Look at the bright side, all the roaches are dead.

Actually I don’t want to post about this since the post will be useless and I don’t like seeing this post five years from now and think that my past self complained a lot, afterall I am the miss Sanguine, I shouldn’t bitch around unless it’s entertaining… But I guess I just need to be heard.

I don’t need to tell the details about the Haze situation because there are thousands of news about this and after 4 days of constant coughing and short breathing, yesterday PM Lee Hsien Leong went down to Jakarta to find the solution for this issue.

Just FYI, the latest news showed that PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) has reached 401, the highest in Singapore’s history. Thank god it went down again to 360. Oh but god knows how high it will be tonight.

Here’s a report from NEA (National Environment Agency for the last 5 days.


Jakarta pollutant air is usually rated 120 in PSI, and the air is already harmful and uncomfortable for people, can you imagine when we, breathe the 200-300 PSI air these three days??? And even reached 400?!!!

Let me illustrate of how bad the haze is… Yesterday night I went home to see a lot of cockroaches laid around dead below my HDB building. When I went up to 15th floor and entered home, I found 4 dead cockroaches in my kitchen just beside the trash chute.

Yes, even the cockroaches couldn’t survive the haze. (But umm… At least now all the roaches dead.)

You know how you can never sleep in the forest area where you don’t find any bug? Yes, because if there’s no bug in the area, high chance it is not a safe area to live.

If the haze could kill the roaches, do you think it won’t kill me for the next three days??? Okay, kill is a strong word, but there is a high chance that I will get a lung cancer!!! AND I DON’T WANT THAT!!! I want to live long! (and prosper! Right, Spock?)

Oh I am feeling so helpless now!!!

Today’s morning

I feel so sad when I saw Bandi last night coughing non-stop and he said his throat was very hot and itchy. Like I told you, Bandi didn’t fall sick easily. I had to rub him a vapo-rub all over again and I just hate it to see him suffering. :(

This morning I received email from SPCA, saying that the animal shelter will be closed until Sunday for the whole afternoon session, that means there will be no adoption until the haze is over. I felt like punching somebody! Not only this haze made the people sick, it has caused animals so much trouble too!

I don’t want to blame any government in this issue, even though I did swear on my own govt in some social media, because seriously, I’ve been suffering dizziness, nausea and burning eyes. And I so miss fresh air. Oh trust me, if we all can choose between 100 million dollars and fresh air, we’ll choose fresh air.

Singapore Govt had asked Indonesian govt to name the company and Singapore govt will fine them ASAP but I don’t know why Indonesian govt didn’t release the list. (Hey we all Indonesians understand this lah ya… You know how easy to bribe our govt.)

Oh dear greedy people who gain money for the palm plantation…

I don’t know what made you choose the slash and burn pattern to clear the land, but if it’s for maximizing profit, let me tell you this….


All the money in the world will not buy you a new set of lungs!!!

One third of orang utans in Sumatra are predicted dead because of the fire. They are suffocating and lost because their homes are burnt down.

Orang utan is an endangered animal. Do you want to make them extinct too??



I tried to find any flight from Singapore to any city that’s not affected by haze like Jakarta, Bangkok, Bali or Phuket and guess what? Jet star tickets to Bangkok and Bali are sold out! Jakarta is selling fast and reaching $700 per flight! WTF!!! I checked the other budget airlines and got the same outcome. T.T

I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m sad, scared and sick at the same time.

I can only pray now that everything will only be better from now on.


May, choking up.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.

A Bonus picture of Brownie, who also suffocated.