You got my body shakin!


I know I do!

Yang cinta boyband, ngacuuuunggg!!!!! Mana suaranyaaaaaaa?!!!! *heboh sendiri*

So, last weekend a friend of mine posted The Big Reunion link on Path and thank god she did! Because then I spent the whole Sunday watching 9 episodes of The Big Reunion and the final concert!

The Big Reunion is the reality show with a mission of getting back the old boybands/girlbands together from their (mostly rough) split.

There are six reunited bands which are: 911 (my favorite!), 5ive, B*witched, Liberty X, Honeyz and Atomic Kitten.

I was a HUGE fan of 911 back then when I was a teenager. Lee Brennan’s face was all over my bedroom wall and I knew all 911’s lyrics by heart. When 911 sang Bodyshakin’ on the reunion concert, I still could sing it (almost) perfectly even the rap lines!

if you’re a huge fan of 90’s era like me, YOU REALLY SHOULD WATCH THE WHOLE REUNION STORY.

I post it here the one part of their finale episode when they finally do the concert. (You can see the other parts in youtube)

I spent like 10 hours watching the whole story and I shed a tear few times. I was sad because most of them had to go through post-popstar syndrome which is a mental breakdown of feeling lost, feeling life is meaningless and fame could make them lost their true identity.

Sean from 5ive had it first, and then Scott and they called it quit. The band was separated in 2000 and they all parted to different ways. Scott thankfully managed to put all the pieces back together, married the love of his life and had two beautiful sons. Richie had to move to Australia to start fresh so nobody won’t recognize him. Sean was lost for a while, and Abs hit the rock bottom. He was partying hard everyday, on crack and lost so many years of his life, and then went bankrupt… until he met a girl and started to renew his life. Now he’s living in a farm with 5 chickens, two horses and his ‘green thumb’. =)

911 was separated badly too. Lee couldn’t take the fame anymore and called it quit while Jim was furious with the decision. He never really talked until that day, they were being reunited and filmed!!! You guys must watch this show, seriously!

Lee, sadly, was separated from his wife Lindsay (from B*witched) last year, so being in the reunion rehearsal and everything kinda put a lot of tension on them. And I cried once when Lee had a talk with Lindsay and OMG he realllyyyy still loves his wife. :”(

Ok, I blabber a lot. The bottom line is, if you love the 90’s bands, especially British bands, this is a show for you!

Yesterday Bandi and I spent hours of singing our heart out with the 90’s songs like 5ive, 911 and boyzone and then accidentally went to local boyband like Co-Boy, Trio Libels and Cool Colors. remember? Hahahahaha! It was so FUN doing it! Ah…. reminiscing the good old times.

When we sang 911 songs, Bandi asked me, “Geez. You still remember all the lyrics. Didn’t you have life back then?”

I answered, “I was ¬†TRUE MTV generation, Bandi. I watched it WHOLE DAY. I knew all the video clip, got the lyrics from Kawanku or Gadis magazines (because we didn’t have internet back then) and then learned my English from the lyrics. Dictionary was still a book (not the electronic one) and I had to flip one by one to finally understand the song. Yes, that was how I learn my English, through song.

Whenever there was 911 video clips, my cousin Renny would call me (on the landline phone) just to tell me to switch on the TV. So epic! Hahaha

When Bandi played this Video:

I was “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”-ing like a teenager again. Geez IT FELT SO GOOD!!!! I remember I even knew all the dancing of Westlife videos back then. I used to do the dancing with all my friends.

Today, my spotify has been working very hard playing all the 90’s songs and I feel that today I feel more elevated. I don’t mean to be so picky but I have never feel connected to the music anymore since the 90’s era. Sure I love Taylor Swift’s songs but nothing can bring the good feeling like the old songs. Or maybe it’s the feelings I had back then that’s being brought back to life. You know how songs could revive your old feelings, right? =)

God, I had a great teenage life. So simple, so pure, so youthful.

How’s your teenage life?

P.S. Hey Bandi, if you read this, let’s do that again tonight! This time with the bodyshakin’ dancing! XD

P.P.S. However growing up I started to love rock music more and for every “what’s your favorite band?” question I would answer undoubtly DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL! And yeah I’ve watched Dashboard concerts three times and even met Chris Carrabba in person! ;)


May, not shameful of her boyband obsession.