casino, nonton konser dll yah nggak segitu kali yaaa budgetnya! Xp

HOW LONG do you need?

Idealnya sih 4 hari 3 malem kalo maw muterin semua yang ‘wajib’ punya. Tapi waktu pertama kesini, gue cuma 3 hari 2 malem dan juga cukup kok, secara nih negri kecil bener, trus pake MRT semuanya terjangkau pula.


  1. Nggak bisa ngomong Inggris. Nggak masalah! ngomong melayu juga beberapa orang ngerti, apalagi kalo lo bisa bahasa mandarin, wah welcome banget deh tuh aunty2 cina. Gue sendiri nggak bisa bahasa mandarin. So gue kesini beneran cuma modal English. Dan it turns out mereka nggak ngerti American English, jadi in 3 months, bahasa inggris hollywood gue yang ini rusak dan berubah jadi Singlish. Hahaha songong banget ya gue. Intinya ngomong bahasa inggris asal2an juga mereka semua ngerti kok, serius!
  2. Takut ih! Takut apaan? Di Singapore jarang ada setan, yang pasti nggak sebanyak Indo lah ya. Kita punya pocong, kuntilanak, dll, disini mereka nggak punya jenis setan sama sekali! Seriusan! Soal keamanan, disini aman banget dah! Gue udah biasa taroh HP sembarangan, taroh tas semena2 dll. Keluar rumah jam 1 pagi cuma pake celana pendek juga nggak apa2, cewek jalan sendirian juga aman. Pokoknya aman sangat deh! tapi kalo ke Orchard pagi2 on the weekend, mungkin akan ketemu orang2 pulang dugem dan bergeleyeran di jalan ya. But no harm juga kok.
  3. Belum punya passport. Yah bikin lah! Bikin passport sekarang udah gampang kan? Lagian punya passport penting loh! Kalo tiba2 situ menang undian ke Eropa dan mesti berangkat besok gimana? Atau tiba2 dapet undangan Cristiano Ronaldo hayooo? (yeah like it’s gonna happen)
  4. Nggak ada yang nemenin. Gue selalu merasa ini alasan traveling paling basi! Traveling sendiri itu as fun as traveling bareng2 kok! Dan kalau kamu adalah cowok single ganteng dengan GPA minimal 3.0 kamu boleh banget ke Singapore sendirian, nanti saya temenin! Xp


Gue bikinin nih itinerary ideal hasil kreasi gue dengan penuh cinta. Idealnya sih 4 hari 3 malem yah, tapi buat yang maw kesini 3 hari 2 malem (dengan catatan 3 hari nya FULL) juga bisa. Pokoknya gue bikinin itinerarynya 3 days, jadi buat yang 4 hari 3 malem yah waktunya bisa lebih banyak dan nggak kayak dikejar2 setan.

Day Time Whereabout Activity Transport Price
Day ONE Morning Changi Arrived MRT $ 1.50
(Foto-Foto Day!) Ho(s)tel checking in and setting up
Noon Anywhere Lunch
Afternoon Merlion Park The Walking Trail
Esplanade The Walking Trail
Singapore Flyer The Walking Trail $ 33.00
MBS The Walking Trail
Evening Clarke Quay The Walking Trail
Boat Quay Dinner
Day TWO Morning VIVO CITY Taking pictures outside MRT
(Play Day!) Vivo-Sentosa Take cable ride cable ride $ 3.00
Sentosa Play LUGE! foot $ 12.50
Afteroon foot $ 74.00
Sentosa Watch Song of the Sea Foot
Back to Vivo cable ride
Food Republic Makan “Hokkien Mee”! $ 4.50
Night Balik ke Ho(s)tel, mandi
Clarke Quay Dinner MRT
Play Gmax?
Day THREE Morning China town Breakfast MRT
(Shopping Day!) Shopping for souvernir
Noon Eat Tian Tian Chicken Rice $ 3.50
Afternoon Bugis Shopping Bus
Little India Shopping @ Mustafa MRT
Ikea Eat Swedish Meatball! MRT/Bus $ 6.50
Window Shopping!
Evening Orchard This time for Shopping MRT
Day FOUR Morning Expo Shopping MRT
(Additional Day) Changi Point Shopping
Flight Back?

Ini cuma draft dari 3 hari yang mesti dilakukan especially for first time in Singapore. Tiga hari itu adalah:

  1. Foto-foto day. Gue anjurkan lo pake attire yang agak ciamik dikit, bawa sunglasses dan mungkin bedak buat touch-up soalnya lo bakal foto-foto di depan landmark singapore yang keren-keren seperti Merlion, MBS, Esplanade dll. Gue bakal kasih jalanan trail nya dibawah ntar. See? Guide ini bukan cuma buat belanja aja tapi yang paling penting, find the best places for foto-foto! Hahaha
  2. Play day. Hari untuk main wajib ditaruh di weekend (sabtu/minggu) dan mesti full day, nggak boleh di taruh di hari yang sama dengan flight lo! Pake sepatu/sendal yang nyaman! Kagak usah gaya deh pake2 high heels atau “Gue bisa deh pake wedges” karena dijamin lo bakalan nyesel! Pake celana pendek sependek mungkin karena lo bakal kegerahan. (doesn’t apply to guys. No we don’t wanna see your hairy thighs.) NOTE: Must wear sunblock otherwise you get burned!!!
  3. Shopping day! Saatnya untuk melihat budget tinggal sisa berapa dan difoya-foyakan! Yeehaw! Inget kalo mau beli oleh2, beli lah di Chinatown, jangan beli di bugis! Dengan bentuk yang sama persis, lo bisa dapetin dengan harga yang lebih murah di Chinatown. No matter betapa pengennya lu beli waktu lo liat di bugis, segala macam oleh2 kayak magnet, gunting kuku, tshirt, bakal ada juga di Chinatown. Ok!


