Loved. Blessed. Inspired.

Before Bandi proposed to me, he had already told me that he wanted a church wedding, so when I said “yes”, I knew what I said yes too. I knew I had to go through all the catholic administration hassles because well… I’m a non-catholic.

When Bandi and I met the priest for the first time asking for a marriage, he told us to pick either a marriage preparation course or a weekend retreat for couples. And oh I’m so glad Bandi picked the second one.

This Catholic Engaged Encounter was supposed to be just “a thing we had to do in order to get married” but then it turned out to be so meaningful that it was probably one of our turning point as a couple. :)

I can’t blabber the details of the EE (engaged encounter) because they advised us not to blog about it for personal stories they’ve shared and also it is better for anyone to come there clueless and open minded.

The environment is non-threatening and safe for the non-catholic partners. I met a lot of interfaith couple and it was soooo comforting to know there are a lot of couples out there who are struggling like us. The best thing was… The priest and the mentoring couples assured us that inter-faith marriage is just as lovely as same-faith marriage and that we should see the inter-faith marriage as a blessing instead of hindrance. That’s so heart-warming. (In your face, people who said inter-faith marriage won’t work!)

Bandi and I were free from handphones and we focused completely on each other. We were communicating so intensely and intimately. We poured our hearts out in writings. It’s so amazing how Bandi could be so different to tell his feeling when he was writing instead of talking.

I can’t say a lot about the details but I really recommend every catholic/inter-faith with one catholic couple to attend this retreat before they get married. Bandi and I love this retreat and we’re glad we did it. =)

If anyone googled about CEE and directed to this post, listen…

Come with open mind and positive attitude and you will benefit so much from this retreat. =)

One or two things to share with everyone (and also a reminder for me in the future)…

  1. When you feel something’s wrong, always ALWAYS communicate with your partner. Don’t assume. Talk.
  2. To love is a decision. It is a verb. You have made a decision to love. =)
  3. Say “forgive me” when you know you’re wrong and mean it. Lower your ego.
  4. If you can’t solve a problem talking, try writing to each other. It’ll work.
  5. Be the person who always sees good in others.

And this is from a girl who didn’t believe in marriage. How ironic is that? But I’m so glad I erased my doubt because I believe marriage could be wonderful. :)


May, leaving the cynicism.