Long Distance Relationship: Season 2

So yesterday he flew away one more time. I went to the airport to send him away. The atmosphere is more or less the same with what we had almost two years ago. He hasn’t arrived at Houston when I’m writing this so I still don’t know of what will happen on our next Long Distance Relationship. All I know is: I’M ON IT BABY! *positive atmosphere here*

We had the most amazing times on this summer holiday. We traveled a lot, visited new places, talked about so many stuffs about us, and decided something. Yes, we decided something big, probably the biggest thing will ever happen to me. And calm down, people, it’s not a wedding. :p I can’t tell you what it is now, but maybe two months from now I will. ;)

Two days before he was going back to Houston, he said something really moved me,

“You keep making me falling in love… again and again…”

I knew, that moment for sure, that he actually didn’t want to leave. He never wanted to leave me at the first place. It’s just something that he has to do. And I felt like a bitch for always blaming him to leave.

I told him I’d wait, this time sincerely and with smile upon my face. I don’t know for how long do I have to keep running, but if I had to keep running in this relationship, then so be it. It’d be worth every sweat.

So, here I am, on the Long Distance Relationship: Season 2, which I though I would NEVER ever want another season to continue! Bluurrgh!

You are welcome to  share with me the episodes of joy and tears on this season. :)

God I hope this is season finale!!!