A kid who kept poking his nose with pencil… again and again…

Owen is my favorite student, the dyslexia genius who googled everything he wanted to know. But this post is not about him. It’s about his classmate named Andrew.

We started the class well as the got along very well. Skipped the first 45 minutes and go straight to the BINGO time in the last 15 minutes. At first, Owen played it against Andrew. He always won. How come he didn’t win? He even always won over me, and I never let him win on purpose.

Andrew is a kind of weird boy (in Bahasa is, cengo dan terlalu banyak bengong, dan mukanya selalu bingung) whose face always looked confused. However, Owen took over the game and asked that He would merge with Andrew, play the BINGO against me. When we started to play the game, Andrew just kept staring at us and poking his nose with his pencil. Yes, I know, it’s yucky.

“Eeeooowww! It’s yucky, miss! Andrew pokes his nose with pencil,” cried Owen.

“Andrew! Don’t do that! It’s dirty…” I told him to stop.

“Okay, let’s go again,” I asked Owen to continue the BINGO game.

Then Andrew did that again.

“leaf,” Owen said the words from BINGO.

“Andrew, don’t poke your nose with pencil! It’s yucky!” cried me.

Then he stopped.

“Again!” I asked Owen to repeat the words.

“LEAF, miss…” said Owen more clearly this time.

And Andrew did that again. He poked the nose again.

“ANDREW! Don’t do that!”

“But you said AGAIN…” replied Andrew with a straight face.

And that’s how Owen and me laughed our asses off in the class.

Miss May