When I have a boyfriend

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When I was single, I always thought, geez what’s wrong with these ladies? When I have a boyfriend one day, I’ll let him play FIFA (or WE for that matter) as long as he wants, I even will play with him all night and I’ll be the coolest girlfriend ever.

When I have a boyfriend, I will never interrupt his buddy boy time, he can be out as long as he wants.

When I have a boyfriend, I will hang out with his guy friends talking about football and girls.

Well, single May, those are bunch of horse craps!!!

No women would let the man just sitting around do nothing but play fifa. No hell way! Yes you can do that with your male buddies which I had a lot back then and all we did was hanging around all day do nothing but play games or play card games or sing along with guitars and just haaanggg, talking about football and chicks. I was  the coolest female friend any men could ever had.

But once the man turns to be your boyfriend, he is set to be some awesome grandeur hero that you want. AND IT’S OKAY, LADIES! It’s okay to set certain expectation for your boyfriend, especially when it is a serious relationship and you vision him as your future husband.
If he doesn’t wanna live striving for your expectations then screw him!!! (Well as long as the expectations are real, m’kay?)
Yeah you can have your FIFA time but not ALL DAY!!! two or three hours are okay but not prioritizing the game over us! That’s not right!

I hate it when men said we, women, don’t understand them. You freaking chauvinist dumb, if we don’t understand you, we won’t ever want to tolerate your stinky socks, your stupid jokes, your messy cereal crumbs, and all your other bad habits. We weren’t built for living with those craps, but we do compromise!

We always ALWAYS try to understand men, but do men try hard enough to understand women? No, I don’t think so. And we’re pushing you to be better is not because we hate to see you’re having fun with your games, but we want you to be better. Not only be a better and more responsible man for us, but also for our future kids.

Men expect women to accept them in bad times, when men didn’t have a single cent on their pockets. Men wants women who see them when they had nothing. I agree with that. But please don’t stay there. When a woman, one special woman has come to your life when you had nothing, don’t you want to strive everything for her? Prioritize her above anything, even above your stupid game? Be somebody that she will be proud of, not just some lame lazy gamer?! Man up!

I’m a gamer myself. I do sometimes play game on my free time, and let Bandi did the same thing too. But I don’t and NEVER put my game above him. That’s just plain stupid. I hate when men make chauvinist joke about how women are easy and games are hard. I hate douches like that! And it doesn’t make you cool!!! Defending your game over your girlfriends and showing off to your friends doesn’t make you cool. That makes you A JERK! (And that goes to you Balotelli, whether your twitter accound is really verified or not.)

So, if I could tell single me years ago, I would tell her…

When you have a boyfriend, you’ll make him understand that it is not cool to treat girl any less important than games.

When you have a boyfriend, you’re gonna be cool with his friends but not necessary means always hang around with them.

When you have a boyfriend, he’s gonna be that man you’ve always wanted, not LESS. You deserve the BEST for you, not the second best.

You don’t settle for the second best, ladies. You deserve the best for you. The one who finds any game lost its interesting point once you enter the room. =)

(Please do understand the best in this case is always different for everyone. If he’s the best for you, doesn’t necessarily mean the best for me. You know, that one custom made person by god especially for you.)

I know I probably took the Balotelli’s joke too seriously. However he’s Balotelli for god’s sake, he does stupid things in his own childish ways (But I must still have to support him as long as he’s in Italian National Squad). Anyway, it’s not only because of Balotelli’s joke itself, it’s just too much chauvinist jokes in the internet and I feel like I should make a post. You don’t need to be a feminist to be offended anyway.

For a relationship matter, I’m an idealist, and I will always be.

P.S: I just put a new link titled “My Personal Favorite Posts” which is compilation of my favorite posts that I put a lot of mind into and also the ones I love the most. =)


May, tantrum-ing on words.

Inventions and games

With the long weekend coming up, I do have a lot of plans in my mind such as running, dancing, practicing my French,  continue redecorating my room, and probably trying a new recipe. But with my updates of The Sims 3, I have a slim chance that those bullshits I said will happen.

I’m also sure that I will not turn on my laptop other than for The Sims business so I’d better post something now for the sake of my “post-a-week” oath. However I have a wordpress app that’s so handy with replying comments, not only in my blog but also in my bloggers’ friends’ blogs. That’s very very cool.

So yeah, I’m writing about the things that I wish have been invented by now. I’ve been writing some of my ideas on the notepad in my phone but I only pick the best five.

