#30daysblogging Super Cupcake

Day 18

Post is an idea fromĀ Gillian.

Whoa! It’s been 18 days straight! Woot woot! And I gotta tell you, juggle between work and blog are not easy. Phew!

Today will be fun because we’re talking about superpower!!! Woooottt! Yes, in this imaginary world I was a superhero! And what was my superpower???

Let’s cut this short and let me present to you… MY IMAGINARY SUPERHERO!!!


Well, it looks more like fairy godmother actually, but let’s just call it… FAIRY SUPERHERO!!! Awesomesauce!

The boots were made for running and/or stepping on fire and any kind of surface,

The dress was mixed between Elsa the Ice Queen and Sailor moon! The fairy wings were…. being put there because it’s just pretty to have fairy wings… and of course so I can fly.

The necklace had a special pendant that protect me from any kind of attack. On the other words… I amĀ INVINCIBLE. (yess!!!)

And you probably guess what the sparkling star wand is for???

The wand has a magic superpower for… changing cupcakes, potato chips, fries and all other fatty food to be healthy!!! So no more guilty feeling after we binge eating! Isn’t it awesome or what???

I will visit all the nice girls and put spell on their food so it will become healthy! SO NO MORE SKINNY BITCHES because everybody would have healthy body!!!

Hahaha, I know I know, this sounds lame… But seriously I’ve always wanted that superpower!!!

I don’t want to be invisible or to be able to change steel to pot of gold or any other superpower to protect the world. I just want to make people eat whatever they want and not worrying about their weight and their cholesterol. I want us to be happy!!!

I really want to have this sparkling star wand! I want iiiiiiiiit!!!!!!

And what should I call my self? Hmm….

I think I would call myself…

Super Cupcake

Because my main power is give away so many cupcakes that won’t make you fat and make you happy!!! XD

Be happy because I’ll only give my cupcakes to happy people!


May, The Super Cupcake