Ten things I (and You’ll) hate about LDR

This post is written for people who are about to have a Long Distance Relationship (LDR). It is a MUST to read this post if you’re about to have an LDR. if it’s your friend that’s gonna do the LDR, tell him/her to read this post.
REALLY. It’s important.
While other people told you “It’s ok, you guys are gonna thru it!” I’d just simply said, “DON’T DO IT!”

Why? now, here are the reasons why I (and you’ll) hate LDR:
(p.s I wrote the 3rd person with he/him, but it also works for a she)

  1. You’ll miss each other’s birthdays. Don’t forget to mention holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s.
  2. Long distance phone call sucks! the voice is not clear, it’s always dropped and you almost have to shout when you talk. And you pay quite a money for that.
  3. When you’re down, he is literally not there. And “what’s important is that he’s in your heart” is totally bullshit! Coz when you’re down, you need someone’s body to hug you, to comfort you. 3 Dimensions!
  4. Hugging from emoticon messenger sucks! It was cute in the beginning, but getting really annoying. This is for exmple: I need you to hug me. Here is a hug for you honey… >:D<. Cih! it’s pathetic.
  5. Sending stuffs for a gift across the ocean is expensive. The gift itself will be way cheaper than the handling fee. So you’re gonna put the gift for birthday, valentine’s and anniversary in the corner of the shelf and waiting for him to come back.
  6. When he said, “Yes, I totally understand.” he lied. He couldn’t actually understand your situation because you’re in different atmospheres, and he couldn’t feel it. Think about it, being understand in a normal relationship is hard enough. Guess in LDR?!
  7. Yes, you feel lonely when you’re sad. But guess what, you feel even lonelier when you’re happy. Because the first person you want to share your happiness with is not there.
  8. There will be the time when you finally realize that you CAN actually live without him. And that feels sooo wrong.
  9. No dates. Describe your perfect date. Is it dancing under the moonlight, having romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, or watching stack of DVDs with Pringles and his arms around you. The feeling of being taken out on a date is wonderful. And you’re not gonna have it for at least… err, one year? or more?
  10. You stop making real memories with him. The only memories you’re gonna have is talking on the phone, chatting thru messenger, waving each other in front of webcam. That’s all. No more “do you remember the Italian restaurant that we tried on our 2nd anniversary?” or, “do you remember when we went out without our undies?”

So, my point is…
It’s simply becoz we are far.
We are actually far.

So, is it the distance that breaks us apart? Yes. Sad, but true.

We’re in the different hemosphere. I’m looking at the sun, you’re looking at the moon.
One of us needs to stay up late to have a date. And it’s even a cyber date!
You’re just looking to a piece of electronic called monitor, which doesn’t have arms so it can’t hug you, and doesn’t have body temperature so it’s not warm like u.
It’s even better u’re going to the moon so the time could be more flexible.
If I was dying, u need at least 32 hours to get here, and I’m dead already.

It’s been over a year. Nothing is better. And nothing is adaptable. It still sucks the way it sucked a year ago.

And the saddest is this…

There will be the time when you realize that you can live without him and you’re okay with your life.
And that feels so wrong…and sad.

So, when I told everyone who asked for pre-LDR advice “don’t do it”, I wasn’t joking. I humbly said there’s nothing good come out of it.
I had to tell you the ugly truth.
So, if you don’t love the guy, or the girl that much, DON’T DO IT. It’s like suicidal.

But if you’ve read this post and still wanted to do the LDR, well… You must have loved him/her so much. :)

So, May… if you hate it so much, why are you in one?
“Hmm… I love him that much.”


What’s so corny with LOVE?

I read someone’s blog who stated that love posts are hard to make because it’s corny.

Then just because reading the word Love, all the words just suddenly flew out from my mind, and asked to be written…

Since this blog has been abandoned for a while, I think there’s no harm to post about love. :)

Writing would never been this easy if it’s not about love. Seriously. What’s difficult about it?

Talking about love is talking about him.

And “him” refers to a smart chubby guy who’s about to celebrate his 23rd birthday soon.

He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my best friend in life. He’s not an always-there-kind of friend. He’s the bitching kind. He criticizes, he’s cranky, but he’s honest.

He loves me for sure, and he loves Burger King’s whopper. And he can’t decide which one he loves more.

He’s good with numbers! Seriously, he counts fast! And his face is so funny when he counts stuff.

