Three giveaway winners announced!

New year is near! Have you thought about your 2015 goal? I know I have.

Some people call it resolution, but I think the resolution word has been overused this past decade, so I prefer to call it goal. :)

Goals are what keep us going. I feel that life without goals are meaningless. So, take some time to draw your goal in your mind and plan the steps to reach it!!!

To jump-start the new year festivities, here are the 3 winners of Rp. 100.000 Zalora vouchers!

1. Dina

Entah kenapa kalo give-away, ni anak menang melulu, tapi ini bukan karena gue favoritism yah… Soalnya Dina kasih tiga links dress dari Zalora dan lucu2! jadi menginspirasi gue buat belanja jugaaa! Hahaha

2. Rinta Dita

Soalnya rindit bilang doi mau beli Jaket League, produk Indonesia yang berkualitas gitu. Gue jadi penasaran dan nge-google produk ini. Ternyata League ini salah satu sponsor nya tim -tim bola di Indo loh! Gue dukut Rindit untuk beli produk Indonesia!

3. Melissa

Alasannya untuk beli clutch cukup meyakinkan gue, dan juga supaya dia kejerat virus Zalora kayak kita2. Hahaha.


I will email you guys separately and give you the online voucher! Happy shopping!


May, enjoying festivities.

Year-end giveaway! Another reason to be Jolly!

Original post: 15 Dec

Updated: 18 Dec

The LAST 48 HOURS to win Shopping Voucher for Zalora!! Year end giveaway! Woot woot!

Tiiis… the season to be jolly~~~ Lalala lalaaa~~~ lalaaa~~ lalaaa~~ I’m not talking merely about Christmas, but New Year too!!! I’m such a sucker for year-end festivity, I make so many excuses for year end. “It’s year end, I can eat whatever I want” *chomping potato chips* “It’s year end, it’s not a good time for exercising!” *chomping perkedel* And then when my waist line grows and some of my dresses couldn’t fit anymore, I made another excuse, “I need to buy new dress!” HAHAHAHA! First of all, let me show off my current favorite racerback dress from Zalora. I purchased this for New year’s party. I love the back design and the flare. (Psst! Because I have such a big butt, I always go for the flare dress.) :D

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Among the other online shops, gue pasti bakal ngacir ke Zalora duluan kalo lagi butuh cari baju dengan theme tertentu. Misalnya untul all-black party, terus karena excuse gue diatas, gue bakal bilang ke Bandi, “I need a new dress!” so gue langsung ngacir ke Zalora. Dan yang paling oke lagi, nyampe nya cepet bo! Dua hari kemudian ada yang ngebel rumah. Sialnya gue, yang buka pintu si Bandi… Yah… Ketauan deh. XD Yang amazing nya lagi, gue bisa return bajunya kalo gue gak suka atau ukurannya gak bener! :D Biasalah kalo belanja on-line permasalahannya pasti di ukuran kannnn! And since Zalora carries their own tags, their price goes even cheaper! :D And our looks have to be as good as our brain, ladies!!! So I will promote my favorite online bookstore, which is bookdepository! Ini online shop udah jadi andalan gue sejak dahulu kala deh! Sejak ada Bookdepository, gue kagak pernah lagi beli buku di took biasa. Selain karena harganya miring, bookstore favorit gue ini menyediakan free shipping worldwide! YOI Banget kan! Photo 12-12-14 2 32 44 pm So yeah, these are 2 online shops that I really really love. Personally, when I’m satisfied with a service, gue akan berkicau ke seluruh penjuru dunia dan gue bakal jadi pelanggan setia. :) And because this is a season of giving, I will give away some shopping vouchers to shop in my favorite online shop, Zalora! Hip Hip Horray!

The prize is…

Voucher belanja ke Zalora Indonesia! There will be 3 winners who will get… Voucher Belanja di Zalora @ Rp.100.000,- Lumayan banget kan buat belanja baju baru. Yeehaw!

How to win the voucher?

For blogger: Simply put comment below sharing with me about your online-shop experience with Zalora (if there’s any) or share about what you will buy from Zalora Indonesia kalo lo dapetin kortingan 100 ribu ini! Jangan lupa mention nama dan link ke blog kamu yaaaa! :) For instagrammer: Follow my instagram @jaunemai and comment on this photo I posted a couple of minutes ago:



Please regram this photo and you can say whatever you want. You can tell me what dress you want to buy for new year etc etc… Please also comment on the photo jadi gue bisa tau siapa aja yg nge-regram fotonya. :) This giveaway is only for those residing in Indonesia. Soalnya vouchernya diperuntukan Zalora Indonesia.

