Encounter with Bromo

So it was just a regular day at work when my boss told me 11 September was gazetted as polling day, so it would be public holiday.

My first reaction was “hmm… Where should I go?”
I had a talk with my best buddy, Angel about some possible destinations and we decided to make our long-waited Bromo Plan to be reality. Yep, we talked about going to Bromo hundred of times. This time we really did it.
It was even better when Tannia had a flight to Surabaya for her roster (she’s the flight attendant) so we could meet up and sleep at her hotel (Shang FTW) but the dream was crushed when she realized, “guys, I saw the date wrong. I’ll reach Surabaya on the 13th, not 12th.” Arrggh! You have one job, Tannia! One Job!

11th September 2015

Angel and I flew from Singapore and reached Surabaya in the morning. We went around to Pasar Atom and met Angel’s relative. We did some shopping too and of course we aaaatttteeeee every hour. LOL. Renny and Fenty reached Surabaya in the evening. We picked them up from the airport and went straight to Bromo. We rented a car and hired a driver. We were so tired, we all slept in the car on the way to Bromo.
We also passed Sidoarjo and saw the high dam built by Ba**rie to keep the mud in the area. But the truth is… What we heard from our driver was the mud kept rising and rising and it’s just about time until it becomes national disaster. It’s so sad :( the mud drowned almost half of the Sidoarjo city. Can you imagine your home is just gone?! Puff! Just like that? :( sad.
We arrived in Bromo around 11:30 at night. It was freeeeeziiinng cold! We slept and woke up on 3 am for our Bromo adventure!

12th September 2015

Our jeep had arrived and we were going to see the sunrise from Penanjakan. I didn’t take a shower of course. Who would do that? It was super mega freaking cold! I told my friends that I will take a shower in Surabaya when the temperature came back to normal. Lol. The jeep ride was about 30 minutes. We passed the dessert full of sand and we almost couldn’t see anything it was scary.
When the jeep stopped near the hill (Penanjakan), the driver told us to go up. It was soooo scary since we couldn’t see anything. Nobody brought torch so we only relied on the people above us. The hike was short and difficult because of the sand, but we made it.
The weather was super cold, about 14 degrees, windy which made me even more shivering. The air was thin, it made us a little more difficult to breath. It was dark and quiet at first.
And then I looked up.
And I was stunned.
Yes, a paint of universe.
A sky full of stars.
Such a beautiful dark canvas full of sparkly dots.
And then I googled the constellations and started to hunt for some constellations. The whole novelty experience was pretty romantic and dreamy. Sitting down in the edge of the hills, cold and dark with this great set of stars above your head. Unforgettable. I even dreamt about it the next night. :)
The sun is coming up! ((Sorry for the bad quality photo as we didn't bring any pro camera))

The sun is coming up! ((Sorry for the bad quality photo as we didn’t bring any pro camera))

So cold! Yet so pretty!

So cold! Yet so pretty!

Amazing moment

Amazing moment

These girls. <3

These girls. <3

We went down again and we were sooo cold and hungry. Baso Malang to the rescue!

We went down again and we were sooo cold and hungry. Baso Malang to the rescue!

We visited the Bromo crater after that and we rode horses!!! It was so fun!!! I never rode horse before and it turned out to be fun! I bonded with my horse, Jingo instantly. We made an instant love connection. He was shy and sweet and has very soft mane! I fell in love!

Me and Jingo.

Me and Jingo, ahhh don’t you see the sparks? LOL

We hiked up to see the crater.

We hiked up to see the crater.

All of us with our horses. Cutttee!

All of us with our horses. Cutttee!

We went back to Surabaya after that and hung out for a while, nothing was special because in my opinion, Surabaya is just like any other big city in Indonesia. Great food, traffic jam, overcrowded malls and hipster cafe.

13th September 2015

My flight was very early in the morning. Thankfully all of us could wake up on time and we rushed to the airport to meet Tannia! You remember I said she saw the wrong date? She arrived on the day we supposed to leave. But we didn’t wanna miss a chance to finally get back together in a complete set, so here we are!
Back together again!

Back together again!

A short trip to Bromo. A sweet and beautiful one. Added to my list of amazing things in my life. Looking forward to more amazing things to come!
Photo 12-9-15 6 37 23 am
P.S. I have a great news. Super great news. But it’s too early to tell. I will tell later when it’s time! Kyaa~~!
May, always happy.

One super fun weekend and one failed diet plan

It’s eighteen days to Christmas!!!

How’s everyone doing in this joyful festive season? I wish everyone’s planning for fun and joyous things to do for this holiday! :)

This December, I promised Bandi that we’re staying in Singapore. This is because this year is the most tiring year for our passport; we have been traveling all year long, December would be the first month without traveling at all! We’re gonna dining in for Christmas’ Eve together with our housemates and then we’re gonna go to the midnight mass.

What’s your Christmas plan?

Anyway… following up my #projectLEBAY, well…. let’s just say the project failed miserably. HAHAHA. Maybe it’s a very wrong timing. I have so many feast invites in the office, bonding with new friends, new activities, and don’t forget the rainy season got me lazy to exercise. :D Yadda yadda yadda, those are all excuses I know.

I even received email from reader about this project and here I apologize sincerely for the unfinished meal plan. I will resume the project on 2015. I promise. :)

One of the reason why this project failed is because I’ve been enjoying cafe hunting lately. I have a new favorite neighborhood in town. It’s in the Upper Thompson Road.

Upper Thompson Road houses a road length stretch of cafes and restaurants. You can find dimsum place, kopitiam, Korean Bbq, but the ones I love are the cafes! Upper Thompson offer variety of independent cafe. My current favorite is Habitat Cafe, but the best coffee belongs to Pacamara Cafe.

This espresso is awesome!

This espresso is awesome!

Upper Thompson is also very near to my house and my office, so I plan to visit often and try new cafes. I even have a plan in mind to make one post specially for Upper Thompson Road. :) If you notice, I have never written about restaurant reviews ever! The reason is because I found Food Blog is opinionated and sometimes overrated. How would you rate food? It’s almost like rating a pretty face.

But I will write more about Upper Thompson Road. After I collect enough researches about it. :p

I know there is another hipster area beside Upper Thompson in Singapore, such as Tanjong Pagar or Duxton Hill. But I personally prefer Upper Thompson simply because it’s near to my house. :)

If you like coffee, be excited about this, because I’m on a quest to try as many coffee as possible! My preference for Coffee is the Ristretto (easily defined as Espresso, but with half amount of water). I found Ristretto in some of coffee shop (like Pacamara and Koultoura in Jakarta), but they usually would just call it Espresso. You can actually easily see the difference by the amount of water.

Even though I prefer Ristretto, Espresso is also fine for me. Basically any concentrated coffee is fine for me. I don’t really like American Coffee or what we call it Long Black. I feel there’s too much water in there.

My first choice will always be black coffee, but sometimes (very rarely happen) I would want some milk on my coffee. Even though I usually went for Latte, I actually loved cappuccino better, but the sad thing is… I rarely found cappuccino to be done properly… That’s why I would just go for Latte.

I have so far 3 most memorable coffee I’ve had in my life:

  1. Koultoura Coffee – Jakarta, Indonesia.
  2. The Coffee Academy – Hong Kong.
  3. Pacamara – Singapore.

The reason why they’re so memorable is because they have good blends. I love the coffee blends to be aromatic and tangy.

