#30daysblogging Is everyone capable or raising a child?

Day 12

Post is an idea from Nancy

There are three things I have never liked to post about: 1. about my parents or my parental family; 2. about my work; 3. about children (my future children)

However, when Nancy gave a thought provoking topic, I couldn’t say no to talk about children. Well at least we’re talking children in general, not mine.

I have made a post before regarding whether everyone is capable of falling in love, and I haven’t got the answer yet now I’m talking about the other sensitive question. She asked whether everyone is capable of raising a child?

Not giving birth, not being pregnant or putting your sperm onto someone’s ovary, not being a mother/parent technically, but raising a child.

Thankfully for this one, I have my pretty fixed opinion.

My opinion is… NO. I don’t I think everyone is capable of raising a child.

Some were born to have nurturing trait and they dreamed to have kids and when they actually have one they are good at raising them. These people are good parents. They love their kids unconditionally, give the best to their kids and the most important is… THEY NEVER COMPLAIN. They love being parents.

Some were born without the nurturing trait yet they are willing to learn and they are willing to sacrifice their selfish time for the kids. They’re probably not the perfect parents that society approves for but they work hard to be parent.

Some were just born selfish. They love themselves too much it’s impossible to put someone else’s priority above them. These people should not have kids. Yet, a lot still turned up to be one. Oh well… It is lucky (or smart) of she/he married somebody who has the nurturing trait, however I always believe that good parenting comes from a teamwork between father and mother.

For women, the pressure of being parent is bigger than the men. In our society, you are not a woman before you give birth. You are not whole as a woman. Your purpose as a woman is to give birth and be mother.


So I’m not a woman if I don’t have kids? So my vagina fails? F%#K You!

I hate those people who said “The real woman must give birth, so they become whole.” WTF, this is so wrong. I can’t imagine if somebody wanting to be whole as a woman and ended up pregnant and then she gave birth and then she thought WTF is this, nothing changed, oh no, I didn’t want the baby! So freaking twisted! She didn’t have a replay button, oh no!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I know. But everyone is also entitled to their decision whether they want or don’t want to have kids. Some stupid women let other people make decision for them!

Some people are so selfish and twisted and vain and when they became mother, they would so gonna ruin the child. I’m talking about Snooki and Farrah Abraham for examples. I’m not judging. They’re just victim of the ugly society (and broken condoms).

Because of this pressure for the society, a lot of selfish women were being pregnant half-heartedly… And who is the victim? The children… :(

Complaining moms are normal. I mean, if they complained like “Oh man, teaching my daughter Math is impossible!” or “My kids ruin my backyard again, Graaawh!” it’s totally fine. But when you read something like “Oh, it’s nice of you to go to that party while I’m stuck with my crying baby at home. X(” on facebook and the endless complains from new moms how spending time with their baby is sad, you know something is wrong.

Why would someone complain having a baby when you were the one who wanted it at the first place?

Don’t. Just don’t.

You don’t have to have a baby.

Or if you’re not ready, you don’t have to have a baby NOW. You don’t have to rush things because it’s not only your life, it’s an innocent baby’s life on stake.

Ok, I don’t want to start blabbering about this issue having child too soon because I will so gonna repeat what I said on this post. (anyway that post is one of my best blabbering ever. LOL)

So yeah, the conclusion is… Not everyone is capable of raising a child.

I mean, technically yes, everyone could raise a child, but raising a child in a proper way for the kids to be healthy physically and mentally, NO.

The kids must have some mental problem (don’t be ashamed almost everyone have at least one) or some traumas when they were raised in a disturbing environment i.e. parents fighting all the time, lack of parent’s love and/or attention. It’s just the saddest. :(

I’m not a mom, so you can say this is bullshit and I don’t know how it feels to raise kids or have kids, well you’re right I DON’T. So this might be a bullshit. But I don’t rush it. I admit it to the freaking world that I’m not ready. It’s so weird when people ask about “Oh you’re getting married? How many kids do you want?”

Wait wait wait hold on. Getting married is not equal with having kids. They are two different things. It’s like asking “Oh you’re buying a plasma TV? How many cupcakes do you want?” Not related.

Oh well, I should really stop typing before I make Bandi even more nervous. LOL. Relax Bandi, if you read this, I DO WANT TO HAVE YOUR KID(S) SOMEDAY, ok? Geez, relax!

And I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna be a great mom. I will. someday.



May, screwing off before it gets to hormon-y