#30daysblogging LAST DAY!

Day 30

Post is an idea from Chelle, the cutie kid in blogsphere!

Last day! Woot woot!!!

Even though I supposed to talk about characters from movie TV series, I think I would blabber too… I’m just not in a good mood (PMS maybe?) so I feel a little stressed.

But first of all, let’s talk about the characters from TV series who I love the most…

Carrie Bradshaw

Who doesn’t love Carrie? She’s romantic, sweet, free and the greatest friend you could possibly have! She has good taste of shoes and she’s a WRITER! She’s just perfect! I love Carrie! I know sometimes she seems weak because she’s a romantic, but she is actually a strong confident woman! Even though she’s not a proclaimed feminist, I always got the feeling that she is one. :)


Monica Geller

She’s my favorite “friend”!!! She’s a freak like me! She loves things organized, she’s bossy and so weird! And I looooveee her! I know she looks crazy and obsessive and annoying with all her rules, but she’s the glue of the “friends”! She always hosts the thanksgiving and she’s actually sweet and caring. Monica knows she’s obsessive and crazy and she embraces her flaws. :) I love her.

So let’s put down some GIF fiesta of Monica Geller!


And if you want to know more why I love Monica, this girl named Kim wrote it all on her blog. :)

Who is your favorite TV series character???


May, forgotten what to blabber about.