He’s gross and I don’t complain. I like him to be gross, because that makes me feel I’m not the only one who’s gross. He farts all the time and it’s fun how we compete about who could make the louder one. (and probably the smellier)

He has a problem with eating pork, though he looks like one. (haha!)

He loves playing with children, and seeing it makes me want to propose to him rightaway. He’s baby fever! I never see a guy who’s so naturally prepared to be a daddy. And I bet he will be a great one!

He kissed me on my eyes most of the times, and it felt wonderful.

He reads comics while he poos, he never forgets to pray before he eats, and always burp after.

His laugh is irritating but his bum is sexy, and his way of winking is adorable!

He is a big fun, every where he goes, he hums songs.

He never, never, NEVER hesitate our relationship. When I asked why, he said he believes in it, and that’s all what it takes.

And I believe what he said. Truly.

He makes everything so easy.

He makes what’s complicated to be simple and he makes what’s simple to be so special.

He’s far from perfect though. But he’s simply the best.

He might be geographically ten thousand miles away from me, but when I hear his voice through the phone, I know he’s there. Not going anywhere. Not even one step away.

This might be the hundredth times I’ve written about him, and never get bored. And never get dull.

So, what’s so corny about making love post? None of them are corny, coz when you’re in love, nothing will ever be corny enough. :)


Pizza tracker at Dominos: We should be total for every Job!

LDR couple like my boyfriend and me should be creative to maintain our relationship. So on Saturday morning (in my time) and Friday night (in his time), we were both hungry and too in love to leave each other (probably sounds better than “too lazy to take our bums up”) to get out and buy meals. So, we decided to order pizza to the closest pizzeria.

I called Pizza Hut which came 25 minutes later with my pizza. And he browsed some pizzeria websites and decided to order online at http://www.dominos.com which later on became a very interesting topic for our lunch/midnight supper. :D

He ordered Cali Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza, which seemed droolicious! After he clicked “place order”, something showed on his screen and it amazed us.

It’s the Pizza Tracker!!! The pizza tracker showed us personally who costumed our pizza and who would deliver it.


After the “Bake” part was finished, the pizza tracker informed us that Clarissa, their professional delivery girl is on the way to the apartment. It was very exciting to us (sounds better than corny) and my boyfriend even opened the google map to find out where is Clarissa now.

pizza tracker It was very easy to get meals nowadays, you’re just one click away and 20 minutes later, the pizza is on your hand!! The Pizzeria, Dominos, asked a personal question about Clarissa, the girl who delivered the Pizza and Shanna, the girl who baked the pizza about their jobs.pizza box

That experience with Dominos make me realize why American people are so devoted to their profession, even it was only a pizza delivery guy or dishwasher or cab driver, because they all are personally appreciated and motivated by whichever and whoever concern them.
Any professions in America are encouraged. If you were happy to be a painter, then so be it. If your passion is being a care-taker of the zoo, then be proud of it! Freedom country doesn’t mean to be always negative. It goes back to how we see it and how we responsible to the freedom itself.

I’m aware that now Indonesia adopts so many western lifestyle and ideological thinking, especially for teenagers and young adults. I wish that we can be clever enough to adopt the good side of westernization. Don’t take the hedonism, take the freedom. Don’t follow capitalism, follow democracy!


Another shit in a rock bottom in a Movie Theatre

Today, coming another hard thing for facing the truth of being apart from my baby. After three months, I finally sit again on our favorite movie theatre’s seat watching Fast and Furious 4, which he had seen few days before and he told me to see it too.
I’m not exaggerating it. It was really hard to go to the movie theatre after he left.
For those who don’t know, we’re kind of couple whom scored as “have no life-couple” on some website’s game for seeing too many movies together instead of having our social lives. We’ve spent almost every weekends on movie theatre, sometimes two nights in a row, sometimes two movies in one day. He even took me watching “Yes Man” five hours before he went to his plane to Houston. Yes, we love movies just too much.
And yes, it was really hard to go there without him.
I thought this is gonna be one of those moments of  “well, it’s not actually that hard” thingy. But I’m wrong. This one, was actually hard. I can say this may be the hardest moment of facing the truth that you may go to some places alone, not with him anymore. And movie theatre is freakishly weird without him.
This is the first time watching movie without somebody chattering about the names of the actors, or some flash back from the prequel. The first time without sounds of chewing French fries or potato chips. I miss him to the details. I really do.
Well… guess I’ll hit another rock bottom when I eat blueberry cheesecake without him. *sigh*
But hey… Sanguine doesn’t whine a lot, and better let go off this drama. So, I tried to enjoy Paul Walker. :D And I actually did.
There will be more shitty things to come on this Long Distance Relationship, but still… I have my baby to keep me insane and stay me away from the drama queen. :D
And I have this blog to whine to. :p

Tentang pernikahan, seks, dan Ibu Kartini.

