Hiking the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Hiking the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

Preikestolen only opens for public hiking without guide in summer, when there are a lot of sunlight. It is forbidden to hike in winter without a guide.

But I mean, why would you want to hike in Winter? Are you nuts? It is already super cold in summer!


The hiking route – for you to decide whether you wanna do it.

The hike itself is moderate, not very steep, but very rocky, so proper footwear is recommended. But to be honest, I prefer rocky mountains than dusty mountains. The route is guided by a red T sign in almost every 100m, so I don’t think you will be lost. The route is also very safe, unless of course you decided to jump off the cliff. You will pass by some lakes and swamps. No animals in sight during my hike.

The view along the hike

The view along the hike

Me, acting silly.

Me, acting silly.

You won't get lost.

You won’t get lost.

Bandi, on the top of Pulpit Rock

Bandi, on the top of Pulpit Rock



How to get there?

You can fly/take train/bus or drive a car to… Stavanger. From Stavanger Central, you take Ferry to a small town called Tau. There is only 1 Ferry terminal in Stavanger Central, you won’t miss it. Just board the ferry to Tau, and purchase the ticket directly in the ferry. I suggest to buy a combo ticket that includes Ferry ride return and bus ride return. The bus schedule changes every year, you can find more information here. Once you reach Tau, board the bus that has “TIDE” sticker on it. Keep your combo ticket and show it to the bus driver. The bus will take you to Preikestolen Fjellstue (mountain lodge). I spent the night here coz I wanted to go on a morning hike. You may or may not spend the night here. It’s possible to do day trip to Preikestolen, but it’s good to unwind here because the view is amazing.

The view from the mountain lodge.

The view from the mountain lodge.

The small room in the mountain Lodge.

The small room in the mountain Lodge.

If you decided to stay the night in the lodge, you can book your room here. It costed us 770 Nok for this room, which is not so bad. We had to make our own bed though and had to remove the sheets and threw it to the laundry basket once we checked out. It was pretty much like hostel.

What time to start hike?

During summer time, there is no restriction of the time to hike, we basically can start anytime. Bandi and I started the hike around 3:30 am, it was already quite bright. We only met total of 6 people during our hike up and only 1 couple on the top of pulpit rock when we reached there around 6 am. It was a Norway Day (Independence Day) when we hiked so during our trip down, there were a lot of people starting to hike bringing the Norwegian Flag. Thank god we hiked up early.

People hiking to Preikestolen on Norway Day

People hiking to Preikestolen on Norway Day

Is it worth the trip?

That was my question too. And I had to do it myself to find the answer, which is: Yes. I think the view along the hike was breathtaking. The whole experience was amazing too, to sleep in the mountain lodge and it turned out that our dinner in the Lodge Restaurant was the best dinner we’ve had in Norway! :) It was also the start of my addiction to Pear Cider. SO GOOD! Bandi kept repeating “I will come back” during our stay there. The place was just so peaceful and beautiful, it felt like the time stopped for a while. It was also the first time I saw Bandi taking pictures so often. He rarely took pictures, but he just kept taking pictures and mumbled, “Oh it’s so beautiful.” I’m glad we went to Preikestolen and we will be back to try the other hikes!

I hope this post clears off some doubt you have whether you should or should not go to Pulpit Rock. It’s a pretty easy and accessible trip. I don’t see any reason why not going. :) Good luck and have fun if you’re going to Preikestolen!



An incredible journey to the far north

It’s been zillion years since I logged in to wordpress, let alone blogging. I’ve been caught up with work and lost all the energy to write. It’s sad, I know. Adulting is hard.

On 13th May, I’ve got to have a break by taking a trip to… Norway!

It was an incredible journey to the far north, leaving warm Singapore to get showered by snow! :)

Why Norway?

Last year we saw a promotion from Lufthansa, all flat $700 return tickets to any destination in Europe. Bandi and I chose the furthest destination, Oslo. You would probably think Reykjavik (Iceland) is futher? Nope, wrong! Norway has the northest (I don’t think this is a word) point in the North, it’s called Nordkapp. We didn’t travel that far though. our furthest North point was Tromso.

View of Tromso from the top of a mountain.

View of Tromso from the top of a mountain.

Norway in the summer.

Being a super tropical species, I have a low tolerance of cold. Going to Norway in the summer seems pretty sensible to me. It was okay in Oslo (10-12 degrees) but once we reached Tromso, it dropped to ZERO! It was 3 degrees in the sunniest day though (yeah, like 3 degrees warmer makes a lot of difference). Guess what, I cancelled the hike (HAHA). I wouldn’t want to suicide.

I don’t like cold. I feel uncomfortable in the cold. Runny nose, aching bone, numb toes and cracked lips. I wasn’t built for arctic winds, that’s for sure.

Summer in Norway means 24 hours daylight. They call it Midnight Sun, when it was 12 midnight and the sun is still up. You can only see midnight sun in the Northern part, like Tromso. We literally had 24 hours daylight, we could have outdoor activities for 24 hours if it wasn’t so cold. :(

Fjords, Lakes, Waterfalls, Snowy Mountains, Fairy Tale.

I think Norway is like a Fairy Tale. It’s so beautiful beyond words. On the second day, we did a DIY trip from Oslo to Bergen using “Norway in the Nutshell” route. I made a vlog about it here.

