#30daysblogging Dear god…

Day 9

Post is an idea from Aina

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t have to do anything with religion nor any kind of belief. This post is also not at all a complain for the earth that is already perfect. This post is just for fun. Thus, I call the ruler of universe with god with non-capital g.

Dear god…

So you’re taking my advise now, huh? You’re sure, aren’t you? Because my suggestion list is soooo long. *smirk*

I’m kidding. You know how much I love how the world works and stuff, but again, taking advise never hurts. So, here are 10 things I wish to suggest to you

  1. Trees should be colored yellow. How awesome is that?!
  2. Broccoli should be fattening and potato chips should be healthy… and also cupcakes, pork belly, cheeseburger, deep fried chicken skin, and… oh this will go on and on and on. But I think you understand what I mean. It just doesn’t make sense why all the delicious things are killing you and the horrible things are good for you? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  3. Human should be amphibians. We should be able to breath underwater too. Super awesomeness!!!
  4. Dolphins should be the strongest animal in the universe so not only they could protect us, but they also could protect themselves from us.
  5. Dogs should be able to talk. Ohhh WHAT FUN!
  6. Everyone should be able to pick their gender when they were about to born. You know, some kind of form in the reincarnation queue universe.
  7. There should be no cockroaches. EVER. And scorpion, and mosquito, and… oh well, just eliminate all bugs. But let spiders exist. They are cool.
  8. You should give more powers to nose other than just breathe. I mean, mouth itself can breathe in. Maybe people should eat with nose rather than mouth because mouth is supposed to be for kissing purpose only. But then again, how would we chew? Oh crap.
  9. Eyelashes should grown like hair, so we can have longer lashes and trim it as we like.
  10. Smart people should have bigger head than dumb people so if we were smart, we could show off from our looks. And there was a TV show called America’s next top head model. LOLOL. Move over dumb blondes, smart is the new ruler. LOL.

Oh well, that was fun!

Any advises from you, guys? I could still add them up to god when the offer’s still up!


May, feeling so powerful.