The Glitch

You weren’t suppose to fall in love with me, the pattern has been broken. You should’ve stayed in and have a normal life. I should’ve flown alone.

I don’t understand it logically. It’s love, isn’t it supposed to be illogical?

It’s true what they said that someday we would break, because you and I can’t collide. You had a pattern and you should’ve followed it. I was not in it.

But then… Maybe it’s not me who broke the pattern. You did.

It’s illogical.

Because you’re a glitch.

I was too wild to settle down and you were too domestic for my kind of adventure. I moved away from you, but you broke the pattern and you flew with me.

You didn’t let that pattern define you.

You’re the glitch.

Ready for a fall

It has been decade since I last write a love poem
It has been a nightmare to cry my heart out
Yet I knew something was about to bloom
Love, heart breaks and despair, what was all about?
This is so scary; I thought I would die of scare
You, on the other hand, are as steady as rock
Kept imagining the hurt and pain I can’t bear
When the feelings weren’t even there to mock.
What was I running from?
Definitely not you and your hopeful eyes
Definitely not the kiss under the blue skies
Or the times you blew my mind, oh my.
Aren’t these feet tired of running?
Isn’t this heart embarrassed enough of hiding?
What am I so afraid for?
That could chase away what I adore.
You locked my lips, roused my hair.
Words won’t be enough to impress, you said.
So you showed me the passionate flare.
Never in a second have had I doubted you, I said.
No excuses admitted and ever could have allowed
To break someone’s heart.
Neither has mine, which is obviously too proud
To realize it’s a brand new start.
Will you give me that lucky charm?
Will you dance with me at the ball?
But most importantly, will you open your arms?
Because I am ready for a fall.

What’s so corny with LOVE?

I read someone’s blog who stated that love posts are hard to make because it’s corny.

Then just because reading the word Love, all the words just suddenly flew out from my mind, and asked to be written…

Since this blog has been abandoned for a while, I think there’s no harm to post about love. :)

Writing would never been this easy if it’s not about love. Seriously. What’s difficult about it?

Talking about love is talking about him.

And “him” refers to a smart chubby guy who’s about to celebrate his 23rd birthday soon.

He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my best friend in life. He’s not an always-there-kind of friend. He’s the bitching kind. He criticizes, he’s cranky, but he’s honest.

He loves me for sure, and he loves Burger King’s whopper. And he can’t decide which one he loves more.

He’s good with numbers! Seriously, he counts fast! And his face is so funny when he counts stuff.

He’s gross and I don’t complain. I like him to be gross, because that makes me feel I’m not the only one who’s gross. He farts all the time and it’s fun how we compete about who could make the louder one. (and probably the smellier)

He has a problem with eating pork, though he looks like one. (haha!)

He loves playing with children, and seeing it makes me want to propose to him rightaway. He’s baby fever! I never see a guy who’s so naturally prepared to be a daddy. And I bet he will be a great one!

He kissed me on my eyes most of the times, and it felt wonderful.

He reads comics while he poos, he never forgets to pray before he eats, and always burp after.

His laugh is irritating but his bum is sexy, and his way of winking is adorable!

He is a big fun, every where he goes, he hums songs.

He never, never, NEVER hesitate our relationship. When I asked why, he said he believes in it, and that’s all what it takes.

And I believe what he said. Truly.

He makes everything so easy.

He makes what’s complicated to be simple and he makes what’s simple to be so special.

He’s far from perfect though. But he’s simply the best.

He might be geographically ten thousand miles away from me, but when I hear his voice through the phone, I know he’s there. Not going anywhere. Not even one step away.

This might be the hundredth times I’ve written about him, and never get bored. And never get dull.

So, what’s so corny about making love post? None of them are corny, coz when you’re in love, nothing will ever be corny enough. :)


This is how I’m missing you.

As the leaves fell and the wind crackled them,
I smiled to myself remembering you.
How we used to walked hand in hand,
While we tiptoed on the leaves.

I couldn’t remember your face.
But I could smell your scent still lingers on me.
And I could picture your smile and somehow hearing your weird way to laugh.

I don’t miss you.
But I miss your company.
I miss to have a trolley full of chocolates and potato chips on the supermarket.
I miss to be stared unbelievably by the waiter when we ordered four sets of meals for two people.
I miss to do every stupid bets involving yucky gross things on Sunday afternoon.
I miss to just simply watch movie with you or dance with you or ride a bike with you,
Coz somehow those things don’t feel right without you.

I don’t need you.
But I need your spirit to strengthen me.
I needed to share my fear, my tears and my laugh with somebody.
I needed to give my affection and my emotion to somebody.
And in some point, I’d need you to be here with me again.

I eventually forgot your details.
But yet I remembered how it felt.
And how real those all were.
I forgot your hands, but remembered how it perfectly fit mine.
I forgot your lips, but remembered how soft it was when it touched mine.
I remembered how your heart beat when I laid my head against your chest.

So, every time I walked by the falling leaves,
I just needed to imagine you beside me.
Believing that someday, you will actually there.
Because you will always be where I am.

With Love,