Year-end giveaway! Another reason to be Jolly!

Original post: 15 Dec

Updated: 18 Dec

The LAST 48 HOURS to win Shopping Voucher for Zalora!! Year end giveaway! Woot woot!

Tiiis… the season to be jolly~~~ Lalala lalaaa~~~ lalaaa~~ lalaaa~~ I’m not talking merely about Christmas, but New Year too!!! I’m such a sucker for year-end festivity, I make so many excuses for year end. “It’s year end, I can eat whatever I want” *chomping potato chips* “It’s year end, it’s not a good time for exercising!” *chomping perkedel* And then when my waist line grows and some of my dresses couldn’t fit anymore, I made another excuse, “I need to buy new dress!” HAHAHAHA! First of all, let me show off my current favorite racerback dress from Zalora. I purchased this for New year’s party. I love the back design and the flare. (Psst! Because I have such a big butt, I always go for the flare dress.) :D

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Racer-back Flare Dress by Zalora :) Super pretty in the side-detailed flowery pattern

Among the other online shops, gue pasti bakal ngacir ke Zalora duluan kalo lagi butuh cari baju dengan theme tertentu. Misalnya untul all-black party, terus karena excuse gue diatas, gue bakal bilang ke Bandi, “I need a new dress!” so gue langsung ngacir ke Zalora. Dan yang paling oke lagi, nyampe nya cepet bo! Dua hari kemudian ada yang ngebel rumah. Sialnya gue, yang buka pintu si Bandi… Yah… Ketauan deh. XD Yang amazing nya lagi, gue bisa return bajunya kalo gue gak suka atau ukurannya gak bener! :D Biasalah kalo belanja on-line permasalahannya pasti di ukuran kannnn! And since Zalora carries their own tags, their price goes even cheaper! :D And our looks have to be as good as our brain, ladies!!! So I will promote my favorite online bookstore, which is bookdepository! Ini online shop udah jadi andalan gue sejak dahulu kala deh! Sejak ada Bookdepository, gue kagak pernah lagi beli buku di took biasa. Selain karena harganya miring, bookstore favorit gue ini menyediakan free shipping worldwide! YOI Banget kan! Photo 12-12-14 2 32 44 pm So yeah, these are 2 online shops that I really really love. Personally, when I’m satisfied with a service, gue akan berkicau ke seluruh penjuru dunia dan gue bakal jadi pelanggan setia. :) And because this is a season of giving, I will give away some shopping vouchers to shop in my favorite online shop, Zalora! Hip Hip Horray!

The prize is…

Voucher belanja ke Zalora Indonesia! There will be 3 winners who will get… Voucher Belanja di Zalora @ Rp.100.000,- Lumayan banget kan buat belanja baju baru. Yeehaw!

How to win the voucher?

For blogger: Simply put comment below sharing with me about your online-shop experience with Zalora (if there’s any) or share about what you will buy from Zalora Indonesia kalo lo dapetin kortingan 100 ribu ini! Jangan lupa mention nama dan link ke blog kamu yaaaa! :) For instagrammer: Follow my instagram @jaunemai and comment on this photo I posted a couple of minutes ago:



Please regram this photo and you can say whatever you want. You can tell me what dress you want to buy for new year etc etc… Please also comment on the photo jadi gue bisa tau siapa aja yg nge-regram fotonya. :) This giveaway is only for those residing in Indonesia. Soalnya vouchernya diperuntukan Zalora Indonesia.

When is the deadline?

I will close the giveaway on Saturday, 20 December, 9 pm (Jakarta Time). I will select:

  1. One person who has the best story sharing about Zalora (if there is any)
  2. One person who has the quirkiest dress choice (from instagram comment or blog comment)
  3. One person will be chosen randomly by number

Masing-masing akan menerima voucher Rp.100.000,- dari Zalora Indonesia! Voucher ini akan expired tanggal 31 January 2015, jadi buruan belanja buat new year yahhhh! :) P.S. If this giveaway is a huge success, I will do another giveaway for the books! :D Cheers, May, feeling festive!