Fifteen years later, her dream came true.

Fifteen years ago, I fell in love with football.

And then I fell in love with a very talented football player named Fabio Cannavaro.

And then I fell in love with AC Parma, Cannavaro’s old team.

And then eventually I fell in love with Azzuri (Italian National Team).

Wait, I hope there is another verb to describe my feeling because love wasn’t enough. I lived through them, I lived for them.

However I grew up and life happened and even though the love’s still there, I’m not that naive anymore.

Two years ago, I met Fabio Cannavaro in person. Universe has proven me that if you really REALLY believe in one dream, the universe will conspire and make your dream come true.

And it happened. I met Fabio Cannavaro. What are the odds?

Three weeks ago, another dream has come true. The twelve years old little girl named May had a dream that she will visit Ennio Tardini someday. Not so common for a travel destination but she loved Parma so much and she wanted to visit the town someday.



Guess what, she did.

(Geez I’m so corny I cried while typing this.)

But seriously… when I was a kid, I wasn’t so happy at home. The only thing that made me happy was football. I was watching football and daydreamed about all the nice things. That someday I will visit Italy, I will come to Parma, see Ennio Tardini and I will met Cannavaro.

I know it sounded so silly back then. It was almost impossible but somehow just daydreaming about it made me happy.

If only I could go back for a second and meet the twelve years old May, I would kiss her and said, “you will make it someday. Never stop dreaming.”

Let's go inside!

Let’s go inside!

Run now!!!! I can't wait another second!

Run now!!!! I can’t wait another second!

OMG! This is happening!

OMG! This is happening!

Oh wow! I've made it.

Oh wow! I’ve made it.

Graawwwhhh!!! I dont know what to say anymore!

Graawwwhhh!!! I dont know what to say anymore!

It was surreal

It was surreal

Definitely a moment to remember. =)

Definitely a moment to remember. =)

Even fifty years from now, I will still remember the feeling. I will always always remember the feeling. =)

Parma per sempre!

Parma per sempre!


Making the childhood dream came true: checked!

Making the childhood dream came true: checked!


You live your life everyday but only a few moments left an unforgettable points in your life. I wanna make sure I have a lot of moments to remember in my life. =)

You live your life everyday but only a few moments left an unforgettable points in your life. I wanna make sure I have a lot of moments to remember in my life. =)

Oh I'm glad I was such a silly little dreamer. =)

Oh I’m glad I was such a silly little dreamer. =)

Never stop dreaming… and believing. No matter how silly/stupid/impossible it seems. You’ll never know. =)

This year is a hundredth anniversary of AC Parma.

I wish Parma will always be the humble team, and someday could really win a scudetto. =) Well, I’ll never know. ;)


May, her childhood dreams came true.

Dreams do come true.

13 years ago, I never thought this would happen. However, I dared to dream.

From my previous post, (here!) it was very obvious how a man named Fabio Cannavaro really helped me go through my unstable teenage life. Almost every night before I slept, I daydreamed about how I would meet him again someday. Some dream was very simple, some was beyond reality, such as he’d take me to outer space or I became his manager and won scudetto together. It might sound silly, but that could be the only thing that got me through my rough teenage days.

I remember my friends used to say I’m delusional or I dream too much. And that dreams will only make you fly and crash you back to hurt you. Well, friends, I just met Cannavaro. This time, LITERALLY.

He retired last month, 13 years from the first time I saw him playing football. Since then, I knew soccer won’t be the same again without him. I kinda felt deeply sad as I realized I won’t ever see him because he stopped playing soccer. How would I ever meet him without going to Italy, buy an expensive ticket and watched him play?

Somehow, dreams do come true. Somehow Universe, once again, do me a favor. From 196 countries, he chose to go to Singapore to promote Soccer. And out of 196 countries, I chose Singapore to runaway to.

So, the two tiny dots on this big earth could finally cross each other. Thank you, universe.

There he is

I was only “Oh my God, Oh My God, Oh my God!” when everyone asked him for his signature. Then he still signed my training pass. He also signed the Italy Jersey that I wore (and now will never ever be washed ever!).

I was a neurotic fan. I was frozen in front of him. I was very happy, I could die! Even writing about it now still makes me shivering a little bit.

Fabio Cannavaro was super awesome! He was friendly, nice and really down to earth. He was just like an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary talent.

He didn’t speak English well. He only greeted us “How are you?” with an Italian accent and said “relax, take it easy…” when people was crazy asking his signature. He waited until nobody asked anymore signature then he left, “no more? Okay then. Thank you! Goodbye!”

I stood exactly in front of him. I just stood there, catching every ion, and taking as many as mental picture since we were not allowed to take picture with him.

I stood half meter in front of my lifetime hero. I must be the luckiest bitch ever existed in this world.

Well, never let anybody in this world to tell you that it’s just a dream. People who’s afraid to dream are cowards and pathetic. Let’s dream! Let’s wish! Let’s ask stupid things! Coz guess what, it might come true. :)

This is a moment to remember. This is one of those stories that I would tell my grandchildren over and over again. Thank you universe, to once again, reassured me dreams do come true.

I got Cannavaro sign my Jersey!

All we gotta do is believe.