Decorated Moodlet

After years of living in a rented un-decorated room here in Singapore, I finally have the heart to go through all the trouble to decorate (yet another rented) room. At least this time I have the legal two years lease with my owner so for two years I won’t go anywhere. =p

I was hesitating at first to decorate my room because however, after two years (err, now only one and half years left) I will have to take off everything, and probably paint back the dent I cost. But thinking of living in another plain white paint room for another two years bothered me a little. I always have my room decorated since I was fifteen (since I had my own room to be exact).

There was a time when I was REALLY into constellation and astronomy, so I bought a glow in the dark stars (which costed me almost my one week allowance) and pasted them on the ceiling of my room following my favorite constellations in the northern hemisphere. I made a very big silver shiny star from origami and put it as the sun.

Then there was a time when I was REALLY into football (and turn out still am now, in a more civilized way) and filled my bedroom wall with pin ups and posters from football magazines.

Then there was a time when I was REALLY into yellow color and change the whole color of my room yellow, made everyone who walked into it hurt their eyes. I think I caused my eyes to be short-sighted during that era.

Then there was a time when I was REALLY into scrapbooking and pasted all my scrapbook papers, love letters from ex boyfriends, photos, stickers, crafts, basically everything handmade on my bedroom wall. Annoying thing was, a month after I did that, I moved room to a bigger room (it was on college days). But my friend who took over my previous room asked me not to scrap them off because she thought it was very artsy. *smug*

Then there was a time when I was REALLY into half naked footballer (Guess I grew up late) so I pasted a very big poster of half naked Beckham, half naked Cristiano and couple of other sexy footballers.

If only I had a camera phone back then, maybe I could post some interesting photo here of my old rooms, showing how unstable my mind was. :p

Anywaaayyy, when I play the sims, my sim seems to have a better mood called “decorated” moodlet whenever she enters a decorated room, so I thought, I would have a better mood as well if my room is decorated. So, I finally decided to decorate my rented room! Little did I know everything in Singapore is freaking expensive! I bought a half meter of cheap fabric for freaking $3.5!!! Back in Indonesia they didn’t even sell half meter because one meter only costed you like $1!!! Bummer!

So yeah, let me show you a blurry BEFORE photo of my un-decorated room.

Photo 22-2-13 10 14 58 PM

Plain, huh?

So I googled for some decoration ideas and right now I am really into Green Mint and Turquoise color so I settled for that.

After weeks of hunting for cheap items and failed miserably, I had to accept the fact of buying an A1 paper for freaking $2.50! Argh! I remember back in Indonesia I always used my mom’s unused stuffs for most of the decoration items. Huh!

Photo 25-2-13 11 27 51 AM

Creating tassels from fabric

Photo 25-2-13 11 24 14 AM

Painting my plain cork board

Photo 25-2-13 11 25 22 AM

Making my “Dream” word. Unfortunately there were no more “E” left so I bought “B” and altered it.

Okay now I don’t wanna talk too much because I’m not good with design jargon myself. But I am pretty satisfied with the result. =)

The entrance!

The entrance!

Yeah it’s a little weird, once entering the room, I divided the room to become The Sleeping part and The Dressing part. The Dressing part which is the right side leads to the bathroom and a small space for dressing and where I put all my dirty laundry. I have an OCD so it’s better for me staying in my Sleeping part and not seeing all my mess. =p

Here goes the Sleeping part!

Here goes the Sleeping part!

I really looove the color of the tassel! (However it looks brighter because I added more contrast for more dramatic effect haha, you can see the original color below) I copied this idea of upper bed decoration from some picture from pinterest. I change some of the content though. The writing canvas on the right side is a lyric from the song that Bandi and I sing all the time: Better together by Jack Johnson. The lyric is simple yet very very sweet.

I wanted to make a new curtain so bad, was thinking about minty green as well, but when I googled how much a custom made curtain is in Singapore, I stopped thinking about it. It turned out the cheapest curtain you can buy is from Ikea and it’s around $39-129 and they are mass produced, which means you can’t choose your own color and pattern. I would just wait til the next time I go back home and ask my mom to sew me one. =)

My bedside table and my bedside lamp are both white and bought from Ikea with cheap price (not even $10 I think) because I was thinking to decoupage them (like this photo below) but everytime I went to Art Friend, they always ran out of Mod Podge and it’s not easy to find a Mod Podge here in Singapore. So for a while I have to just go along with white.

A sample of decoupaged table top. Cute, right?

The small white six drawer cabinet beside my bedside lamp was custom made by one the worker from my recent company. Isn’t that cute? I put some medicine, movie tickets, and buttons inside.

There are two medals from the marathon Bandi and I finished last year, our favorite photobox, a hanger from Ikea that holds a quote saying “Remember happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” There is a small key-chain, a gift from a friend that has a small Eiffel tower and a key, represent my dream to go to Eiffel and to have a home. =)

And of course the “DREAM” word. One simple word that has a very big powerful meaning.

My spot! (just like Sheldon)

My spot! (just like Sheldon)

Adding a fold-able laptop table and taa-daa, there goes my lazy spot on Sunday! I don’t use Firefox anymore since I tried Chrome but one of my bestfriend is Mozilla’s representative or whatever so he always gives me free stuffs from Mozilla.The left side of the Sleeping Part

The left side of the Sleeping Part

It used to be a very ugly back side of a wardrobe but now…. Still an ugly back side of a wardrobe! Hahaha. Well, at least I covered it with some mint green and mocha paper so it’s not that ugly anymore, isn’t it?

I put up my Europe map for a motivation to save more money also to always look up for my dreams.

A magnetic board which is filled by the magnets only. :p

A magnetic board which is filled by the magnets only. :p

If you noticed, there are blue circles pasted on the top of my wardrobe and two of them are on this photo, one of them saying “reducing your ego” a reminder for myself. They are actually stickers from Change yourself project initiated by an Indonesian named Irwan Ahmett. It was started when I was in college and I supported him to by buying his stickers and I thought it was a great idea. However I don’t think the project is still ongoing now.

My favorite part!

My favorite part!

The last but not least, a decal that I bought from ebay, only $6!! The great thing about this decal is you can always re-paste it anywhere! So even though I will move out, I can bring this decal with me and paste it in my new place. Well, just cross my fingers that the advertisement doesn’t lie. So yeah, it’s pretty awesome to see an Eiffel tower everytime I wake up in the morning. =)

Bandi said my taste of room decorationg is not ‘matured’ yet. I still love colorful, cute and handmade things. Well, I guess no matter how old you grow up, you can never change your love of colorful things, huh? I loved, love and will always love colorful things.

Phew! So relieved that this post is not so serious, huh? And I put some photos for eye candy! =D

Do you decorate your room too?


May, as colorful as her bedroom.