I got chills in every turn, I couldn’t contain it, I teared once. Because it was just too much to handle. It was just so beautiful. Period.

Oslo has so many museums per square meters.

We ended up going to 7 different museums! National Gallery, Munch Museet, Vigiland Museet, Kontiki, Viking Ships, Astrup Fernley Museum and Noble Peace Centre. SO MUCH FUN! We learned a lot of stuffs too! :)

Bandi asked for a photo (which is rare)

Bandi asked for a photo (which is rare)

Smitten by Munch.

Edvard Munch had a sad story. He was a victim of death, disappointments and broken hearts. He poured his feelings in his art, he was a genius! He was considered as a very sensitive man in that era, being daring to express his feeling. So I guess, he was a feminist, eh? :)

I remember the moment I saw his painting named “Puberty” and I had goosebumps all over me (I still do now remembering it). The aura that the painting created was inevitable, as the whirlwind of emotion inside my heart. The young girl staring at me, wondering, questioning, scared, brave, what is it? I asked my self. What is it about puberty that is so sad that the dark soul left the young girl’s body.

"Puberty" By Edvard Munch.

“Puberty” By Edvard Munch.

I went to Munch Museum the next day to learn more about him. I watched his movie and cried when he talked about death. That people could be easily forgotten after they died. :(

What is the price of a soul?

Hiking the Pulpit Rock

Bandi and I spent the night in the mountain lodge, it was a bit scary because it was in the middle of nowhere and it has a haunting atmosphere. We had a very nice dinner, we enjoyed the scenery and relaxed, had a good talk and went to bed early to wake up in 3 am in the morning for the hiking. I will write a separate post about Pulpit Rock because I think it will benefit other people who would want to do a hike to understand the technical preparation.

We did it!

We did it!

Fun Facts about Norway (from a visitor perspective)

  1. Norwegian people are generally loves to travel and adventurous. Maybe because of their country’s landscape that offers so much adventures and they are generally rich too so they can afford the time. My host at Bergen said that his dream life is to live in Bali. LOL
  2. It’s the most pet friendly country I’ve ever known. Dogs follow their owner EVERYWHERE. Seriously, buses, trains, ferries, even planes. I met dogs everywhere! In a hike, in a restaurant, in the airport, you name it. What an amazing thing. ;)
  3. Oslo is the most expensive city for a tourist (according to my opinion). Food in the restaurant costs 200-300 Nok ($30-$45) for a meal. A meal and a glass of beer can easily cost me $50, and it will be a whooping $100 for 2 persons. We mostly bought food in convenient store like Narvessen or 7/11 and also bought groceries from supermarket and cooked.
  4. Their toilet paper are so soft and nice. Their toilet is always clean. Maybe the second best toilet after Japan.
  5. Plastic bags are very rare. No paper tickets on our local flights, all sent to our passbook in our iPhone and just scan them. I love how environmentally responsible Norwegians are. They are very proud of being a green country.
  6. Everything is self-service, another thing I like! Bandi and I love self-service because we get to do everything in our own pace. Living in Singapore, we were not really foreign with the practice, only whenever we had to pay something using cards, they would just hand over the machine. We had to use the machine ourselves.
  7. Wifi are everywhere. And free. Seriously everywhere including IN THE PLANE.
  8. It’s illegal to honk in Norway, as our bus driver told us.

The Northern Light Question

The most questions I got from people when they knew I visited Norway was “Did you get to see Northern Light?” Let me get the facts right. Summer means 24 hours daylight and Northern light (Aurora Beorealis) is only visible when the sky is dark. So you go figure.

More Photos and Videos

These are some of my favorite photos of Norway, and at the end of the post you can view my video of the Norway trip summary with a tune of Jack Johnson’s Better Together. :)

Oslo in the evening.

Oslo in the evening.

The vast snow as far as the eye can see.

The vast snow as far as the eye can see.



The beautiful Bergen.

The beautiful Bergen.

Kissing under Sakura Tree. <3

Kissing under Sakura Tree. <3

Stavanger. The place that we will definitely come back someday. =)

Stavanger. The place that we will definitely come back someday. =)

On the top of Pulpit Rock, just us. Oh The places we've been. <3

On the top of Pulpit Rock, just us. Oh The places we’ve been. <3

And now, the video! I hope you enjoy it! =)

I’ll update soon for another travel stories!


May, finally warm.

You don’t need to quit your job to travel the world

I got a goosebumps just now, when I wrote my first word on this post. I can assure you that this post will be, by far, the most passionate piece of blog post I’ve written. (And it will be word-heavy, get your popcorn!)

This post is specially written to those who are truly passionate about travel and for the dreamers like me. :)

Here's a photo of me in Mt. Bromo to jump start the mood!

Here’s a photo of me in Mt. Bromo to jump start the mood!

I have a new star in my life and his name is Gunnar Garfors. Check his blog and you will fall in love too. This guy travelled to every country in the world while he’s having a full-time job and traveling is not the job itself.

Travel is his hobby, and he’s doing it right. He’s criticized of being too ambitions for doing so many rush trip such as traveling to 4 continents in a day but if you understand his style, he’s the kind of guy who keeps wanting to break the record, who likes to tick off challenges and trust me, he really loves the idea of traveling (moving from one place to another).