Here are the list of the places you must visit and another excuse for me to show my narcissistic photos.

Merlion Park and Around

Meskipun sejujurnya singa ini jelek, tetap wajib hukumnya untuk mengunjungi Merlion kalo lo ke Singapore. Si singa ini juga baru selesai di-renovasi so mungkin jadi gantengan dikit. Inget yah, ada dua Merlion di Singapore. Yang original ada di area Marina Bay, yang ada di sentosa itu Merlion KW! Sini tak ajarin cara gampangnya untuk ke Merlion original. Turun di Raffles MRT dan pilih Exit H, belok ke kanan ke arah hotel yang keren buanget bernama Fullerton Hotel trus menyebrang jalan (ikutin crowds aja pasti banyak yang maw ke Merlion) nah kayak ada jembatan gede gitu, di seberangnya adalah Merlion Park. Ini Point awal dari walking trail yang selalu gue anjurin. Kalau sudah sampe Merlion, silahkan foto-foto setiap angle sampe puas. Kalau nggak puas dengan foto siang hari, silahkan kembali malam hari, dengan resiko nemuin pasangan2 muda-mudi lagi mojok. Hihihi.


Merlion Park ini adalah spot yang paling tepat untuk foto-foto segala landmark, mulai dari Merlion nya sendiri, MBS, Art Science Museum and Singapore Flyer.

Merlion Spot

Kalau mau foto sama Singapore Flyer, kayaknya ini spot yang paling oke, karena kalo samperin Singapore Flyernya langsung, jadinya nggak keliatan. Nah kalau foto yang dibawah ini, anaknya Merlion. =)

Merlion has Baby!

Merlion has Baby!

MBS (Marina Bay Sands)

Isinya shopping mall, casino dan hotel. Shopping mall nya sumpah ajubileh mahal gilak! Gue pernah beli sebiji cupcake dengan harga $9!!! Bayangkan!!! JENG JENG JENG. Isinya pun semua barang2 branded yang kerja sampe berdarah2 pun nggak akan kebeli. Restonya pun resto2 yang chef nya diimpor dari eropah yang sepiring makanannya bisa buat budget makan sebulan. Paling banter kalo sampe sini yah makan di food court nya, itupun masih mahal itungannya. Minum nya beli Bubble Tea hahaha.

MBS Front

Outside the MBS Mall

Photo 11-4-13 11 08 45 AM

Inside the MBS mall

Casino nya boleh masuk gratis tapi mesti dress well, it turns out skrg enggak apa-apa pake outfit apapun. Dulu setahu gue kalau mau masuk Casino yang di Resort World Sentosa, yang cewek mesti pake dress/celana panjang jangan celana pendek, terus pake sepatu tertutup, nggak boleh sendal. Buat cowok, pake celana panjang dan baju berkerah alias kemeja gitu, nggak boleh kaos, terus pake sepatu tertutup juga. Masuknya gratis kalo turis, tinggal nunjukin passport. Sekarang mungkin sudah nggak se-strict itu. (demi mengurup duit)

Hotelnya adalah bangunan sisanya, yaitu yang menghubungan si Mal dan sky park yang diatas itu, yang terkenal dengan infinity pool nya, tapi skrg udah nggak dibuka untuk umum, jadi mesti nginep disana untuk boleh berenang, tapi kita bisa naek ke atas liat2 graden dan view nya (bayar $20).

Kalau ngikutin The Walking Trail yang gue anjurin (which bakal dijelaskan lagi nanti) lo bakal melewati the famous Helix Bridge. Ini jembatan yang menghubungkan The Floating Platform dan daerah deket Singapore Flyer dengan Marina Bay Sands. I love Helix Bridge, kesannya artsy gitu. Gue denger2 ide dari pembuatan jembatan ini adalah ngikutin DNA manusia.

The Pretty Helix

The Pretty Helix

The Other Pretty Things. LOL

The Other Pretty Things. LOL

The prime area of Singapore

The prime area of Singapore


Buat arsitek dan designer, kesini nih WAJIB banget! Esplanade itu theatre yang arsitektur nya keren mampus!!! Bentuknya kayak durian kalo diliat dari atas, dan kalau dililat dari dalam gedung pun masih tetep bagus! Team theatre nya Indonesia pernah pentas Laskar Pelangi disini dan gue nonton dan berhasil membuat gue mewek karena terharu. Silahkan cek ada opera/play/konser apa di Esplanade lewat sini.
Esplanade juga ada mall-nya (Singapore tuh ya, kayaknya setiap kilometer mesti ada mall) yang kalo malam minggu ada live music outdoor. Beli minum terus duduk di pinggir singapore river yang romantisss dengan pemandangan skyline nya Singapore dan Marina Bay Sands yang megah sambil tentu saja dengerin live music gratis. =)


kalo suka city light saat malam, naik Singapore flyer bisa jadi salah satu solusinya karena dari atas dijamin seluruh pemandangan gedung2 cantik Singapore bisa kelihatan jelas. Banyak yang tanya, jadinya romantis dong, ya? Hmm… Romantis sih, kalo definisi romantis itu includes 20 orang lain yang juga masuk dalam kapsul dan rebut2an mau foto dengan angle paling bagus. So, is it worth it? I will just say that I’m not gonna do it twice.


