Vertical Exploration

I just came back from Bali and this time, I didn’t do the usual beach trip. I trekked up Mt. Batur.

To be honest, this is my first real mountain-hike. Mt Bromo was not a hike at all. Jeep covered 80% of the trekking and horse did 15% and I just used my feet for 5% of the whole journey.

Trekking Mt. batur was a very unique experience for me. It’s not a surprise for me that I love outdoor activity, I’ve always enjoyed hiking, but so far I’ve only done horizontal hiking, like in Italy (Cinque terre hiking) and some national park in Australia. Yes, Blue mountains was vertical too, but Mt. Batur was raw. No man-made steps or anything. It was just me and the mountain. It’s raw. The feeling was mixed between exciting, scared, curious and amazed. It’s personal, intimate.

The path from the "New Crater"

The path from the “New Crater”

Technical stuffs first!

If you want to trek mount Batur, you need a car and a guide. If you want to pay around US$80 then you can book online and some tour will pick you up from hotel.

But we don’t wanna pay US$80 of course. :p we rented a car and drove from our villa in Ubud. The journey supposed to be 1-1.5 hours until the carpark of Mt Batur Trekking guide association, but we were lost so it took us 2.5 hours. :(

We finally reached there abour 4:30 am and immediatelly found a guide. Don’t worry there are plenty of guides, you won’t run out of guides. Our guide, Made, was a cheerful and humorous person and he, of course, knows a lot about Mt. Batur. Throughout the journey he told stories about the eruptions (there are several eruptions) and how once the whole village was swept off just like Pompeii.

We dealt for 750K (S$75) which shared by 5 persons. Bandi, I, Ricky (Bandi’s groomsman), Wai Sie (Ricky’s gf), and Klemens (my childhood friend). It’s super cheap if you compare with the tour that costs US$80 per person!

The guide will provide torch and he will bring your stuffs if you’re tired (just try not to bring so many stuffs!) and of course they will open the trek for you.

The journey

Trekking Mt. Batur is no joke. I’m not super fit with six packs but I exercise regularly and I consider myself fit, however… I still huffed and puffed all the way up. The trek was quite challenging especially yhe part between the first stop-base to the first summit (the one with so many monkeys).

Ain't it kiddo cute!?

Ain’t this kiddo cute!?

So the first part of the trekking was from carpark to the stop-base. It took about 1 hours, at first it was flat and then became quite steep. We left Klemens in the stop-base coz he was not fit that day and he decided to stop. The four of us continued going up and it was really tiring for me. First of all, I haven’t eaten anything, that’s probably my biggest mistake. Learn from it. Eat something before challenging Mt. Batur!

It took me another 45 minutes full of 42 degrees of steepness and total rough rocks. Super difficult for me as a newbie in mountaneering. But once I reached the top, it was worth it. :) the view was amazing. Universe is awesome, eh? I met so many cute monkeys too!

Oh life's good.

Oh life’s good.

We made it!

We made it!

There is actually another summit (maybe another 45 minutes up) and I rejected the proposal. I was effing tired. So the guide proposed to explore other area, the new crater. It was another 45 minutes to the new crater and another 1 hour to another viewing point. The journey was much more interesting than going up. We walked around the mountain to the other side and went up to the crater. It was not so difficult but dangerous as some wrong steps could lead to falling down.

I enjoyed this part so much. When we went back down, there was one part of the area that was full of sand and we had to run in order to go down and the sand would suck our feet while we ran and it seemed like we were flying down the mountains like a ninja. It was super fun!!!

My friend, Ricky made this image below as a memoir of our adventure. The four of us made a pact to trek to Mt. Agung next year!

Photo 25-11-15, 11 29 34 AM

The aftermath

Of course I slept like dead once I reached the villa, just right after I stuffed 1 huge pack of nasi padang into my mouth. Oh wait, we’re not talking about that aftermath, are we?