Talking about good cafes, me and my girlfriends decided to have a cafe day out last Saturday.

We started with my personal favorite, Habitat. Here’s some picture!

Photo 6-12-14 12 36 29 pm

Gossiping with my girlfriends.


From Habitat, we continued to Little pancake.

Photo 6-12-14 1 36 18 pm

Literally little. :p


I actually read a lot of good reviews about Little Pancakes, but even though it was pretty decent to eat and it actually tasted good, I found nothing really special about it.

We continued to the next cafe, called TCC, which is a franchised cafe-chain in Singapore (probably in some other country too, I’m not sure). Here we played some board game because one of my friend, Fefe had a friend who is soooo crazy about board game. It was FUN!

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

One of the board game, which name I forgot. :p

My Saturday turned out to be very very active. It was ironic because I came home very late the night before. I had the most fun Dinner and Dance ever! It was the Schneider Electric Dinner and Dance event with Fabulous Fifties theme! It turned out to be super fun!

A simple collage

A simple collage

I wish I had more pictures, but my phone wasn’t with me that night, so I only relied on other people sending me their photos.

It’s amazing that a lot of fun thing could happen in just one weekend. My weekend usually starts with playstation and ends with PC games. LOL. This weekend I had so much fun.

To continue on what happen after the board game… Angel and I went back home to eat dinner and met Bandi and Ricky (both Angel and Ricky are very close friend) and we spontaneously decided to do Capsa Night!

When one of my housemate, Felik heard word “capsa” he joined us. And this is what makes the Capsa more fun!



Five hours later, after rounds and rounds of Capsa game, we finished a bottle of tequila! Can you imagine that!?! I thought it was physically impossible but we actually finished it.

You guys could pretty much picture the idea of what happened next, right? XD

It was 3 am in the morning and a group of drunk people walked to 24hrs McDonald’s. HAHAHAHA. Gosh it was fun.

Annndddd…. the fun still continues on the next day, Sunday.

We had a birthday bash! yaiy! And we didn’t cut cake. We cut tumpeng! :D

Photo 7-12-14 10 40 31 pm

We played another game called “WEREWOLF ULTIMATE”

Photo 8-12-14 8 18 02 am

The birthday girl is the one holding flowers!

We played another game called “Werewolf Ultimate”, which is very very fun. You can actually create the game without buying it. Just google it! It’s great for group fun activity, no matter if they’re strangers or close friends.. :)


It’s been soooooo long since I made a personal post, isn’t it? I just feel that last weekend deserves a post. It was seriously one of the best weekend I’ve ever had. It was mix of everything I love doing, dancing, partying, meeting new people, playing games, coffee drinking, wine drinking, spending time with close friends, celebrating birthday, went on a shopping spree (yes we actually had time to go to the Fossil for the 30% disc!), eating good food and good cheesecake, and lots and lots and lots of laughter.

A weekend to remember.

Thank you for spending time with me, friends! There’s a saying: home is not a place, it is people. Indeed it’s true. :)



having fun, always.


Best Day Ever (Part 2)

Finally!!! I have time to continue the story of the best day of my life. Part One here! So yeah, after we played the video to the audience, it was time for us to come in!!! And this is how we went in! :D

Basically we Bandi and I tore down the “Heck Yeah We Did” paper and Fenty supposed to ignite the fireworks and place them around us, but unfortunately the firework didn’t work. Hahahaha. Angel, Renny and Tannia put the words “BEST DAY EVER” below us and it also didn’t really work because somehow we all laughed for no reason.

After that Bandi and I supposed to kiss each other hot and wet and they supposed to look grossed and left us alone. However only Renny acted seriously grossed (or was she really? LOL)


It started very smoothly

_DSC0024a _DSC0026a _DSC0025a DSC_5067a

But everything was just so fun, or we were a little high, I don’t know. Everything just seemed so right. Hahaha. I was in the happiest moment of my life.

After that, We were all seated and Bandi began his welcome speech.

Huuby <3

Hubby <3

It was funny and sweet, and pretty long for a speech. Who knows now he loved to speak in front of public? LOL

Here's to today.

Here’s to today.

And for the rest of our lives. :)

And for the rest of our lives. :)

So here’s to today. The best day ever. And may we remember this day forever. :) Now let’s start dinner!!! I’m starving!

Parents and close family's table! =)

Parents and close family’s table! =) Guess which one is my mom which one is Bandi’s mom?

DSC_5090a DSC_5092a DSC_5095a After the starter course, it was time for Ricky (One of Bandi’s groomsman to deliver his speech) Oh thanks god he delivered the speech in English because there were a loooott of things not supposed to be said in front of parents on that speech. LOLOLOL.

His stupid face when he got a call from somebody on his phone while he read his speech. "Somebody please stop calling my phone" LOLOLOL

His stupid face when he got a call from somebody on his phone while he read his speech. “Somebody please stop calling my phone” LOLOLOL

And again!

Cheers again!

And again! Bandi couldn't stand to finish them all!

And again! Bandi couldn’t stand to finish them all!



Let’s continue dinner! =D But Bandi decided it wasn’t the time to eat but to drink instead, so he shared drinks with everyone. Awww, my cute hubby… so selfless. :) DSC_5112a _DSC0132a _DSC0136a _DSC0147a _DSC0139a _DSC0150a While I… liked to be on the spotlight! So I took photos!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF PHOTOS!!! :D DSC_5128a DSC_5124a _DSC0167a _DSC0166a DSC_5120a DSC_5132a DSC_5134a And then it was time for the bridesmaids’ speech.

It was started with Renny showing to the world how fat I was as a baby. LOL

It was started with Renny showing to the world how fat I was as a baby. LOL We even took photos together when we were 3 months old. :) Left baby is renny, right cute baby is me.

And how we grew up as "remaja galau". XD

And how we grew up as “remaja galau”. XD

And even galauer teenager. Hahahaha

And even galauer teenager. Hahahaha

And she told me about the first time she, I and Bandi hung out together. It was an instant click. :)

And she told me about the first time she, I and Bandi hung out together. It was an instant click. :)

What a ridiculously funny and extremely sweet speech from my maid of honor, my cousin and my forever bestfriend. :)

What a ridiculously funny and extremely sweet speech from my maid of honor, my cousin and my forever bestfriend. :)

And then Fenty continued the speech.

And then Fenty continued the speech.

Fenty telling stupid things. haha

Fenty telling stupidly funny things. haha

Angel carried on...

Angel carried on… And I was already sobbing out of happiness. :”)

And then Angel was telling something people shouldn't know. LOLOLOL

And then Angel was telling something people shouldn’t know. LOLOLOL

Tannia finished the speech beautifully.

Tannia finished the speech beautifully.

I remember she said, “we were friends for so long we didn’t even realize how much changes we’ve been through and yet we’re still friends now. :) We were friends when my hair was still like lion, when Fenty was still super fat, when Renny was still crying every 5 minutes and May was still so tanned.” LOL

And then Tannia said about things happened on my bachelorette party! OH NO!!! Look at Bandi's face! XD

And then Tannia said about things happened on my bachelorette party! OH NO!!! Look at Bandi’s face! XD

Let's cheer one more time!!!

Let’s cheer one more time!!!