I was a bit disappointed reading his book though, the English translation is poor and he visited Batam for his Indonesia trip. Sigh. Apart from that, it’s an interesting book!

The most important thing about his existence is that it strengthened my belief to travel around the world without doing that dramatic move: Quit my job. (except I strike a lottery, then I will quit my job. LOL)

I don’t agree with quitting your job and then go travel until you’re totally bankrupt. What’s the point of it? You can only travel for maybe 1 year, then what’s after that? It’s true you have to live in the moments, like today is your last day on earth, but…. I wanna live in the moments throughout my whole life, not only 1 year and then suffer. I want to live long and travel forever! I don’t want my travel to have an expiry date! I want the adventure continues forever!

I love to travel, it’s my hobby, my lifestyle, my true love, whatever you people call it these days. But since as long as I remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the Globe. When I was a kid, I would spend hours reading Atlas Book and staring at the Globe while dreaming about my adventure. I’m a common girl (not very academic-smart, not very pretty, but super lucky) from a middle income family in a third world country. Going overseas or let alone holiday was almost impossible. When my Dad lost his job, it was even harder for me to survive life.

Bottom part, I was not fed with golden spoon in a silver platter. But….

I am a dreamer.

I wanted to travel the world. AND I WILL. BECAUSE I CAN.

So, I made a plan. My plan was simple: Find a decent paying job and save some money to travel the world, one city at a time.

The challenge was: I have to support my Mom and Dad, how am I suppose to feed 3 mouths and saving money to travel?

Travel needs money, we all know that. So, I made a very very risky move: I left my country and moved to a neighbor-first world country, because I needed the currency. Thankfully I made it. So, now that I can spare my money for both my parents and my travel, I need to find the time, because I have a full time job, remember?

Then, I realize, to travel you just need 2 things: MONEY and TIME. So now…. let’s analyze the shit out of it!


Used by 90% of people as an excuse not to travel… Money! I don’t have money to travel, blah blah blah. I didn’t have the money to travel either, but I MADE MONEY. BECAUSE I CAN.

No matter how little money you make, you can always spare 5% or 10% for travel. Everyone could have different amount, but I’m a believer: AS LONG AS YOU’RE FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL, YOU CAN. Nothing in this world you cannot do unless you say so.

1. Have a decent paying job, which you actually like.

You don’t have to be super passionate about your day-job. As long as you like the job, you’re happy, you’re having fun with your colleagues, the environment is good, and make a decent living, you’re on the right track. Remember, don’t suffer your self in a job you hate just because it pays you more money. I know you love to travel and have to focus about your goal, but hey… be kind to yourself too. :)

2. Buy cheap air tickets.

I totally agree with Garfors in this post he made about cheap flight tickets. Calculate how much money you make per hour, and then buy the tickets that is the cheapest calculated by YOUR VALUE. Remember, time equals money too! And my personal travel tips would be: WHEN YOU SEE A PROMOTION ticket price that is too good to be true, BUY! I know it’s an impulse buy, but it’ll bring you to a new place, go for it! Always ALWAYS subscribe for all kind of airplane newsletter.

Sometimes I didn’t plan where I would go. My travel destination could be very random, depending on the cheapest air ticket. My ultimate goal is to travel the whole world anyway, where to visit first doesn’t really matter anymore (after Europe). For next year, I’ve bought tickets for 2 different trips and both were impulsive because the price was ridiculously cheap. I didn’t think too much, I just bought it.

3. Free/Cheap accommodation.

Since Airbnb was invented, I no longer stayed at hotels when I travel. I only stay at hotels for relaxing trip (such as anniversary trip and honeymoon). Airbnb is THE BEST THING that could happen to me (after Bandi lah of course). I know there are a lot of scary stories about airbnb. The thing is… you can never find a flawless system in the world, because no matter how many people having good intentions, there are always some bad people who wants to ruin it. There are always some bad apples.

Be Smart about everything. Don’t just blindly trust people and follow your instinct! If you don’t feel comfortable, or suspicious about someone, GO AWAY. 99% of the time your feeling is right! So yeah, airbnb saves a lot of money for my travel. But if I have friend in a place I’m about to visit, I will notify them. You’ll never know if they are willing to host you, or maybe willing to show you around their city. It’s always fun to travel with locals!

I’ve shared so many wonderful experiences with airbnb in most of my travel posts genuinely because I want everyone to experience trip in the best way possible. :)

Anyway, if you haven’t had airbnb account, please sign up with my reference link here, you’ll get SG$28 free for your first booking! :D (This is not an advertised post, I swear!)

4. No Shopping Policy.

I don’t really shop when I travel. I can’t relate when people said “empty your luggage and come back full.” I feel like shopping is a waste of time. I can always shop in Singapore if I need something. I will not spare my time to shop. (It only happened once in my life, when I went to Japan with my girlfriends. Osaka has some crazy cheap stuffs!) But anyway, if it’s already struggling for you to buy air tickets, why would you waste your money buying stuffs you don’t need (and you can’t afford)?

