How did I get my toned abs in 13 days?

Last Sunday I posted a half naked photo of me on my instagram. Okay, half naked sounds so exaggerating LOL. (so much for attention, May?) I posted a photo of me showing off my toned abs.

This photo!

This photo! (took on 25th August 2013

I also posted it to close friends on Path and got the attention. (yeah you all know I’m an attention whore) however I am seriously delivering a message here.

I am fed up with people complaining about their bodies. If you are not happy with your body, change it!!! If you are too lazy and lacking of motivation and using thousands of excuses, then DON’T COMPLAIN!

Here’s an important note: I am not achieving to be skinny. So if you think I’m not skinny enough to show off my body then you can go to hell. This is the body that I want. I am happy with my body now.

My colleague commented “Yeah you lost a lot of weight but your ass is still big.” WTF? I like my ass! I see my ass as an asset rather than a liability!


Problem? Photo was taken on May 2010.

That’s my ass and I LOVE IT!

I love being curvy and sexy, thus I don’t starve myself. And I remind you all to enjoy life, embrace everything life offers, including the delicious food but learn about SELF CONTROL.

I have started to do sit-ups 100 times a day from 1st January 2013 because it is my new year’s resolution to change my body to the way I wanted.

From 1st march 2013, I realized it wasn’t enough so I started to do 150 sit-ups and some push-ups and start the morning run. But the most important thing: I started to watch what I eat. What do I mean by “watch what I eat”? I tried to eat less carbs and more vitamins. I drink banana-strawbery-bluebrry-kiwi-yoghurt smoothies for my dinner for weekdays (but seriously failed most of the times) and then went food fiesta on weekends. The fiesta of course not total pigging out but I eat good food, the food I love like sushi and sushi and sushi… Hahahaha! Sometimes I go for Buffet too! You see I still post foodies on my instagram, it was probably my weak moments.

However, I lose weight bits by bits. During 5 months I had lost 2.5kgs. That’s what I like, I don’t suffer from hardcore diet, I still enjoy life and I lose weight. All I have to do is just watch what I eat and control myself.

And then August comes, and it’s time for MAYO DIET! What is Mayo Diet? Read more about diet mayo from my post last year. Yes, this diet is a detox diet that makes you lose 5-7 kilos but only allowed to be done once a year.

I’ve known this diet since my college year but I’ve never completed it because I was skinny back then, I never struggle with weight problems until my mid-twenties.

However, the most amazing thing happened. This mayo diet makes your body release the fats through urine (yes you pee a lot) and all the hard work I’ve done since new year paid of!! My abs muscle shows up! During my mayo diet, almost all my fats I used to gather on my belly is gone and there it is, the sexy muscle that’s been hiding all along. Come out, you!

Never get tired to see the great muscle no matter how many times I see it. :p

Never get tired to see the great muscle no matter how many times I see it. :p

If you are not a big fan of exercises, you probably will have the flat belly too but not as ripped as mine. But I’ve always been dreaming of ripped abs forever. (I had it once too when I was 19 years old — 200 sit-ups a day for 4 months and morning run) Okay lahhh my abs hasn’t even close to be a ripped abs, but seriously it’s PRETTY AWESOME!

But let me tell you something,


You will find yourself hallucinating about eating cheeseburger, I even had so many dreams about indomie! I’m serious. You are physically full but psychologically starved. Because you are craving for MSG and SALT.

And one more thing, You must clear up your social schedule for two weeks for this diet. I did. You have no idea how hard it is to blow of Ramen invitation, sushi invitation. etc. And don’t tempt yourself! Don’t go out to shopping malls or crowds, it’ll make you want to buy food! Stay at home, watch TV, do crafts, or whatever. Put your diet as your TOP priority. Trust me, life is easier with sorted priorities.

If you can’t commit to the diet for 2 weeks, THEN DON’T DO IT!!! Because the ruined mayo diet will make your weight even more than before. Don’t commit if you can’t do it.

Yesterday Bandi and I were discussing about why we were doing this diet. What motivated us and when to stop. (Bandi does the diet together with me btw)

I told him I will stop when I lose the fats on my thigh and that is why I’ve been doing squats everyday and why I keep running (and thank god I love running). I told him not to worry because I won’t lose my curve (Bandi loves curvy girls) because I love my curve too and the only thing that motivates me is because I’m competitive with myself. I like to challenge myself and see how it turned out.

So, I have been showing off my abs, and I have shared my mayo diet secret, what is the purpose of this post?