I swore a lot in my mind when I climbed up the trek why did I do this? How could I end up here, gasping for air to breathe? This will be the last time! Etc. But then I felt a foreign feeling when I reached the peak and I wanted more. It’s like addiction. It’s like that annoying TV commercial that plays in your head. It’s annoying but it comforts you strangely.

It’s not the mountain we conquered, but ourselves.

– Sir. Edmund Hillary

I always wanted to see the world. It turns out we can explore the world vertically ad well. I’m still unable to face my phobia of being drowning hence no diving, but I can keep exploring mountains.


May, keep exploring.

Encounter with Bromo

So it was just a regular day at work when my boss told me 11 September was gazetted as polling day, so it would be public holiday.

My first reaction was “hmm… Where should I go?”
I had a talk with my best buddy, Angel about some possible destinations and we decided to make our long-waited Bromo Plan to be reality. Yep, we talked about going to Bromo hundred of times. This time we really did it.
It was even better when Tannia had a flight to Surabaya for her roster (she’s the flight attendant) so we could meet up and sleep at her hotel (Shang FTW) but the dream was crushed when she realized, “guys, I saw the date wrong. I’ll reach Surabaya on the 13th, not 12th.” Arrggh! You have one job, Tannia! One Job!

11th September 2015

Angel and I flew from Singapore and reached Surabaya in the morning. We went around to Pasar Atom and met Angel’s relative. We did some shopping too and of course we aaaatttteeeee every hour. LOL. Renny and Fenty reached Surabaya in the evening. We picked them up from the airport and went straight to Bromo. We rented a car and hired a driver. We were so tired, we all slept in the car on the way to Bromo.
We also passed Sidoarjo and saw the high dam built by Ba**rie to keep the mud in the area. But the truth is… What we heard from our driver was the mud kept rising and rising and it’s just about time until it becomes national disaster. It’s so sad :( the mud drowned almost half of the Sidoarjo city. Can you imagine your home is just gone?! Puff! Just like that? :( sad.
We arrived in Bromo around 11:30 at night. It was freeeeeziiinng cold! We slept and woke up on 3 am for our Bromo adventure!

12th September 2015

Our jeep had arrived and we were going to see the sunrise from Penanjakan. I didn’t take a shower of course. Who would do that? It was super mega freaking cold! I told my friends that I will take a shower in Surabaya when the temperature came back to normal. Lol. The jeep ride was about 30 minutes. We passed the dessert full of sand and we almost couldn’t see anything it was scary.
When the jeep stopped near the hill (Penanjakan), the driver told us to go up. It was soooo scary since we couldn’t see anything. Nobody brought torch so we only relied on the people above us. The hike was short and difficult because of the sand, but we made it.
The weather was super cold, about 14 degrees, windy which made me even more shivering. The air was thin, it made us a little more difficult to breath. It was dark and quiet at first.
And then I looked up.
And I was stunned.
Yes, a paint of universe.
A sky full of stars.
Such a beautiful dark canvas full of sparkly dots.
And then I googled the constellations and started to hunt for some constellations. The whole novelty experience was pretty romantic and dreamy. Sitting down in the edge of the hills, cold and dark with this great set of stars above your head. Unforgettable. I even dreamt about it the next night. :)
The sun is coming up! ((Sorry for the bad quality photo as we didn't bring any pro camera))

The sun is coming up! ((Sorry for the bad quality photo as we didn’t bring any pro camera))

So cold! Yet so pretty!

So cold! Yet so pretty!

Amazing moment

Amazing moment

These girls. <3

These girls. <3

We went down again and we were sooo cold and hungry. Baso Malang to the rescue!

We went down again and we were sooo cold and hungry. Baso Malang to the rescue!

We visited the Bromo crater after that and we rode horses!!! It was so fun!!! I never rode horse before and it turned out to be fun! I bonded with my horse, Jingo instantly. We made an instant love connection. He was shy and sweet and has very soft mane! I fell in love!

Me and Jingo.