It’s all about priority. I’ve written a post in Bahasa before about prioritizing your money. I got this comment a lot, “Wow, you must be making a lot of money, you travel a lot.” People perceives traveling as a luxury. Well, yeah it’s value-added (it’s the only thing you buy that gives you actual value to your life) but I don’t think it’s luxury lah… It just happened that I prioritized travel above shopping, above wasting money clubbing or hanging out in a expensive cafes. We just happen to use our money for different purposes.

There is nothing impossible in this life unless you say so. It’s the same with money. Set your goal, calculate and math the fu*k out of it!


I once worked in a company that gives 7 days leave a year (shit, right?) and I could still travel. I went to my 26 days of Europe trip with only 3 days unpaid leave. I saved my leave, I prioritize my travel. Once again, prioritizing is the key word here.

Starting next year, I will have around 20 days leave. I’ve planned 2 big trips and 1 small trip so far. It will be 3 new countries for me. So exciting! I’ve calculated the budget too so I can still pay my bills, my rent, my house mortgage etc. I’m still a common adult who has responsibilities you know… I just chose traveling as my number 1 hobby (and priority.

1. You need a good plan.

I must say my planning skill is super impressive. #shameless. But seriously, I could travel to Mt. Bromo, went to KL (for Bon Jovi concert) and roadtripping in NSW, Australia in the same month and only took 5 days of leave. Amazing, huh? Told you my planning skill is crazy! :p Visit my post about my Eurotrip and you’ll understand what I meant by crazy planning skill! I have itchy feet. This year, my passport documented at least one trip per month! No matter if it’s just a short weekend trip, I just have to gooooo! :D

2. Planning on next year’s calendar.

Whenever I see there is public holiday, I see it as a travel opportunity. Whenever there is a promo priced ticket, I see it as travel opportunity. My skill at chasing of cheap air tickets has also increased throughout the time. I now pronounced my best catch ever is when I bought return ticket from Singapore to Taipei for only S$55. No kidding. I felt like winning gold medal when I got that price. LOL. Back to the topic, I will block the long weekends and spread my leave to acquire as many trips as I can get (of course must calculate the budget too lah).

3. Energy.

There are some days (like in September) when I traveled every week, I didn’t have enough sleep because I needed to work. You need to recharge your energy, so find an activity that recharge your energy. Some recharge by sleeping, some by exercising, some by spending time with family, some… with more travels! LOL. My point is… know your limit. Don’t overdo yourself. If your body tells you it’s tired, it is. Spend some time for yourself too!

I don’t know what else to say about saving your time, so I guess the list ended on number three.

About prioritizing life

It is very difficult for me to finally swallow this ugly truth, but I just have to accept it and now saying it… To travel around the world will be a bit difficult when you have kids.

I will get hate comments for this, but this is the truth. You can keep denying it, but it won’t bend the truth.

Why? Because kids need time and money. It doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all, no I didn’t mean that. It’s just more difficult and your frequency of travel will be less, of course.

AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THESE TWO. You just have to shift your priority, that’s what life is about anyway, prioritizing things.

We make decisions all the time, and we should never regret anything. You just have to be honest about what you want and do things that make you happy.

If you decided to have kids and be happy about it, you should stop making sad comments on people’s traveling photos like “ohh… so nice… I wish I was there but I had to take care of my kids”. Is it suppose to make the other person feel bad or to make you feel better? That you chose a path as a mother, and it’s an honorable thing to be a mom? (Oh wait, now I’m rambling about a totally different topic here)



Also as I mentioned before, not everyone loves to travel, which is very understandable. Some will save money to buy branded bags, some for fast cars, some for staying in a five stars resort. Please understand that everyone has different way to spend their money and NEVER JUDGE. Never think that your way is better than someone else’s way. Again, don’t compare.

But I believe if you read this post, you should be one of those people who loves to travel. :)

And if you’re an adventurer like me, keep going! Don’t stop, don’t compromise your happiness. Keep your curiosity, explore the world. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a waste of time or waste of money. Traveling is a great investment, trust me. You feed your soul when you travel, you experience, your view is widened.

Don’t stop.



May, keep moving.

Today is the day I’ve been talking about

Looking back to the past one year when Bandi and I first really planned about this. We’ve been talking about this plan since forever but last year we talked about really doing it.

October 2012

Bandi started to browse for cheap tickets… for months.

November 2012

Bandi took me to the Library and we browsed for hours. We borrowed some of the books back home and started to sort out the cities.

After hundreds of arguments, we finally agreed with multi-destination ticket. Even though it would be more expensive, we would save time. So we decided to arrive at London and leave from Athens.

31 December 2012

Bandi paid for the tickets. I couldn’t believe he did that. He paid the tickets with the money he’d saved from working part-time in USA back then.

After the ticket was bought, we planned the budget together and agreed to contribute equally. :)

January – February 2013

We I read all the books from Rick Steves. Seriously. I’m a prepared traveler. LOL

March 2013

Bought flight ticket from Rome to Athens.

April 2013

Nothing really happened. LOL

May 2013

Bought our Railpass.

June 2013

Booked half of the B&B’s

July 2013

Booked all the B&B’s, bought overnight train tickets, bought Santorini tickets, Bought Insurance, and applied for Visa. Horribly failed to apply the Visa because Italian Embassy requested for the complete point-to-point reservation ticket.

Itinerary is finalised.

August 2013

Got the UK Visa, reserved all the train tickets.

