We live in a world where good people exist.

Today I complained a lot because it was raining cat and dog. I drove my scooter to the other part of Jakarta and my jeans were soaking wet. I also left home with a frown upon my face.

But universe is so kind to me. I got a very good lesson today.

After 3 hours teaching and a pep talk about resigning, I was ready to go home. It was still rained a little, my jeans were dried already though. Some cars splashed the puddle on me, I got used to it anyway. Just only 500 meters driving, I got a flat tire. It’s not the first time, so I was ok. I was driving my scooter really slow and asked fellow people about the nearest workshop. An old man told me it was only couple of meters away.

He was right. I parked my scooter and let the mechanic examined my scooter’s tire. A middle aged man sat beside me. His motorcycle was dead because some cars splased the puddle and the water got into the engine.

In Jakarta, when the rain was heavy, the puddle could be very deep and when a car went through it, the puddle could splash all over the motorcycles around them. I think it’s really inhuman. Well, I made a promise to myself, when I could finally buy my own car, I’ll always remember this. :)

We had a good talk and it turned out we live in the same neighborhood. The mechanic told me I had to change the entire inner tube because it was broken after multiple patches. I panicked a little coz I didn’t bring so much money today. I only prepared for gas, about 20.000 IDR (2$) and some small bills of 5.000. The tube cost me 30.000 IDR (3$) and the man beside me offered to help. He’d pay the rest of it.

I thanked him million times and he said, “It’s god’s help working through me.”And I replied, “may your god bless you.”

We were stranger, we might believe in different gods, but humanity doesn’t care any of those thing. It feels good to be helped and a lot better to help.

That man didn’t just give me 5.000. That man gave me back my belief and gratefulness I’ve lost in these last 2 weeks.

I am lucky.

Why? If you’re lucky , you didn’t get flat tire at all! I am lucky because I left home with frown and came back with a thankful smile. If it didn’t happen, I might still have that silly frown by now. There’s nothing better than being grateful.

I forgot that I live in the world where good people exist. The universe reminded me today. Now we don’t have to worry anything anymore. We’re all gonna be just fine.

Because… We live in the world where good people exist. So don’t worry! :)May