30 days blogging GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway comments are closed! =) Thank you!

Yep yep, I put the “giveaway” word in capital because this is a giveaway post! Woot!!!

Let me splurge you with the giveaway present first. The present is…


Notice that (*) over there? That’s a “terms and conditions” star! Hahaha!

Basically you can buy anything online with a price range up to US$20 maximum (including the shipping fee). You just send me the online shop links and I will transfer the money to the OL shop or pay it online if it’s from Amazon/ebay/bookdepository/qoo10.

Or if you live in Indonesia/Singapore and you prefer to have them cash, I would offer the cash equivalent with Rp. 200,000.-/S$20 (fund transferred by Bank)

Fun, right?

What you have to do is just helping me creating a 30 days blogging challenge topic for the month of March.

Here’s step by step of how to participate for the giveaway!

  1. Give me a topic for a blog post via comments. The topic can be anything but boring! Don’t give me a boring topic, ok?! The more you give the more you have the chance to win. But don’t give 30 topics lah! Xp
  2. Write your blog address if you want me to put your blog address on the proposed post. =)
  3. Browse online shops for the things you want to purchase. LOL

So simple right?

Now, let me tell you how I decide the winner…

  1. On 1st March I will announce 30 topics and from whom do I get it from. If the topics are less than 30 then I will skip some days during the month of March. If the topics are more than 30 then I will have to eliminate the topics that aren’t so fun for me.
  2. After the 30 days challenge on March (2-31 march 2014), I will decide the winner based on how many hits the post get! I will count the hits maximum 5 days after the 30 days challenge ends. So make sure you share the blog link on the day I post your idea and make sure your idea is so interesting. =)
  3. The winner of the highest hit of the posts during 30 days blogging will be contacted by me on the first week of April.

I hope this 30 days challenge will push me to write often! Kyaaa~~~ Now I’m excited!!!

Comments are opened until 1st March 10 am Spore time.

Good luck!


May, needing ideas.