September 2013

Bandi accidentally washed his passport, so he needed to change his passport and re-apply UK Visa. After he got the new passport, he applied the Schengen visa with me and applied UK Visa again for himself.

We booked the Mt. Titlis Tour.

The host from Amsterdam suddenly cancelled then it was a bit difficult to find a new host whose room is available in short notice and of course which the room we could afford. Thankfully airbnb was so cooperative about this. =)

October 2013

We booked all the museums we wanted to visit.

We lost the most expensive documents that we needed for the Europe Trip just two weeks before our D day. We almost cancelled our trip but then we decided to just get the hell with it. We re-purchased the lost documents and accepted the fact that for this trip, Universe really wanted to test us, and I hope we passed. =)

11th October 2013

Today… I can finally start to see the dream is getting real. I’m kinda terrified, the exciting-terrified. I am a proud person now. I can’t explain with words how I am feeling right now but it is so overwhelming that it consumes me.

Why I am so proud of my Europe Trip?

I didn’t come from a wealthy family, you see, it is nearly impossible to go to Europe if I look back to ten years ago. I believe in my dream. I believe there will be a way for me to go to Europe. Even though it takes years to save money, I would do it. Even though people said it is silly to blow a huge amount of money for one trip, I don’t care. Even though I’m considered irresponsible to spend so much money on a trip when it should’ve been paid for more responsible things like… house, I don’t care. It’s a matter of priority. You can’t say I will be happier buying house than going to Europe.

What I know is, while other girls buy bags every payday, my only bag is the almost-torn Mango shoppers bag that I bought so many years ago. (And thank god strawberry bought me a new bag. LOL) While all my colleagues are eating out, I spent more time the night before and cooked for my lunch. I went out less, ate out less, drank out less. I’ve saved more money than I supposed I should. It’s not that much that I can buy a house or a car, but enough to send my mom for her dream holiday and my dad to check up to doctor, and I still save every cents left…

To go traveling. See the world.

I don’t go traveling with a high end tours which my parents paid for me. I paid every cent of my airfare, hostel cost and the backpack myself. Every city I will be traveling to has meaning and reason why it’s been chosen so yeah, I’m control freak that way.

And yes, I’m proud of it. I am so freaking proud of it like it’s a very big achievement. And yes, IT IS A BIG DEAL.

So I have different priority from normal people, so what?! I don’t have a house, but I have a home, who goes traveling with me always. My home is with me wherever I go.

This is me living my dream. And I am so very very PROUD that I paid every cents with my own sweat and tears.

If you’re proud of your branded bags, your new job, your new house or car, why can’t I be proud of my adventure?

Europe, in particular, is my dream land. So many history, so many masterpieces and so many pieces of my dreams took place there. I’m going to conquer it. =)

If I could go back and tell the 9 years old May…

I would tell her not to worry, eventually everything would go according to her plan. Universe would conspire and made all of her dreams come true.

Never, NEVER let anyone’s words went into your head, little May. You were right when you were little and you would still be right even 20 years later… that it is OKAY to dream big, dream silly, and dream a lot. You’re gonna be just fine, May.

And yes, you would find that one person who you could spend all of your happiness with, earlier than you thought you would. You two would be best buds and he would share your dream.

So, don’t worry, dear… Never worry.

What happen to my blog when I’m in Europe?

It will be pretty much dormant. I was thinking to set some auto-post, but then there are nothing much of interesting things in my drafts. :p

I’ll try to blog once in a while through wordpress app but we all know it sucks big time with the photo editing. So don’t count on it.

I will share my dreams-come-true adventure on my instagram with hashtag #BayEuropeAdventure and will post regularly every night before I go to sleep. Please do follow my instagram @jaunemai for super awesome stories!

I promise it won’t be just a photo. It would be a story in every photo. It would be like taking you with me in my adventure.

Ready for an adventure?


May, the dreamy one.

The Ultimate Packing List

For all the travel bees, this is worth to read! =D

Along with promoting to travel as much as you want, I also want to promote to travel as light as you can.

The three words you always have to remember are:

Cheap | Light | Happy

The only thing that should not be cheap is your backpack, whatever inside it supposed to be cheap. Why? Because you probably will leave it somewhere or throw it away in order to keep being light. As long as it’s cheap and light, you will be happy.

As far as I remember, whenever Bandi and I went for traveling, we only bring one 45L Backpack and 15L Daypack. Only those two bags for the two of us. No matter how long we went, we always packed for 4 days. Every 4-5 days we would do laundry. (Last time in Phnom Penh, we paid US$2 for a maid in our guest house).

For the European adventure, I bought another 45L backpack and we eliminate the daypack, simply because we would enter so many museums and bringing daypack would cost too much trouble, so I would stick to one sling bag for each of us.

So, what are my packing list for 26 days in Europe?

Whether you're going for 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months, pack the same thing.

Whether you’re going for 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months, pack the same thing.

Each one person will be needing these for the outfits:

  • 1 winter jacket
  • 1 trench coat (me)
  • 2 sweaters/cardigans
  • 3 blouse (long sleeve preferred)
  • 2 dresses (me)
  • one long pants (jeans)
  • 2 leggings
  • 1 short pants
  • 3 socks
  • 6 panties
  • 2 bras
  • 1 shawl
  • 1 gloves
  • 2 hats (supposed to be 1 but I just love hats)
  • 1 set of long john
  • 1 set of pajamas
  • 1 comfy shoes
  • 1 boots

And now for the toiletries… I divide the toiletries to two waterproof pouches. One is for shower essential and one is for after-shower essential.

