Indepedence and interdependence

I thought to write this post in Bahasa since this post meant to show the internet world my patriotism, but then again, speaking bahasa doesn’t reflect your patriotism nor nationalism.
Today is Indonesia’s 67th anniversary of celebrating our independence day from hundreds of years being colonized by the Netherlands.
When I was in primary school, I always loved Indepedence day celebration. Competing in Balap karung, participating in Makan kerupuk and never missed watching Panggung gembira in the field just outside my house.
Society really took Independence day happilly, joyfully, like we just won the war the day before.
After I graduated from school, I stopped bothering the independence day’s celebration. I did’t sure why, but it was true that people were starting to be more indiviualistic and they didn’t celebrate with strangers anymore.
I seldom watched the Panjat pinang game anymore.
Now I’ve been living in Singapore for two years, and having to work on your own independence day sucks big time. Like today is not a special day at all.
And out of the blue, I feel very patriotic today. Not because of the red and white outfit I wear, or the patriotic shoutout on my facebook, but because no matter how far and how long you go from Indonesia, you always have this feeling to come back home. home, where I belong…
Where there are a lot of things to be missed.
And even though I know Indonesia is sooooo far from being a developed country, with all the social issues and so much poverty, you can never live with agony, it will eventually bothers you.
But it was a land where I was born. And certainly a land where I will die at.
With a big possibility of giving birth to my future kids and even raising my kids out of Indonesia, I questioned myself whether I really am loving my country.
If I love Indonesia so much, why did I left in the first place?
The answer(s) for that question could make this post extremely long and would finish up my free quota from wordpress (to be exagerrating).
I will compare my feeling to my country with a feeling to my family. I love my mom, no doubts. But will I be able to live with her? No way.
Get it?
The only city that could make me producing money is Jakarta, and ironically the only place I can’t stand to stay.
Reason number 2: Traveling aroun and living abroad makes you love your country even more. That’s freaking right! You will find out that other countries are not as rich as your country, not as big, not as beautiful and of course not as friendly.
You will nver find a warmth of Sundanese family anywhere else in the world, will never find a great taste of Indonesian chinese food, never will find a breathtaking temples such as Borobudur or marine lives as diverse as ours.
You always thought other countries are better until you really live there and realize we HAVE everything in our home. :)
I love Indonesia. No doubt.
I will come back home someday, when my children are grown up and go their own ways, and when I’m able to purchase one small house in Gili islands. :)
I depend my life to this country. This amazing country that so many people swear at. Just like I to my family, with my country, I have this interdependence relationship that nobody could understand, thus make it more special as if I’m the only one who has it. I love Indonesia and I know Indonesia loves me.
I don’t wanna ruin this lovey dovey post talking about our politics cause I spent 4 years of my university life making assumptions and idealist solutions. I can only pray and believe. But seeing our generation’s big love to Indonesia, I don’t doubt a thing that everything will be better. We are a big country. We had so much history. All the heros and heroines didn’t die for nothing. I know Ibu kartini is proud and Jendral Sudirman is probably smiling widely.
We are a big nation. One nation. The idealogy that has been carried hundred years ago, will always be with us. We are one nation, regardless race, religion and political views.
That’s what I love Indonesia the most.

Merdeka selalu!

P.s. Sorry if this post is poorly edited since it’s written on the mrt. :)

P.p.s. I’ll write my favorite national song here:
Indonesia, tanah air beta
Pusaka, abadi nan jaya
Indonesia, sejak dulu kala
S’lalu dipuja-puja bangsa

Disana tempat lahir beta
Dibuai, dibesarkan bunda
Tempat berlindung di hari tua
Sampai akhir menutup mata

I hope this translation could express how this song really gets inside me.
Indonesia, my nation/land
Treasury, eternal and great
Indonesia, since forever
Always been praised by all nations
There, I was born
Being cared, raised by mother
My shelter (to rest) in older days
Until the end I close my eyes.