Gue cuma pernah masuk ke National Museum, saran gue, pergilah ke NM cuma buat foto2 di depannya doang karena gedungnya bagus dan vintage! kalo buat bayar duit dan masuk sih nggak worth it. Gue dulu masuk juga krn ada exhibition Musee D’orsay nya Paris jadi penasaran mau liat Starry Night nya Van Gogh, bayar $20 untuk melihat banyak banget lukisan plus dapat gratisan masuk national museum, which is kinda lame. Seperti yang udah diketahui, Singapore nggak punya banyak history dan kebanyakan nyomot2 dari Malaysia dan indonesia jadi museum nya pun lame.

Di depan National Museum

Di depan National Museum

Beberapa orang bilang ACM (Asian Civilization Museum) lebih bagus daripada NM, agak ironis yah, so it means Singapore pun merasa lebih pas untuk ‘menjual’ sejarah asia daripada sejarah singapore doang. Yah, kalo mau coba masuk silahkan, ini adanya di Dhobby Ghaut.


How many time I have to say this. I loooveee Orchard road hahaha. Dulu waktu jaman lagi belajar pake camera, gue jalan kaki 3 jam dari ujung orchard road sampe ujung nya lagi trus ke esplanade dan marina bay dan I never fed up sama orchard hihihi, especially sangat cantik pas Christmas. =) Skrg Orchard lagi di renov jadi jalanannya ditutup2 gitu, semoga cepetan selesai yaaa.

Christmas Decoration at Orchard Road

Christmas Decoration at Orchard Road

Street Performer at Orchard Road

Street Performer at Orchard Road

Street Artist at Orchard Road

Street Artist at Orchard Road

Photo 11-4-13 11 33 28 AM

Apa sih yang bisa dilakukan di Orchard selain belanja? Mungkin itu yang kebanyakan orang tanyain. Sebenernya not much karena intinya ke Orchard yah buat belanja. But, I don’t really like shopping myself tapi gue suka Orchard, tuh! Suka aja jalan-jalan (apalagi pas Christmas) do some people watching, minum kopi sambil ngobrol di tengah busy-nya Orchard. Di deket Scape (bagian Orchard ujung sebelah sono, deket ke Somerset MRT) sering banget ada Flea Market yang jual barang murah2, trus di dalem 313 ada satu toko dari lantai dasar naik eskalator sekali ke atas (kalo dari main entrance ke bagian kiri) yang jual kuteks dengan harga $2 for 3 bottles!! Dan kuteksnya bagus punya! Nama tokonya kalo gak salah Beadstreet.

Di Orchard juga nggak cuma belanja barang2 branded, sekarang udah muncul H&M so dipastikan bisa betah ngubek2 isinya apalagi kalo pas diskon. Trus ada juga Cotton On yang gede banget di 313, Forever 21 yang tiga lantai dan Mango sekitar 3 store berbeda. Kalau jalan agak jauhan dikit (ke arah belakang TANGS) ada yang namanya Far East Plaza yang penuh dengan barang2 a’la Korea gitu dan murah2.

Kalao capek dan haus, stop for a while for… ES POTONG!

Photo 11-4-13 11 09 16 AM

Caught my bestfriend off guard. She’s so happy just for eating Es Potong

Cuma $1 dan tebel banget! Bisa pilih pake roti atau pake wafer. Asik kan, Orchard?!


Sebelum nyeberang ke Sentosa, kalian pasti berenti di Vivo City karena Vivo adalah gate ke Sentosa. Turun di Harbor Front Mrt itu langsung nemplok Vivo City. Isi store nya hampir sama seperti mal-mal lainnya di Singapore kecuali ada satu store “National Geographic” yang keren banget.

Don’t waste your time! Langsung aja ke lantai 3, foto2 di balkon Vivo City yang gede dan bagus apalagi kalo pas sunny day, cocok banget buat foto2.

Vivo City Balcony

Vivo City Balcony

One of my all-time favorite photo, taken at Vivo City Balcony

One of my all-time favorite photo, taken at Vivo City Balcony. Too sunny to handle? Bring sunglasses!

Makan di Food Republic (lantai 3 juga) dan makan Hokkien Mee di dalam FR, enak!! (Ini bisa dilakukan sebelum masuk sentosa sebagai breakfast atau sekembalinya dari sentosa sebagai dinner.) Gate buat naek train kapsul ke Sentosa juga ada lantai 3, beli tiket $3 (kalo nggak ada kartu MRT yang prabayar). Gue nggak tau apakah tourist pass bisa dibuat untuk masuk ke Sentosa atau nggak.

