#30daysblogging The Spookiest moment in my life

Day 3

Post is an idea from Evita Wijaya.

I’m kinda afraid of Ghost. Yeah yeah, that’s very stupid. But seriously, I’m afraid of ghosts. I know they exists. I don’t really believe it, because for me “seeing is believing” but *knock on wood* I don’t WANNA EVER SEE THEM. Let’s just say I don’t wanna get involved. All I know is there is 50% chance that ghost exists, and I don’t wanna take the 50% chance. So I just wanna leave them alone.

I don’t watch ghost movies, I don’t talk about ghosts (unless I got carried away with after-midnight talks with friends. LOL), and I never played ghost games (such as Jalangkung and stuffs).

So when I traveled to Gili Trawangan on 2010 with Bandi, I couldn’t handle it when I had to face the spooky situation.

Here’s the story….

*Jeger! Jeger!!!* (spooky sound effect applied)

We were a noob traveler by the time and didn’t really think through when we made decisions. We picked a hotel in a very distant area of the island. (The island wasn’t so developed like now FYI) Let’s just say the location of the hotel is about 2 km from the centre.

So we were having dinner in the centre area and headed back to the hotel around 8pm. We asked a rickshaw to take us but they asked for 50K rupiah that sounded soooo expensive to me that time. So we decided to….. WALK!!!

We walked to our hotel, with only moonlight as our guide. About 1 km from the centre area, we still had some lights from the nearby hotels or restaurants, but the more we walked the darker it became.

And…. we didn’t have cellphone. I didn’t remember why we didn’t have it with us then. All I remember is… it was a bad idea!!!

So there we were… walking in a total pitch black… on a foreign island. We could hear the sound of the waves and we saw nothing but stars and moon. NO, IT WASN’T ROMANTIC.

It was spooky because I felt so many things blowing off to my legs. It might be grass or sands… or something else. I never knew because we were in the dark.

The scariest feeling is the fear of unknowing-ness.

You know what happened? There was somebody approaching to us!!! FREAKING CRAZY!!! I swear I almost died of fear!!! It was someone (or….???) and he was trying to touch us! Bandi shielded me with his body and shouted something to shoo him.

It turned out he was high with shrooms and some more still tried to offer us Shroom… IN THE DARK! Are you freaking kidding me?!!!

We then walked faster, almost ran really. And when we finally saw a small light we followed it at once. Then we followed the path with one small light to the other small light… and we finally made it to our hotel.


From that moment, I always pay attention to possible lamps/lights/candles during the day so I could assume what could happen during the night. This is also a lesson for everyone.

I never wanna experience that walk ever again in my life! Ever! Even thinking about it still gives me chill. T.T


May. Brrr…