The world without internet

So yesterday Bandi and I were on a long train journey and we had a very very good talk. It has been so long since we really sat down and talked. The last time it happened involved coffee. (Of course!)

Then we realized the reason why we had this great talk was because Bandi’s phone wasn’t connected to the internet. He overused his internet data to download Spongebob Squarepants series for me so that he must disconnect his internet til the next phone bill. (Aww, isn’t that sweet?)

Anyway Bandi isn’t a guy who’s freak to internet or anything, it’s just that he has this tendency to check updates from every freaking minutes. I always told him that I started to have a problem talking heart to heart with him since the smart phone era reached out our lives, but then again, I couldn’t really complain because smart phone was the one who saved our long distance relationship and god knows we won’t survive that shit without internet. So we are that couple who reaaaally love internet. Sometimes on Sunday, we would just sit there on the living room, staring at our own laptops, his eyes on his laptop and my eyes on mine. Either we were playing games or hunting for torrents. Every hour we would check on each other, “Do you think this is normal?” and we said, “Hell yeah.” It was yesterday I realized, it’s been a very very long time since we were disconnected to internet and those fancy electronics.

And it felt so good.

We really talked and really listened to one another. We gave time to each other to talk and to be listened. We even had conclusion for the talk. It was one hell of a good quality train journey.

It really reminisced the times in Bandung when every single days were spent lazying around, playing card games, staring at each other’s eyes, dancing (oh wow, dancing!) and I realized that human touch is still the best.

It is true that fully disconnected from internet is plainly impossible, I wouldn’t want the world without internet either, but I think I will hijack Bandi’s internet once in a while to download Spongebob so he’s exceed his data usage. (Unless we start our wifi next month. Darn it!)

The world without internet might be horrible, but trust me, we need it to keep us as human as possible.





Add 10 characters in HBD and you get a proper Happy Birthday

Writings in virtual world are getting out of hand. Okay, I could accept LOL, TTYL or BRB. But now they’ve created HBD and I’ve reached my limit. I love birthdays! I am a birthday-person!

I am writing this to declare a protest against this virtual language and other things in virtual world which are not human at all. Imagine it’s your birthday and your friend only text you “HBD!” or “HBD my friend! Wish you all the best!” hey! If you could type wish you all the best, why was it so hard to type Happy Birthday instead of HBD?

In holiday season, I received broadcast messages in my blackberry that said Merry Christmas or Happy Eid Mubarak. I didn’t celebrate both of them, but I was on their friend list, and it’s easier just to tick “to all” than to pick one by one. Sometimes I received the same broadcast messages from more than 2 persons, it was the one with pictures, cute symbols or whatever, I didn’t even see it after 5 messages. When they kept coming, I just click ‘end chat’ without opening it.

Am I rude? No.

I am not rude because:

  1. They didn’t even mean to send it to me. They just wanted to send it to other people, but I was on their contact list, so I’m the victim here. I’m not celebrating it. If they actually knew about me, they won’t send me those messages at the first place.
  2. I never treated people the way I don’t want to be treated. I always send messages sincerely to people who actually celebrate the holiday, one by one, not using broadcast messages. I know I didn’t send it to every person on my contact list, but I sent to people I sincerely care and I typed personally with their names on it.

Technology should be the one that help you, makes your job easier. Why now it’s tearing you apart from people you love? You can type hundreds of characters on your twitter, to the people you barely know, but you can’t type a nice ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friend? Shame on you.

I can’t live without my blackberry and internet. I’m not ashamed of the facts, because I need them, to keep in touch with people I love, far far away from me geographically. But once in a while, I went to post office and sent my boyfriend a card, or a love letter. That’s what makes you stay human.

I’m using abbreviation to like LOL or TTYL. It’s the kinda keyboard savvy to type those things because you type it almost everyday. But happy birthday?? Your friend has only ONE birthday in a year! How hard it is to type the complete and proper words? It’s one day when you feel like the world is yours and it’s your day, you can do anything! Just add 10 characters on “HBD” and you have a proper HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Try harder, guys.

So, seriously people, saying HBD is not cool. Stop it!