Me and Jingo, ahhh don’t you see the sparks? LOL

We hiked up to see the crater.

We hiked up to see the crater.

All of us with our horses. Cutttee!

All of us with our horses. Cutttee!

We went back to Surabaya after that and hung out for a while, nothing was special because in my opinion, Surabaya is just like any other big city in Indonesia. Great food, traffic jam, overcrowded malls and hipster cafe.

13th September 2015

My flight was very early in the morning. Thankfully all of us could wake up on time and we rushed to the airport to meet Tannia! You remember I said she saw the wrong date? She arrived on the day we supposed to leave. But we didn’t wanna miss a chance to finally get back together in a complete set, so here we are!
Back together again!

Back together again!

A short trip to Bromo. A sweet and beautiful one. Added to my list of amazing things in my life. Looking forward to more amazing things to come!
Photo 12-9-15 6 37 23 am
P.S. I have a great news. Super great news. But it’s too early to tell. I will tell later when it’s time! Kyaa~~!
May, always happy.

Kepada Pak Jokowi.

Kepada Pak Jokowi yang saya kagumi,

Persilahkan saya memperkenalkan diri saya. Saya salah satu anak bangsa yang tidak cukup memiliki adat ke-Indonesiaan, oleh karena itu saya tersingkir oleh seleksi alam dan memgembara ke negara tetangga.
Kami biasa disebut tidak nasionalis dan diremehkan sebagai setengah warga negara Indonesia atau traitor.
Hingga detik ini setiap kali saya berpergian ke negara-negara barat dan bertemu dengan para pelancong dari negara barat, mereka selalu berkomentar sama mengenai Indonesia, “your country is beautiful and the people are friendly.”
Benarkah begitu? Jika iya, mengapa banyak sekali yang pergi?
Saya melanggar banyak sekali adat ketimuran atau ke-Indonesiaan. Saya memilih tinggal di negara yang memberikan saya kebebasan individual. Saya tidak mau dikukung oleh norma yang hipokrit dan ditahan oleh hukum-hukum tidak masuk akal sehat saya.
Pak Jokowi adalah penggemar musik metal, yang dulunya dianggap musik non-Indonesia, dan kita tau betapa orang Indonesia sangat anti menjadi non-Indonesia atau antek asing. Segala yang asing asing itu pasti jahat dan salah, ironis sekali karena konsumerisme akan barang asing justru sangat tinggi, dan kelakuan “konsumerisme” ini sendiri datangnya dari negara barat. Ironis? Atau munafik?
Saya percaya Pak Jokowi tidak anti asing, namun bukan berarti Pak Jokowi akan mengendurkan sovereignity negara kita.
Saya percaya Pak Jokowi mencari teman untuk membantu bangsa kita berkembang, bukan menjual jiwa bangsa kita ke mereka.
Kami, orang-orang Indonesia yang tinggal di negara lain, seringkali dianggap tidak peduli pada negara sendiri. Kami tidak menyalahkan mereka karena kami memang pergi meninggalkan Indonesia. Namun, apakah sungguh kami tidak peduli?
Kami ikut mengawal pilpres kemarin, ikut berpartisipasi menyuarakan aspirasi kami, padahal siapapun presiden nya dan siapapun yang menduduki kursi DPR, tidak akan merubah hidup kami disini. Semua demi apa? Demi bapak menang kah? Sesungguhnya bukan pak… Itu semua demi Indonesia yang lebih baik. Hanya saja kami punya keyakinan kalau bapak bisa membuat Indonesia menjadi lebih baik, oleh karena itu kami memilih bapak. “Faith can move the mountains.” Sungguh kuat keyakinan kami. Bapak menang 80% disini, Pak. :)
Sebagian dari hati kami masih ada di Indonesia, Pak. Suatu saat saya tentu ingin kembali menetap di tanah air sendiri, menua dan menutup mata saya disana. Tanah air adalah suatu hal yang tak mungkin bisa direbut atau diubah dari individu seseorang. Itu bagian dari identity.