This time is for friendship!!! For how wonderful our lives are with friends. :)

This time is for friendship!!! For how wonderful our lives are with friends. :)

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

IMG_0342 IMG_0343 Some friends from the guest tables also delivered speeches. Thanks to Angita (the apple pie from a story here.) Cuanda, my frenemy. Yoan, the most romantic girl I’ve known. And Uman for the dadakan speech! :) You guys completed my BEST DAY EVER with all of your sweet and funny words! :D

Angita, the "Apple Pie" A girl with her own fairy tale that made me believed in true love. It's an honor receiving your speech. :)

Angita, the “Apple Pie” A girl with her own fairy tale that made me believed in true love. It’s an honor receiving your speech. :)

My sweet and bitter Cucu. :)

My sweet and bitter Cucu. :)

DSC_5157a DSC_5161a

And Yoan who wrote a  story about a boy named "Light" and a girl who's not afraid of the sun and doesn't bother to apply sunblock. :)

And Yoan who wrote a story about a boy named “Light” and a girl who’s not afraid of the sun and doesn’t bother to apply sunblock. :)

DSC_5166a Yoan’s short story about Disney’s version of Me and Bandi really moved me. I promise I will copy it on a post right after I unpack all the wedding cards from my friends. :)

And Uman who didn't even prepare a speech and he did deliver one! =D

And Uman who didn’t even prepare a speech and he did deliver one! =D

Now it’s time for kisses, hugs and photos!!! :) So many beautiful moments captured on the lenses. I cannot pick my favorite, they all meant a lot to me. Each one of them. :) All of my friends who drove and flew from all over the country, thank you couldn’t express how grateful I am having you guys… :) _DSC0255a _DSC0249a _DSC0271a _DSC0274a _DSC0284a _DSC0262a _DSC0303a _DSC0296a _DSC0295a _DSC0293a DSC_5184a And now it’s time foooorrrrrrrrr…….. DANCING!!!! =D WOOT WOOT

First it was a Father and Daughter Dance. :)

First it was a Father and Daughter Dance. :)

My dad taught me 2 important things: Always be grateful and always love animal. He never kills any animals even it’s only bugs or ants, even cockroaches. He’s a very loving person… And it was my honor to have him dance with me on my wedding day. :”)

Always be the daddy's girl. :)

Always be the daddy’s girl. :)

And then it was time for him to give me away to my husband. :)

I love this photo.

I love this photo.

And then Bandi and I had fun! :) _DSC0318a _DSC0326a _DSC0322a _DSC0325a _DSC0333a _DSC0334a And then it was time foooorrrr….. choreographed dance by the wedding committee!!!! Wooottt!!! Please do watch the video!!! hahaha

Super LOL!!! After the treasure dance, the dancefloor was pretty much packed! See a video below, captured and edited by one my the great Journalist today, Lukman Soedarbo!

These are some of the photos that aren’t blurred from the dance floor!

DSC_5222a DSC_5219a DSC_5210a

Everything after the crowded dancefloor was a bit blurry for me and Bandi. I remember when friends started to leave the party, saying goodbyes to Bandi and me, and then Bandi drank with his close friends and he was so drunk I remember he ran around Burgundy like mad man. Hahahaha. And then he went to cottage and pass out for a while.

Here are some of the stupid after-party photos from my friends…

I helped Bandi who was trying to puke. My make-up was still on!

I helped Bandi who was trying to puke. My make-up was still on!

Bandi passed out on the top of all the wedding stuffs. He actually slept til morning.

Bandi passed out on the top of all the wedding stuffs. He actually slept til morning.

Me dancing around on a plastic clothes. Tannia made this for me because she was afraid I got "masuk angin". LOLOLOL

Me dancing around on a plastic clothes. Tannia made this for me because she was afraid I got “masuk angin”. LOLOLOL

And..... I passed out.

And….. I passed out.

I didn't remember taking this photo. That man on the black suit is Burgundy staff. My friend was too friendly and they got drunk together hahaha

I didn’t remember taking this photo. That man on the black suit is Burgundy staff. My friend was too friendly and they got drunk together hahaha

I told Tannia, "Quick get me out of this dress!" and replied, "SHUT UP!" Hahahaha

I told Tannia, “Quick get me out of this dress!” and replied, “SHUT UP!” Hahahaha

Looking back… so many funny inside jokes that wouldn’t fit on this post, but seriously I couldn’t ask for a better wedding day for me and Bandi. The friends that we have are truly our treasure. People can change but memory lasts forever… When I’m sad, I will look up at these photos and remember how grateful I am, to have all of you as my friends. :)

And guess who spent the night on our “kamar penganten”? Klemens and Vigar!!! Hahahahah!!! Bandi was sleeping on the top of random stuffs while Renny and I slept on another room. Well… the weirdest thing was… Angel passed out on the car! Hahaha Thank goodness she didn’t die! XD

And this is us the next morning... Fully sobered up and ready for nasi goreng!!!

And this is us the next morning… Fully sobered up and ready for nasi goreng!!!

Some photos from the “Behind the Scenes”

DSC_4986a DSC_4987a DSC_4988a DSC_4985a DSC_4990a DSC_5003a

And here comes for the most epic photo………

My wonder bridesmaids lifted Bandi up! Hahahaha!!! And they were wearing high heels!!!

My wonder bridesmaids lifted Bandi up! Hahahaha!!! And they were wearing high heels!!!

The stationaries! :)

The stationaries! :) By: The Bridesmaid United

So yeah… that sums up the super fun and super yellow wedding that I’ve claimed as THE BEST DAY EVER in my life! =D

I’ve had so much fun and I’m so grateful for the memories every single day. :)


  1. Burgundy. For the sweetest, most romantic venue ever!!! And for the great team! Mega, Kiky and Wiwin. You guys are awesome! Thank you for putting up with all my bridezilla requests!! hahaha
  2. Rosa Hidayat. (fb: Rosa Hidayat) My make up artist and my friend. Hire her here, people!
  3. Carmelita. (fb: Carmelia Renatha) You exceeded my expectation for a GREAT florist!!! You grant my wish to have PEONIES for my wedding bouquet!!! I’ll be forever grateful!!! :)
  4. Bridesmaid United (OFCOURSE!!!) We’re in charge for decoration, invitation, souvenir, concept making, photobooth props, everything really! We’re not only keen for weddings but also for birthday parties! Basically, we just love all kind of celebrations! Please follow our instagram on @bridesmaid_united ! Our website is on progress! Yaiy!

And for my bridesmaids and groomsmen, Renny, Fenty, Angel, Tannia, Ferric, Piter, Ricky, Gery…. And my officials, Klemens, Yofie, Vigar… Thank you for going on this beautiful one year journey, thank you for the funny and stupid comments on our whatsapp group, for the endless and stressful meetings, for the fun road trip to Bandung, for the very sincere hardwork tanpa pamrih, I’m sooooo grateful. All… is just for that day to happen. I owe guys BIG favor, really. If one day I could repay this favor, please… :”)

I love every one of you. I do. :”)

07.06.2014 = Best Day Ever.

P.S. @bridesmaid_united now is open for hiring! Contact us for details! =D


May, the happy wife.

Photo 10-6-14 10 12 01 pm

Liebster Award

Disaat lagi males-malesnya ngeblog dan nggak ada topik selain wedding lagi wedding lagi di otak gue (thus I feel like a loser who doesn’t have life) a fellow blogger Oppie tagged me in a Liebster Award! Yaiy!

