The one thing that we took for granted

This past two weeks, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson which I want to share it with everyone.

There is one thing that I always took for granted, that I didn’t really care about, because I always thought I was a wonderwoman, made of steel. And now, I really REALLY understand how I was wrong for taking it for granted.

It’s the health.

I’m not a super healthy person, I do get sick once in a while like coughing, gastric, ulcer and stuff, but usually I didn’t really take it seriously. I would just went to doctor, drink the meds for a day or two and I would be healthy again in no time.

On 31st May, I got a high fever, 38,9 degrees to be exact. (I think the last time I had fever was when internet wasn’t invented. Haha) I was even hallucinating during my fever. I was sent home from office by my company driver and I went to bed straight and got blurry for the next 24 hours. Bandi took care of me and I got better the next day. Again, I took it for granted and went crazy on World Street Food Congress, not to mention followed by McDonald’s the next day.

Six days after the fever, I felt uneasy on my body so I went to doctor again and the doctor said I might have caught some kind of virus. This virus caused me so much trouble! I got Faringitis (radang tenggorokan) that was very serious I lost my voice, the virus also made me cough some blood and I felt tired all the time til I had to stop my daily sit-ups (which I started since 1st January this year and unbreakable! Hiks. pencitraan dulu dong.)

However, now… 14 days since the fever I’m still sick! (WTF)

I have been eating right, drinking enough water, resting well and yet, still am sick. Bandi happened to catch my virus too and even though he had been trying so hard to avoid it, the first thing happened after we were back from our proposal trip was… he got a high fever.

(what’s this supposed to mean, universe? He’s rarely sick and the first thing happened after he proposed to me is falling sick?! Whaaaatttt)

Anyway, we’ve been miserable this week. We couldn’t eat good food, we couldn’t talk a lot and the worse, we couldn’t make out! (OH NO!)

I have been juicing Strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and bananas, eaten apple everyday and even drank raw honey! And nothing to seem working out. We’re still miserably coughing, sneezing and the throat is still sore. =(

Yesterday I went to the doctor again, for the third time! (Guess third time really is a charm.) The doctor gave me another round of antibiotics. I kept swearing in my mind…

Oh how I wish I didn’t take my health for granted.

Oh I promise to always take care of my health, not to eat anything I want anymore. Waaaaaaaaaaa!! I’m so sick of being sick!!!

I swear I will change my lifestyle! I swear!

I really do understand that now that being healthy is indeed the most important thing of all. SERIOUSLY!

No matter how much free time you have, or how much money you have or if you’re in Maldives at the moment, it won’t mean anything and it won’t feel good unless you’re healthy.

Oh I will seriously start to take care of my health and not to take it for granted anymore! I sweeeeaaar!!!

(insert any Line Character’s exaggerating crying sticker)

Today, thankfully, I feel much better. And you know what I want? I want to eat chocolate! Geez! But somehow I controlled myself not to eat it (at least for the next two weeks).

I really need to recover fully and back to be healthy and to be a wonderwoman again. =)

For those who happen to stumble on this post, this is a reminder to eat healthy and stay healthy!!!


May, will stop being sick and resume being awesome.

P.S. Beside the good news I shared with my maid of honor, I also happened to share my virus. LOL.