When is the deadline?

I will close the giveaway on Saturday, 20 December, 9 pm (Jakarta Time). I will select:

  1. One person who has the best story sharing about Zalora (if there is any)
  2. One person who has the quirkiest dress choice (from instagram comment or blog comment)
  3. One person will be chosen randomly by number

Masing-masing akan menerima voucher Rp.100.000,- dari Zalora Indonesia! Voucher ini akan expired tanggal 31 January 2015, jadi buruan belanja buat new year yahhhh! :) P.S. If this giveaway is a huge success, I will do another giveaway for the books! :D Cheers, May, feeling festive!

30 days blogging GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway comments are closed! =) Thank you!

Yep yep, I put the “giveaway” word in capital because this is a giveaway post! Woot!!!

Let me splurge you with the giveaway present first. The present is…


Notice that (*) over there? That’s a “terms and conditions” star! Hahaha!

Basically you can buy anything online with a price range up to US$20 maximum (including the shipping fee). You just send me the online shop links and I will transfer the money to the OL shop or pay it online if it’s from Amazon/ebay/bookdepository/qoo10.

Or if you live in Indonesia/Singapore and you prefer to have them cash, I would offer the cash equivalent with Rp. 200,000.-/S$20 (fund transferred by Bank)

Fun, right?

What you have to do is just helping me creating a 30 days blogging challenge topic for the month of March.

Here’s step by step of how to participate for the giveaway!

  1. Give me a topic for a blog post via comments. The topic can be anything but boring! Don’t give me a boring topic, ok?! The more you give the more you have the chance to win. But don’t give 30 topics lah! Xp
  2. Write your blog address if you want me to put your blog address on the proposed post. =)
  3. Browse online shops for the things you want to purchase. LOL

So simple right?

Now, let me tell you how I decide the winner…

  1. On 1st March I will announce 30 topics and from whom do I get it from. If the topics are less than 30 then I will skip some days during the month of March. If the topics are more than 30 then I will have to eliminate the topics that aren’t so fun for me.
  2. After the 30 days challenge on March (2-31 march 2014), I will decide the winner based on how many hits the post get! I will count the hits maximum 5 days after the 30 days challenge ends. So make sure you share the blog link on the day I post your idea and make sure your idea is so interesting. =)
  3. The winner of the highest hit of the posts during 30 days blogging will be contacted by me on the first week of April.

I hope this 30 days challenge will push me to write often! Kyaaa~~~ Now I’m excited!!!

Comments are opened until 1st March 10 am Spore time.

Good luck!


May, needing ideas.

#BayEuropeAdventure Giveaway

Fed up with my Europe posts? Don’t! Because this one is good news for you! Especially those who loves postcards!

As I mentioned before, I would love to share this beautiful moments with everyone. I’ve been thinking so many ways how to do it. I wish Doraemon was real so I could borrow his magic flashlight and turned you all into tiny people then put you all in my backpack (in alphabetical order of course–OCD ahem OCD)  but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. Then I wish my wedding was held in Santorini so you all could be invited as guests and there was a good excuse to bring everyone to Santorini, but again, it costed a lot of money (DUH).

Sooo……. I got this idea.

Photo 8-10-13 8 57 15 am

I will stay in Riomaggiore, one of the five awesome villages called Cinque Terre (Please do google the images), for two days and what I will do is slacking around. I think I will have free time to browse for postcards, find a local post office and send them to you. I hope you never got postcards from Cinque Terre before so this is going to be very VERY cool! The postcards will be sent from Italy of course to make it even cooler!

What do you have to do to receive an authentic postcard from Cinque Terre?

You have to send me syomai when I’m in Italy.


All you have to do is:

  1. Follow my instagram @jaunemai
  2. Post a creative photo about my Europe Adventure at your instagram account, tag my instagram account and post hashtag #BayEuropeAdventure mentioning your advice/jokes/wishes/excitements, anything really for my Europe adventure. Don’t forget the hashtag and promote that Dreams do come true!

or… (if you don’t have instagram)

Send me syomai when I’m in Italy.