Di kapsul ride ke sentosa tuh ada 4 station:
  1. Sentosa station = ini vivo city
  2. Waterfront station = ini USS dan Casino. Attire rule untuk masuk casino nya juga sama kayak MBS tapi since lo bakal ke USS, pasti pake celana pendek so I don’t recommend you to go to this casino.
  3. Imbiah station = Ini tempat si merlion KW itu hahaha
  4. Beach station = Gue saranin untuk turun disini, pergi ke LUGE dan booking tiket untuk songs of the sea (kalau mau nonton) anyway tiket Songs of the sea dan atraksi Sentosa lainnya bisa dibeli di station pertama alias Vivo city. Beach Station juga adalah station terdekat untuk liat2 pantai buatan (yang pasirnya boleh beli dari Indonesia).
Gue sarankan untuk sisain 1 hari penuh dalam itinerary untuk maen di sentosa. Pagi-pagi langsung maen LUGE skyride dulu (please google this) ini SANGAT SANGAT fun!
Me with my immature face playing Luge

Me with my immature face playing Luge. Was visiting Spore for the first time

Selesai main Luge, lo akan berada di sekitar Imbiah itu so gak usah ride back ke waterfront tapi jalan kaki aja lewatin walking path nya, liat2 merlion KW dan tetek bengek garden dll dan sampailah di Resort World Sentosa yang di dalamnya ada macem2 resto, casino, mall dan USS pastinya. JANGAN PERNAH MASUK KE MARINE LIFE PARK yaaahh. Hahaha ngancem gini gue. Kenapa? Baca postingan ini. Abis dari USS, kalo kaki lo masih attached sama badan lo, lo bisa balik ke Beach station untuk nonton songs of the sea atau main yang lain. Atau coba sky-diving di iFly.
Foto di depan iFly

Foto di depan iFly

Jam 10-an barulah mulai masuk USS dan keluar jam 7 malem (which is sampe diusir). Makanan di dalam USS itu mahal dan nggak enak so disarankan bawa McDonald’s atau roti dalam tas. Tapi kalau emang mau go all the way ber-theme park ria, siapkan kocek sekitar $15 untuk makan di dalam USS. Gue saranin beli cemilan pop corn bernama GARRETT yang dijual pas di depan pintu masuk USS, INI ENAK SEKALI YA TUHAN.
Us, pigging into the pop corn

Us, pigging into the pop corn

Jangan khawatir sama kerepotan tas kalian waktu masuk USS, setiap ride selalu nyediain loker untuk penitipan barang, atau kalau mau nitip tas dari awal juga disediain di entrance. Pokoknya USS emang udah didesain sedemikian rupa sehingga kalian yang maen enjoy deh jasmani rohani. So don’t worry.
Gue sarankan untuk ke USS hari sabtu atau minggu. Why? Hmm… I love crowds. Theme park itu nggak seru kalo sepi, lagipula ada 2 faktor yang menguntungkan kalau visit on weekends. Pertama, banyak show dan events yang CUMA ADA di hari sabtu dan minggu, gue pribadi selalu ke USS hari sabtu. =) Ada grup acapella gitu yang akan jamming di hollywood area, trus si manusia2 tinggiu yang jahat akan berkeliaran di sekitar mummy area, trus tokoh2 universal nya juga lebih banyak. Kedua, opening hour. Seinget gue opening hour di hari sabtu dan minggu akan diperpanjang so bisa masuk lebih awal dan keluar lebih lama.
Dan ingat, the crowds…! Dijamin lebih seru kalo ke taman ria pas banyak orang. Lebih hidup! Oh iya, jangan khawatir kalo crowds nya bikin kita ngantri ngantri berjam2 hanya untuk naik satu ride aja, karena kenapa? Si USS itu bakal tutup penjualan tiket once quota orang masuknya melebihi ukuran ketidak nyamanan pengunjung. Gue nggak taw gimana mereka itungnya tapi waktu pertama kali USS dibuka, gue langsung cobain kan dan gue liat orang di belakang gue nggak bisa beli tiket karena SOLD OUT. I was thinking, shit, kok bisa sih sold out? berarti bakal banjir manusia di dalam sana? Tapi ternyata enggak! Gue emang ngantri per ride 15 menit sampe 20 menit, tapi itu krn emang gue datang di awal2 pertama USS buka, so masih penuh banget dan setiap ride nya ada selalu tulisan “XX minutes til the ride” so it’s up to you untuk maw stay ngantri atau cari antrian yang lebih pendek. Bayangin aja, disaat rame banget kayak gitu, I still manage to RIDE ALL THE RIDES! hahaha. Besoknya gue pake koyo sebadan sih hahaha.
So trust me, it’ll be fun. =)
The entrance!

The entrance!

Kiss Puss in Boots!

Kiss Puss in Boots!

Sudah basah!

Sudah basah!

Stay out of the Ogre!

Stay out of the Ogre!

Selain USS, tentunya banyak yang bisa dilihat di Sentosa (dan di google). However semua review tentang atraksi2 di Sentosa bisa jadi agak bias karena I personally had a very good memory with Sentosa jadi seneng aja terus kalo kesana. =)


I loveeee Clarke Quay. I spent my 4th anniversarry cruising through singapore river on boat then went on a nice dinner along the river, ahhh how romantic hihihi. Kalo ke Clarke Quay sama pacar yah pasti cari yang romantis2, kalo ke Clarke Quay sama temen2 yah nongkrong di Hooters sampe malam terus dugem atau kalau versi murahnya tiap Friday night ngumpul2 sama temen, beli beer di seven eleven trus duduk2 di jembatan.

Hang out hemat di Clarke Quay!

Hang out hemat di Clarke Quay!

Pokoknya clarke quay tuh hidup banget deh, tapi kesininya malam yaaa jangan siang, kalo siang-siang paling cuma ketemu tukang potongin daun dan yang pasti panas berat. Kalo mau masuk club, bisa coba salah satu dari rentetan club di Clarke Quay, bisa coba masuk ke AQUANOVA, mereka punya live bands yang maenin lagu2 R&B asik banget. Kalo mau cuma minum2 dan ngobrol bisa duduk2 di cafe/bar di daerah Boat Quay (depan singapore river nya). Jangan lupa foto-foto!