Pernikahan menjadi topik saya hari ini, dari pagi2 dengan sesama teacher, sampai malam ini di chat windows messenger saya. Saya belum menikah, but planned to. You all know how I perceived a marriage. To sum up, it’s a scary thing.

Tapi yang saya yakin, Jangan menikah karena target umur sudah lewat

atau karena males berkarir jadi nikah aja, atau gak ada pilihan lain.

Jangan menambah data perceraian di Indonesia, please….? Jangan menikah dengan alasan yang salah, apapun itu!

Girls, you always have choices!!!

Menikahlah karena anda jatuh cinta… =)

Dan jika belum jatuh cinta, just hang on and take it easy. Coz somehow God creates a nice maze for you. Just enjoy it…!

Ini adalah suatu perbincangan yang cukup ‘berbobot’ antara saya dan pacar saya yang berada nun 10276 miles jauhnya dari saya. Setiap hari kita chatting dan membicarakan hal2 tolol yang jauh dari romantis. So, saat malam ini kami finally have such a thick conversation, saya sangat bangga dengan dia dan diri saya sendiri. Hahahaha!!!

Semoga berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa! Khususnya bagi kaum Hawa!!!
subandicahaya: halo meitri
subandicahaya: kan aku kangen makan indomie bareng kamu
Mayellow: hahahah
Mayellow: aku juga kok

subandicahaya: aku mau pee bntr aj
subandicahaya: give 5 minutes
Mayellow: ok
subandicahaya: i’m back
subandicahaya: kamu masi bermasalah dgn updatean avg ga
subandicahaya: aku udah ketemu solusinya
Mayellow: apa tuhh?
Mayellow: ih udah lama niyh ga update
Mayellow: wahahahaha

subandicahaya: jadi kamu
subandicahaya: masuk ke http://www.avg.com nya
subandicahaya: kamu download updatean nya manual
subandicahaya: truz udah beres donlod
subandicahaya: kamu update dari avg interface update from directory
subandicahaya: beres d
Mayellow: au ah
Mayellow: hahahah

subandicahaya: yeeee
subandicahaya: mau ga
subandicahaya: aku kasi direct link nya d
subandicahaya: aku tau kamu rada males soalnya
subandicahaya: hahaha
Mayellow: huahahaha
subandicahaya: kamu daritadi ngapain aj?
Mayellow: lagi blogging
subandicahaya: kamu nulis lagi??
subandicahaya: yeiyyyyy
subandicahaya: nanti mau baca ahhh
Mayellow: hehehe
subandicahaya: besok hari jumat yahh
subandicahaya: pake baju polkadot dung
subandicahaya: inget
subandicahaya: pake jaket
Mayellow: oh iyah yah
subandicahaya: nanti masuk angin
Mayellow: btw
subandicahaya: apa
Mayellow: Happy 2 years earlier wedding day!
subandicahaya: upsss
subandicahaya: iyaaa
subandicahaya: happy 2 years earlier wedding day chaymuuu
subandicahaya: AMIN yahh
Mayellow: AMIN
subandicahaya: bnyk2 doa yahh
Mayellow: kmu juga
subandicahaya: iya dunk
subandicahaya: so pasti
subandicahaya: bbrp waktu yg lalu
subandicahaya: aku ntn perempuan punya cerita
subandicahaya: gila pergaulan anak smp dan sma jogja
subandicahaya: parah euyy
Mayellow: embeeeeeer
subandicahaya: film nya juga parah
subandicahaya: semuanya cerita sex bebas semua
Mayellow: hahahaha
subandicahaya: cm wanita jadi korban eksploitasi
Mayellow: ember
subandicahaya: jadi ga tega
Mayellow: wanita selalu jadi objek!
subandicahaya: aku ga ampe abis ntn
Mayellow: makanya aku maw tunjukin ke orang2
Mayellow: kalo dalam pernikahan
Mayellow: gak selamanya wanita jadi korban