This time I’m serious. No, I’m joking again.

Create one lah! :p

Ok ok, if you don’t have instagram:

  • you can create a post about which city you are excited the most from my Europe adventure, or why are you so excited about the adventure. (I know I know it sounds really lame but you must at least fake excited lah…) please link it to my blog and mention to follow my instagram @jaunemai. (Now you get it I’m trying to promote my instagram, right? Xp)

(If you think it’s too lame/too difficult, then create an instagram account lah! LOL)

I don’t think I will have enough time to post anything on wordpress during my adventure, adding the fact that wordpress app for iPhone sucks big time, so I will be only online in instagram (which is linked to my twitter–but I guess nobody tweets anymore hiks) that’s why I use instagram as my primary platform for this big adventure.

What I’m about to say is…

I create this hashtag: #BayEuropeAdventure (yes you read it right, it’s Bay, not May) because I want to filter out my Europe adventure photos and memories of course. And also to remember that Dreams do come true.

I promise I will not only post photos, but also stories. Trust me it would be so real that you will feel like your soul is with me. =) I don’t really use soc-med during the trip so I will be only online at night before I sleep, so I promise I won’t spam your instagram/twitter timeline. :D

And please please don’t comment “jealous” or “envy” on my instagram, I might delete your comments. I don’t like envious people. :p Unless you’re doing it sarcastically then I’m on it. LOL

Additional Info

  1. There will be only 3 postcards sent from Riomaggiore. It’s freaking expensive :( unless the stamps could be cheaper. I hope I could send more but I can’t promise first ok?)
  2. If I couldn’t find any stamps or post offices in Riomaggiore, I will send postcards from Santorini. If I couldn’t find any post offices in Santorini then I will send from Athens airport. I will try my best ok?
  3. Giveaway open for EVERYONE, unless those who live in Europe. (I just feel it’s wise not to open for European residence.) Once you post photo/blog post/tweet or anything (seriously I’m open for anything! Creativity is limitless) just email your full name and address to this email: sanguinesjournal[at]yahoo[dot]com
  4. I will take photos of the postcard to tell who gets them later on!
  5. The giveaway is closed on Sunday, 27th October 2013

How do I decide who wins?

I will decide who wins by this category:

  1. The dreamy one: I will choose one with my heart. I know it sounds bias but I want to send the postcards to those who really are dreamy like me and have the same dream to conquer Europe. =)
  2. The creative one: I will choose one who post the most creative thing! I already told you that creativity has no limit. As long as it’s posted on social media that I can search for, then it’s valid. Be creative!
  3. The chosen one: I will ask Bandi to choose one of his favorite. And I will mention what is her reason later. So be cute! LOL

To end this post, I want to quote what Walt Disney once said,

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Never give up even though universe washed your passport and sent a hurricane to blow up your documents, they were just some pebbles on your long winding road to see the most beautiful sunset in your life. =)


May, preparing the journal.

Yang menang, yang girang, yang kutekan.

Hellooowwww! (pake nada Minion)

Dari 24 jumlah kontestan, cuma 4 orang yang bener.

Pulang sana kalian semua ke rumah masing-masing! Mau jadi apa masa depan dunia ini, nebak tiga cewek rempong aja salah. Ckckck.

Empat orang yang (pastinya) suka baca Sherlock Holmes (atau Komik Conan lah at least) adalah:

*drumroll please*





Gue curiga Dea dan Dina contek2an karena mereka best friend sejak lahir. Hmm… jadi apa kita eliminasi aja mereka?

Dari keempat orang diatas, gue harus mengeliminasi Nancy karena alasannya cuma berdasarkan “feeling aja” atau “kelihatannya”. Nancy, kalo kamu kerja untuk Mas Sherlock, pasti udah dipecat deh. Ini permainan logika, bukan mencari pacar, jangan pake hati dong ah. Cari pacar aja gak boleh pake hati terus loh! (lho kok curhat?) (Kenapa sih Nan, kenapaaaa?! Padahal secara geografis lo paling deket, gue gak mesti bayar kurir. Arrrghhh!)

Habis itu gue juga harus mengeliminasi Dea karena lagi2 cuma berdasarkan “kelihatannya”. Gak boleh de, jadi detektif nggak boleh gak pede. Kalo gak pede mah namanya tukang topeng monyet. (lho?)