Bagusnya Clarke Quay waktu malam

Bagusnya Clarke Quay waktu malam

Di Clarke Quay juga ada satu maenan yang hapenning banget bernama Gmax! Kalo nggak salah di Bali juga ada tapi dulu pernah diitung2 lebih murah jatuhnya kalau main disini. Gue sendiri belum pernah naik meskipun udah berjuta2 kali dihina dan dicaci sama temen-temen gue. Maklum saya pengecut urusan begini-beginian. However, si Bandi pernah naek bertiga sama temen2 nya, let’s see capture-an terbaik gue dari videonya.

Photo 17-1-13 2 33 19 PM

Jalan sedikit dari Gmax ke arah perempatan, bakal ada sebuah gedung megah dengan jendela warna warni. Gedung ini adalah MICA Building (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts). I personally love this building. Meskipun agak tricky sama angle dan spotnya, foto-foto di depan gedung ini jadinya bakal bagus, either in day or night.

Colorful in the daylight.

Colorful in the daylight.

Colorful at night!

Colorful at night!


Kalo mau beli oleh2 wajib macam magnet dan gantungan kunci gitu, disinilah tempatnya. Gantungan kunci/nail clipper/magnet gitu, serenceng bisa $5 atau yang bagusan $10. Jangan beli di bugis ya, karena barangnya sama aja dan di China Town LEBIH MURAH. Inget yaaa! Meskipun dalam itinerary you happen to pergi ke Bugis duluan dan laper mata liat oleh2, jangan dibeli!!! Apa yang ada di bugis pasti ada di chinatown.

Di Chinatown juga terkenal dengan berbagai macam kuliner enak, and it’s kinda true. Nanti gue list makanan2 apa aja yang wajib dicobain selama di Singapore.


Ini adalah tempat kayak mangga dua versi indo gitu. Dulu semua macam baju dan dress cuma $10. Skrg gue denger2 harga naek jadi $12-$15. Disini bisa nemu kacamata KW seharga $10, jam tangan 3 biji $10, topi a’la korea2 gitu,legging lucu2, aksesoris lucu2 pokoknya semua deh dari head to toe. Harganya cukup reasonable kok. Yang pasti inget untuk selalu hati2 disini kaerna sangking RUAMEEEE-nya kadang sampe nggak bisa jalan, mana jalannya kecil bener (gue serius nih, nggak lebay) dan suka ada copet yang mengambil kesempatan gitu deh. So hati-hati ya!


Sebenernya gue heran juga sama orang2 yang sukkaaaa banget ke Mustafa. It’s basically cuma department store yang GUEDEEEE banget, jual macem2 SEMUA HAL you name it deh!!! Dari sabun badan, sabun cuci baju sampe jam tangan rolex asli semua ada!!! Baju lah, sepatu lah, computer, handphone, camera, perhiasan beneran emas, diamonds, sampe yang bohongan, kue2an, cokelat, permen POKOKNYA SEMUA HAL DI DUNIA ADA DI MUSTAFA hahahahah lebay banget yah gue. Trus isinya yah orang India semua jadi kayak berasa nggak di Singapore. However visiting Little India bener-bener optional, especially kalau lu lagi hamil dan ngidam mau makan makanan India yang enak banget, then barulah lu datang.


MUST MUST MUST!!! Gue sangat SANGATTTT cinta Ikea!!! Katanya Ikea bakal buka soon di indo loh so hip hip horray!!! Setiap ke Ikea, rasanya gue nggak maw beranjak lagi deh, mau hidup disana selamanya, lika my own little heaven. Barangnya lucu2, minimalis dan MURAH!!! Emang sih agak cepet rusak, tapi what do you expect dengan barang mass production yang murah. Ya, nggak? Ada dua Ikea di Singapore, yang satu di Tampines, store ini lebih gede 1.5x dari store yang satunya tapi lokasinya jauh dari kota. Ikea ini deket changi dan nggak ada MRT yang deket, bus stop nya pun agak jauh jalannya. Kalau kalian bisa nemuin Ikea ini, dijamin bakal spend waktu seharian (itu gue ya hahaha) so mending perginya ke store yang kedua, which is di Alexandra. Ikea ini juga terbilang gede kok dan rada deket dari kota, Tinggal naek MRT ke Queenstown MRT, habis tap out keluar gate belok ke kiri, turun tangga dan duduk di bus stop. Tunggu bus nomor 195, turun di bus stop ke dua atau kalo nggak yakin bilang ke supir nya, “I want to alight at IKEA”.

Kalo ke Ikea, jangan lupa makan di Resto nya yaaa, makan Swedish Meatball pake cranberry sauce. Sumpah enak banget! Pertama gue juga agak aneh kok makan baso asin gini, saus nya cranberry jam? TAPI TERNYATA ENAK! Kalo ada chocolate mousse juga mesti makan yahh! (cuma 95 cent bok!!!) enak bangeeett tapi kadang2 suka nggak ada so pray hard! Chicken wing nya juga enak dan wajib makan yaaa!

Me and Strawberry didn't realize we have been talking so long in our imaginary kitchen.

Me and Strawberry didn’t realize we have been talking so long in our imaginary kitchen.


