#30daysblogging My gay friends

Day 4

Post is an idea from Icha Felicielo

I was eighteen years old when one of my good friend called me and asked for a coffee. We then met up at Gloria’s Jeans somewhere in Jakarta. I was just started my college then and I had a major crush with my lecturer.

We shared stories and then when it came to the live life talk, she said “I can never get married…”

“Why? Are you into someone who’s married? Because I am too.” I was referring to my lecturer who was happily married.

She answered, “no. I’m into a girl.”

It was the first time I had a friend coming out to me. And somehow, I’m glad she did.

I was really supportive to her. I listened to all her problems which I could never relate to and I always reminded her that nothing would ever change between us. She would always be my friend.

She was in a long distance relationship with her girlfriend after that and she had a hard time being true to herself. I could see it wasn’t easy to be a lesbian or gay man in Indonesia where people judge you so harshly. It was sad to hear her stories and it was even sadder because her girlfriend was half globe away from her. :(

When I heard her love story with her girlfriend, I never imagined it to be something weird or disgusting or whatever people call it. It is still love and it’s still beautiful and never even once it appeared in my mind about whether they are two girls in this story. Love is universal and inside my mind it just appeared to be TWO PERSONS falling in love.

The most important thing was… I learned how to accept my friends no matter what. To love a friend unconditionally. And now, 10 years later I still feel the same way. I never label anyone as gay or lesbian or anything. If they’re nice, then they can be my friends.

I have some gay guy friends who are openly out about their sexuality and I think it’s very very brave of them to come out, especially in Indonesia where people still frowns upon this stuff. I just hope people could be more open minded. Somebody’s sexuality is not anyone’s business so people could just back off.

I don’t care if my friend is gay or lesbian, as long as they don’t hurt me or betray me, then THEY ARE MY FRIENDS.

Is it true that gays are girls’ bestfriend?

Well I think it might be true. It is always fun to talk to gay guys. They are outspoken, lively and fun to be with. And we can check cute guys out together! :D

I believe I have gaydar (gay radar)¬†which means a radar that can tell whether somebody is gay. It’s been numerous times that I had feelings about my closeted gay friends which turned out to be true! I think it’s my superpower. LOL

Oh I hope everyone could be honest to themselves and come out about their sexuality. I know it’s not easy, but if any of you read this, and you happen to be my good friend, I hope you’re comfortable enough to come out to me. I’ll be totally fine with it. It doesn’t matter you’re gay, you’re already weird to begin with. ;)


May, trying to be a good friend.