The month of reminder

As I said, September is my favorite month, because of all my life I’ve always learned something on September. Now it’s just half way of September and I already had lessons to learn, some were in the hard ways, unfortunately.

I don’t want to tell the details but let me just say I’ve lost quite number of things this month. And to add to the lesson, I’ve lost them because of my own stupidity.

I don’t want to regret anything so I would just go straight to the point that lessons are learned, which are:

I’m not a wonder woman.

I need a break.

To love is a verb.

Surround yourself with happy people.

I’ve spent the last three weekends going back and forth Indonesia and even though the last trip meant to be a relaxing trip, I was still exhausted. And it’s been almost two months since the last time I had the morning run. I think I reach to the weakest period of my body.

There’s a reminder from the Universe that I need to take a break, especially before my long-awaited adventure. I can’t imagine how exhausted it would be to be constantly moving with backpack on for almost a month. Of course when adrenaline involved I won’t be tired at all because of all the extra energy from the dream-comes-true moodlet. =) But still, I guess I need to catch a break.

Physical exhaustion caused my brain to be dysfunctional. Plus, I have so many things in my plate right now. Amsterdam’s host cancelled the reservation, Mount Titlis’ tour, so many museum passes haven’t been booked, Juventus’ tickets, and my wedding. And because I need a break, I have to start believing people and delegate all the problems to Bandi. :p

I think I have spent around 200 hours planning my Euro Trip, reading books, browsing about museum passes and studying the maps and I think I’m ready.

I’m kinda scared actually. I have never been in the place that is colder than 16 degrees and I have never been outside Asia before and I have never been on the road for more than two weeks. And the fact that there will be only me and Bandi, in a foreign land, kinda scares me. I think that’s my exhaustion speaking. I think I need to take a rest.

Another lesson that I want to share is.. that…

Love is a verb

Don’t ever stop loving. Don’t take your love for granted. Love is a verb not a noun. You will never have the love for good. You’ve got to be loving, to be doing it to enjoy it. Love is not constant, it always changes.

To love is to do things you’re proud of, to do things to make the one you love happy. And when you’re loving someone sincerely, you will be truly happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy, right? ;)

Talking about being happy, I have a story about how most Singaporeans are unhappy. Singapore is deemed to be the unhappiest first world country based on some survey I’ve read on the internet. Yesterday I went to a bridal with my friend, Pei and from all of the dress i tried on, it was only one dress that could fit me, the rest were too small, WAY to small. Seriously SO FREAKING SMALL. I know I’ve gained like 3 kg after going back Indo and ate like pig but seriously I’m not that fat.

I joked to the aunty, “Yeah, in Singapore I’m considered super big size.”

She replied to me and Pei, “Ya loh… In Singapore people don’t want to eat rice…”

Pei asked her, “Wei se mek, Aunty?” (why)

She replied, “Because the most important thing is to look beautiful. Don’t need to eat lah! Just look pretty!” with a very singlish style.

Pei and I waited the aunty to laugh because we thought it was a sarcastic comment. Wait… IT WASN’T!!!

WHAT THE FUCK?! I tried not to burst into laugh because what she said was freaking stupid! Hahaha!

Whatever, I left the Bridal and gossiped with Pei. (Anyway my bridal is actually in Bandung. Yesterday I was just trying on wedding dress for fun.)

Wow, no wonder Singaporeans are unhappy. They apparently don’t eat at all. LOL.

What I’m trying to say is… just be happy, and surround yourself with happy people. life is too short to live your life meeting other people’s expectation. Life is too short to be grumpy.

This month is a reminder for me and I’m thankful that I am reminded.

What’s your reminder this month?


May, looking at the bright sides.