  1. Itch Cure. COME ON! Scientist should have found some kind of ointment that could cure the itch in a second once it’s rub on the itchy skin. That would be super awesome!
  2. The Poop Device. The feeling of stomach ache when you’re urgently holding number 2 is the worst! I hope there would be some kind of device who could tell us when is the exact time the stomach ache would come, so we can plan ahead our train journey or road trip and so on. moodletSo we could be like in The Sims 3 where we know how high or how low our bladder level. This device would be a must have for everyone. (Can you imagine how awesome it is!!!)
  3. Pancake automatic dispenser. Can you imagine some kind of machine that could provide you with freshly cooked pancake every morning? All you have to do is just put flour, sugar and butter inside the dispenser that could last up to 30 days. Isn’t it awesome?! They did have a “pancake dispenser” when I googled it, but it’s still faaaar from my expectation.

    This is more to the batter dispenser

    This is more to the batter dispenser

  4. Trash Separator. This would be a must have implemented by every government in the world where every household has this kind of trash can. The trash can would automatically separate the rubbish based on their types and recyclable/un-recyclable.
  5. Cancer Cure. I put this in the list so I won’t look so selfish. =)

Well, I guess my five top wishes to be invented is not that revolutionary at all. Haha. What are your wish that should’ve been invented by now? Any idea?

Another thing to blog about is… I’ve spent waaay too much time playing (back to) The Sims 3 lately. I had been off the hook for so long (the last time I played was 2009-2010) but then suddenly around last two weekend, I started to play again because I bought The Sims 3 Season. I could really write a looot talking about The Sims, but I know this blog has nothing to do with game, so I don’t want to go to the detail.

I started playing The Sims on 2001, when The Sims 1 first time came out, then was still owned by Maxis (without EA involvement). I remembered playing the tutorial of Bob the bald guy.

Ah, so nostalgic!

It was in the middle of long school holiday from junior high school to high school and my family had just moved from Jakarta to Bogor, so I didn’t have any friends AT ALL so The Sims was technically my only friend. Kinda sad, isn’t it? I bought all the expansion packs for The Sims 1 and even though back then I purchased the pirated copy, PC game was still considered expensive so I had to save up my allowances for buying the new The Sims expansion pack.

The Sims 2 came out when I was in college. bought a new PC just so I could play this game smoothly. Of course buying a new PC itself costed my a loooott of saving and eating only instant noodle once in a while. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sims 2! Maxis had been bought by EA and since then The Sims 2 was owned by EA. Sad to say, even though I don’t like EA, they really gave a lot of improvements on The Sims 2. I also tried to learn about new mesh and CC (Custom Content) in The Sims 2. 

And when I finished college, The Sims 3 came out. I bought it as long as the pirated CD was distributed in Jakarta and I LOVEEEE IT even more! Now the smoothness of the whole sim world has come together with only clicks. No more loading between one lot to another. The problem is… internet era gave you patching era, which make The Sims 3 kinda online. We had to update the patch from EA once in a while and pirated game costed me so much trouble. I couldn’t afford with my rupiah teacher’s salary so I stopped playing The Sims 3.

When I moved to Singapore, the first thing I bought when I received my laptop from Bandi was… taa-daa you got it right! The Sims 3, the original copy. This is the first time in my life I buy the original copy of a game (and it becomes a habit since I live here. =)) I kept following the expansion packs until the fourth packs but then I just stopped.

A couple weeks ago, I’m back! With new expansion pack and a new not-so-interesting topic to talk about in my blog post. Haha.

The best expansion so far!

Well, since now I bought The Sims directly from origin, I couldn’t have all the expansion packs and the stuff packs because they are all so costly. I just picked what I thought I would enjoy and be a smarter player.

I hope this post is not so nerdy but If you played the sims before, you’d get what I mean. This is just one of those days when I feel like writing about what I like, generally. =)

I wonder what’s your lifetime favorite always-have-always-been game? ;)


May, massaging her hands for too much gaming.

Going back to childhood without a time machine

Warning: Not suitable for Anti-Nerd and Anti-geek. =p

Last weekend I was hanging out at my friend’s house and found out that we can buy playstation one game from the ps store online and play it with our ps3 device. You all might think I’m so stupid why after two years of living with Bandi’s playstation, I never knew about this. Well, let me explain. First of all, I remember asking Bandi if I could play Harvest Moon with his ps3 device and he said that’s not possible since the new ps3 device is not compatible with old ps1 and ps2 games, which is true. So I assume that ps3 can only play ps3 games.

Little did I know that playstation 3 is connected to internet. AM I STUPID OR WHAT? Pardon my stupidity, this is because my active gaming age was those era when internet hasn’t been invented. Err, I exaggerated. At least it was the era when internet was still scarce and the only thing you can do for gaming was buying a CD.

So, my friend showed me HOW MUCH internet can do for your gaming life. You can play ALL THE FINAL FANTASY SERIES all over again with your ps3 device!!! GEEZ! And after two years, I finally found out. And Bandi was there and he didn’t seem surprised and I was like… “YOU BASTARD! You knew it all along!!!” %*(&^@%$@*!!!