The shower Essentials:

  • facial foam
  • bath gel/soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • dental floss
  • razor
  • shaving foam (for Bandi)

The after shower Essentials:

  • Body lotion
  • face cream (day and night)
  • toner or thermal water (this is optional but I can’t leave without thermal water)
  • Some light make up; I bring eyebrow pencil, concealer, lipstick, pencil eyeliner.
  • perfume (I bring 3 sample bottles consist 1.2 ml each)
  • bobby pins and hair bands
  • feminine pads/tampons

For the medicine, it is really up to you what to pack because everyone has different needs for medical matter. For me, I must pack Mylanta for my gastric problem, my anti-allergic pills, anti-nausea pills (antimo), Tolak Angin (Indonesian must have this), vitamin C (60 pills), primrose oil capsule (50 caps) and some cold&flu pills.

The other important things not to be missed:

  • Maps. (hard copy or soft copy)
  • guidebooks
  • poncho / raincoat
  • umbrella
  • charger of every electronic things you pack with
  • camera + tripod
  • memory card
  • detergent
  • eyeglasses
  • empty water bottle

And don’t forget the most important things; your documents! All the documents must be copied to hard copy and soft copy. The soft copy needs to be stored on dropbox/icloud/etc and preferably shared with your closest friend.

The list of important documents:

  • passport
  • Identity Card (I bring my Singapore IC with me)
  • airline tickets
  • train tickets
  • museum passes/booking papers
  • hotel/hostel booking papers
  • insurance phone numbers –> write it on a piece of paper and put it on your phone

That’s pretty much everything. I wish I’m not that lazy to convert the list to pdf… but I am. Hahaha. So I think if you need the list you could just copy paste my list. =)

One more awesome tips for packing is… the air-proof plastic bags to pack your clothes!!!

I don’t know what is it called exactly because I bought those plastic is DAISO and all the things in Daiso were written in Japanese. But it’s like this:

suck up the air with vacuum .

Or some of the plastic could be used with only hand press.

I didn’t use vacuum at all actually. I just pressed it or sat on it and locked it up. You can buy it online I guess. Trust me, it saves more space!!! I think you can buy it on ebay too. See more infos here.

So, 36 hours prior to the departure time…

everything is packed and triple-checked. All I need to do is relax and stop worrying. =) Everything’s going to be fine.

However, I still have one problem left… I’m still considering whether I should or should not bring Brownie with me.

To bring or not to bring, that's the question.

To bring or not to bring, that’s the question.

I always mostly bring Brownie to travel. Not because I’m a freak kid who has to go with the stuffed animal wherever I go, okay? I bring Brownie because it has sentimental value for me. It’s a gift from my maid of honor and… I LOVE IT. I love taking photos with Brownie because the photos would be automatically cute. And I always thought Brownie is like Bandi. He is a calm, kind and patience boyfriend and he likes to drink beer. =D

Bottom line is, I like bringing Brownie, but it would cause me more trouble of course because it’s a long trip.

What do you guys think? Should I bring Brownie? PROS and CONS please…. =)

P.S. The giveaway is still open!!! details here!


May, stretching her back.

#BayEuropeAdventure Giveaway

Fed up with my Europe posts? Don’t! Because this one is good news for you! Especially those who loves postcards!

As I mentioned before, I would love to share this beautiful moments with everyone. I’ve been thinking so many ways how to do it. I wish Doraemon was real so I could borrow his magic flashlight and turned you all into tiny people then put you all in my backpack (in alphabetical order of course–OCD ahem OCD)  but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. Then I wish my wedding was held in Santorini so you all could be invited as guests and there was a good excuse to bring everyone to Santorini, but again, it costed a lot of money (DUH).

Sooo……. I got this idea.

Photo 8-10-13 8 57 15 am

I will stay in Riomaggiore, one of the five awesome villages called Cinque Terre (Please do google the images), for two days and what I will do is slacking around. I think I will have free time to browse for postcards, find a local post office and send them to you. I hope you never got postcards from Cinque Terre before so this is going to be very VERY cool! The postcards will be sent from Italy of course to make it even cooler!

What do you have to do to receive an authentic postcard from Cinque Terre?

You have to send me syomai when I’m in Italy.


All you have to do is:

  1. Follow my instagram @jaunemai
  2. Post a creative photo about my Europe Adventure at your instagram account, tag my instagram account and post hashtag #BayEuropeAdventure mentioning your advice/jokes/wishes/excitements, anything really for my Europe adventure. Don’t forget the hashtag and promote that Dreams do come true!

or… (if you don’t have instagram)

Send me syomai when I’m in Italy.

This time I’m serious. No, I’m joking again.