subandicahaya: oh jadi aku korbannya neh
subandicahaya: wakakaka
Mayellow: serius ini mah nyet
Mayellow: kmrn temenku cerita
Mayellow: suaminya blg

subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: kok skrg kamu gendut? badan kamu benerin dunk… (sambil menunjuk ke toket)
Mayellow: yah kan iya udah ngelahirin, menyusui yah pasti gini…

subandicahaya: truz
Mayellow: bisa ga jadi kurus lagi? jadi kayak dulu lagi.
Mayellow: DANG!
Mayellow: Laki laki BAJINGAN semua
Mayellow: gila

subandicahaya: eitsssss
Mayellow: yang bikin hamil juga dia
Mayellow: dan cewe TOLOL

subandicahaya: ralat kata semua

Mayellow: laki2 bajingan dan cewe tolol
subandicahaya: iya aku tau meitri
subandicahaya: dasar dia ga mikir pake otak kali yah
Mayellow: ban
Mayellow: cowo yang kayak gitu bukan dia doang
Mayellow: BANYAK

subandicahaya: iya aku tau
Mayellow: dan cewe tolol yang maw2nya diexploitasi dan dijadiin objek sama cowo tuh BUANYAK juga
subandicahaya: banyak bgttttttttt
subandicahaya: iya tuhh
Mayellow: FYI
Mayellow: dari awal aku blgin sama kamu

subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: when we get married
Mayellow: ga ada tuh
Mayellow: kita plg kerja berdua
Mayellow: sama2 cape
Mayellow: dan kamu seenaknya
Mayellow: sayang, bikinin teh dunk, atau pijetin aku, aku capek!!!
Mayellow: MBAHMU!!!

subandicahaya: WAKAKAKAKA
subandicahaya: iya neng
Mayellow: pokoknya teamwork
Mayellow: capek yah bareng2

subandicahaya: iya meitri
Mayellow: bikin teh bareng
subandicahaya: iyaaaaaaaa
Mayellow: pijit2an bareng
Mayellow: rendem kaki bareng
Mayellow: aku bukan babu kamu

subandicahaya: iya meitri
Mayellow: dan kamu bukan boss aku
subandicahaya: kalo ngangkang aj capek ga
Mayellow: nyeeeeeeet
Mayellow: serius dah

subandicahaya: iya
subandicahaya: aku serius
subandicahaya: aku tau may
subandicahaya: bukannya selama ini juga kita begitu
Mayellow: it’s all about take and give
Mayellow: yah kita kan baru pacaran
Mayellow: aku harap saat kita married
Mayellow: ga ada yg berubah
Mayellow: hanya status kita
Mayellow: bukan lagi pacar
Mayellow: tapi suami istri
Mayellow: that’s all

subandicahaya: may
Mayellow: tapi cara mencintai kamu masih tetap sama
subandicahaya: iya aku tau
subandicahaya: iyah itu pasti
subandicahaya: dan aku cm mau ingetin
subandicahaya: pasti ad yg berubah
subandicahaya: tetapi
subandicahaya: aku tetap yakin dan bangga punya kamu
subandicahaya: karena kita bisa bahas hal2 dari kecil ampe gede
subandicahaya: jadi walaupun aral melintang menghadang
subandicahaya: kita bekerja sama ngadepin nya
subandicahaya: ok partner?
Mayellow: udah mulai sakit pinggang
subandicahaya: hahaha
Mayellow: maklum nenek udah tua nih kung
subandicahaya: iya neng
subandicahaya: udah mau jam 9 neng
subandicahaya: nenek
subandicahaya: btw kasi comment dunk
subandicahaya: buat tulisan engkong tadi
subandicahaya: setuju kaga nenek
Mayellow: hah?
Mayellow: apa?
Mayellow: kung2 cuma komen gitu doang