Bapak sudah resmi terpilih menjadi Presiden ketujuh Indonesia. Mari kita jalankan revolusi mental yang bapak ide-kan itu.
Ubah mindset orang Indonesia yang suka menghakimi orang seenaknya.
Hapus pengkotak-kotak-an agama dan ras. Tolong mulai dari hapus kolom agama di KTP, Pak!
Biarkan kami percaya kembali kepada pemerintah, mencari perlindungan dan welfare dari pemerintah, bukannya takut kepada pemerintah yang seperti lintah darat selalu menyedot uang rakyat.
Bebaskan setiap individu untuk menjadi apapun yang mereka mau. Jangan kucilkan orang-orang dengan AIDS, komunitas LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), dan para mantan pecandu narkoba. Mereka semua memiliki strugglenya masing-masing dan pemerintah tidak seharusnya menambah masalah mereka. Berikan hak yang sama rata kepada seluruh rakyak Indonesia, tanpa memandang label-label diatas.
Dukung para petani dan para peternak untuk Indonesia dapat kembali ber-swasembada pangan, saya yakin ini sudah ada di list nomor satu bapak. Saya percaya bapak bisa menyejahterakan rakyat kecil. :)
Tolong juga beri perhatian kepada para TKW yang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah tangga di negara asing, Pak. Mereka sangat butuh perlindungan negara.
Jangan lupa juga revolusi mental untuk mencintai hewan sama seperti mencintai manusia. Mengutip kata-kata dari Mahatma Gandhi,

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

Saya ingat bapak pernah melakukan razia topeng monyet di Solo dan membebaskan monyet-monyet. Hanya Bapak satu-satunya politisi Indonesia yang begitu peduli dengan animal welfare dan saya menaruh harapan besar kepada Bapak. Semoga bapak suatu saat dapat membebaskan lumba-lumba yang ditawan di Ancol. Ingat, ini bagian dari revolusi mental kan, Pak? :)

Saya juga senang sekali ketika Bapak memilih Pak Jusuf Kalla sebagai wakil presiden. Bapak mengumumkan kabar bahagia itu tepat di hari ulang tahun saya. Benar-benar kado yang luar biasa untuk saya. Saya yakin Pak JK memiliki visi dan misi yang sama dengan Bapak. Apa yang Pak JK lakukan untuk Makassar sungguh luar biasa dan pribadi Pak JK yang humble dan apa adanya mengkoplimen Bapak sebagai tim yang solid dan saya optimis bisa me-revolusi mental bangsa ini.

Saya tidak akan mengulang-ulang lagi hal yang pastinya sudah sering Bapak dengar. Saya hanya ingin menyemangati Pak Jokowi untuk memulai perjalanan lima tahun kedepan yang pastinya penuh rintangan, melelahkan, namun saya harap dapat Bapak jalani dengan senyum optimis dan pikiran positif.
Kami, anak anak Ibu pertiwi yang jauh disini, akan selalu memberi doa untuk Indonesia. Kami mungkin jauh, tapi dekat di hati. :)

Terima kasih Pak Jokowi, yang secara tak langsung telah mempersatukan bangsa Indonesia dan telah memberi harapan baru kepada kami. Satu harapan cukup untuk membangkitkan semangat juang kami yang sudah lama tidur. Kami akan berjuang bersama Bapak.

Selamat bekerja, Pak Jokowi, presidenku. Selamat jalankan amanah.

Dengan hormat,
Meitriyana, si anak bangsa yang hobi mengembara.

#30daysblogging Where to, next?