Sebenernya gue paling males main tag-tag-an begini soalnya nggak semua orang kan suka tag- mentag begini tapi ternyata ketika lagi bosen ngeblog, beginian berguna juga!!! Thus, terima kasih Oppieeee!!! *mwach* Aturannya simple aja kok.

  1. Posting tentang award ini di blog.
  2. Tag blogger yang kasih award ini, plus link nya donggg (iklan harus jalan terus).
  3. Jawab 11 pertanyaan yang dikasih.
  4. Share 11 fun facts tentang dirinya.
  5. Tag another 11 bloggers biar rantai nya nggak putus. :)

So let’s start with 11 fun facts about me. Asiiikkk ngomongin diri sendiri! But but but… I always talk about myself constantly on this blog and I’m kinda fed up. LOL. Let’s just bend this Liebster award rule and let me talk about Bandi. So… here’s 11 fun facts about Bandi, the guy Im going to marry in 11 days!

  1. Everytime he drinks cold drink, he gets rashes. Not the itchy ones, just random rashes appearing on his body.
  2. He has the perfect teeth. He never wears braces, seldom brush his teeth, eating sweet and sour food but yet still has the perfect teeth. Talking about how life’s not fair…
  3. He likes to dance. He didn’t know about this before he knew me. Only after he got used to dancing with me, he realized that he likes to dance, not the slow dance, but the fun crazy dance. (and a pretty good one)
  4. He has zero tolerance of visual art. He is so terrible at drawing, he has a bad taste of combining colors, he can’t differentiate paintings (for him all look the same), he can’t even trace drawing properly! Even my 4 years old student did better at tracing than him! LOL
  5. His favorite number is 7, because he was born on the seventh and we got together on the seventh.
  6. He used to not like dogs before we got together. When I asked him whether he liked dogs and he said no, I almost didn’t text him back and almost didn’t want to get to know him more. But then he tried to make contacts with dogs and he then fell in love with his first dog, Cassie. :)
  7. Bandi is an introvert. Unlike me, he (almost) never write anything in his social media. He is rarely update his facebook or post things on his path. He created facebook/twitter/path just because he wanted to stalk me.
  8. Sometimes he borrows my phone to read my path timeline because he said, “your friends are more interesting than mine.” SUPER LOL.
  9. He doesn’t wear any “guys cosmetic”. No moisturizer, no sunblock, no lotion, no whatsoever. He even won’t buy a new shampoo if he was out of shampoo. He would just use mine until I bought him a new one. He never buys toiletries!!!
  10. Bandi keeps keepsake memories. This is actually quite weird since he is a careless and don’t-care-kind a guy, but he keeps things he got from his friends, he even keeps a receipt from our 1st anniversary date!
  11. Bandi selalu dapet 1 jerawat whenever I’m on my PMS. Serius. This is creepy but cute!

And to finish this Liebster Award, lets do the 11 questions!

  1. Kapan mulai ngeblog? August 2004. Wow! It’s been a long time.
  2. Kenapa suka ngeblog? Just because I love reading memories.
  3. Paling suka ngeblog tentang apa? Tentang cinta cinta-an donnng! XD
  4. Apa topik favorit yang selalu dibaca diblog orang? Juga tentang cerita cinta. :)
  5. Apa yang kegiatan favorit di waktu luang? Kalo gue sampe bisa ada waktu luang (yang sangat amat jarang) gue pasti maen game (Playstation/Windows) atau kalo lagi nggak ada game baru, tiduuuuuuuuur!
  6. Punya mimpi yang pengen di wujudkan dalam waktu dekat? Hmm…. publish a book? (Isn’t it always?)
  7. Apa film favorit kamu? Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.
  8. Apakah makna pertemanan itu? Jelaskan dalam maksimal 5 kalimat. Survive beyond time and distance
  9. Sebutkan 3 orang wanita yang menjadi sumber inspirasi kamu. Ibu Kartini, Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Austen.
  10. Sebutkan 3 hal yang loe paling suka dalam hidup. Jatuh cinta, ngobrol (ditemani kopi kalo lagi maw serius / ditemani wine kalo lagi maw seseruan), traveling especially mendatangi tempat baru. :)
  11. Seandainya loe hidup hanya 3 bulan kedepan dan boleh melakukan 3 hal, apa pilihan loe? Keliling dunia bareng Bandi. :) Dua lagi wish nya gue kasih ke orang lain aja. :)

Silahkan diteruskan rantainya dan ngeblog tentang Liebster Award ini dengan nulis 11 hal tentang kamu dan menjawab 11 pertanyaan diatas! 11 orang yang gue tag adalah…

  1. Dian Candella –> yang udah setengah tahun nggak ngeblog.
  2. Dina
  3. Dea
  4. Fitri
  5. Sien
  6. Arman
  7. Wu –> juga udah hampir setengah tahun nggak ngeblog. Ini teriakan your fave reader!!! X(
  8. Melissa
  9. Happy
  10. Tantri
  11. Gil

Kalo yang gue tag udah dapet Liebster Award ini, ya sudahlah yaaaa, cuekin aja. Yang nggak di-tag, anggap aja gue merasa kalian sudah cukup banyak fans nya jadi sudah gue pastikan kalian udah dapet. Xp Sekian dulu. Peace, love, and gaul! May, feeling nineties nostalgic!

P.S. I read timeline this morning and Angela did tag me too but unfortunately the draft was already done. Anyway thankies Angela! :*

#30daysblogging Temenan, berantem, tiup kelingking.

Day 11

Post is an idea from Baginda Ratu

Post ini hanya akan seru ditulis pake bahasa Indo. Jadi gini ceritanya… Gue mau curhat. Ini kejadian yang udah lama banget terjadi tapi nggak pernah gue tulis karena… hmm, karena belum kepikiran aja kali ya… sampai si Fitri nanya di #30daysblogging giveaway tentang “lo pernah musuhan sama temen baik ga?” Baru deh gue inget cerita ini. Ini kejadian udah lama banget sebenernya, dan gue nggak mau sebut timeline nya kapan tapi kalian pasti bisa kira-kira sendiri lah yaaaa!

Sebut saja mawar (bukan nama sebenarnya)… Dia ini temen gue yang entah kenapa jadi nempel sama gue dan kemana-mana selalu ada dia. Dari yang ke kelas bareng, makan bareng, lama-lama nginep di kamar gue setiaaaappp hari. Pokoknya tiba-tiba jadi BFF tak terpisahkan gini ceritanya. Gue sempet gerah dan suruh dia pulang ke rumah karena gue butuh “me time” tapi sepertinya dia punya alergi being alone, so dia nginep di kamar teman se-kost gue. Nggak lama kemudian, dia malah pindah ke kost gue. So sekarang kita bener-bener tak terpisahkan. Udah gitu gue selalu dijadiin cover-up dia kalo dia selingkuh dong! Dan gue masih tetep mau temenan sama dia.

Gue sebenernya udah sadar dia itu punya unresolved problems di masa lalu but I was a teenager myself so I didn’t give a damn about anybody’s problem but mine. LOL. Anyway, she was actually a good friend and she was splurging me with free treats such as food and… um, only food, really. Haha. (I was such a hungry teenager)

Beberapa lama kemudian, gue pun sadar kalau barang-barang gue banyak yang ilang. Barang nggak penting sih, tapi aneh aja, kenapa bisa ilang. (FYI gue ini OCD ya! Gue tau barang gue apa aja dan ditaruh dimana) Gue kehilangan tank top, roti breadtalk (!!!), dan catokan rambut gue berubah bentuk!

