The Romantic

If you ask most of my friends, or even just an acquaintance from college, what is the one trait they know about me; the answer would be…

… That I am a romantic.

How did I, or anyone else knew me, call myself a romantic? Well, if you don’t read all of my posts before, let me give you some of the pointers:

I, once, stood on the rain for a guy just to make sure he was under my umbrella… in front of the whole school.

I, once, fell in love with a stranger and we had our own before sunrise moment.

I, once, created a perfect birthday party with 21 birthday present for a man I loved and he shed a tear.

I had written 20 letters to be open each one every year on the birth date of my high school best friend, until the year that we supposed to meet again.

I, once, wrote a book for a guy I fell in love with and gave it to him on his birthday.

I, once, bought a ticket overseas on the day and flew to meet my best friend.

I always ALWAYS did things because I felt things. I always followed my heart. I kept people’s details somewhere in my brain and never let them go. I could rewind a conversation with my friend that happened 10 years ago. I remember moments better than remember numbers.

I always feel that my love life is like a serial of romantic novel. A good one.

I’m the kind of person who has a lot of friends and manage to make them feel special. I love to make people feel special. I am a romantic.

However, I forget I was one though… when a friend reminded me.

So let’s roll back over to the time when I read this article. I found this article to make sense. And even though it is from an islamic website, I shared it on my facebook page. A friend commented like this below:

Photo 7-5-13 3 08 50 PM

Have I changed into a realist?

My comment surely made me look like I am a realist. That kind of person who believes that the mind is stronger than the heart? Is that true?

Have I lost my romanticism?

It is sadly true that lately I haven’t written any love poem, or done any impulsive date, or even read romantic novel. But I’m still the girl who would like to dance in the rain, the girl who gets the blush over a stalk of rose, the girl who would looove to marry in an impromptu moment, the girl who would wait forever for a true love.

I’m still that girl.

I’m just in a commitment now. As much as I wanted to say that my love life is as perfect as I wanted to be, it is not. Sometimes I did things I didn’t want to do just for the sake of relationship. I did compromise a lot, used my brain a lot, but not necessarily stop using my heart.

Or maybe I’m just getting old. People said age could suck the romanticism out of you. It’s probably right.

Or maybe it’s just a phase in my life. You know, one time when I was in teens, I attracted to girls. (But then Cristiano Ronaldo came. (LOL))

A good friend of mine once told me that Idealism is elastic. You may stretch it anyway you like, following your condition. But you will always go back to your core ideals. And that IT IS OKAY to stretch it.

I am still the hopeless romantic deep down inside, Yo… A touch of mean reality did nudge me a little but it won’t change the fact that I love hard. I do.

Thank you for reminding me, Yo… =)



May, who had just received a stalk of rose couple days ago.