Day 13

Post is an idea from El Tandiono

After the amazing-tiring-moneysucking Europe Trip, Bandi and I had been some kind of travel immunity movement… We tried to ignore all the emails from airlines flashing about their promo prices, until… we couldn’t handle it anymore. LOL. We got a very very good price for only $200+ (I didn’t remember how much exactly) per person to explore Darwin, Australia. And we impulsively bought it. It’s for next August. Come to think of it, we didn’t really know what to explore in Darwin, we didn’t know whether we would have the approved leave, the time to apply visa and the money by then, but we did buy it anyway. LOLOL. So let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Our  next ambition is actually to resign and backpack across Indonesia. We planned it for 30days but if we ever had the guts to quit our jobs, we probably would do it for 2 months. But well, we have house mortgages and everything, we don’t know if we’re really gonna do it. :p

Remember this plan?

Remember this plan?

I’ve always had this imagination in my mind that someday we’re gonna do it. Now it’s just either we have the guts or not.

If we really couldn’t leave our responsibilities for that long, maybe we’re gonna shift to plan B: which is take different short trips for different destination. But honestly I like the long trip better. I love to be on the run, to be constantly moving everyday. It’s tiring, but it’s ADVENTUROUSLY AMAZING. :)

But it’s still a dream now. I hope it’s coming to be true one day. :) But for this year, we’ll just settle for a week at Darwin. (oh, and a possible honeymoon :))

What’s your travel plan for 2014? I hope it’s exciting!


May, si kaki gatal.


This is a personal post. Please respect any of my point of view and I’m not asking for anyone’s advise or critics. It’s just one of my personal writing when I wanted to talk and not listen back.

Today is a good Friday, known as the most important day for Catholics. (Yep, not, Christmas, but Easter day.) I have spent 18 years of my life studying Catholics, got myself mostly A for the Catholic subjects on my Catholic school. I grew up with my Catholic dad, knowing that I was born Buddhist but never even once did he try to push me to become Catholic.

I grew up in a mixed religion belief society. My neighbor came from Padang, she’s a moslem and my mom used to ask for her help to look out for me whenever I was alone at home. Sometimes I went to her house and ate the best rendang I had ever tasted in my life. It was the first time in my life seeing someone did Shalat. My sister is a Christian and my mom has a very strong (a little extreme) Buddhist belief. I think I was pretty open with religion and decided not to choose any of them first.

However I got more and more comfortable with the religion I was born with. I grew up to be a logical person and found that my religion made sense so since I was in high school, I started to chant and until now, I’m pretty set for my faith.

I always belief that faith doesn’t have to do anything with religion, but since I’m Indonesian, religion took a very important part of everyone’s life. (Hey, ini ada di sila pertama pancasila kita, how obvious is that?) I wanted my future kids to have religion too, but even though they don’t want to choose any of them, I’ll try to be okay. Then I met Bandi and he was born Buddhist too but he, too, got his freedom to choose and he converted to Catholic when he was in junior high school. He told me that nobody came on his baptism day (and I almost shed a tear writing this). It’s not that his family didn’t support him at all. His mom began to understand and eventually supported him to choose any religion he believed in.

We knew we had different religion when we started going out and not that it didn’t matter at all, it was just not a very important thing for us on that time. We thought that different religions won’t cause any bad things. (we still do, FYI).

So on his Chrismation day, I had a very important (international related) UN meetings (because I studied international politics) so I was really sure I couldn’t make it to the church. He had been taking a Chrismation course for that to finally happen and I didn’t want him to be alone again, like in his baptism day. I blew off the last minutes of the assembly and went straight to the church (still wearing suits and heels!), seeing him being chrismated. And I gave him a handmade Rosario with his name and my name on it. =)

He then admitted to me that he had always wanted a catholic girlfriend, and of course future catholic wife with catholic kids. But having a Buddhist girlfriend who would made him a Rosario was kinda cool too, so he settled for that.

Since then, I told him I would go with him to the church every Christmas day and Easter day. And he went to my Buddhist discussion meeting once in a while to get to know what my belief is about. One of my colleague raised eyebrows hearing this but I told her it’s working, well at least for Bandi and me. It’s been seven years and it’s been going pretty well and I don’t plan to do any changes anytime soon.