Anak kost yang lain juga komplen hal yang sama. Ada yang kehilangan celana jeans, jepit rambut, CD lagu, flash disk, makanan di kulkas, sampe kantong kresek berisi MOMOGI!

Usut punya usut dan sempet maen detektif-detektif-an ala Conan (ini gue persingkat aja karena kalo gue ceritain detail nya bisa 10 hari nggak selesai) ketauan lah dia yang klepto-in tuh barang-barang semua. Gue jebol kamarnya (karena udah nggak tahan sama bohong2nya) dengan sepersetujuan anak kos-an and guess what I found????

Gue shock banget liat lemari dia isinya barang klepto-an semua, which is list barang-barang ilang seluruh anak kost-an. Dan yang paling aneh itu adalah… dia tuh tajir.

Kita ambilin balik semua barang-barang kita terus kita kunci balik kamarnya. Ketika dia pulang, dia tau barang-barang kita udah balik ke tempat semula, tapi dia NGGAK NGAKU LOH. Dia pura-pura gila aja, gitu!

Akhirnya gue confront lah si Mawar. “Gue tau lo klepto. Kita udah ambil balik semua barang kita dari lo. Nih tank top gue udah gue pake lagi!”

Dan tau nggak si Mawar bilang apa??? “Ngomong apa sih lo?” sambil pake muka bego dan memelas ala dia.


Gue masih berbaik hati dong bilang ke dia kalo gue nggak akan musuhin dia kalo dia mau ngaku dan seek professional help atau bilang ke bokapnya lah at least. EH DIA TETEP GA NGAKU, malah ngegosip di kampus kalo gue jelek-jelekin dia. APA SEHHHH?! Gila yeeee! Gue tuh udah compromise kalo dia tuh klepto, hobby selingkuh dan banyak problem psikis lainnya, dan gue tetep mau jadi temennya, tapi kalo delusional begini sih udah nggak masuk akal deh!

Sakit jiwa deh ni anak. Terus sejak kejadian gue confront dia, kita musuhan lah. Gue lupa ada kejadian apa, tapi kita sempet berantem teriak-teriakan di kost-an sampe dipisahin anak kost-an. Ni anak udah sakit jiwa, delusional, gengges banget pula! Dia ke kampus nangis-nangis dan dengan dramatis nya cerita ke temen-temen barunya kalo gue ngebully dia. WTF, MAWAR!!!!

So, by this point gue udah muakkk mampus sama dia. Gue marah bukan karena dia klepto, tapi karena she was being such a bitch about it dan men-dramatisasi semua hal!! Gue paling males kalo berantem sama temen itu terus dianya sok sok lemah gitu dan bilang gue nge-bully dia. (Ini kejadian beberapa kali sama beberapa temen cewek yang berbeda BTW)

Gue kan emang rada preman, dan kalo gue marah, yah gue ngomong apa adanya. Nah, biasanya cewek itu nggak bisa terima dan langsung deh jadi one weak victim. IDIH PALING MALESSSSSSS!! Sini lah lawan gue balik kaleeeeee, jangan malah ngadu-ngadu ke orang. Malesin!

Kadang emang malesnya temenan sama cewek tuh kayak gitu. Conflict resolutionnya norak banget!

Anyway cuma ada satu temen cewek gue yang berhasil berantem sama gue dengan fair, which is si Strawberry. Sekarang kalo kita inget-inget lagi kejadian berantem dan baikan kita jaman kuliah tuh pasti ngakak. Sumpah deh, malu-maluin dan drama abis!!! Kita berantem pake banting-banting-an pintu, terus surat-suratan lewat disket (YES! Disket! Hahaha) terus maki-makian terus baekan nya najis banget kayak di film india. Si Strawberry lagi masak di dapur terus gue panggil kan, terus dia buang tuh sodet masakannya ke lantai terus meluk gue. HUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Anjiiiisss!

Jadi beginilah bedanya dua kasus yang berantemnya nggak baikan dan yang berantem nya baikan. But yeah, gue sering berantem sama temen, udah terlatih dari rumah kali ya. (LOL)

Jaman SD itu berantem nya musuh-musuhan dan gank-gank-an gitu deh. Gue termasuk yang jadi kepala gank hahaha. Nggak bangga juga sih, sekarang malah malu. Terus gue sering banget berantem, tapi masih batas wajar lah… Tapi ntar kalo gue punya anak, gue lebih pengen dia jadi anak cewe yang tough dan nggak menyek-menyek. Kalo diganggu temen yang hajar balik lah!

Semakin gede semakin jarang berantem, apalagi jaman kerja gini, yaelahhh mau berantem sama siapa seeeh?! Tapi mungkin juga karena sekarang udah nggak give a damn lagi loh. Kalo situ nggak demen cara gue, yah urusan situ, bukan urusan gue! Kalo pun berantem sama temen biasanya solusinya gampang… Kalo diomongin baik-baik nggak bisa ya udah, jadi temen maen biasa aja, gak jadi temen deket, gampang toh?

Gue nggak takut sama konflik. Konflik itu normal terjadi di semua hubungan, temenan kek, pacaran kek, tapi asal penyelesaiannya fair, gue nggak masalah. Justru kalo nggak pernah berantem sama temen itu namanya aneh. Either lo nggak punya karakter atau nggak punya temen. :p

Sebenernya gue tuh kalau udah sayang temen, bisa sayang banget. Tapi yah kalo ternyata temennya nggak sayang balik sama gue, yah paling gue bete for a while, terus move on loh. Disappointed sih, tapi yah, life goes on. Nggak semua orang bisa keep up with my expectation. LOL.

But I’m grateful with my friends. They are very very special. Dan empat bridesmaids gue itu… kadang gue ga habis pikir gimana mereka bisa keep up sama semua request-request gue dan kegalauan gue yang unreasonable (khusus masalah wedding). Gimana mereka masih bisa ketawa-ketawa bilang, “mukanya May kayak pantat waktu di Burgundy!” padahal mereka kena marah melulu. Maybe that’s what friends are for. Kalau posisinya dibalik, I would do ANYTHING for them too. :)

Di umur kita yang sekarang (maksudnya semakin tua, gitu) waktu kita sama teman pasti berkurang. Kita pasti spend more time sama keluarga inti (suami/istri/anak) but I hope that I could always ALWAYS spend my time with my friends. And I will always ALWAYS prioritize them over my work. Friends and family are the most important thing in our life. Don’t ever let them down just because “I don’t have enough time” or “I’m busy”.

You can never bring back the time you’ve lost.

Hmm, kayaknya udah makin nggak jelas nih blabbering gue, padahal tadi lagi ngomongin soal berantem-beranteman. But anyway, I think I am a good friend, thus I have incredible friends. ;)

And here’s  quote to end this post in a good manner:


May, mantan preman.

#30daysblogging My gay friends

Day 4

Post is an idea from Icha Felicielo

I was eighteen years old when one of my good friend called me and asked for a coffee. We then met up at Gloria’s Jeans somewhere in Jakarta. I was just started my college then and I had a major crush with my lecturer.

We shared stories and then when it came to the live life talk, she said “I can never get married…”

“Why? Are you into someone who’s married? Because I am too.” I was referring to my lecturer who was happily married.

She answered, “no. I’m into a girl.”

