Another shit in a rock bottom in a Movie Theatre

Today, coming another hard thing for facing the truth of being apart from my baby. After three months, I finally sit again on our favorite movie theatre’s seat watching Fast and Furious 4, which he had seen few days before and he told me to see it too.
I’m not exaggerating it. It was really hard to go to the movie theatre after he left.
For those who don’t know, we’re kind of couple whom scored as “have no life-couple” on some website’s game for seeing too many movies together instead of having our social lives. We’ve spent almost every weekends on movie theatre, sometimes two nights in a row, sometimes two movies in one day. He even took me watching “Yes Man” five hours before he went to his plane to Houston. Yes, we love movies just too much.
And yes, it was really hard to go there without him.
I thought this is gonna be one of those moments of  “well, it’s not actually that hard” thingy. But I’m wrong. This one, was actually hard. I can say this may be the hardest moment of facing the truth that you may go to some places alone, not with him anymore. And movie theatre is freakishly weird without him.
This is the first time watching movie without somebody chattering about the names of the actors, or some flash back from the prequel. The first time without sounds of chewing French fries or potato chips. I miss him to the details. I really do.
Well… guess I’ll hit another rock bottom when I eat blueberry cheesecake without him. *sigh*
But hey… Sanguine doesn’t whine a lot, and better let go off this drama. So, I tried to enjoy Paul Walker. :D And I actually did.
There will be more shitty things to come on this Long Distance Relationship, but still… I have my baby to keep me insane and stay me away from the drama queen. :D
And I have this blog to whine to. :p