subandicahaya: yeeeee
subandicahaya: si nenek mahh
subandicahaya: hahaha
Mayellow: yah nenek pasti setuju atuh
subandicahaya: yawda atuhh
subandicahaya: skrg nenek istirahat satu jam sana
Mayellow: ga maw ah kung
subandicahaya: kenapa nek
Mayellow: nenek maw bahas yang tadi lagi kung
subandicahaya: ayoo bahas tadi lagi
Mayellow: gini loh
Mayellow: cowo tuuh
Mayellow: suka ga mikir kalo mereka yang bikin body cewe hancur
Mayellow: dan mereka malah cari cewe lain
Mayellow: hanya untuk seks
Mayellow: emang nikah itu cuma SEKS aja?
Mayellow: dan cewe tuh tolol
Mayellow: kalo udah nikah
Mayellow: cewe harus bisa muasin suami
Mayellow: bikin suami betah di rumah
Mayellow: biar suaminya ga suka maen
Mayellow: emang pernikahan itu
Mayellow: cuma prjuangan istri aja
Mayellow: GILA AJE

subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: yah kalo cewe yang ga puas di ranjang
Mayellow: cowo tetep ga salah
Mayellow: salah istrinya

subandicahaya: blh kasi comment
Mayellow: TAIK BABI
Mayellow: belum

subandicahaya: go on
subandicahaya: aku tunggu
Mayellow: truz kalo cewe cape
Mayellow: tetap mesti urus suami
Mayellow: anjiiir
Mayellow: ‘enak amat jadi cowo
Mayellow: Ibu Kartini bisa nangis bombay tuh denger itu
Mayellow: oke
Mayellow: komen deh kung

subandicahaya: gini
subandicahaya: sblmnya
subandicahaya: coret namaku dari list cowo2 brengsek itu
subandicahaya: ok
subandicahaya: udah niii
subandicahaya: inget kan kita pernah bahas
subandicahaya: kaloo
subandicahaya: nikah itu harga yg harus di byr dari seks
subandicahaya: buat cowo
subandicahaya: mknya otak cowo semua kyk gtu
subandicahaya: cm mikir enaknya aj
subandicahaya: aku juga ga tau
Mayellow: ban
Mayellow: di buku itu juga blg
Mayellow: seks itu harga yang dibayar wanita untuk pernikahan
Mayellow: hey
Mayellow: it’s not for me!
Mayellow: semua hal dari pernikahan itu ad baik buruknya
Mayellow: seks itu bukan hal yang buruk.
Mayellow: aku ga akan melakukan itu kalo aku ga maw

subandicahaya: yg ga mikir buat kerja dan buat cari kariernya
subandicahaya: mknya di bodohin sm suami
Mayellow: aku tuh ga setuju orang blg
Mayellow: nanti kalo udah nikah kita males ML
Mayellow: tapi mesti, demi suami
Mayellow: hey!
Mayellow: aku bakal buktiin
Mayellow: kalo emang aku ga maw
Mayellow: yah ga maw
Mayellow: aku akan blg ke kamu aku ga maw
Mayellow: dan kamu akan ngertti
Mayellow: krn itu, aku pilih kamu untuk jadi suamiku
Mayellow: krn kamu ngerti aku
Mayellow: dan aku yakin

subandicahaya: iya sayang
Mayellow: kamu ga akan cari cewe lain hanya krn aku nolak ML sama kamu
Mayellow: ban
Mayellow: emang bener
Mayellow: di otak cowo
Mayellow: pernikahan itu hny seks aja???

subandicahaya: hemmm
subandicahaya: aku ga prnh bahas ini sihh
subandicahaya: sm temen aku
subandicahaya: karena itu terlalu jauhh
subandicahaya: jadi aku ga tau bgt
subandicahaya: cm aku bisa pastiin kyknya
subandicahaya: emg dalem otak cowo sih isi nya itu semua
subandicahaya: SEX
Mayellow: ok
Mayellow: jadi kalo kamu?
Mayellow: kamu akan sakit hati kalo aku nolak ML sama kamu?

subandicahaya: aku gpp kok
subandicahaya: kita ngomong may
subandicahaya: kita bahs
subandicahaya: kita diskusi
subandicahaya: dan aku ga masalah
subandicahaya: iya kan
Mayellow: iya seh
subandicahaya: aku udah bilang
subandicahaya: aku sayang kamu
subandicahaya: TITIK
Mayellow: bandi
Mayellow: janji yah

