Beyond all the Unexpected Coincidences, Life is Actually Logical

Last night I was screening thru my messenger contact list to bother, becoz I just had 2 shots of starbucks espresso and my mind went aw oh, and had a chat with my close friend who just broke up with her boyfriend. She said, “Life is not fair. Yours is so lucky.”

Then of course she added, “I know you’ve been a lot of shits too, but at least now you’ve found what you’re looking for.”

It kept me thinking after she signed off and I was still ON until almost 3 am, just thinking.

Gosh, come on, life isn’t that picky. I know we were created uniquely different. Some people have pointy nose, some don’t. Some have black curly hair (which I’d like to have in my next life, Universe hear hear!), some have silky straight blonde. The point is, we’re physically unique.

But, physically asided, I believe that every persons in this world had the same opportunity when they were born. I know that we couldn’t choose a family to be born to, and we couldn’t choose our parents. But we always ALWAYS could choose what we’re gonna be. A loser? or an achiever?

Life is so simple that it works just like karma.

What goes around comes around, What goes up must comes down.

So, coincidences are actually your saving from your previous actions! Is your saving good or bad? It depends on how you act in your life.

I always say I’m amazingly Lucky, because that’s what I’m trying to put in my mind, and in your mind. And see, it works!


Never give up on those unexpected things, instead of ruin it, those are what color your life.

And Yes, life is thankfully fair. It’s all how you see it, honey… :)


If you do it right, ONCE is enough.

I read this quote some where before,

“Life is only once. But if you do it right, once is enough.”

Then it got met thinking… lots of thinking…

How right is right?

Well, I’m still young (yes indeed I am :D), so I couldn’t tell myself what is or how is a right life would be.

But in some times while waiting for the Bus, I suddenly thinking.
Live life to the fullest! It would be so right!

Live for working, not work for living.
Get a great job, a very great one! Where great doesn’t mean great money, but means something you’re passionate of.
The kind of job which gives not only pressure, but also pleasure.

Make mistakes!
Get failed!
And try again.
And if it still fails, laugh about it.
Never regret any of those things. Coz you’ve tried. And some people aren’t even brave enough to try.

Give more often, and take less.

Love the place where you live. Love the earth as it’s your baby.
Change the world, as you wish to be. Even it’s only the simplest thing.
Appreciate people the way you want them to appreciate you.
Smile often! Especially to people you don’t know.

Love unconditionally.
Be stupid, be silly, be compulsive, be in love!
And be broken hearted.
Then move on, and learn.
And be brave, to fall in love again… very very deeply.
Find someone who’s not worth to fight for, but someone who’s worth to die for.
Then marry that person!
Spend the rest of your lives, loving her/him head over heels. And don’t forget to kiss her/him every night before you sleep.

Now once doesn’t seem so bad.
Once feels just right.

Once is enough. :)