#30daysblogging I regret it and I’m sorry.

Day 17

Post is an idea from Melissa.

The idea was to talk about quotes. But I don’t really have one particular favorite quote. I love soooo many quotes. So Melissa was kind enough to narrow it to talk about a quote from Paul Arden:

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

Hmm… Do I agree with this?


I think some of the things I’ve done (that weren’t supposed to be written on blog) happened out of this quote. I mean, yes you have to use your brain, of course! But when it came to guts decision or one of those moments when you were sure/unsure whether to do it or not, then you probably should do it! Unless it involves crime or hurting other people.

One of the most amazing thing I’ve done out of this quote was my impulsive Bali trip. I had spent around one hour just to keep refreshing the webpage of whether I should click that “purchase” button. But then I did click it and 4 hours later I packed my backpack and flew to Bali.

I came back to Singapore broke and happy. :)

If only I didn’t click the purchase button, maybe I wouldn’t have this awesome memory and I would never pee on the parking lot, but hey, what’s fun in that?

Another story was when Bandi and I went to Lombok. We were stranded at midnight in Padang Bai and we cancelled our midnight ferry to Lombok. The next morning we were about to ride back to Kuta but we met a fellow traveler who told us about how beautiful Lombok is and we decided to go, against all odds (and we threw up like hell on the ferry LOL).

But yeah, Lombok and Gili Trawangan was worth all the throw-ups along the way.

Even, until now, Bandi always uses the “remember Gili?” statements whenever I feel like not doing something because I’m lazy or because it’s too hard. He always said that to remind me that something beautiful usually comes after long and winding road. (This is what motivated us hiking through Cinque Terre, Italy for freaking 2 hours).

What about things that I actually regretted?

Ok, you know that I’m that person who “let’s go!” all the time, so I never really regret anything about my adventure side of life or my friendship, but there is one thing I regret about my love life.

I regret that I didn’t give somebody a chance when I was 17 years old. I was too stupid, or too scared, maybe so I didn’t give love a chance. He was my first real boyfriend. The first time I actually felt so happy for being loved and being cared about, but then I just shut him off. Just like that. Just because I was so stupidly scared to open my heart.

Yes. I regret it.

I wish I could change it and told him I’m sorry. I heard from a friend that he was still hung up on me during college years (and I was so freaking selfish I didn’t know what if felt like to be heartbroken) and I was thinking, man how stupid is that? he’s the one who chose to be hung up. I’ve never done anything to hurt him.

Wrong. I did actually hurt him. But I was teenager and I was stupid and selfish.

When I grew up and I fell in love for real and I was hurt by love, I realized that I did hurt him that time, but I didn’t know (or I didn’t care). Guess Karma is a bitch, huh, May?

Anyway… it did happen and I can’t do anything about it. I heard that he’s happy now and he has a girlfriend. So I think that’s good, right? :)


The least favorite quote

I guess this is the end of the post, but before I end the post, I would love to share my most UN-FAVORITE quote all the time:

“I love you for not who you are, but for what I am when I’m with you.”

I don’t know who wrote this quote because a lot of different names came up when I googled it, but I think this is one of the stupidest quote of all time.

I love my fiance for what he is! (and also in spite of what he is) but clearly, I don’t love him for what I am when I’m with him. OH NO WAY! Doesn’t it sound like it’s Bella Swan’s quote from Twilight? Like the one who said it doesn’t have character because their character only comes up when they are with their lover. Oh that is so stupid.

So when am not with you, don’t love myself anymore? Or does it suppose to when am with you, become this lovey dovey happy girl and when am not with you again, turn to be sulky and suicidal (like Bella Swan.)

What a weird and pretentious quote.

For me, I definitely love myself with or without Bandi. Oh hell yeah!

And now to close this post with one of the greatest quote of all time:

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend… never owned a dog.”


May, the bookworm