Money is the root of evil… Or happiness? What about men’s penis?

Let’s talk about money. (we’ll talk about men’s penis later) It’s a sensitive issue and I used to perceived money as an evil who destroyed my family, but slowly it changed through growing up phase.
My job is involving money when every 2 weeks I will withdraw thousands of dollars just to distribute them to hundreds of workers. Money feels just like another sheet of paper in some point.

I don’t perceive money as something big anymore. I never thought these papers could be so powerful.
Materialistic is the last trait that could be in my character, however my parents are. I don’t say it’s a bad thing, I say as a general thing. Something to be discussed.
The only reason I went to Singapore to work is because of the money. I could get 3 until 4 times of what I got back in jakarta, and even though the expense is high as fuck, I still could save some money. (But that’s probably because I don’t shop a lot like other girls.)
And the reason behind that money I’m after is my family. I support my mom and my dad financially. My mom is also the kind of person who becomes happy because of the things she get. Or, easier to say, the more money she has the happier she will be. Again, I don’t say it’s a bad thing. It’s an individual preference.
She wanted a new sofa set, she wanted a new praying desk, she wanted to enroll for a school, she wanted this and that. Ka-ching! And the most recent, she wanted to go on a holiday to China for a month. So there you go, I bought the most expensive ticket in my life to date (with the travel funds I saved for my Europe trip).
I don’t complain. I can’t complain to be precised.
We, chinese people, have this culture to be “a good child” to your parents. You have to do whatever they asked, otherwise you’ll go to hell.
You think I believe that? No!
It’s true that I have never done anything that they didn’t approve, but it is just because, I never told them. All the bad things I’ve done are always behind their backs. I guess that Chinese culture didn’t work, eh?
And for everything they asked, that can be bought, I always try to accomplish. Not because I’m afraid to go to hell, but simply because they need money more than I do. (Unless my Euro trip funds T.T) (however money could buy me tickets to Greece.)

They could be happy because of the money they have, while I’m not. I’m not happy because of the money, but because of the feeling that I can make someone happy. So I guess that would be fine.

It’s a total hypocrite if I said I don’t need money at all, because however I need savings, investments and all those craps. I’m 26 years old and I have to start doing so for my future. But believe it or not, I don’t. All of my spare money either goes to my parents or goes for my travelling tickets.

It’s not that my mom doesn’t care about me. She does, I guess, in her own way.
It’s true that all my life, never once she asked, “how are you?” or “how’s your life?” on her text messages. I once snapped out and screamed to her, saying that “Do you even care about me? You never even once asked me how I’m feeling?”
And she replied that I’m a big girl, I always live by myself as long as I could remember so she never worried about me.
And I bought that crap.
But anyway, my relationship between me and my parents is bittersweet. And money always plays a very important role.
So, I can’t say money is the root of evil because for me money is the root of happiness. If happiness is too strong for a word, let’s put “convenience”.
The fact is, I could make my mom happy by buying her holiday to China, and I won’t be able to do it without money.
The fact is, my dad went to doctor for his check up every month to keep him fine, and I won’t be able to do it without money.
Sure our Indonesian politicians use money for bad things and that’s what make them evil. But I don’t think money is the root.
Money is just a tool. It’s a freakin paper with power on the numbers.
It’s like blaming a knife for a murder case. Knife is the tool for the murderer to stab his victim. But is that the knife’s fault? No, idiots! It’s the murderer’s!
If I use the knife to cut mushrooms and make a delicious mushroom cream soup for Bandi (I really can’t make one post without putting his name, can I?), then the knife is doing good for me!
Knife is just a tool. It’s freakin metal with a power on its sharp edge.
Get my point?

It’s also the same thing with Men’s penis. They can either use it for good purpose or bad purpose which make it debatable whether it is the root of evil
or root of happiness. This could apply for Ariel, who has just been released from jail. if you don’t know who Ariel is, google him! Your life hasn’t been complete before knowing his story.

Never blame dead objects for horrible things human do. It will make you more horrible than you already are.

So, why use money for bad things when you can use it to buy me tickets to greece? ;)

Let me tell you the truth. The happiest moment in my life was when I was broke. That’s when I realize, it is true that your happiness doesn’t depend on how much money you have. For that, I absolutely believe.

But however money could help you do things, especially for those people who wants material things. And of course could help you go to Europe. =D

We just need to use it wisely. (Both the money and the penis.)