Jadilah tersisa dua orang yang harus kuakui, punya daya analisa cukup tinggi.

Renny the independent pre-school teacher, Fenty the shy girl next door, Me the sanguine and Tannia the wild flight attendant.

Renny the independent pre-school teacher, Fenty the shy girl next door, Me the sanguine and Tannia the wild flight attendant.

Jawaban Dina:

A is Renny
Karena pas baca kepribadiannya, gw merasa agak mirip gw, dan tampang-tampang yang cocok dengan kepribadian kayak gw itu adalah tampang si A. *loh*
Eh tapi bener… menurut gw sosok yang berpotensi keliatan messy adalah si A. Lalu…karena ada soal gym freak, liat dari body nya harusnya agak sekel, menurut gw antara A dan C. Tapi si C ini potongan rambutnya ala ala flight attendant, jadinya gw pilih A deh.

B is Fenty
Mukanya rapi, bajunya rapi, gak heran kalo handwriting nya juga rapi. Dan sorot matanya, paling cocok kalo di deskripsikan sebagai girl next door yang rajin belajar, rada lola…. lemah lembut di luar, tapi kuat di dalam. Lalu…body nya bukan tipe gym freak deh kayanya. Kurang sekel. haha.

C is Tannia
Ini tebakan gw yang pertama. Pertama karena potongan rambutnya. Kedua karena make up nya. Make up nya nggak menor sih, tapi terlihat seperti biasa dandan, keliatan dari alisnya yang rapih. Most people nggak terlalu perhatian sama alis soalnya. Biasanya yang perhatian sama alis itu kerjanya di bidang perhotelan, sekretaris, atau ya flight attendant *sotoy*. Terus dari potongan body nya yang keliatannya lumayan seksi atletis, either dia si A yang gym freak atau si C yang hobi diving.

Jawaban Wu:

A: Renny – you mentioned she’s your cousin. Amongst three ladies her face resembles yours the most. Also, she seems to tan pretty well, the same as you (and I mean it as a compliment! I would kill for a gorgeous tan like that, girl). And she appears to have some type of fit build to her – the sign of someone who works out regularly. Her body language and demeanor, at least to me, say “strong and independent”.

B: Fenty – She has a shy, reserved smile amongst all four of you. She wears a floral printed top – a safe choice for people with reserved personality, preferring not to “stand out in the crowd”.

C: Tannia – You mentioned she used to have lion hair. Her hair looks very sleek and well kept, the sign of someone who takes extra time and care to make sure her hair looks just the way she wants it to be. (And a natural demand of her flight attendant profession, of course). Outgoing smile, sassy demeanor – all the markings of someone who works regularly with people and/or customer service. Good looks. Single and not looking – as made clear by her choice of top (LOVE IT) , to me it says “man repeller”. In a good way. Just in that “I know I’m hot and you can’t have me.” :D

Gue udah mikir sehari semaleman pake acara meditasi di gunung kidul juga gue nggak bisa menentukan siapa yang menang kuteks OPI nya, so gak ada yang menang aja gimana? HWAHWHWA.

Kagak lah,

karena gue baek dan manis dan rajin menabung (seperti Ruri Abangku) gue menangin aja deh dua-duanya. (padahal mah karena labil, nggak bisa bikin keputusan.)

So, dear Dina and Wu, kindly wait for my email owkaaayyy!

Buat Wu since kamu tinggal nun jauh di Amerika sana, gue beliin lewat Amazon, ok? =) Buat Dina ntar gue beliin disini dan gue kirim pake singpost.

Buat Dea dan Nancy, silahkan maki-maki Dina dan Wu. (pdhal yang ngeliminasi kan gue)

Terus terus, karena animo nya cukup rame, kayaknya gue nanti bikin lagi deh game kayak gini. Eh tapi kalo next game nya menangin novel gue aja pada mau kagak nih? Hahaha. (ini serius. gue masih ada stok kayak 5 lagi novel gue di rumah.)

Dan gue mau komen dua hal.

  1. Never apologize when you compliment people “Warna kulitnya nggak putih.” Well, the three of us (Renny, Tannia and me) tried so hard to make it that way. So when you said “You have a tanned skin” that means we succeeded. :) Putih itu cantik hanya untuk mainstream people! LOL
  2. Banyak banget komen yang bilang temen-temen gue cantik. Well, gue sebagai teman yang baik harus menjunjung kebenaran dong? So, I looked through my photos collections for ugly photos of them.
Hmm Not ugly enough. And why Fenty always looks pretty?! Not fair!

