Is my drawing really that bad?

Austin is a nice boy who happens to be too honest. Seriously, boy… when you grow up, you’ll have trouble with women for being too honest. *grin*
We talked about rhyming families “-OD”, which originally written 3 words in the book with the pictures, rod, cod, and pod.
I asked Austin as my finger pointed for the original big fish picture on the book, “What is cod?”
“Cod is a big fish in the sea,” answered him.
“Good job! What about rod?” My finger pointed to the original rod picture.
“Rod is for fishing,” answered him confidently.
“That’s correct. What about pod, Austin?” My fingeredmoved to the original pod  picture.
“Pod is for eating. It’s a vegetable.” He explained more confidently.
I always put extra words for the rhyming families, and today I put “nod” (an up and down move with our head) together with them, and drew a drawing for explaining the word “Nod. Here is the drawing.


“What is nod, Austin?” asked me.
And as confident as before, he answered it loudly, “Nod is a crazy man!”

*time to laugh and mock at my drawing guys…*

Yes, a five year old boy made me feel terrible about my drawing, but no harms taken though. :p