This is to motivate you, to inspire you that…


Oh god knows how much I love food! I live to eat! But I can learn how to do self-control and if I can, you can too!

I don’t remember how many times I cursed, “Fuck this shits, I don’t care if I’m fat!” and then go binge-eating on McDonald’s but then I inhaled all the guilt and the shame and bounced back.

I’m not saying that being fat is not good. It is okay to be fat as long as you are comfortable with it. If you don’t like dieting of exercising, THEN STOP COMPLAINING YOU’RE FAT!

Was I comfortable being fat? NO.

Yes, it’s an honest answer. NO.

Let me show you the photo when I was fat:

Photo taken on May 2012 on Halong Bay Vietnam.

Photo taken on May 2012 on Halong Bay Vietnam.

I’m not comfortable and I hate it. I won’t talk crap about being fat is unhealthy and I exercise to be healthier and all the shits. NO! I exercise to have a ripped abs, for vanity, not for health. Health is a bonus!

Don’t be hypocrite. NOBODY GOES TO GYM TO BE HEALTHY (Unless you’re 40 years old uncle with heart problem), THEY GO TO GYM TO HAVE A GOOD BODY! So you will be comfortable being naked or in bikini.

I deserve this abs!

After millions of sit-ups, waking up at 5 am to do the morning run, blowing off Ramen for Berry juice and those horrible 13 days of Mayo diet, I DESERVE TO WEAR TANK TOP and look good on it!

Photo 29-8-13 8 42 00 PM

Focused on the tummy! Photo taken on 29th August 2013, the last day of Mayo Diet.

The AfterMath

I have completed my last diet mayo yesterday. Let me recap for you.

2012 Mayo diet: Lost 5 kgs, then binge-eating and gained 2kg, then started to watch what I eat and lost another 2kg. 2013 Mayo diet: Lost 4 kgs. TOTAL weight loss: 9 kgs. (during 1 year timeline)

Let me tell you something amazing: From the very first time Bandi came back from US until yesterday, he HAS LOST 21 KG’s (during 2.5 years timeline). How awesome is that? He has done mayo diet twice and done regular exercise like football and running. (Even though most of my friend said Bandi lost weight because he couldn’t handle the stress living with me. WTF!)

I will might as well embarrass Bandi too since everything is revealed. Here’s his photo of before and after the never-ending lose-weight journey:

Where did those 20 kilos of fats go?

Where did those 20 kilos of fats go?

I just wanna to tell you that… It’s not easy, and there is no shortcut. You just got to work on it. I guess Bandi didn’t really work hard on it anyway because he barely watched what he ate. He loves food too much. But he did commit for 120 push-ups everyday and regular football and regular run. (But he loves football so it’s like win-win for him)

Enough about him, I don’t want him to steal my thunder. LOL

I usually heard people said it’s impossible for them to lose weight because [insert millions of excuses]. Think again, do you think it really is impossible to get the body you want?

The only thing that separates you from what you want is YOURSELF!

I don't. You should not too!

I don’t. You should not too!

Never give up until you get what you want. If you failed once, TRY AGAIN! Don’t be a wimp! TRY AGAIN until you get what you want!

So, after 13 days of torture, living without salt, what is the first thing I ate this morning? On the day of my freedom?


Egg Benedict with no poached egg.

Egg Benedict with no poached egg.

Apparently my super awesome boyfriend didn’t want to waste even one meal to enjoy today so he cooked me Egg Benedict this morning. He’s been talking about wanting to try Egg Benedict for so long and now he said the moment was right. I’m so proud of him that he didn’t break his Hollandaise sauce! (It’s his first time) but however he couldn’t make a poached egg so he replaced it with half-cooked omelette.

It might seem pretty shocking for you but if you’re friend with me on facebook  you’ll know that most of my home-cooked meal was done by Bandi. Yeah, he has passion for cooking and he’s good with it. =)

he loves to cook and I love to eat! What are the odds?! XD

So, what are we having for dinner? Hmm… I’m thinking of Best Ramen in town and Apple Crumble as dessert. And probable chocolate milkshake from Max Brenner. What? Maintain my tummy? Hey! I deserve a food fiesta today! =D And tomorrow, since I’m coming to Bandung!!! Batagor here I come!!! WOOTTTT!

My conclusion is…..

If you feel comfortable with your body, NO WORDS CAN BRING YOU DOWN, even though you’re overweight. If you’re comfortable with that, YOU DON’T NEED TO STARVE OR CHANGE ANYTHING.