Kalo lo ada waktu beberapa jam sebelum flight, gue anjurkan lo lakukan hal ini: Bawa luggage lo ke Changi, taruh di penitipan luggage. Visit link nya disini. Abis lu udah luggage free, langsung ngacir ke satu station sebelumnya yang namanya “EXPO”, ini adalah tempat shopping diskon-an yang oke banget! Habis tap out MRT, belok kiri untuk ke Expo Hall yang kayak JCC gitu tapi selalu menyelenggarakan acara diskonan, lu bisa cek schedule merchant nya disini. Biasanya yang paling ditunggu-tunggu itu diskonannya John Little atau Robinson yaitu department store yang terkenal disini, which means SEGALA BARANG akan ada disini dan semuanya diskon 70%! Kalo beruntung, mungkin pas lagi ada MPH (books) atau Esprit, Crocs atau Body Shop. Kadang juga ada sports attire kayak Nike, adidas dll.

Kalau habis tap out MRT belok ke kanan, itu namanya Changi Point. Mal ini beda dengan mal yang lain, kenapa? Karena ini adalah FO! Semua barang yang dijual disini jauuuh lebih murah! FYI di mal ini ada Nike, Adidas, Timbaland, Charles & Keith, Crocs, Cotton On dll. Ada beberapa toko yang masih pake harga normal, tapi mostly buat toko2 branded, ini adalah FO nya mereka.


Ini optional. Gue pribadi, meskipun listed sebagai volunteer nya SPCA, sangat-sangat suka Singapore Zoo. Land nya sendiri gede banget dan meskipun binatangnya terbatas, lumayan informatif. Kadang sedih juga liat atraksi beberapa hewannya, tapi sekali lagi, you can have your own opinion about zoo, karena emang pro-con sih.

Kalau tertarik ke Singapore Zoo, hanya ada 2 bus yang datang ke rainforest itu (yep zoo nya ditengah2 hutan, so not so bad, huh?) Either pergi ke Ang Mo Kio MRT dan naik bus nomor 138 dari interchange nya, atau ke Choa Chu Kang MRT dan naik bus nomor 927 dari interchange nya.

Turun Bus langung entrance nya Zoo

Turun Bus langung entrance nya Zoo

Panas dan melelahkan. But kinda fun. =)

Panas dan melelahkan. But kinda fun. =)

Beberapa binatang yang terkenal jadi star nya adalah Polar Bear, White Tiger dan pendatang terbaru mereka dua panda yang diimport langsung dari China. Jangan harap bisa liat banyak unggas dan burung karena Singapore bikin satu park lagi khusus untuk unggas bernama “Jurong Bird park”.

The Walking Trail

The Awesome Walking Trail. 5 KM of full taking photos!

The Awesome Walking Trail. 5 KM of full taking photos!

It all started from Merlion then follow the road to Esplanade by crossing a very big bridge. Dari Esplanade bisa langsung belok ke Helix Bridge atau menclok dulu ke Singapore Flyer. Please take note that lokasi Singapore Flyer agak tersembunyi dan kalau nggak ada rencana untuk bener-bener naik, mending nggak usah disamperin, tapi dilihat dari jauh aja.

Setelah lewatin Helix Bridge, kalian berada di pulau bikinan yang dihuni oleh Marina Bay Sands. You can spend hours exploring it, mau ke sky park di atas, mau ke casino, mau makan, mau jalan2 di Olympic walk, take your time! Setelah puas, pergi ke ujung satunya MBS yang bakal membawa kalian ke Fullerton Bay Hotel. Ada dua Fullerton, yang satu lagi yang berlokasi di Clarke Quay jauh lebih keren!

Ikutin jalan yang ada di peta ini sampe ke jembatan kecil (yang nggak bisa dilewatin mobil). Jembatan ini sering banget dijadiin setting untuk foto pre-wed, especially dengan latar belakang Fullerton Hotel yang wow banget kalo malam hari. Habis dari situ terserah kalian mau muterin Clarke Quay dan Boat Quay atau cuma mau nongkrong2 aja. Selesailah walking trail ini. Anyway, sangat disarankan untuk mulai trail nya jam 3 atau 4 sore biar pas selesai nya malam. Gue pernah melakukan ini siang2 bolong nemenin seorang teman yang pesawatnya malam itu juga dan walhasil… SUNBURNT! Mending kalo ditanya orang, “Kenapa lo sunburnt?” bisa jawab “Iya, habis maen di Bali…” Ini mah jawabnya “Habis jalan2 ke Merlion.” Err….

About Eating

Jujur dari dalam hati paling dalam, saya tidak suka makanan Singapore. Makanan Singapore itu berminyak dan tawar jadi kayak merasa makan segala hal pake kuah minyak. So, kalo ditanya makan apa yah di Singapore? Nggak tahu juga. Ada sih beberapa makanan enak yang gue suka, tapi kalau dibilang bakal kangen nggak, no way! Haha. So kalau soal makanan kayaknya mesti google sendiri sesuai selera. However, gue akan coba put my favorites here…