subandicahaya: iya
subandicahaya: apa
Mayellow: segala hal bisa kita omongin
subandicahaya: may
subandicahaya: aku milih kamu
subandicahaya: yah karena kita bisa bahas semuanya
subandicahaya: ga semua pasangan bisa memiliki
subandicahaya: kesempatan dan ke
Mayellow: nah itu
subandicahaya: ke apa itu
subandicahaya: ga bisa di ucapkan dalam bhs indo
Mayellow: yah apa inggrisnya?
subandicahaya: kelegaan
Mayellow: Naon
subandicahaya: dalam mengungkapkan
subandicahaya: perasaaan
subandicahaya: misalnya
subandicahaya: may aku males keluar
subandicahaya: masak di rumah aj yuk
subandicahaya: si meitri
subandicahaya: lg males bgt
subandicahaya: ni beres2 rumah
subandicahaya: secara kalo bandi masak
subandicahaya: rumah jadi kapal pecah
subandicahaya: hahaha
subandicahaya: jadinya kita bahas d
subandicahaya: yawda
subandicahaya: kita makan di luar d
Mayellow: you know what?
subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: I used to hate and scared of marriage
subandicahaya: iyah
Mayellow: now you make it seem simple and fun
subandicahaya: bu grammar
subandicahaya: ada yg salah
subandicahaya: bukan scared
subandicahaya: tp scare
subandicahaya: hahaha
Mayellow: kalo I used to scare
Mayellow: aku dulu sering menakut2i
Mayellow: sayaaaaangkuh yang sotoy

subandicahaya: iyaaaaaaa
Mayellow: I used to be scared
Mayellow: mestinya

subandicahaya: sayangkuhhh yang pintel pisan
Mayellow: sorry kurang be
Mayellow: parahnya
Mayellow: now
Mayellow: I want it with you

subandicahaya: hahaha
subandicahaya: iya sayang
subandicahaya: sabar aj yah
Mayellow: And I used to be scared of LDR
Mayellow: but I’m doing it with you

subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: you make it simple
Mayellow: but this one
Mayellow: I don’t WANT it

subandicahaya: masalahnya
subandicahaya: kembali ke orgnya may
subandicahaya: mencintai
subandicahaya: seseorang
subandicahaya: sepenuh jiwa itu
subandicahaya: tidak segampang
subandicahaya: bilang
subandicahaya: aku cinta kamu
Mayellow: bener
subandicahaya: tp semua pengorbanan dan cinta itu terwujud
subandicahaya: walaupun aku sangat annoying
subandicahaya: dan aku bego
subandicahaya: aku harus di bilangin 2 kali
subandicahaya: aku berani jamin
subandicahaya: kalo aku cinta kamu
subandicahaya: aku maunya kamu
Mayellow: mencintai orang sepenuh jiwa itu, menerima dia apa adanya. meskipun dia jorok dan kalo kentut bau banget.
subandicahaya: babi kamu
Mayellow: Mencintai orang sepenuh jiwa itu
Mayellow: MAU melakukan apapun untuk membuat dia bahagia
Mayellow: MAU LDR demi dia
Mayellow: MAU nunggu dia OL setiap malem, nongkrongin monitor
Mayellow: dan deg2an kembali saat bunyi TUNG! dan ada tulisan “Subandi Cahaya is now Online”

subandicahaya: hehehe
subandicahaya: iya sayangggggg
subandicahaya: aku juga memikirkan hal yg sama dengan kamu
subandicahaya: semua itu demi nanti ke depannya
subandicahaya: kita jalanin berdua
subandicahaya: kita awali berdua
subandicahaya: dan kita tuntaskan berdua
subandicahaya: ehh
subandicahaya: kita tuntaskan ber 13
subandicahaya: kan anaknya 11
Mayellow: APA???
Mayellow: engga yah nyet
Mayellow: katanya pernikahan itu komunikasi

subandicahaya: 3 aj d
subandicahaya: boleh ga
Mayellow: nah yang ini bahas dunk
subandicahaya: hehe
subandicahaya: iya
Mayellow: atur aja lagh
subandicahaya: 3 aj
subandicahaya: aku ga akan minta lebih
Mayellow: toh kamu yang cari duit, aku tinggal engkang2 kaki di rumah sambil main kartu dan ngipas2 bak ibu2 cina.
subandicahaya: babi
subandicahaya: dasar
subandicahaya: kamu juga cari duit sono
subandicahaya: wakakaka
subandicahaya: cari duit yg bnyk2 bgt
Mayellow: aaaaaaaaaaah tidaaaaaaaaaaak!!! Aku dieksploitasi!!!
subandicahaya: impian kamu
subandicahaya: mau kerja di unicef
subandicahaya: jadi reporter
subandicahaya: jadi penulis kek
subandicahaya: sebelum punya anak sokk
subandicahaya: tp setelah itu
subandicahaya: kamu harus kurangi
subandicahaya: aku tau itu ga mungkin buat kamu tuk berhenti
subandicahaya: tp kamu bisa tau nanti prioritas kamu
Mayellow: iyah dut
Mayellow: aku tau
Mayellow: makasih yah

