The moment I felt invincible

It was my first encounter with snow ever. EVER.

I’ve never liked cold weather. I was born as a sun catcher and a beach lover. I’ve never known how snow feels.

So when I first touched it…

Photo 21-10-13 9 59 44 pm


Photo 21-10-13 10 05 51 pm

I didn’t know it was fun playing with snow when my bestfriend, the sun, was present. It was warm and cold at the same time. It was the good kind of paradox.

Photo 21-10-13 10 08 03 pm

I tried to lick the ice but my other bestfriend, Bandi told me not to. “You don’t want to have a stomach ache on a trip.” He got the point. So I licked him instead.

Photo 21-10-13 9 10 23 pm

It tastes sweet. :)

Of course, we didn’t stop the “selfie” there.

Photo 14-11-13 2 11 11 pm

And then I slept on the snow.

Photo 21-10-13 10 02 40 pm

And then I did some push up on it, you know… for the sake of being fit during the trip. LOL

Photo 21-10-13 10 02 04 pm

And then I slid on it.

Photo 21-10-13 10 47 31 pm

And when I got up, I couldn’t feel my buttock. I tapped on it and the snow fell down from inside of my skirt. LOL.

And then I climbed up to the cliff walk. And I saw this.

Photo 21-10-13 3 33 33 pm

Shot in HDR

And I thought…

Photo 21-10-13 3 37 50 pm 

I am invincible.

I had that moment. It was just about 5 seconds. I looked down and I closed my eyes because I was scared. I breathed the air in and then I opened my eyes and there it was…. The greatest view I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

And then I reminded myself, I should never worry about anything. ANYTHING. The universe is so great and the universe is invincible. The universe is always at my side… and I am invincible.

I should never be afraid as long as I do the right thing. I should always believe in the good memory, and hold on to it whenever I feel sad. Life is incredible. Earth is beautiful. There are still so many things I haven’t explore.

I looked to the left, looking for Bandi. He was standing quite far from me. He stood still too. I didn’t call him, I let him having his moment too.

Photo 21-10-13 9 35 34 pm

There were only the two of us on the cliff walk. I waited for him to turn his head to me. When he did, he came to me and I asked, “what did you do over there?”

He was speechless. He was titlis-struck too. :)

Photo 21-10-13 9 11 51 pm

Bandi, act-cool

Actually I ‘m preparing an ultimate post for this ultimate journey but it’s still half-written. This morning I woke up remembering Mt. Titlis and I just copied half of my camera’s memory card to the laptop so I felt like reminiscing this moment. =)

Bye for now Titlis!

Bye for now Titlis!

I’ll post more soon! Behooolllddd people!!!


May, whose buttock has melted.