Create one lah! :p

Ok ok, if you don’t have instagram:

  • you can create a post about which city you are excited the most from my Europe adventure, or why are you so excited about the adventure. (I know I know it sounds really lame but you must at least fake excited lah…) please link it to my blog and mention to follow my instagram @jaunemai. (Now you get it I’m trying to promote my instagram, right? Xp)

(If you think it’s too lame/too difficult, then create an instagram account lah! LOL)

I don’t think I will have enough time to post anything on wordpress during my adventure, adding the fact that wordpress app for iPhone sucks big time, so I will be only online in instagram (which is linked to my twitter–but I guess nobody tweets anymore hiks) that’s why I use instagram as my primary platform for this big adventure.

What I’m about to say is…

I create this hashtag: #BayEuropeAdventure (yes you read it right, it’s Bay, not May) because I want to filter out my Europe adventure photos and memories of course. And also to remember that Dreams do come true.

I promise I will not only post photos, but also stories. Trust me it would be so real that you will feel like your soul is with me. =) I don’t really use soc-med during the trip so I will be only online at night before I sleep, so I promise I won’t spam your instagram/twitter timeline. :D

And please please don’t comment “jealous” or “envy” on my instagram, I might delete your comments. I don’t like envious people. :p Unless you’re doing it sarcastically then I’m on it. LOL

Additional Info

  1. There will be only 3 postcards sent from Riomaggiore. It’s freaking expensive :( unless the stamps could be cheaper. I hope I could send more but I can’t promise first ok?)
  2. If I couldn’t find any stamps or post offices in Riomaggiore, I will send postcards from Santorini. If I couldn’t find any post offices in Santorini then I will send from Athens airport. I will try my best ok?
  3. Giveaway open for EVERYONE, unless those who live in Europe. (I just feel it’s wise not to open for European residence.) Once you post photo/blog post/tweet or anything (seriously I’m open for anything! Creativity is limitless) just email your full name and address to this email: sanguinesjournal[at]yahoo[dot]com
  4. I will take photos of the postcard to tell who gets them later on!
  5. The giveaway is closed on Sunday, 27th October 2013

How do I decide who wins?

I will decide who wins by this category:

  1. The dreamy one: I will choose one with my heart. I know it sounds bias but I want to send the postcards to those who really are dreamy like me and have the same dream to conquer Europe. =)
  2. The creative one: I will choose one who post the most creative thing! I already told you that creativity has no limit. As long as it’s posted on social media that I can search for, then it’s valid. Be creative!
  3. The chosen one: I will ask Bandi to choose one of his favorite. And I will mention what is her reason later. So be cute! LOL

To end this post, I want to quote what Walt Disney once said,

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Never give up even though universe washed your passport and sent a hurricane to blow up your documents, they were just some pebbles on your long winding road to see the most beautiful sunset in your life. =)


May, preparing the journal.

Duit darimane? Dari OTAK lo!

So yeah, I’m back for bitching!

Kemaren di Path rame postingan ini:

Capture-an headlines dari detik

Capture-an headlines dari detik

And yeah, I agreed completely with the survey (God knows how absurd the survey could be) but I do agree. In order to embrace life, we must go travel, to reduce our ego with the fact that we are just a tiny dot in our big and beautiful earth and of course to be grateful with how awesome our planet is.

If you asked what is my main purpose of traveling, it is simply: to see the world. Because I am intrigued and curious about the planet earth we live in.

However, some people decided to post this a couple days later:

Balasan posting sebelumnya

Balasan posting sebelumnya

Since si pembuat post ini bisa maen Path, gue asumsikan at least doi punya duit buat beli andriod/IOS based smart phone. And you asked, “DUIT DARI MANA?”

Let’s make this clear:


Yang pasti nggak akan semahal duit yang situ keluarin nongkrong-nongkrong di starbucks/TWG setiap hari (demi pencitraan) atau beli kemeja-kemeja branded (yang actually you can’t afford) atau clubbing tiap weekend atau buka botol di bar high-end.

It’s all about priority my friend!

Lo bisa bilang “duit darimane?” karena duit senang-senang lo abis buat party atau nongkrong-nongkrong high-end. Guess what? Harga nongkrong di TWG tiga kali seminggu selama sebulan equals to jalan-jalan ke Boracay seminggu. Surprised? That’s because not only you suck at math, you also suck at life!

Gue pernah traveling ke Jogja, naek kereta seharga 90,000 perak! Nggak pake AC, semaleman tidur di bangku keras dan temen gue tiduran di lantai pake koran. Tidur di penginapan yang harganya 70,000 permalam itu pun dibagi tiga sama si Strawberry dan Avocado. Makan gudek cuma 4,000 perak, naek becak keliling-keliling cuma 5,000 perak bagi dua sama si Strawberry padahal pantat kita gede-gede, si tukang becaknya keringetan luar biasa.

Mahal? ENGGAK! Penuh cerita? IYA.

Mahal kalo lo maunya ke Maldives pake travel high-end, dongo!

And again, let me emphasize traveler berbeda dengan tourist. Traveling means kita nggak jadi turis. We blend in with local people, learn something about new culture, know more and embrace the journey, no matter how difficult it is, you will be left with sore legs and awesome stories.


I’ve heard this quote before:

Traveling is the only thing you purchase that makes you richer

And everytime I paid that flight/train/bus ticket, I will always remember this. My bank account might be decreased, but my personal value is increased.

Yep, you can spend all your money in stock market atau rexadana atau semua investasi lain-lain, but that doesn’t mean you spent ALL YOUR MONEY to invest. Geez, don’t you have life?