And that’s how I’m in Love with him… Hahaha!! Emang dasar cowok. Otaknya mungkin sudah terprogram seperti itu. But somehow gw yakin, gak semua cowok di dunia ini bajingan. ada yang gay juga…. Huahahaha!!!

Another Long Distance Relationship Post

Long Distance Relationship Sucks!

I know I’ve written those words hundred times. But why am I still in one? And if you all think it really really sucks, why are you still fighting for it?





Monica Yuan.

and especially Shiulen, who had been up and downs with it, and who saved my ass from the fire. ;p

This post is created for you guys! And for those who will have an LDR.

Some of you might have a very long conversation with me before about this shit. And however, you’ve forgotten it, becuase I still had some curse and complain about it, which is okay! Because I, too, called my bestfriend in the middle of the night and cried.

(you would never turn off your cellphone as long as
Bandi is still in Texas, Len!)

Just open this post whenever you think you have reached your limit and you’d find out, it wasn’t your limit, it was just your emotion because you love him (I use male’s phrase) so much but you can only see his face on your fuc*in monitor and sometimes it was even call-dropped!

I want you to think of the times when the two of you said your last goodbye and how you were very sure that someday, you’d see him again. I want you to remember your promise to yourself that you wouldn’t be that stupid to stop loving him just because you’re on different page of atlas! And don’t even let me start about your words to your friend that ‘you can do it’ and your friends made those frawn upon you, but you thought ‘hell, I’m really gonna be through it!’.

Come one guys!! Love is struggling! And we have each other’s back!

These are things I’ve been thinking of when those damn hormones aren’t working:

  1. Understanding. It’s really REALLY important. If you think that he’s so selfish and not understand you first, you’ve really got to quit this LDR! (Yeah, Len.. I know, It’s your words! You should make your own blog!). You have to stop counting how much you suffer or how many tears you’ve drop for crying all night. Because you need to lengthen the compromise line when you’re in LDR. I know it sucks guys! But, how bad do you want to be with him? how bad do you want to survive? If you want it that bad, COMPROMISE FIRST!
  2. Good Times ONLY. Yep, while you’re in LDR, never NEVER think about bad times! Because you’re not in the same place where you can hug him or touch him to make him feel that you love him or make you feel that he loves you. So, there’s no romance in LDR. You can curse about it, but remembering bad times would just make you suffer more coz you can’t do anything to fix it! And all you need is to remember your good memories with him. And trust me, it’s really working!
  3. Stop fighting over simple stuff. It’s really hard, especially for me, the one who always pay attention to simple things. And when you’re in LDR, your relationship with him would only involve messenger, video call, phone call, and emails. So, you won’t complain about his bad habits in real life, such as: making your room messy, dress really clumsy to dinner, or buy you a coca cola instead of strawberry milk. You would find simple things mattered more, such as: he mistyped “I love you” to be “I loev yu” or he kept moving while he’s on the phone with you so the signal is gone. I know it’s all annoying when it’s all the only thing you do with him, but… this point is coming back to point 1, compromise more!!!

One thing will always work for me is…. seeing my pictures with him.

a long way to heaven

a long way to heaven




He’s the only person who could make me laugh like this.

He made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

And I need to spend the rest of my life, laughing like that.




but we'll get there!

but we'll get there!




Why bother the distance and the hormones?


While the happiness in my life is to see his smiling back at me when we’re meeting again at the airport someday.






Maybe you’re the lucky ones.

God really loves you so much, then He gave you this drama to conquer. So, think about it… If you can get through this, there’s nothing that you can’t face together with him! And the two of you will be very VERY proud.

To quote Bandi:

It’s just temporary… And it’s all gonna be sooo worth it.


Still hanging in there?

Just buzz me on my messenger, or maybe join me in hundreds of crying night in front of the monitor. :p


Coz love like this is worth fighting for.