So yesterday morning on the Holy Thursday, I was texting with my bestfriend, Strawberry (I talked about her quite a lot) and she told me she was going to the chruch that night with someone else, not her boyfriend. I told her I could read the sadness. Her position is the same as me. She’s a Catholic with a Buddhist boyfriend. Then it hit me, since when we tried to label people, whether my boyfriend is Catholic, and your boyfriend is not or my other bestfriend’s boyfriend is Moslem and blah blah blah.

Why do we make a big deal about this? We used to never label people!

“Because on this age, we’re planning a family,” she said. “That is why Avocado is converting her religion.”

(Avocado is my other best friend. We used to alwaaayyys hang out together. Here is a pic of us for a refreshment. LOL)

Three of us

Of course I thought about having a family and how religion must be one of the important part of it, but I don’t know it would be this serious. I used to think Indonesian made too big a deal about religion, such as PACARAN BEDA AGAMA and the fact that you can’t marry unless you two have the same religion. I do still think it’s not right too, but… I love how Indonesian people have faith.

Since living here, I realize something missing from this country, and from Malaysians as well, which is a religion. They don’t have religion. I’m not against Atheist people, but it’s always nice to have one last place to run to, and that is your god, no matter how you call it. Whether you call it Jesus, Nabi Muhammad, Buddha, or Khrisna, it’s nice to have ‘someone’ to talk to. The kind of relationship that’s only understood by the two of you and no one, NO ONE can interfere. So if you really need to be cut off from religion, please at least be agnostic. Having a faith is kinda awesome.

I probably had a little disappointment when Avocado converted her religion ‘just’ because she was getting married. I always argued with her about it but in the end, she was still converting. However now, I can’t see it plainly black or white anymore. Converting religion is just another choices that people must take and again, it’s not us to judge. If they think it’s right, then it probably is for them.

So, do I want to have a one religion family? Well I don’t know. I know it would easier of course but don’t you think meeting a very strong minded Catholic guy has a reason? So that my kids would see a beauty of differences and having different opinion or perception are not wrong. So that my kids could adopt the logical Buddhist value and also receive gifts at Christmas? Would I confuse my kids, like almost everyone said to me when I told them about my vision? No. Because my kid will be one hell of a smart kid! If a kid couldn’t handle the differences between his/her mom and dad, don’t you dare expect him/her to be a president.

Well, I’m glad I talked to Strawberry the other morning. She got me thinking that it is perfectly right for me to have a Catholic boyfriend and future Catholic husband. I remember my mom insisted that Bandi should convert back to Buddhist and I told her that’s not gonna happen and she said, look how me and your Dad turned out to be.

Well I’m not gonna be like you and Dad.

And I personally think even if my dad was a Buddhist, it will never work either. And I will NEVER throw away what I have with Bandi now just because he doesn’t believe in the same god as me. I met him for a reason and I know we can do this. We’re gonna turn this differences to be a beauty that even my mom couldn’t see, hopefully would be understood by my future kids.

I told Strawberry I know how going to church together and pray together with a spouse is very important in a marriage life, but I’m going to risk it. Just like what I did all of my life, I always took chances. This is a chance I’m willing to take. I will do whatever it takes to make it work. I’m going to the church on Christmas and Easter and he will accompany me praying on Vesak Day and he would strengthen my faith for acquiring the scroll by reminding me to chant every single day. If Bandi and me believe in it, then I don’t see why this is not going to work.

I hope my Strawberry finds her answer very soon and I really hope that she could find the differences as beautiful as I see it. If god created us with such a creativity, I don’t understand why differences would harm us. As long as we love each other and we don’t hurt anyone else, I’m gonna keep it my way.

But however, it’s just me doing my way. It doesn’t mean other people doing their ways aren’t right. There are always million way of perceiving things and it’s time for your own conscience to make the decision.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Believe nothing

For those who celebrate it, Happy Good Friday! =)


May, without gimmick.