It was the first time I had a friend coming out to me. And somehow, I’m glad she did.

I was really supportive to her. I listened to all her problems which I could never relate to and I always reminded her that nothing would ever change between us. She would always be my friend.

She was in a long distance relationship with her girlfriend after that and she had a hard time being true to herself. I could see it wasn’t easy to be a lesbian or gay man in Indonesia where people judge you so harshly. It was sad to hear her stories and it was even sadder because her girlfriend was half globe away from her. :(

When I heard her love story with her girlfriend, I never imagined it to be something weird or disgusting or whatever people call it. It is still love and it’s still beautiful and never even once it appeared in my mind about whether they are two girls in this story. Love is universal and inside my mind it just appeared to be TWO PERSONS falling in love.

The most important thing was… I learned how to accept my friends no matter what. To love a friend unconditionally. And now, 10 years later I still feel the same way. I never label anyone as gay or lesbian or anything. If they’re nice, then they can be my friends.

I have some gay guy friends who are openly out about their sexuality and I think it’s very very brave of them to come out, especially in Indonesia where people still frowns upon this stuff. I just hope people could be more open minded. Somebody’s sexuality is not anyone’s business so people could just back off.

I don’t care if my friend is gay or lesbian, as long as they don’t hurt me or betray me, then THEY ARE MY FRIENDS.

Is it true that gays are girls’ bestfriend?

Well I think it might be true. It is always fun to talk to gay guys. They are outspoken, lively and fun to be with. And we can check cute guys out together! :D

I believe I have gaydar (gay radar) which means a radar that can tell whether somebody is gay. It’s been numerous times that I had feelings about my closeted gay friends which turned out to be true! I think it’s my superpower. LOL

Oh I hope everyone could be honest to themselves and come out about their sexuality. I know it’s not easy, but if any of you read this, and you happen to be my good friend, I hope you’re comfortable enough to come out to me. I’ll be totally fine with it. It doesn’t matter you’re gay, you’re already weird to begin with. ;)


May, trying to be a good friend.

Friendships are like wine.

As usual, every Thursday I dig in old photos for the Throwback Thursday. This is something that I’ve been doing since twitter had #followfriday. I’m a soc-med whore (it’s not a secret) so I like to do this kind of thing. Throwback Thursday is my favorite of all hashtag in instagram, because it made me dig old memories and I love reminiscing old memories. =)

This morning I opened one of my dropbox folder named “Seraphine Hangover”. It was full of inappropriate blurry photos but I managed to find the most decent one.

This one.

This is the most decent photo I could find. =)

The two girls with me are my bridesmaids and the three guys are the unofficial chauffeur for the wedding. :p

This photo was taken on September last year, not so long time ago. It was just a casual hangout with my best buddies in Jakarta. Everytime I come back to Jakarta, we always hang out together, some ended without voice because we sing like there’s no tomorrow in the karaoke room, some ended with endless KFC chicken in our tummies, some ended up drunk.

The photo above doesn’t represent the full team of my best buddies. Let me give you another photo:


Wait, wait... this is a very old old OLD photo. :p

Wait, wait… this is a very old old OLD photo. :p

This might do!

This might do! Don’t mind Bandi. :p

So yeah, we’re best buddies. We all hate and love each other at the same time. We’ve fought, we’ve made up, we aren’t always together but when we meet, we rock on!

We’ve been friends since kindergarten. Yap! It’s been… what?! 20 years of friendship??? Holy moly!!!

We got very very close when we were in the fifth grade and then during our junior high we’ve written a diary together. There were 13 diaries in 3 years school-span. And trust me, everytime I read those diaries, I would crack my butt up for laughing too hard!!! LOLOLOL. How stupid we were. LOLOLOL

I watched a movie “Las Vegas” last Wednesday, it was about 4 best buds who have been friends since they were kids and they’re still friends in their sixties.

Bandi and I went to Bandi’s bestfriend’s wedding last Saturday. We went to Palembang for one day just to attend the wedding. After the wedding we hung out and Bandi could always act like a kid around his bestfriends. They don’t see each other so often but when they do, it’s just so cute seeing them calling each other names.

Anyway, what I was about to say is…

I just can’t imagine how my life would be without my friends. They’re like my family, my brothes and my sisters. We’ve been through so many things yet we’re still friends. No matter if we’re rich, poor, ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, no matter what race we are, no matter whom we love or what we’re doing, and no matter what we turned out to be, we are still friends. We were friends before we knew money, before we even got our period, before all the ugliness in the world tried to invade.

Just hanging out all night, singing our hearts out with one guitar.

Just hanging out all night, singing our hearts out with one guitar.

We just love to sing!

We just love to sing!

It was probably Avril's or Kelly Clarkson's song.

It was probably Avril’s or Kelly Clarkson’s song.

I love every one of them. =)

Friendships are like wine, the older the better.

(and also, they make you drunk. LOLOLOL)



May, who misses her friends so bad.

P.S: My previous post involving a wedding received hits tripled than usual. Whoa! Are people loving my bitching, or loving the wedding talks? Xp

Yang menang, yang girang, yang kutekan.

Hellooowwww! (pake nada Minion)

Dari 24 jumlah kontestan, cuma 4 orang yang bener.

Pulang sana kalian semua ke rumah masing-masing! Mau jadi apa masa depan dunia ini, nebak tiga cewek rempong aja salah. Ckckck.

Empat orang yang (pastinya) suka baca Sherlock Holmes (atau Komik Conan lah at least) adalah:

*drumroll please*





Gue curiga Dea dan Dina contek2an karena mereka best friend sejak lahir. Hmm… jadi apa kita eliminasi aja mereka?

Dari keempat orang diatas, gue harus mengeliminasi Nancy karena alasannya cuma berdasarkan “feeling aja” atau “kelihatannya”. Nancy, kalo kamu kerja untuk Mas Sherlock, pasti udah dipecat deh. Ini permainan logika, bukan mencari pacar, jangan pake hati dong ah. Cari pacar aja gak boleh pake hati terus loh! (lho kok curhat?) (Kenapa sih Nan, kenapaaaa?! Padahal secara geografis lo paling deket, gue gak mesti bayar kurir. Arrrghhh!)

Habis itu gue juga harus mengeliminasi Dea karena lagi2 cuma berdasarkan “kelihatannya”. Gak boleh de, jadi detektif nggak boleh gak pede. Kalo gak pede mah namanya tukang topeng monyet. (lho?)

Jadilah tersisa dua orang yang harus kuakui, punya daya analisa cukup tinggi.

Renny the independent pre-school teacher, Fenty the shy girl next door, Me the sanguine and Tannia the wild flight attendant.

Renny the independent pre-school teacher, Fenty the shy girl next door, Me the sanguine and Tannia the wild flight attendant.

Jawaban Dina:

A is Renny
Karena pas baca kepribadiannya, gw merasa agak mirip gw, dan tampang-tampang yang cocok dengan kepribadian kayak gw itu adalah tampang si A. *loh*
Eh tapi bener… menurut gw sosok yang berpotensi keliatan messy adalah si A. Lalu…karena ada soal gym freak, liat dari body nya harusnya agak sekel, menurut gw antara A dan C. Tapi si C ini potongan rambutnya ala ala flight attendant, jadinya gw pilih A deh.