(It turns out that he was afraid that I would maxed out his credit card by buying all the classic games. Well, it turned out he wasn’t wrong. Hahaha.)

Anyway, enough with the prologue. (What? Those blabbering is only the prologue??!!)

With my big plan of playing all the ps classic RPGs including Harvest Moon, you know what’s my first stop is… FINAL FANTASY IX!!! FF9 is my personal favorite from the Final Fantasy Series. It used to be FF8 on my teenage days but that was probably the abg labil talking because of how handsome squall is and the fact the FF8 was the first FF I played ever. But after playing quite a lot FF (not all of them though), FF9 is deemed to be my personal favorite. It’s probably because the setting was medieval, the music is the awesomest of all FF series, the story is light yet meaningful (not like the dark FF7 and FF8 and not as simple as FF13). Anyway I won’t talk technical stuff here because I’m not a qualified geek for that matter.

I am gonna talk about how awesome the feeling when I played the game again. Think about your favorite classic game. Pacman, Tetris, Street Fighter, anything. Don’t you feel youthful and free all over again?

The main reason to play a classic game isn’t the game itself, but the reminiscing feeling when you’re playing it.

When the very first opening music started (when there is options of “New Game” or “Continue”), I was like flying through a time machine and was brought back to 13 years ago when I was sitting beside my brother, translating from English to Bahasa almost all the conversation in the game to him, helping him reading the bestiary’s weakness and strength whenever he encountered battle, awe-ing through a sweet scene between Zidane and Garnet, laughing on Vivi stumbling down, and telling him for a hundred times, “Isn’t Freya awesome?!”

All the moments and images floating above my eyes and I must say, ‘returning’ to childhood is freakin awesome and the nostalgic feeling created from just a simple gaming act is overwhelming. I shrieked when my finger automatically directed the controller to lead Zidane to find the secret treasure box. Holy crap! I still remember the secret! It’s amazing how your brain could throw the bad memories like a fight, work stuff, study stuff very easily but keeping the good memories like the secret treasure box location in FF9! Good job, brain!

Even though the graphics are still far from HD, it’s the gameplay that counts. =)

Actually I was hoping Bandi could be my navigator, just like last time I was playing with my brother. I think what gives RPG playing better experience is when you play it with a navigator, who’s holding a guide book. I don’t know about you all, gamers, but for me, an OCD, I must have a guide book beside me just to make sure I clean all the secret treasure or know when to steal the valuable items from certain boss. Anyhow, I was hoping to have a navigator too, just like old times but Bandi is not an RPG kind of guy. The only reason he loves his PS3 is for playing PES. Yeah, dumb. But that’s him. So, I’m here to complete his flaw… which is to buy all the classic PS one games and make maximum use of the PS, riiiiiggghht?!

It was hard to play the game without thinking of my brother, you know… because I was always playing with him. We never got along, seriously NEVER, UNLESS we played game. We could be one hell of great team once we sat down in front of TV holding our controllers, switching roles of player and navigator. We were unbeatable. We were really learning playing RPG from zero, from knowing nothing about junction until finishing FF7 perfectly. We learned RPG gaming together. To date, that’s the only thing we’ve ever done together.

I always say that I don’t have any emotional attachment with my brother. We grew up in separate ways, we barely talked to each other and we don’t have anything in common AT ALL. He’s the reason why I hate Geminis, people who’s born on June, and err… basically all boys. I hate boys because I thought all boys are jerk like my brother. But thank god it didn’t last because it’s very stupid. I was so sure I didn’t have any emotional attachment at all, but then last Chinese New Year, I met him again and we had a pretty good time joking about our ang pow, just like old times. And I bought him tshirt, sandal and basically everything he asked. I probably didn’t have relationship with my brother like a normal person and so many times I wished my big brother could’ve protected me, I failed in despair. Then I stopped hoping and everything’s fine. (Anyway, yes, he’s older than me. I was talking as if he was younger but unfortunately not.)

Geez, I’m starting to be so melancholic now. Let’s get back to talking about games!!! You probably heard the news about… *drumroll please* PLAYSTATION FOUR! I know it’s not a good time since Bandi and I will still be saving money for Europe when that finally comes out, but daaaammnnn, how am I supposed to do?! (geez, what a spoiled neurotic bitch). Forget about that, I probably will wait until one year after the release to let the market to test it first, or… waiting for Christmas present or wedding present? Anyone? I promise I’ll get married if you’d give me ps4! LOL

Enough with the non-sense, let’s get back to playing and back to the past! Alright!!


May, 14 years old, sleeping with her bantal guling buluk.