Soekarno Hatta Airport, Terminal 2, Gate D.Saturday, 10th of january. 7:30 pm.

It’s so amazing how so many people and the crowded can play with your emotions.

On that day, I saw a man who’s about to leave his wife and daughters. I don’t know where he’s going, but since this is an international terminal, I bet he’s going quite far.

His wife is a beautiful lady. She was weeping and needed to stay strong in front of her daughters. The man kissed his little girls goddbye then kiss her forehead, cheeks and lips. And he went through the gate.

I coudln’t believe i almost cry of a strangers.

There is also a foreign man with his (maybe) 7 years old son, kept saying “Thank you” to an indonesian family. They were hugging each other while the little boy was playing with the indonesian child, they were dancing happily and their eyes were sparkling. It’s so sad to see them separated coz of the stupid boarding calls.

And there was couple, sat together side by side, quietly, kept hugging each other.

People has let go their friends, bestfriends, dad, siblings, relatives… It was just sooo emotional.
I hate International Departure Terminal! >:p
On that moment, suddenly. I have found the faith that I’ve been looking for to go on with this relationship. A faith to be sure that so many people has fallen in love and separated. But they survived.

That,, you can find in arrival terminal. It’s much happier atmosphere there! hehe. Which I’m sure someday I’ll stand there, waiting him to come out from the gate and run to me. And never go again.
when you’re already not questioning love no more… all you need is to hang on and struggle. And it’s all gonna worth it. :)

And I believe Love still has its glory.

So, it turns out that letting him go inside the gate is not as scary as I thought. And he kissed me goodbye. And I know It won’t be the last kiss,, coz I gotta meet him again. I don’t know when, but someday. =)

And he’s making the complicated LDR to be simple. Coz he’s always making things easier. And something like this is worth struggling.

so,, for those who is in LDR. Just stay sane, stay strong, and keep on believing. We’ve got each other’s back! =)

May, who missed him already

We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mineNow you want to be free
So I’m letting you fly
Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die

You’ll always be a part of me
I’m a part of you indefinitely
Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby

I ain’t gonna cry no
And I won’t beg you to stay
If you’re determined to leave boy
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably you’ll be back again
Cause ya know in your heart babe
Our love will never end no

You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Girl don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby

I know that you’ll be back girl
When your days and your nights get a little bit colder oooohhh
I know that, you’ll be right back, babe
Ooooh! baby believe me it’s only a matter of time

You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Girl don’t you know you can’t escape me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby
And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong
No way you’re never gonna shake me
Ooh darling cause you’ll always be my my baby….

Why Long Distance Relationship SUCKS.

I really wanted to watch this movie, twilight. I’m a romantic person, likes to do romantic things, and of course like to watch romantic movies.

So the twilight movie is totally a-MUST-thing.

I’ve been avoiding movie theatre. Becoz I always visited it with my boyfriend for the last 2 and half years. He’s a movie addict, but now he’s been far away. And i see my ticket box, the last time we bought the movie ticket was October 2nd. It was on jakarta, we watched ‘Awake‘.

So today, i watched the ‘twilight’ movie with my friend, Leony. We enjoyed the times, laughed a lot about her stupidity on looking the wrong hour. XD

However, I enjoyed the times.

And enough with the prologue.

This is about Long Distance Relationship.

When you have long distance relationship, you’ve started to do things you usually did with your boyfriend, with someone else. could be with your friends or family.

And i won’t say it’s not nice. It’s just… you’re becoming losing the connection about doing things together. daily routines or daily activities, which actually a very important part to make you whole.

You begin to watch movie with somebody else, shopping with somebody else, try new restaurant with somebody else, go on vacation with somebody else.

you make new memories with other people.

And your memories with your boyfriend begin to fade away, when the only new memories you make with him is only involving emails, phone calls and yahoo messenger.

He’ll meet new friends, then you start to get confused with their names, because it becomes so many day by day. You also will feel tired when you tell stories about your new friends and he keeps asking, “which one is ***(the name of person)?”

I just did the LDR for 2 months. Still have 3 years to go. I know I should’ve start with positive thinking. But I’m a girl. And these are what girls do on their pms period. XD *laughing*

I must say the people who survived LDR is people with big heart and very brave. I salute you! Coz right now, I’m still holding on my faith with him to keep doing this Long Distance RelationSHIT.

Anybody wants to comment on LDR thingy?? I really welcome!