Hmm Not ugly enough. And why Fenty always looks pretty?! Not fair!

I asked them for ugly photos but they said they are never ugly. WHAT A BULLCRAP!

So look what I’ve found, friends. MWAHAHAHA *evil laugh*

I'm so happy right now

I sent this to the group and said “THIS IS SO GOING TO MY BLOG” Mwahahahaha

Thank you again, everyone to participate. My three friends, Tannia, Fenty and Renny did have a great laugh reading all your comments. =)

And of course So did I.


May, browsing for nail polishes.

Happy-go-lucky bridesmaids and a guessing game

I’m gonna talk about marriage and wedding and I swear to god as much as I don’t wanna talk too much about this because people will unfollow me (LOL), I don’t have any other interesting to blog. But I had to because of the “post a week” pact I made. Anyway… I have been busy booking BnB and preparing documents for visa application next month for the Euro Trip. It’s getting closer and I’m getting more excited and I’m getting broker! :D

The haze has faded and now PSI level comes back to normal but we don’t wanna get our hopes too high though because the haze now is being shifted to KL and probably would come back here again if the wind blows back south.

But let’s talk about the interesting thing. The REAL aftermath of my engagement. (not the oh-I’m-over-the-moon-fairy-tale-happy-one.)

I’ve only been engaged for 3 weeks and already it’s everyone’s wedding. I don’t complain. Because I really love how my friends are so excited about Bandi and I getting married, how they self-appointed themselves to be bridesmaids (yeah I have shameless friends) and they even already started choosing dresses (I don’t even choose my wedding gown yet!) But seriously, I love my friends who all suddenly became wedding expert (google involved) and troubled themselves for me.

Afterall, I do my wedding for them. For the people who actually care about me and Bandi. =)

If you asked, my dream wedding would be this.

Only Bandi, me and the sea.

Oh how I wish I could be that selfish. How I wish I could be careless about everyone. I would just go to Santorini and be Bandi’s wife.

But yeah, you guessed it right. As a Chinese, being the first grandson from his grandpa makes Bandi’s wedding very important for his family. And again, you guessed it right. I will be just a smiling doll on my wedding with people I don’t care about (and I don’t even know).

Again, I must not complain. Because I did complain to my mom (OMG I love my mom so much, she’s so cool about everything!!!) and my mom gave me pointer of how Chinese people loves wedding. It’s like their ego-booster if they succeeded to marry their child/grandchil/niece/nephew/[insert anything].

My mom on the other hand is so cool about everything. She said she’s okay with everything I plan and she talked mostly about how my wedding gown would be. Awww, mom, why so cute?

When Bandi’s Mom came 4 days after the proposal (bet she doesn’t want to delay even one day to discuss the wedding) Bandi and I told her that she could have anything she wanted for the wedding, we won’t protest.

Bandi said, “I only have one condition. I don’t want any Shark Fin’s Soup on my wedding. If I found out there would be Shark Fin’s Soup, I’d pack my bags back to Singapore. I swear to god.”


And I swear I didn’t even bring up the Shark Fin issue at the first place. It was all his idea! I mean, yeah I didn’t want Shark Fin OBVIOUSLY but I didn’t know he would dare to talk like that to his alpha-female mom! Hahaha.

His aunt objected at first, saying that Shark Fin represent wealth for the Chinese and Bandi only replied, “then you can have your wedding. I won’t be there.”


Cony Aww

I always think I have the best possible. A guy who loves me unconditionally. But now, it’s even better! A guy who defends animal and loves me unconditionally!!! WHAT A PERFECT MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! LOL LOL

Anyway Bandi knew that I hate chinese tradition and that I compromised so much to do this so yeah, I get to have my own wedding. MY WEDDING. hahahaha. Not the Santorini wedding of course, because I want my friends to come and party with us.

I won’t post details about my wedding like vendor and stuffs because not only there are a lot of wedding blogs out there you can trust more than me haha (and trust me you won’t find my wedding applicable LOL) but because my maid of honor and the three bridesmaids do most of the work. Hahaha.

