What if and what is

I have a friend, um, not exactly a friend, more like a person I must meet everyday and talk rubbish to. (You get what I mean right?) So let’s call her Sasha (bukan nama sebenarnya. =D)

Sasha seems like having it all. She has a nice job, a good husband, a house and a son. She doesn’t complain about her husband or her work, but she complains the fact that she is a woman. Every month on her period, she complains and wishes that in her next life, she would be born as a man.

I have a crappy stomach cramp on my period too but will I give up my boobs for a penis? NO!

I told her that women have more privileges than men. We get to wear skirt (not the Scottish Kilt, but the cute ones), get to wear cute accessories, get to gossip and having sleepovers with girlfriends. And and and… we have the honor to carry a baby. (Not that I’m a big fan of being prego tho, everyone knows I’m so not into having kids) But there must be a reason why women were the ones chosen to carry the baby instead of men.

And Sasha went “that’s the worst part! I got to be pregnant and gave birth.” Wait wait… that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that her friend agreed.

You see, ┬áit is usual for a traditional Chinese woman like her not to be excited for being girl. We all know traditional Chinese people put men in superior positions. One of my friend even got ‘rejected’ by her mother in law because she gave birth to two daughters. I don’t mean to be racist, I am a Chinese myself, thankfully from a maternal superior family (haha?)

Then I joked, “if you wanted to be a man so much, let’s go to Bangkok and have a sex surgery.” and she was like “Eww… Don’t talk about that.” Well, now transgender is a problem too???

I got my period today (yeah, declaring it to the world) and met her again. It is very obvious when I’m on my period because I will be sulky all day and keep rubbing medicated oil on my tummy. And she would went on like this again, “see? We should have been born as men. No need to take care of kids and have crappy period.”

This time, I feel like she meant it. I know that she always meant it, but I somehow always hoped that she joked. But no, she meant it. She hates to be a woman.

I asked her, “What if you were a man? What would you do?”

And she went on and on about how she could do ANYTHING if she was a man… meaning that now when she is a woman, she can’t do all those things.

I was sad. Because what is that you are a woman.

Are there still a lot of women thinking about this? That men are superior? Oh thank god she’s not Indonesian, other than Ibu Kartini would have been so ashamed! (Oh what am I kidding, there are A LOT of Indonesian women who think this way.)

What if I was a man?

Let’s toss off the feminist issue. I believe there are a lot of men out there who are dying to have vagina too (the one that actually works). I never thought about this before, but the sex war will always be happening, no matter what century we’re living in, whether it’s in the 1500’s when woman was only an accessory to a man, or in the 2000’s when gay people are allowed to be married.

What if I was born as the opposite sex?

Ok now, sexist issue aside, have you ever thought to be born as the opposite sex? Have you, people? (You guys can joke about this, ok. Sexist issue aside. =))

Well, if I was born as the opposite sex, which is to be born as a man, I would be THE MOST ROMANTIC GUY ON EARTH, that makes Nicolas Spark looks like a prude! Hahaha! Seriously, I will be so romantic and sweet and corny that every girl will fall in love with me. And I will not be committed to any of them with an excuse like, “Oh sweetie, I wish I could… But I’m dying and I only have one more year to live.” HAHAHAHA.

Oh God, no wonder I’m born as a girl. You made the right decision there, god! XD

Just kidding. Nah! I never thought about being a guy, because guys are stinky and their socks smell! X(

Girl power! Yeah!


May, on a crappy stomach cramp.

PS: Just realized it’s been too long since there is a picture in this blog. Let me give you a bonus for reading until the end:

Hahaha! An early birthday present from my best friend bcoz she thought it looks like Bandi! XD

Hahaha! An early birthday present from my best friend bcoz she thought it looks like Bandi! XD