Indepedence and interdependence

I thought to write this post in Bahasa since this post meant to show the internet world my patriotism, but then again, speaking bahasa doesn’t reflect your patriotism nor nationalism.
Today is Indonesia’s 67th anniversary of celebrating our independence day from hundreds of years being colonized by the Netherlands.
When I was in primary school, I always loved Indepedence day celebration. Competing in Balap karung, participating in Makan kerupuk and never missed watching Panggung gembira in the field just outside my house.
Society really took Independence day happilly, joyfully, like we just won the war the day before.
After I graduated from school, I stopped bothering the independence day’s celebration. I did’t sure why, but it was true that people were starting to be more indiviualistic and they didn’t celebrate with strangers anymore.
I seldom watched the Panjat pinang game anymore.
Now I’ve been living in Singapore for two years, and having to work on your own independence day sucks big time. Like today is not a special day at all.
And out of the blue, I feel very patriotic today. Not because of the red and white outfit I wear, or the patriotic shoutout on my facebook, but because no matter how far and how long you go from Indonesia, you always have this feeling to come back home. home, where I belong…
Where there are a lot of things to be missed.
And even though I know Indonesia is sooooo far from being a developed country, with all the social issues and so much poverty, you can never live with agony, it will eventually bothers you.
But it was a land where I was born. And certainly a land where I will die at.
With a big possibility of giving birth to my future kids and even raising my kids out of Indonesia, I questioned myself whether I really am loving my country.
If I love Indonesia so much, why did I left in the first place?
The answer(s) for that question could make this post extremely long and would finish up my free quota from wordpress (to be exagerrating).
I will compare my feeling to my country with a feeling to my family. I love my mom, no doubts. But will I be able to live with her? No way.
Get it?
The only city that could make me producing money is Jakarta, and ironically the only place I can’t stand to stay.
Reason number 2: Traveling aroun and living abroad makes you love your country even more. That’s freaking right! You will find out that other countries are not as rich as your country, not as big, not as beautiful and of course not as friendly.
You will nver find a warmth of Sundanese family anywhere else in the world, will never find a great taste of Indonesian chinese food, never will find a breathtaking temples such as Borobudur or marine lives as diverse as ours.
You always thought other countries are better until you really live there and realize we HAVE everything in our home. :)
I love Indonesia. No doubt.
I will come back home someday, when my children are grown up and go their own ways, and when I’m able to purchase one small house in Gili islands. :)
I depend my life to this country. This amazing country that so many people swear at. Just like I to my family, with my country, I have this interdependence relationship that nobody could understand, thus make it more special as if I’m the only one who has it. I love Indonesia and I know Indonesia loves me.
I don’t wanna ruin this lovey dovey post talking about our politics cause I spent 4 years of my university life making assumptions and idealist solutions. I can only pray and believe. But seeing our generation’s big love to Indonesia, I don’t doubt a thing that everything will be better. We are a big country. We had so much history. All the heros and heroines didn’t die for nothing. I know Ibu kartini is proud and Jendral Sudirman is probably smiling widely.
We are a big nation. One nation. The idealogy that has been carried hundred years ago, will always be with us. We are one nation, regardless race, religion and political views.
That’s what I love Indonesia the most.

Merdeka selalu!

P.s. Sorry if this post is poorly edited since it’s written on the mrt. :)

P.p.s. I’ll write my favorite national song here:
Indonesia, tanah air beta
Pusaka, abadi nan jaya
Indonesia, sejak dulu kala
S’lalu dipuja-puja bangsa

Disana tempat lahir beta
Dibuai, dibesarkan bunda
Tempat berlindung di hari tua
Sampai akhir menutup mata

I hope this translation could express how this song really gets inside me.
Indonesia, my nation/land
Treasury, eternal and great
Indonesia, since forever
Always been praised by all nations
There, I was born
Being cared, raised by mother
My shelter (to rest) in older days
Until the end I close my eyes.