#30daysblogging The first impression of impressionism

Day 8

Post is an idea from Joey

I’m not smart in academical subjects such as Math, Science and all the fuzzy-wuzzy you-have-to-pass in order to be a doctor subjects so when I was a student I was a mediocre student, not having certain goal in school. I did know I was artistic. I played guitar and bass on my junior high school band, I drew and I painted and I read a loooot of books. But you know, Indonesian school didn’t approve the artsy students so I was condemned.

However, thank goodness I passed high school. LOL.

During college, I never paint at all because my social life was sooooo awesome I never thought about discovering my life. LOL. But I was always in the decoration committee for every college events. There were great times when we were preparing for a folks night and every single day we painted a lot of things on my boarding house’s backyard. I enjoyed it so much. :)

Fast forward to the present life… Thankfully I don’t fail my life. LOL. However people were right, in Asia, I won’t survive if I was an artist. It was even worse because I wasn’t that good of an artist. LOLOL. I mean, I’m confident with my writing skill and my drawing skill, but I’m not really good at painting. Really. Or maybe I just don’t spend a lot of time practicing. You know, with all the distraction of The Sims and Candy Crush these days. LOL.

Oops, I LOLed too much, didn’t I?

The first encounter

Anyway… I never saw any painting with my own eyes when I lived in Indonesia. Sure I saw paintings on the television and my dad was an artist too (not the professional one, but he did draw a lot) and he has some awesome paintings too, but all the paintings were pretty common, such as the waves or the skies, you know the classic paintings. At first I asked my dad to teach me to sketch and I used sketching and drawing as an excuse to spend time with him and showed off to him as the artsy daughter.

I didn’t know what kind of paintings I was into and I also didn’t have any resources to study about paintings. Not until one day in a sunny Singapore when some of the world-class collections from Orsay Museum Paris were loaned to Singapore Museum, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

And there I was… having a blast. I never knew that viewing paintings could be so much FUN. I didn’t understand about types of paintings that time but I enjoyed it so much I craved some more.

There was a free drawing studio at the end of the exhibition and I drew this, a picture of Madame Gaudibert.

Copy-ing Monet. =)

Copy-ing Monet. =)

I read more about paintings from Rick Steves’ books but nothing could really catch my attention other than the paintings themselves.

I was captured and mesmerized by Van Gogh’s Starry Night and I swear I had a moment there. And this painting was the one that inspired me to write Eloise story. :)

When I went to Europe last year, I always made sure I had time to explore museums and I encountered so MANNNYYY impressionist paintings and I HAD A BLAST!

Only then I realized I loveeee impressionist paintings. :)

What is impressionism?

Well, you can always google them for more accurate information and definition, but for me impressionism is the kind of paintings that were painted in a unique angle, unique brush strokes which was considered breakthrough on that era. Van Gogh’s paintings were soooo different from the normal paintings back then.

As much as I love Van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone that represents calmness and beauty, I love his later work of starry night that he worked on from inside the mental hospital. It was twisted and beautiful in its weird way.

Starry Night Over the Rhone (Pic from Wikipedia)

Starry Night (Pic from Wikipedia)

But my all-time favorite from Van Gogh was his last work that I saw at Van Gogh’s Museum, Amsterdam. It was so dark and mysterious and I felt like it was a farewell present from him to the world.

Wheat Field with Crows. (Pic from Wikipedia)

Bye, uncle Vincent. You’re missed. :)

Who else beside Van Gogh?

From my visit to London National Gallery, I fell in love with Seurat. He was a freaking genius! He invented pointillism, the kind of paintings that were made by dots. I fell in love with him even more when I saw his masterpiece “The Circus” in Orsay.

“The Circus” (pic from Wikipedia)

Please please google him or read about him in wikipedia. He’s a genius!!! And take note that this painting was stood grand around 3 meters high on Orsay museum. Oh well, who wouldn’t fall in love, right?

Van Gogh once tried to make a pointilism paintings after his meeting with Seurat, but well… it’s Van Gogh… He wasn’t patience enough that he ended up splashed the painting and started to brush with a stroke. LOL.

Another star-struck from Orsay visit was Claude Monet. (There was another impressionist named Edouard Manet. Don’t get confused) Very different from Van Gogh, Monet had a wonderful life. He loved his wife and his son and his paintings were full of pastel colors and happy moments. It was a totally different feeling everytime I saw Monet’s works. They always put smile on my face. :)

Please do google for Monet’s paintings. They are all my favorites! :)

My impression of impressionism

When Joey gave a topic about paintings, I was excited to write about it. But it turned out this topic wasn’t the easiest thing to write about. I just realized that everyone would see paintings differently. Some sees them as a work of art, some sees them as pretentious expressions. That is why in the beginning I wasn’t sure how to write this. At first I wanted to write about impressionism so that people will understand about it, but then again, it would be difficult because I, myself, didn’t really understand either. :p

So I decided to just write about it… about how painting (as a verb) and painting (as a noun) meant to me. I hope this doesn’t suck so much. Haha. And to answer Joey, why I never mentioned Picasso… Simply because abstract paintings are not my cup of tea. :)

And to end this post, here’s some paintings I made that didn’t really suck…

Photo 10-3-14 8 58 58 am

Photo 10-3-14 8 58 52 am

Photo 10-3-14 8 59 03 am


May, washing the brushes.