  1. Chicken Rice ball NAN XIANG (Novena Square 2 #01-156 to 159; Just below Novena MRT) Ini bukan hawker tapi kayak resto sederhana gitu deh. Chicken rice nya enak. Range harganya $6-$12 seorang sekali makan lah.
  2. Maxwell Food Center (1 Kadayanallur Street; Walk from Chinatown MRT) Banyak makanan yang terkenal di hawker ini. Salah duanya Tian Tian Chicken Rice dan Fish Soup. Karena stall nya banyak, lo pasti bingung yang mana, so cari aja yang paling panjaaaannng antriannya, nah itu dia! Harga chicken ricenya kalo ga salah $3.00 dan fish soup nya $3.50.
  3. 928 Yishun Laksa (Blok 928 Yishun Central 1 #01-155; Turun MRT Yishun, nyeberang ke arah Bus Interchange dan cari blok 928) Ini sumpah laksa ter-ENAK yang pernah gue makan! Oke oke gue akui, kalaupun ada makanan Singapore yang gue kangenin someday, mungkin Laksa inilah oknum nya! Harganya cuma $2.50 bok! kalo maw yang gede bayar $3.00.
  4. ABC Brickworks Food Centre (6 Jalan Bukit Merah; Letaknya deket sama Ikea Alexandra) Disini lumayan banyak makanan enak, rata2 semua stall nya adalah stall terkenal. Yang paling terkenal itu char siu, Laksa, satay. Range harga $3.00 – $5.00
  5. Sushi Express (Citylink mall; dibawah Cityhall MRT) kalo lu doyan sushi, silahkan makan sushi disini yang per piring nya cuma $1.50 ALL ITEM! Tapi yah itu, ngantrinya bisa sampe satu jam.
  6. Kiko Luncheon (Di seberang 313 Somerset; MRT terderkat Somerset) NON-HALAL yaaa! Ini BBQ babi Filipino dan one of my favorite food, tapi kalo lo bukan penggemar babi, mungkin nggak akan terlalu doyan, soalnya si Bandi gak doyan, katanya terlalu babi? Lho? (Babi kok makan babi mksdnya! LOL) Harganya $6-an.
  7. Ikea Swedish Meatball. Eh ini wajib hukumnya yah! Hahahaha diulangi lagi.
  8. Hokkien Mee di Food Republic @ Vivo City (MRT Harbour Front) food rep nya di lantai tiga yah, cari stall Hokkien Mee/ Hokkian Noddle. Mi nya ditaruh diatas daun kering gitu, enak deh! Harganya yang small kalo ga salah $4.50 makin gede tambah tiap $1.00
  9. Ramen Santouka (The Central Clarke Quay #02-76; just below Clarke Quay MRT) ini sumpah Ramen paling enak (dan paling mahal) yang pernah gue makan. Tp seriusan ini enaaaakkk banget. Harga Ramennya sekitar $20-an. Ini NON-HALAL ya!!!
  10. Max Brenner! (Vivo City or Esplanade Mall) OMG! This is like the most delicious milkshake I’ve ever had in my entire life.
  11. 126 Geylang Dim Sum. Dim Sum place ini dulunya nggak punya menu bahasa Inggris tapi since skrg udah ada jadi deh gue sering nongol kesini. Dim Sum Place ini buka 24 jam dan ngantri nya ya tuhaaaan, bikin cacing-cacing di perut makin galau. Buat lokasi pastinya bisa liat disini, dan kalo liat tempat dim sum yang antrian nya panjang, that could be the one, karena emang gak ada plang nama tokonya, parah kan! Anyway, jangan lupa pesen beancurd with mango mayonaisse.

Sedikit amat sih rekomendasi nya? Yah begitulah… Sedih kan makanan di Singapore? Intinya mah mungkin taste nya nggak sesuai dengan selera gue jadi rada bias. Kalo lo tanya rekomendasi makanan di Bandung dan Jakarta, gue bikinin post sambung menyambung deh! Haha.

Lha terus kalo makanannya nggak enak di Singapore kenapa gue menggendut? (9 kg weight gain to be exact!) Nah ini adalah pembuktian kalo McDonald’s itu bikin gendut yah teman-teman! Karena gue males makan hawker dan mahal kalo makan resto melulu dan bosen masak melulu jadilah larinya ke… my love and the only McDonald’s! Haha.

About Transportation

Hal pertama yang harus dilakukan adalah ngambil peta MRT di Changi Airport. WAJIB! Atau kalo mau lebih prepared lagi, print aja di kertas A4, dijamin lo bisa bertahan hidup disini. Gue anjurkan untuk selalu naek MRT tapi untuk beberapa orang yang punya navigasi bagus dan pinter baca peta, silahkan naik Bus.

Gue sendiri baru bener-bener ngerti cara baca bus setelah tinggal disini. Dulu waktu cuma visiting, I didn’t want to bother to take bus unless I really needed to, kayak pergi ke Ikea.

Kalau kesini cuma tiga hari, belilah tourist pass yang harganya $20 dan bisa refund $10 waktu kembaliin kartunya. Pass ini bisa dipake naik MRT, bus and LRT, tapi nggak bisa dipake naek bus malem kalau pulang dugem after midnight yaaa!

Kalau lebih dari 5 hari disini dianjurkan beli aja kartu MRT normal sekalian, yang bisa di-top-up semau-mau jidat. Beli pertama kali harganya $12 dengan isinya $7 di dalam kartu.

About Sleeping

Unless it’s a business trip and your company’s paying for you, nggak dianjurkan untuk stay di hotel-hotel bagus karena harganya rata-rata $200-an per malam. Cobalah untuk nginep di apartment orang, biasanya bayar $50-$75 per malam bisa diisi sampe 3 orang. Gue ada kontak orang yang sewain kamar di Orchard dan Chinatown, kalau mau bisa langsung email gue.