Believe it or not, I do invest too. Yes, I may not sound so smart but I do invest. Gak banyak, tapi sedikit-sedikit. Sama kayak gue traveling, one city at a time.


Like I said, it’s all about priority. If you’re a narrow minded douche who never walks out of your comfort zone, then don’t bitch it with “DUIT DARI MANE?”

You just don’t want to waste spend your money for traveling, GOT IT. Don’t be a bitch about it. I never bitch about “Anak muda harus sering nongkrong di TWG dan party sebelum pinggang gampang sakit” then wrote it over with CAPSLOCK “DUIT DARIMANA BUAT PARTY, NYET?”

Because it’s simply not my priority, I get it.

Another Example: Buat orang-orang yang hobi-nya koleksi action figures. Mereka mungkin nggak butuh pergi traveling, karena mereka udah dapat kepuasan dengan beliin action figures. But do we bitch to them, “DUIT DARIMANE BUAT BELI ACTION FIGURES?” Kagak kaaaan! Karena itu bukan priority kita.

Then this post came out:

Kenyolotan selanjutnya

Kenyolotan selanjutnya

It’s either you got married too soon atau lo kebelet married. Lo harus beli asuransi pendidikan sekarang? SAAT LO MASIH MUDA? Geez! I feel sorry for you, bro!

Disaat gue masih muda (late twenties juga masih muda dong) dan planning my next adventures, you already have kids yang masuk SD? Sorry, gue punya banyak temen yang punya anak, but they don’t complain like kids are burden. Cih.

Makanya, bro! Punya anak kalo udah siap financial dan mental, jangan maksa!

Anyyyway, balik lagi ke kata-kata “…kecuali bapak situ banyak duit.”

Well, gue ulangi, itu kalo lo maunya pergi ke Maldives pake travel high-end.

I’m gonna tell you something, I had a normal (slightly underpaid) salary when I was working in Jakarta and I still could manage to feed my mom and dad, paid for my motorcycle installments, and WENT TRAVELING.

Dengan gaji anak Jakarta, di saat yang bersamaan gue bisa beli aset, hidupin bapak emak gue yang udah nggak kerja, sesekali main bareng temen-temen gue dan pergi traveling. I swear to god, Bapak emak gue kagak tajir sama sekali.

Right now I am twenty seven years old, I am underpaid employee living in one of the most expensive cities on earth and I still can manage to feed my parents, pay my insurance, invest, and traveling. I have so far visited almost all the southeast Asia countries and still exploring Indonesia, one city at a time. And I am planning my European adventure.

Semuanya gue bayar pake keringet gue, hasil jerih payah otak gue. Nggak satu peser pun pake duit bapak gue.


I don’t splurge my money on the things I couldn’t afford and then bitching about can’t go traveling because it’s expensive.

I put my priority straight! Bikin satu bank account yang nggak boleh di-toel-toel gue tempel gede-gede “TRAVELING FUNDS” isi sedikit demi sedikit tiap bulan, tabung jatah cuti lo, masak sendiri biar nggak sering-sering makan di luar, jogging instead of bayar gym, BANYAK CARA CUY!


I’ve seen a lot of amazing skies, heard a lot of eye-opening stories, met a lot of awesome people and enriched my soul in a way you will never understand…

Because if I die tomorrow, I have lived my life. And you… You will leave so many credit cards debt my friend… for your house, your car, your insurance. No story to tell.

Don’t ever EVER bitch about traveling!

But again, hey, you will never understand. You can’t afford to travel, that pretty much explains the capacity if your brain. Xp

Use your brain. When there is a will, there is a way.

Once again, traveling is not expensive.

(however perception of expensive itself depends on how you see it) For me, traveling is never expensive.

I will tell you story when I went to Hanoi last year. I met a late thirty (or early forty?) British Accountant. We talked about football and stuffs at the beginning, then we started to switch information about the cities we have crossed in our Southeast Asian journey. Then I asked him, “How did your company let you go on leave for so long?” He replied, “They didn’t let me. I decided to quit then.”

“Wow. That’s a very brave decision. What made you do that?”

“Because I realize I’ve gotten old… and I haven’t seen the world.”

Gue nggak bilang kita harus quit our jobs then impulsively go traveling lah. Sambil kerja, sambil kumpulin duit dan investasi pergilah traveling sesekali. Mumpung masih muda, fisik masih oke, otak masih encer, masih rela ber-susah-susah-an di jalan, masih nggak ada yang ngelarang-larang, pergilah bertualang, daripada duit habis buat makan di resto high-end dan ngopi di starbucks melulu. :p (Sumpah gue ga ada masalah buat starbucks. I drink it too. Hahaha)

Important note:

I don’t criticize people who got married fast, built a family before they even turned twenty five, spent all of their lives taking care of their family. It’s all your choice. But don’t bitch about it! It was your choice wasn’t it?

I adore people who got married early and stayed with their priorities, taking care of the family and truly happy about it.

Bottom line is: Don’t bitch about traveling when it is not your priority. Don’t complain about how hard it is for you to manage your money. And most importantly, don’t judge about how I spend my money on. IT’S MY MONEY, I can do whatever I want with it. You don’t see me bitching to see you buying your house. Geez. Jealous much?


May, resident: the universe.