Being honest

I am not those people who tells you opinion you wanted to hear. Sometimes, I didn’t give opinions at all simply because I might not know you very well and you will be mistakenly accusing me for being rude.

I am just honest. I speak the truth. I don’t like telling people what they want to hear. I like telling people the truth. But it turns out not everyone is a fan of truth.

I am okay with that. At least I have true friends who are okay with me telling the truth. Sometimes the truth is ugly and it’s sickening. Sometimes it’s so ugly that it stops time for a while. But again, I’d rather tell it now than wasting time with you denying it.

I believe on white lies. I’d do them to protect people I care about. I believe it is also honesty to really understand my motive to lie. Some would be honest, some would just live in denial. Denial is another form of being dishonest, worse it is to yourself. I will be truthful of the reason why I do the white lies. Nobody will ever know why, but I, myself, do. That’s enough.

I am not those people who plays tricks on people. I don’t find it intriguing, I find it tiring. I had enough lies and intrigues on my TV series, I don’t want them on my real life. Sometimes people thinks I’m stupid for that, and I’m not supposed to be honest to everyone. Well, I better be an honest idiot than a smart liar.

I don’t like keeping secrets. I tell everything to my close friends and if they decided to betray my faith on them, then it’s their lost. I’m fine for losing friend who betrays. There’s no need to cry over betrayal. And of course, there’s no need to cry over a friend who betrays.

I would tell stranger that I don’t have a happy family and that is fine. Why do you have to be so uncomfortable with the truth? I had a happy childhood though and if I am okay with that, you must be too.

I’m not embarrassed for the things I did in the past. I was just living my life, sometimes too much, sometimes too loud and sometimes too insane. But I was just being human, and human makes mistakes. I am not proud of them too though but there’s no need for keeping them as secrets.

I am me, bare-naked and true. No gimmicks or terms and conditions. I do what I think it’s right and I am comfortable with that. If you don’t, then it’s your problem, not mine.

I am open to millions of opportunities and I will take chances. I will always take chances. My life now is because I took chances. I failed couple of times but who doesn’t? In the end, you will only laugh on the failures and remember the lessons you got from it.

Be honest to your friends, your family, but most importantly be honest to yourself.

Don’t be scared. From what I know, there will never be going wrong with being honest.

Your life is only once, be honest.

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.