Alternatif nya adalah hostel dan hotel melati. Hostel berkisar sekitar $20-$35 per orang per malamnya, tergantung dari berapa banyak orang dalam satu kamar. Gue sendiri belum pernah nyobain stay di hostel selama di Singapore tapi temen gue pernah rekomendasiin hostel ini. Kalau hotel melati, gue pernah sekali nyoba waktu kesini beberapa tahun lalu dan lumayan lah masih sleeping-able. Dulu itu kan cuma hotel2 melati di daerah Geylang yang dihindari (karena itu Red District and you don’t wanna share bed sheets with STDs possibility) tapi sepertinya sekarang hotel melati dimana-mana udah mulai dipake untuk ‘yang aneh-aneh’ karena yah di Singapore kan free sex is legal dan si hotel-hotel melati itu untuk menambah untung menyediakan servis “sewa kamar per jam”! Eww, setelah 2 jam dipake oleh oknum tertentu, mana kita tau bed sheets nya bakal diganti atau nggak.

Pokoknya intinya kalaupun mesti nginep di hotel melati, di-google dulu aja reviewnya dari orang-orang lain dan pastikan bed sheets nya bersih atau ga! (Mau bawa ultraviolet light juga boleh. Haha!)

So, convinced yet?

Semoga Singapore Guide gue ini cukup berguna yah walaupun isinya kebanyakan pendapat pribadi dan foto-foto narsis gue (yah sesekali nggak apa2 lah) tapi I will be glad to be any help kalo emang ada yang mau visit dan kalau ada yang left out dari post ini dan mau nanya-nanya lewat email, silahkan. =)




Bukan. Bukan udangan kawin. 

Sebelum merajuk ke judul post ini tentang undangan, gue mau menceritakan latar belakangnya dulu.

Latar belakangnya begini:

Saya kesepian di Singapore.

Udah, itu aja latar belakangnya. Sebenernya kan gue nekat ke Singapore karena seseorang bernama Ulen yang pernah gue ceritain disini. Eh si nenek sihir ini malah balik ke Jakarta begitu gue settle down di Singapore. Intinya mah gue sebenernya nggak punya siapa2 di sini. Sumpah! Nggak punya temen lah. Cih, lebay banget. Yah punya lah teman, tapi kan mereka sibuk, dan nggak bisa memenuhi kebutuhan atentif aku yang tinggi.

Singapore is boring. Kalo weekend emang gue ngapain sih? Paling nongkrongin tuh playstation atau naek bus ke Hougang untuk hang out nggak jelas with Hougang Gank, movie marathon, kuteks-an atau ngobrol2 nggak jelas. Yah tapi kan mereka punya kesibukan masing2 dan nggak dijamin gue selalu punya teman untuk hang out. Teman gue disini limited deh serius, while di Indo tuh bejibun! Oh, inilah kadang kenapa gue sangat2 pengen balik Indo.

Anyway,  gue pernah nge-tweet, Temen gue yang ke Singapore dan nggak bilang gue terus post foto di facebook Holiday in Singapore, akan seriously gue unfriend.”

Seriously, how big is Singapore??!! Gue akan selalu bisa nyamperin elo, kali! Just send me a message in facebook or tweet me, I’m so easy to contact, I’m a soc-med whore!

Gue nggak keberatan untuk temenin lo jalan2, gue malah senang. You know how boring my life in Singapore! Setiap hari begini2 aja, dimana news paling heboh di TV cuma MRT rusak. Pih. This city is soooo boring. I need friend coming here once in a while, untuk meng-update gue gosip2 Syahrini, apakah Syaiful Jamil udah kawin lagi dan ngajarin gue bahasa2 macam “Miapah” dan “Ciyus”. Gue butuh juga dibawain keripik pedes dan kalo lo lebih niat, bawain gue syomai.

Serius, sekotak jajanan pasar udah cukup untuk membuat gue bawa elo ke makanan2 enak hawker yang lo nggak akan dapet kalo lo nggak tanya gue, untuk bawa elo beli kuteks OPI seharga $9 satu botolnya, untuk kasih taw lo butik mana yang oke di Haji Lane dan minjemin lo kartu diskon!

So yeah, itulah kenapa judulnya undangan. Gue mengundang siapa aja untuk ke Singapore. Singapore tuh deket, seriously tinggal ngesot, tiket kesini bejibun dan murah (hint: budget airlines berceceran), dan banyak barang belanjaan yang jauuuh lebih murah disini daripada di Indo!

Jangan sombong2 lah, dan nggak pake “nggak enak”, kalo nggak enak kasih kucing ajah! Gue seneng direpotin (apalagi dibawain makanan dari Indo) untuk jalan2 pas weekend biar guenya merasa feel like tourist juga dong!

Ayo kesini, biar MRT gak sepi lagi. LOL

Ayo kesini, biar MRT gak sepi lagi. LOL

Kalo gue pergi traveling, gue suka numpang rumah temen atau minimal di-guide sama temen yang tinggal disono lah. Dulu awalnya suka mikir, ah nggak enak, nyusahin orang. Tapi then gue sadar loh, sebagai orang yang tinggal di wilayah perantauan, dijengukin tuh menyenangkan dan specially gue tuh orangnya suka banget ‘menjamu’ orang. Inilah yang sering Bandi ocehin, “Ada Xmas dinner, New Year’s eve dinner trus ada lagi Reunion dinner, intinya gue tuh suka hosting. Sayangnya gue tuh belum punya rumah sendiri, alias masih rent bareng roomate2 gue, jadi nggak bisa seenak jidat sewain kamar, kalo nggak kan asik banget bisa ikutan airbnb atau hospitality club! Hohoho.

Yah, yang gampang dulu aja deh, gue ajak jalan2 pake rute jagoan gue dari cityhall-marina-chinatown! Dijamin seru! =D

Ayo sini, sini ke Singapore! *ahem* bawain syomai.


May, yang lagi ngidam syomai pake sambel kacang.