Cirque du Soleil, Essena Onneil and the good news!

There are no catch from the title, they are exactly 3 things I want to talk about in this post. Circus, social media, and good news!


Bandi and I went to watch Totem by Cirque du Soleil last Friday and it was amazing!!! I seriously couldn’t express how amazing it was in words! They took insanity to another level! Just as I thought it was crazy enough, BOOM! They did another unthinkable show. Just watch it if you have a chance or if they ever come to your city!

Bandi and I, super excited!

Bandi and I, super excited!

The cast!

The cast!

Social Media

You’ve probably heard about Essena O’Neill, a girl (model?) who quits instagram because she lost the meaning of real life. Oooh… sounds pretty serious huh?

By the way I wrote the sentence you would understand my side of this quitting instagram crap. Yeah, I found her move to be a bit hypocrite. She quit instagram, blamed social media for making her doing what she didn’t want to do.

Geez, to cut my preach shot. Let me give you the same situation of her excuses:

  1. A teenager blames sex (without protection) for getting pregnant.
  2. A person blames the candle for burning her house.
  3. A police office blames his gun for shooting the wrong person.


Hey Essena, It’s not instagram, IT’S YOU.

It’s not instagram who lies, it’s you who are the LIAR.

It’s not nuclear or gunfire who created war, it’s the fucking politicians.

I know it’s easier to blame the tool instead of sitting down, thinking what went wrong with me and admit it to the world that you did something wrong and you will fix it.

You know why people say facebook is bad? Because people can’t stop comparing themselves with other people when they read the newsfeed.

Oh… my high school friend just got her new BMW car. Why couldn’t I get BMW?

Oh… even the ugliest person I know is having a boyfriend. Why am I single?

Oh… This guy went on another holiday again? I didn’t even go anywhere this year. I don’t have anything to post, nothing to show off!

And there you go, BAM! You become depressed when you were actually perfectly fine, single and happy.

It’s not the facebook, not the instagram, not the tool that you should blame! It’s YOURSELVES, people! Yes, you can blame instagram if that will make you feel better (temporarily) but we know it won’t solve your problem.

In this very very vague yet transparent life, I know it’s not easy to be true to yourself, to be authentic, but try your best to be honest. Honesty is like a jewel now and be that jewel. :)

You will never be happy being somebody that you’re not. Be the real you, even though the real you is narcissistic and vain, just admit it… at least you’re being honest.

We all love to see ourselves in the mirror and adore ourselves, what’s wrong with that? It gives us happiness, confidence. As long as we’re not trashing people down, who cares about being vain?

You can be whoever you want, as long as it’s not fake.

Now you know I’m pro social media. Of course I’m pro! What’s not to like? You gotta be kay-poh on other people’s life leeeh! Xp You can stalk Cristiano Ronaldo’s instragram or your ex-boyfriend’s facebook. LOL.

Good News

I have a good news I couldn’t wait to tell you guys!!! I’ve held it for so many months now I will officially announce that…

Bandi and I are…

finally official resident of Singapore!


We’ve been waiting for the verdict for a year and last September it was finally approved. :)

It’s been five years since I moved to Singapore for good. It’s been one hell of amazing ride, looking forward for many more of amazing things happen in this life. =)

Now, I’m sharing one of my favorite quote that always gets me excited about life:


May, always excited.

#BayEuropeAdventure Giveaway

Fed up with my Europe posts? Don’t! Because this one is good news for you! Especially those who loves postcards!

As I mentioned before, I would love to share this beautiful moments with everyone. I’ve been thinking so many ways how to do it. I wish Doraemon was real so I could borrow his magic flashlight and turned you all into tiny people then put you all in my backpack (in alphabetical order of course–OCD ahem OCD)  but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. Then I wish my wedding was held in Santorini so you all could be invited as guests and there was a good excuse to bring everyone to Santorini, but again, it costed a lot of money (DUH).

Sooo……. I got this idea.

Photo 8-10-13 8 57 15 am

I will stay in Riomaggiore, one of the five awesome villages called Cinque Terre (Please do google the images), for two days and what I will do is slacking around. I think I will have free time to browse for postcards, find a local post office and send them to you. I hope you never got postcards from Cinque Terre before so this is going to be very VERY cool! The postcards will be sent from Italy of course to make it even cooler!

What do you have to do to receive an authentic postcard from Cinque Terre?

You have to send me syomai when I’m in Italy.


All you have to do is:

  1. Follow my instagram @jaunemai
  2. Post a creative photo about my Europe Adventure at your instagram account, tag my instagram account and post hashtag #BayEuropeAdventure mentioning your advice/jokes/wishes/excitements, anything really for my Europe adventure. Don’t forget the hashtag and promote that Dreams do come true!

or… (if you don’t have instagram)

Send me syomai when I’m in Italy.

This time I’m serious. No, I’m joking again.

Create one lah! :p

Ok ok, if you don’t have instagram:

  • you can create a post about which city you are excited the most from my Europe adventure, or why are you so excited about the adventure. (I know I know it sounds really lame but you must at least fake excited lah…) please link it to my blog and mention to follow my instagram @jaunemai. (Now you get it I’m trying to promote my instagram, right? Xp)

(If you think it’s too lame/too difficult, then create an instagram account lah! LOL)

I don’t think I will have enough time to post anything on wordpress during my adventure, adding the fact that wordpress app for iPhone sucks big time, so I will be only online in instagram (which is linked to my twitter–but I guess nobody tweets anymore hiks) that’s why I use instagram as my primary platform for this big adventure.

What I’m about to say is…

I create this hashtag: #BayEuropeAdventure (yes you read it right, it’s Bay, not May) because I want to filter out my Europe adventure photos and memories of course. And also to remember that Dreams do come true.

