#30daysblogging The soundtrack of my life

Day 2

Post is an idea from Arman, the father of two cuteys!

Well… well… well…

I was so excited when I read about this topic idea from Arman. He’s right. Everyone must have one song that they really REALLY love, so much that once they hear the intro tune, they’d go “THIS IS MY SONG!!!” and started to dance like idiots.

Without further ado, let me present to the world, the soundtrack of my life…

My hopes are so high, your kiss might kill me!!!

So won’t you kill me, so I die happy!






And this song brings me back to one night when I was screaming my lungs out with my girlfriends. We were sitting on the rooftop of someone’s house, I guess. I don’t remember where, but I remember how we laughed and we sang and we screamed. We were having the time of our lives.

It was infinite. Maybe the kind of feeling that Charlie felt when he was going through the tunnel. INFINITE. (ref: The Perks of being wallflower)

Hands down wasn’t merely a love song. It is a soundtrack of a very perfect day, which somehow always brings me back to the good old days and it never fails to make me smile. I would practically hum the tunes whenever I feel like having a good day. And everytime I receive a good news or those times when I’m relaxing at home, drinking coffee and reading books, I feel the hands down intro is starting to fade in… just like in a movie. =)

I also love the band, Dashboard Confessional which only consists of one guy named Chris Carraba. Chris is cute, funny and friendly. Yes, I’ve met him. =) And I’ve watched his concert three times, twice in Jakarta, once in Singapore. Yes, that’s how much I love him.

I fell in love with the song at first without knowing about the guy who wrote it, but after I knew the band, I love the song(s) even more. =) You can check out the other Dashboard’s songs. They’re all awesome.

Hands down! it’s the best song ever! For the best day ever! And yesss I will want the song played on the after-party of my wedding where we all can sing it to the top of our lungs, “BEST DAY EVER!!!”

What is your soundtrack of your life?


May, singing hands down over and over again.

#30daysblogging The Prologue

Wow. This is a huge commitment, especially for a lazy bum like me. Writing daily for this month is such a scary challenge yet exciting. (sounds like marriage huh? :p)

But it’s me! I loooove challenge! And I love how it feels when I beat the challenge up! yes, yes, I’m competitive, it’s not a news. I love setting up goals and achieve it. I’m not ambitious, seriously. I just love having goals, and my goals mostly are those silly ones. =D

Anyway…. I want to say thank you for everyone who contribute topic (and questions) for the blogging challenge. But I’m sorry that I will only need to pick 30 topic. There were also some who seemed to give questions rather than topic, so I would try my best to turn them into an interesting post. However, questions/topic about kids won’t even go to my considerations because it’s something foreign for me. The “kid talk” is kinda outside my territory. :)

So here are the topics for the 30 days blogging challenge! Woot woot!!!

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  2. March 4th 2014:  The soundtrack of my life – Arman
  3. March 5th 2014: The spookiest moment of my life – Epi sapi
  4. March 6th 2014: My gay friends – Icha Felicielo
  5. March 7th 2014: If I hit Lottery for 100 Millions dollar! – Yeklin
  6. March 8th 2014: How I would propose my girlfriend. – Dea
  7. March 9th 2014: My most favorite dish recipe! – Erina Astri
  8. March 10th 2014: What painting means to me. – Joey
  9. March 11th 2014: Dear God, these are my suggestions… – Aina
  10. March 12th 2014: Tips Keuangan – Icha Felicielo
  11. March 13th 2014: Bestfriend turned enemy – Baginda Ratu
  12. March 14th 2014: Is everybody capable of raising a child? – Nancy
  13. March 15th 2014: My next travel plan – E Tandiono
  14. March 16th 2014: Death sentence wish – Tantri
  15. March 17th 2014: How to find job, live and survive in Singapore – Rinta Dita
  16. March 18th 2014: Living in Singapore, the bad times – Shinta
  17. March 19th 2014: Regretting those things we didn’t have the guts to do. – Melissa
  18. March 20th 2014: If I could choose my superpower – Gillian
  19. March 21st 2014: The turning point of my life, my epiphany – Eri
  20. March 22nd 2014: Why I never talk about my family? – Debhoy
  21. March 23rd 2014: The puzzling reality that though football is immensely popular in Indonesia, Indonesian players and clubs never excel. – Jerry
  22. March 24th 2014: What Bandi and I will do in our “malam pertama”? – Icha Felicielo
  23. March 25th 2014: Being an adult – Irny
  24. March 26th 2014: Dengan kekuatan bulan! Gue mau jadi sailor apa? – Dea
  25. March 27th 2014: What I want to change about animal welfare – Nancy
  26. March 28th 2014: Do I judge people when I first met them? – Lia
  27. March 29th 2014: Motivated people and unmotivated people – Kimi
  28. March 30th 2014: Why “Sanguine”? – Josephine
  29. March 31st 2014: The thing I want to change from my past and the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in my life. – Arman
  30. April 1st 2014: Characters from movie – Chelle

Sorry I miscounted the days. I supposed to start blogging yesterday but I forgot. Yes, I literally forgot that I should start the blogging challenge. LOLOL. (Doesn’t seem so promising now, huh?)

So I will finish the 30 days blogging challenge on 1st April and wait for about 3 days to calculate the hit stats to announce the giveaway winner.

Tha tha for now!!!


May, exciteeed!