Hey There Little Ms. Drama Queen!

I’ve just realized, it’s been a very long time since I cried.
Where did the little Ms. Drama Queen go? What did I do to her?

She was a fun person. She laughed over a silly and stupid things. She was nice to everyone.

She liked roller-coaster and she somehow played her heart as the funfair. And She REALLY enjoyed it.

She scared easily, she did stupid things she’d regret later.
It took hours to make her stop crying.

She was that little drama queen inside of me who fell in love with a volleyball athlete and had the most 3 romantic days ever, and went alone to Lembang just to cry over a stupid thing.

I miss her.

I know she’s annoying and a little bit too much to take, but she would do anything to make someone happy.

I don’t mean to wake her up now, if she’s actually sleeping there somewhere inside of me. I just want her to know I miss her. I didn’t mean to get rid of her, I just had to do what I had to do. She taught me so many valuable lessons anyway.

See Ya, Little Ms. Drama Queen.
I miss crying to sleep though, which someday I would like to do again. 