Sometimes it’s sad to be away from all my friends. Maybe you all will think I’m weird for loving my friends more than my family. Well, there are different kinds of love. I love my family too, duh!

But friends are the ones you picked. You chose to be with them and made effort to always keep in touch. Let me talk about my three bridesmaids. One of them is my cousin, Renny. We’ve been bestfriends since I was one day old. And the other two are Fenty and Tannia whom I’ve been friends with since I was ten.

We’ve been friends since Fenty was still super fat, Tannia’s hair was still like lion and Renny was still crying about everything. LOL.

Ok now I have an idea for a GAME and I promise this involves a gift!! Yaiy!

I will tell short story about the three of them and you must guess who is whom from the photo. This is a guessing game of how you should never judge the book by its cover. For those who guess it right will get a gift from me. haha. Now this post sounds not so boring anymore, eh?


She’s a pre-school teacher, loves kids so much. Awkward in front of men, especially the one she has a crush on. Currently single and (seriously) looking. She’s witty, clumsy but would love to do anything to help me. She’s the most creative one among the four of us, thus she’s in charge of decoration (of course will get scolded by Ulen- my maid of honor because Ulen has OCD) and yeah, Renny is messy. She holds the record of losing her wallet, she mastered the art of blocking credit cards and reporting lost items to police. LOL. She’s independent, strong and a gym freak.


She’s a flight attendant and the smartest one among the four of us, used to be working for one of the big four of public accountant firm for her brain. Her love of traveling (and of course her good looks) brought her to be a flight attendant. She’s an excellent scuba diver and like all other divers, her favorite spot is Raja Ampat. She was one of the diver when Indonesia team made the world record on Indonesia’s independent day in Wakatobi. She’s very close to her mom she tells her everything. She’s the queen of karaoke and everytime we went for karaoke she was the last man standing. Currently single but not looking.


The one who called couple of places in Bandung to ask for quotations when she knew I was engaged. Thanks to her, I got my dream venue and is in the process of booking it. She is the shy one, the girl next door that you would love to have as a friend. Currently busy with work, boyfriend and adjusting her independent life. After 26 years, she finally lives alone by herself and she loveees every second of it. She has the prettiest hand writing among four of us and even though she had a very good grade at school, she’s the slowest one to catch our fast and rapid conversation. So, she must scroll and scroll and scroll up on our whatsapp group chat. She’s one of the strongest woman I know. =)

Here’s a pic of me and my three bridesmaids.

We've been friends since we were ten. =)

A, B, The Bride to be, C.

Here’s how to WIN the Game:

You just need to guess it who is whom in the comment. Example: “A is xxx, B is xxx, C is xxx” and don’t forget to mention why you guess it like that. Mentioning your reason may increase your winning possibility because if there are so many people guessed right, I would choose the one with the most logical (or not) reason.

The possibility to win is also increased if you tell your friend about it by Retweeting this post or promoting it on your blog. =)

Anyway tonight there will be a confederation cup match of Italy VS Spain. You all MUST PRAY that Italy will win, because if Italy wins the match, there will be TWO WINNERS. hahaha! I’m serious.

UPDATE: Italy lost through penalty shootout. So, there will only one winner. T.T (You guys didn’t pray enough)

What you’re gonna win:

If you’re a man, you’re gonna win this!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

If you’re a lady, you’re gonna win this!

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set. Choose any mini OPI set you want. =)

For the OPI Set, I would ask again what kind of color you like, whether it is neon, pastels or different shades of red so I could buy exactly what you like. (I try my best to find it, don’t choose the one from three years ago lah.)

Terms and Conditions: The game will only be valid for a winner if there are at least 15 contestants. (So, please do tell your friends.)


Who could join the Game?

EVERYONE!! Well, as long as you are residing on earth. :p (Unless of course people who know them, so please please don’t spoil it!)

When the game ends?

The game ends on 30th June. If until the end of June there are still not enough contestants (15 guessers) then it is considered void. But if there is enough guessers, I will announce the winner on Tuesday 2nd July.

Any other Question?

Just drop me an email or ask me via twitter! =)

Good luck!

So, that’s a wrap for my happy-go-lucky posting. I hope you all enjoy my first game-giveaway. Haha.

Yeah, it turns out I didn’t talk much about the wedding, did I? But don’t worry, I will bitch about the wedding planning sometime. LOL.


May, looking for the lucky winner.