I promise I will not only post photos, but also stories. Trust me it would be so real that you will feel like your soul is with me. =) I don’t really use soc-med during the trip so I will be only online at night before I sleep, so I promise I won’t spam your instagram/twitter timeline. :D

And please please don’t comment “jealous” or “envy” on my instagram, I might delete your comments. I don’t like envious people. :p Unless you’re doing it sarcastically then I’m on it. LOL

Additional Info

  1. There will be only 3 postcards sent from Riomaggiore. It’s freaking expensive :( unless the stamps could be cheaper. I hope I could send more but I can’t promise first ok?)
  2. If I couldn’t find any stamps or post offices in Riomaggiore, I will send postcards from Santorini. If I couldn’t find any post offices in Santorini then I will send from Athens airport. I will try my best ok?
  3. Giveaway open for EVERYONE, unless those who live in Europe. (I just feel it’s wise not to open for European residence.) Once you post photo/blog post/tweet or anything (seriously I’m open for anything! Creativity is limitless) just email your full name and address to this email: sanguinesjournal[at]yahoo[dot]com
  4. I will take photos of the postcard to tell who gets them later on!
  5. The giveaway is closed on Sunday, 27th October 2013

How do I decide who wins?

I will decide who wins by this category:

  1. The dreamy one: I will choose one with my heart. I know it sounds bias but I want to send the postcards to those who really are dreamy like me and have the same dream to conquer Europe. =)
  2. The creative one: I will choose one who post the most creative thing! I already told you that creativity has no limit. As long as it’s posted on social media that I can search for, then it’s valid. Be creative!
  3. The chosen one: I will ask Bandi to choose one of his favorite. And I will mention what is her reason later. So be cute! LOL

To end this post, I want to quote what Walt Disney once said,

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Never give up even though universe washed your passport and sent a hurricane to blow up your documents, they were just some pebbles on your long winding road to see the most beautiful sunset in your life. =)


May, preparing the journal.

Five things to bitch about… instagram

Hey-hoooo!!! After months of my error unfix-able instagram, I finally created a new account of instagram and enjoyed stalking people’s photos. Somehow you feel like knowing them just by stalking their instagram. Instagram is like a modern version of photo album. Do you agree? =)

This makes me remember why I joined instagram at the first place. It is fun to browse people’s online photo album. Do you remember when we were kids and we went to our relative’s house and they showed us their photo albums? it’s like a very nice personal gesture. That was the traditional instagram.

I love instagram, but yeah, since it’s me… I also find things to bitch about. Again, my bitching post is not suitable for people who are over-sensitive. I don’t want anyone to NOT AGREE with me. If you don’t like it, suck it up! Haha!


1. Don’t post something like this…

Photo 11-7-13 3 18 46 PM

when you were actually marrying a rich man.

That doesn’t make sense! You’re NOT A RICH WIFE! You’re freaking rich because you married a rich man! Oh and just because you posted this photo, we would think you weren’t into his money. YEAH RIGHT. Because you quit your job and went shopping around with your his credit card after married show your affection as A RICH WIFE. Bravo. Bravo.

And… Don’t post something like this…

Photo 25-6-13 6 02 29 PM

When you are obviously in an unhealthy relationship, when everyone knows your boyfriend is cheating or the ones that annoyed me the most, people who got married after 3 months relationship. If you agree with Oprah, YOU’LL TAKE SLOWER PACE. Or you just simply don’t read.

It is your freedom to post anything you want, as much as you can say anything you want, but don’t be the opposite of what YOU ARE DOING lah, it looks damn stupid you know!

2. The spammers in the comment.

Such as… “Sis, dilihat barangnya di IG kita @whyshouldicare”. Yeah I understand you try to sell, but it’s annoying. And I didn’t marry your brother. (LOL I know this joke is so old.)

When I stalk some celebrity’s instagram, the spammer is HORRIBLE. They talk shits and argue in the comments when the celebrity himself doesn’t even read it. Geez.

3. Syahrini’s hashtags on her instagram

Photo 11-7-13 3 21 05 PM Photo 11-7-13 3 20 43 PM

This is partly my fault because of my keponess I browse Syahrini’s instagram, but yeah, I admit it, IT WAS AN ENTERTAINMENT! Hahahahahahaha!

Uncle Robert also agrees!

I also sometimes feel sad to those who put like 50 hashtags on her photos. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s too much, it’s like a girl wearing too much make up and scream “Look at me! Look at me! Please look at me!”

4. A selfie video.

Why? Because it’s awkward!!! Seeing a selfie photo these days (I admit I did that too back then but now?) is already awkward. A video? Really?

It’s like you trying to shoot some selfie…. in front of hundreds of people. AWKWARD. JUST AWKWARD! Please don’t do that agaaaainnn!!!! (Unless you’re Cristiano Ronaldo)

5. #like4like

SERIOUSLY? Who started this???? You must be tied with sharks and cobras while riding the fastest missile and thrown to the most dangerous volcano (like El Macho!) Haha! (Spoiler alert! oops, too late.)

It is common to follow back people who follows you, just to see what they’re up to, and you are free to unfollow them anytime you want. But liking people’s photo just because they like your photo? Isn’t it stupid? It’s like you’re a person who cannot decide what you like or what you want.

But seriously, who started it? Isn’t it the stupidest idea ever? LIKE FOR LIKE? So everytime I like your photo, you will like my photo back? Geez… shits people do to be famous.

But yeah yeah yeah, it’s your instagram you can do and post anything you want. If I don’t like it, I should not follow you. YES THAT’S TRUE.

This is only me, bitching.


Hmm, so what’s next for bitching, ya? *gosok gosok dagu*


May, back to stalking.