B is Fenty
Mukanya rapi, bajunya rapi, gak heran kalo handwriting nya juga rapi. Dan sorot matanya, paling cocok kalo di deskripsikan sebagai girl next door yang rajin belajar, rada lola…. lemah lembut di luar, tapi kuat di dalam. Lalu…body nya bukan tipe gym freak deh kayanya. Kurang sekel. haha.

C is Tannia
Ini tebakan gw yang pertama. Pertama karena potongan rambutnya. Kedua karena make up nya. Make up nya nggak menor sih, tapi terlihat seperti biasa dandan, keliatan dari alisnya yang rapih. Most people nggak terlalu perhatian sama alis soalnya. Biasanya yang perhatian sama alis itu kerjanya di bidang perhotelan, sekretaris, atau ya flight attendant *sotoy*. Terus dari potongan body nya yang keliatannya lumayan seksi atletis, either dia si A yang gym freak atau si C yang hobi diving.

Jawaban Wu:

A: Renny – you mentioned she’s your cousin. Amongst three ladies her face resembles yours the most. Also, she seems to tan pretty well, the same as you (and I mean it as a compliment! I would kill for a gorgeous tan like that, girl). And she appears to have some type of fit build to her – the sign of someone who works out regularly. Her body language and demeanor, at least to me, say “strong and independent”.

B: Fenty – She has a shy, reserved smile amongst all four of you. She wears a floral printed top – a safe choice for people with reserved personality, preferring not to “stand out in the crowd”.

C: Tannia – You mentioned she used to have lion hair. Her hair looks very sleek and well kept, the sign of someone who takes extra time and care to make sure her hair looks just the way she wants it to be. (And a natural demand of her flight attendant profession, of course). Outgoing smile, sassy demeanor – all the markings of someone who works regularly with people and/or customer service. Good looks. Single and not looking – as made clear by her choice of top (LOVE IT) , to me it says “man repeller”. In a good way. Just in that “I know I’m hot and you can’t have me.” :D

Gue udah mikir sehari semaleman pake acara meditasi di gunung kidul juga gue nggak bisa menentukan siapa yang menang kuteks OPI nya, so gak ada yang menang aja gimana? HWAHWHWA.

Kagak lah,

karena gue baek dan manis dan rajin menabung (seperti Ruri Abangku) gue menangin aja deh dua-duanya. (padahal mah karena labil, nggak bisa bikin keputusan.)

So, dear Dina and Wu, kindly wait for my email owkaaayyy!

Buat Wu since kamu tinggal nun jauh di Amerika sana, gue beliin lewat Amazon, ok? =) Buat Dina ntar gue beliin disini dan gue kirim pake singpost.

Buat Dea dan Nancy, silahkan maki-maki Dina dan Wu. (pdhal yang ngeliminasi kan gue)

Terus terus, karena animo nya cukup rame, kayaknya gue nanti bikin lagi deh game kayak gini. Eh tapi kalo next game nya menangin novel gue aja pada mau kagak nih? Hahaha. (ini serius. gue masih ada stok kayak 5 lagi novel gue di rumah.)

Dan gue mau komen dua hal.

  1. Never apologize when you compliment people “Warna kulitnya nggak putih.” Well, the three of us (Renny, Tannia and me) tried so hard to make it that way. So when you said “You have a tanned skin” that means we succeeded. :) Putih itu cantik hanya untuk mainstream people! LOL
  2. Banyak banget komen yang bilang temen-temen gue cantik. Well, gue sebagai teman yang baik harus menjunjung kebenaran dong? So, I looked through my photos collections for ugly photos of them.
Hmm Not ugly enough. And why Fenty always looks pretty?! Not fair!

Hmm Not ugly enough. And why Fenty always looks pretty?! Not fair!

I asked them for ugly photos but they said they are never ugly. WHAT A BULLCRAP!

So look what I’ve found, friends. MWAHAHAHA *evil laugh*

I'm so happy right now

I sent this to the group and said “THIS IS SO GOING TO MY BLOG” Mwahahahaha

Thank you again, everyone to participate. My three friends, Tannia, Fenty and Renny did have a great laugh reading all your comments. =)

And of course So did I.


May, browsing for nail polishes.

Happy-go-lucky bridesmaids and a guessing game

I’m gonna talk about marriage and wedding and I swear to god as much as I don’t wanna talk too much about this because people will unfollow me (LOL), I don’t have any other interesting to blog. But I had to because of the “post a week” pact I made. Anyway… I have been busy booking BnB and preparing documents for visa application next month for the Euro Trip. It’s getting closer and I’m getting more excited and I’m getting broker! :D

The haze has faded and now PSI level comes back to normal but we don’t wanna get our hopes too high though because the haze now is being shifted to KL and probably would come back here again if the wind blows back south.

But let’s talk about the interesting thing. The REAL aftermath of my engagement. (not the oh-I’m-over-the-moon-fairy-tale-happy-one.)

I’ve only been engaged for 3 weeks and already it’s everyone’s wedding. I don’t complain. Because I really love how my friends are so excited about Bandi and I getting married, how they self-appointed themselves to be bridesmaids (yeah I have shameless friends) and they even already started choosing dresses (I don’t even choose my wedding gown yet!) But seriously, I love my friends who all suddenly became wedding expert (google involved) and troubled themselves for me.

Afterall, I do my wedding for them. For the people who actually care about me and Bandi. =)

If you asked, my dream wedding would be this.

Only Bandi, me and the sea.

Oh how I wish I could be that selfish. How I wish I could be careless about everyone. I would just go to Santorini and be Bandi’s wife.

But yeah, you guessed it right. As a Chinese, being the first grandson from his grandpa makes Bandi’s wedding very important for his family. And again, you guessed it right. I will be just a smiling doll on my wedding with people I don’t care about (and I don’t even know).

Again, I must not complain. Because I did complain to my mom (OMG I love my mom so much, she’s so cool about everything!!!) and my mom gave me pointer of how Chinese people loves wedding. It’s like their ego-booster if they succeeded to marry their child/grandchil/niece/nephew/[insert anything].

My mom on the other hand is so cool about everything. She said she’s okay with everything I plan and she talked mostly about how my wedding gown would be. Awww, mom, why so cute?

When Bandi’s Mom came 4 days after the proposal (bet she doesn’t want to delay even one day to discuss the wedding) Bandi and I told her that she could have anything she wanted for the wedding, we won’t protest.

Bandi said, “I only have one condition. I don’t want any Shark Fin’s Soup on my wedding. If I found out there would be Shark Fin’s Soup, I’d pack my bags back to Singapore. I swear to god.”


And I swear I didn’t even bring up the Shark Fin issue at the first place. It was all his idea! I mean, yeah I didn’t want Shark Fin OBVIOUSLY but I didn’t know he would dare to talk like that to his alpha-female mom! Hahaha.

His aunt objected at first, saying that Shark Fin represent wealth for the Chinese and Bandi only replied, “then you can have your wedding. I won’t be there.”


Cony Aww

I always think I have the best possible. A guy who loves me unconditionally. But now, it’s even better! A guy who defends animal and loves me unconditionally!!! WHAT A PERFECT MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! LOL LOL

Anyway Bandi knew that I hate chinese tradition and that I compromised so much to do this so yeah, I get to have my own wedding. MY WEDDING. hahahaha. Not the Santorini wedding of course, because I want my friends to come and party with us.

