#30daysblogging I’m rich bitch!

Day 5

Post is an idea from Yeklin.

The topic is not the genius one, but soooooooo much fun to do! I believe everyone has at least once thought about this…

“What would you do if you strike a lottery for 100 million dollar?”

Well… Well… Well…. Even daydreaming about this already feels so fun!

First of all, I will say to everyone,

And then I will go to Resort World Sentosa and met the CEO of the Dolphin Lagoon. I will pay whatever amount they asked to release the dolphins back to the ocean. And I will soooo gonna do this to them,


I will give half of the money to animal welfare charity to make sure they were releasing the other dolphins from other countries too. I also will give some to my parents so they could finally live in separated house so they won’t kill each other anymore. LOL

Then after doing my moral job for giving to charity, I could do all the selfish stuff, which are…

1. Throwing money from the air balloon.

Yes, literally. I want to go into an air balloon, and if the queue was so long, I might as well just bought the air balloon (LOL) and the I will throw out one or two sacks of 10 dollars bill into the air! It sounds so muuuuch fun, riiight?!!!

2. Buying all the shoes from Chie Mihara

Because now I can afford them all! Mwahahahahaha!

3. Go somewhere in USA to watch Bon Jovi concert!!! (with Bandi of course)

No I will not hire him privately because watching rock concert would be MUCH more fun with people screaming random things around. =D

And then I will buy 10 different condominium units in Singapore and rent them out so I would get around $50,000 per month. I will buy google shares as well! After I spent for investment, here’s the fun part…

The rest of the money would be spent for lifetime travelling.

Yes, you heard it right. I want to go for a lifetime travelling. Well, if you asked me now, I would say lifetime lah… But maybe after 20 years of conquering the world with Bandi, we would get tired and finally settle down in….


Um, maybe not Paris, because it’s too crowded. Maybe I’ll prefer Cinque Terre or Rheims. Oh wow… good life. =)

I would just read books and drink coffee everyday. And we would open champagne every single day even though we don’t have anything to celebrate at all.

Huh? champagne is expensive?


I would probably open a small florist and a bakery and a cafe. Bandi would be the baker and I would be the barista and we’re gonna rock! Hahahaha!

Well yeah, my daydream about money is not that weird actually. I wouldn’t buy giraffe to put on my house or having a surgery like placing wings on my back or replace all my teeth with diamonds. No, I’m not that quirky.

I’m actually pretty normal for this one. Hahahah.

So, what would you do, people?


May, imaginary billionaire