But if you’re not comfortable with your body and you need to change it, STOP WHINING AND START EXERCISING!!! A journey of thousand miles begin with first step. Start the little step today, no matter how little.

It’s not about how fast you lose weight, it’s about how much you want it. NEVER GIVE UP! Hey it took me one year to have the body I want, don’t pressure yourself, take it slow. Nothing good comes instantly. It’s all hard work. =)

P.S. DRINK MORE WATER! =) If you need to ask anything I’ll be glad to answer! email me or ping my LINE. =)

P.P.S. Bandi is no longer Mr. Grumpy now that he can eat salt again. Yaiy!

P.P.P.S Quick link to may Diet Recipe here –> Diet Mayo.


May, The lucky bitch with awesome abs.


This is gonna be a short and (hopefully) berbobot post. Got it? Short and berbobot rhyme! LOL.

Okay, seriously, I wanna share this thing.

Maybe you all will be surprised if you know I’m quite religious.

Um, okay that sounds so bullshit. It’s not that I’m religious, but I am really fond of my faith. Anyway I’m Buddhist, I believe in universe and karma. My mom has introduced me to Japanese Buddhist philosophy since I could read and I bought it. I found it to make sense and I made some of my life’s important decision based on the philosophy. I’m comfortable with it and I’m pretty sure I will pass the value to my kids.

Anyhow on my college year, I met a friend and he got me to be more involved to one particular organization which is based on this Japanese Buddhist too and I felt my faith has been getting stronger ever since. When I moved to Singapore he happened to be in Singapore too so with him I continue to involve with the Singapore based organization.

So, to connect this spiritual talk with the title, commitment, let me cut to the chase. I told him that I wanted to take one important step on my spiritual life. I want to apply for an ownership to a scroll so now I can chant towards the scroll, not only to a thin air. He told me that it is a serious commitment and am I ready for it?

I have talked to Bandi and he, as usual, is very supportive. He didn’t understand why does it need a commitment though because with or without scroll, I can always chant.

That’s true. But without the scroll I won’t feel guilty if I haven’t chanted for a month, let’s say because I don’t have commitment.

So I made a pact with myself. I have to chant every day. I have to make a commitment. Since I’m afraid of marriage kind of commitment, let me have a commitment with my faith first. If I could, then I would probably apply for a scroll.

After three days of chanting, I texted my friend, I told him it’s been so long since I chant this often, and he sent me this:

Photo 15-3-13 8 34 18 AM

I was bitch-slapped by this quote. FREAKING TRUE. for everything, not only for faith, for marriage but even smaller things like… painting!

A year ago, I started to paint again, but that only lasted about one week. Then I started to cook from sushi to steak and even baked cakes, then I got bored and stop trying new recipe. Then I enrolled gym and dance class and even martial art class, all are never finished. Yeah, I’m a quitter.

But then Bandi told me, “if you’re a quitter why do you always get what you want?”

That is when a commitment took part. Painting, cooking, baking, dancing, swimming are all my interests. While writing, traveling, running and hopefully my French class are commitment.

Of all these years, even though I’m lazy, I always spare my time for writing and of all these years no matter how broke I am, I always spare money and time for traveling. All of these years no matter how fatter I become or how lazy I am, I always spare time for a run. That, my friend, is commitment. You cannot quit.

Then let’s go to relationship and friendship commitment. All my close friends are either in Indonesia or wandering somewhere and that makes it hard to maintain the closeness. However, since I’ve lived here, I realize that not only relationship needs commitment, friendship does too. You don’t text them or call them only on your convenient time, but also when they need you even when you’re about to have a meeting with your boss or fight with your boyfriend, you must always lend an ear for a friend. That, my friend, is commitment. You cannot quit.

Then the talk continues to… having kids. This is like the BIGGEST commitment of all, and the only thing that scares me. You will be responsible for another human being, for freaking 18 years! And after 18 years you still have to worry occasionally for them! How tiring is that?

But then I remember… how awesome having a friend is, a best friend who completes your sentence and answer “OMG he did what??” for all the small sweats you complain. Being committed to a friend is effortless.

So probably having a kid or get married (not that I wanna do it in that order) could be awesome too.

I’m sorry if this post turns out to be NOT SHORT and NOT BERBOBOT. That’s just me, being committed to my silly self.

Cheers anyway,

May with her sok-wise smile.