I won’t post details about my wedding like vendor and stuffs because not only there are a lot of wedding blogs out there you can trust more than me haha (and trust me you won’t find my wedding applicable LOL) but because my maid of honor and the three bridesmaids do most of the work. Hahaha.

Sometimes it’s sad to be away from all my friends. Maybe you all will think I’m weird for loving my friends more than my family. Well, there are different kinds of love. I love my family too, duh!

But friends are the ones you picked. You chose to be with them and made effort to always keep in touch. Let me talk about my three bridesmaids. One of them is my cousin, Renny. We’ve been bestfriends since I was one day old. And the other two are Fenty and Tannia whom I’ve been friends with since I was ten.

We’ve been friends since Fenty was still super fat, Tannia’s hair was still like lion and Renny was still crying about everything. LOL.

Ok now I have an idea for a GAME and I promise this involves a gift!! Yaiy!

I will tell short story about the three of them and you must guess who is whom from the photo. This is a guessing game of how you should never judge the book by its cover. For those who guess it right will get a gift from me. haha. Now this post sounds not so boring anymore, eh?


She’s a pre-school teacher, loves kids so much. Awkward in front of men, especially the one she has a crush on. Currently single and (seriously) looking. She’s witty, clumsy but would love to do anything to help me. She’s the most creative one among the four of us, thus she’s in charge of decoration (of course will get scolded by Ulen- my maid of honor because Ulen has OCD) and yeah, Renny is messy. She holds the record of losing her wallet, she mastered the art of blocking credit cards and reporting lost items to police. LOL. She’s independent, strong and a gym freak.


She’s a flight attendant and the smartest one among the four of us, used to be working for one of the big four of public accountant firm for her brain. Her love of traveling (and of course her good looks) brought her to be a flight attendant. She’s an excellent scuba diver and like all other divers, her favorite spot is Raja Ampat. She was one of the diver when Indonesia team made the world record on Indonesia’s independent day in Wakatobi. She’s very close to her mom she tells her everything. She’s the queen of karaoke and everytime we went for karaoke she was the last man standing. Currently single but not looking.


The one who called couple of places in Bandung to ask for quotations when she knew I was engaged. Thanks to her, I got my dream venue and is in the process of booking it. She is the shy one, the girl next door that you would love to have as a friend. Currently busy with work, boyfriend and adjusting her independent life. After 26 years, she finally lives alone by herself and she loveees every second of it. She has the prettiest hand writing among four of us and even though she had a very good grade at school, she’s the slowest one to catch our fast and rapid conversation. So, she must scroll and scroll and scroll up on our whatsapp group chat. She’s one of the strongest woman I know. =)

Here’s a pic of me and my three bridesmaids.

We've been friends since we were ten. =)

A, B, The Bride to be, C.

Here’s how to WIN the Game:

You just need to guess it who is whom in the comment. Example: “A is xxx, B is xxx, C is xxx” and don’t forget to mention why you guess it like that. Mentioning your reason may increase your winning possibility because if there are so many people guessed right, I would choose the one with the most logical (or not) reason.

The possibility to win is also increased if you tell your friend about it by Retweeting this post or promoting it on your blog. =)

Anyway tonight there will be a confederation cup match of Italy VS Spain. You all MUST PRAY that Italy will win, because if Italy wins the match, there will be TWO WINNERS. hahaha! I’m serious.

UPDATE: Italy lost through penalty shootout. So, there will only one winner. T.T (You guys didn’t pray enough)

What you’re gonna win:

If you’re a man, you’re gonna win this!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

A Sephora do-it-all Gel! Useful from head to toe!

If you’re a lady, you’re gonna win this!

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set. Choose any mini OPI set you want. =)

For the OPI Set, I would ask again what kind of color you like, whether it is neon, pastels or different shades of red so I could buy exactly what you like. (I try my best to find it, don’t choose the one from three years ago lah.)

Terms and Conditions: The game will only be valid for a winner if there are at least 15 contestants. (So, please do tell your friends.)


Who could join the Game?

EVERYONE!! Well, as long as you are residing on earth. :p (Unless of course people who know them, so please please don’t spoil it!)

When the game ends?

The game ends on 30th June. If until the end of June there are still not enough contestants (15 guessers) then it is considered void. But if there is enough guessers, I will announce the winner on Tuesday 2nd July.

Any other Question?

Just drop me an email or ask me via twitter! =)

Good luck!

So, that’s a wrap for my happy-go-lucky posting. I hope you all enjoy my first game-giveaway. Haha.

Yeah, it turns out I didn’t talk much about the wedding, did I? But don’t worry, I will bitch about the wedding planning sometime. LOL.


May, looking for the lucky winner.

3 awesome things on last weekend

1. We found the polka dot cow and submitted the photos and we won!

For the past one month, there has been so many plywood-made cows all over the town. This is actually a movement to raise awareness for liking outdoors and environment. The advertisement also mentioned that if we found the polka-dot cow who surfs, we could win a prize!

Guess what, when strawberry visited last weekend, I literally walked kilometers everyday with her, going around Singapore and we found the polka-dot cow!!!



My friend Ricky was with us and submit this picture of me and my two besfriends, quoting “Reunited with old friends.”

The submitted photo

The submitted photo

And guess what again, he won the lucky draw prize! Here’s the proof.

I never won anything in my life!

I never won anything in my life!

Well, it wasn’t me who won, but technically I won too. Haha!

The funny thing is… last Saturday Ricky and I talked about those times when we used to go to the movies for free. Ricky used to receive free tickets from his brother and would bring me to movie theater. I said “Oh how I miss the times of going to movies for free.”

And the lucky draw prize is… a pair of Gold Class movie tickets!!!

GEEZ!!! How words could really turn into prayers that easy!!! Now you know you REALLY can’t talk about bad things cause it could happen!!! I remember this quote I’ve read long time ago…

“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” —John Greenleaf Whittier

So yeah, that also works for saying good things, it might happen!

Ah awesome, I’m going to a Gold Class cinema for freaking free!!! I went to Gold Class before and it was free too (Bandi got a free pair as a gift for being the most likable colleague on his company’s dinner) and it was AWESOME! I’ve tried the 21 Premierre in Bandung before but seriously this is much much more awesome! I think there was only 40 people per cinema and the barcalounger chair is so great and the screen is also. The ticket costs $38 per person if I’m not wrong.

I remember I told Bandi I don’t think I will ever purchase a movie ticket this expensive, so if it wasn’t free I would never go. But yeah, I’m kinda lukcy. =)

2. I FINALLY ate syomai abang-abang after one and half year!



Yeah!!! FINALLY!!! Even though the photo doesn’t look appetizing, trust me, it was very VERY GOOD! (Well, even the worst syomai still tastes good for me. I LIKE SYOMAI like crazy!) My strawberry is so criminal minded she smuggled the syomai into the cabin!!! Hahaha. Worth the risk, mi amigo!

3. This photo! And the fact that I spent my weekend with my bestfriend.

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

This photo is priceless and editless. =)

I have never laid on the grass like this before (I always wanted though) and even though we both had a problem with ants, we did it. Of all the hundreds of photos we had taken that weekend, WE LOVE this photo the most!!! And trust me, it took so many effort to open the eyes because the sun was just too bright! We finally found a wide tree and laid down beneath the tree. And this is the first shot ever! =D

And anyway, this photo was taken at the park of Vivo City’s balcony.


May, physically exhausted.

Err, Let me have one bonus collage photos of Strawberry and me. =D