It’s all how you see it.

I know we heard the terms “it’s all how you see it” millions of times but how many times do we really use it for our own perspective? Really?

Everything you see in this world is up to you to define. It’s all how you see it.

Here’s the most famous optical illusion. It is a picture of duck… oh wait, it is a picture of rabbit. Oh wait, a duck? a rabbit? It’s both.

Just like life. We can always have so many ways to see.

You can argue until the world ends whether it is rabbit or duck and nobody will win, because both are right. Nobody is wrong because it’s a matter of perception.

What do you think about Soft Lens? Hmm, that’s quite random. Let me start over…

I’ve been ignoring to wear my eyeglasses because I hate wearing them, so when I went back to Indo last month and checked my eye, I had my degree increased. I was frustrated because I started to feel dizzy when I see things with my naked eye. Bottom line: I HAVE TO wear glasses.

But I hate them. So my cousin advised me to wear soft lens instead. I told her I couldn’t put anything on my eye. She said she would teach me. So she did. And shockingly I was pretty comfortable with it. But I haven’t worn any soft lens to office because I was just too lazy to do it in the morning and I always woke up late. But somehow this morning I managed to pull it off.

I came to office wearing Soft lens and everyone is entitled on their opinion, but of course you know how sotoy people can be. They kept saying, “Soft lens is not good for your eyes! You can get infection, irritation, etc etc etc”

Well, I wanted to tell them I am 100% aware of the risk and I still take it, and my cousin who had been using Soft Lens for 15 years has nothing to complain.

But then I was just smiling. I told them, “It’s like if you were planning to go ice skating but then your friend told you that you might fall down and broke your spine. It’s like if you were about to drive and your friend told you that you might get into accident. Everything in life has risk.”

I mean, how silly it is for somebody not to try something new just because they’re afraid of the risk? GEEZ! Even you sit down on the couch at your house and watching TV has risk! The meteor could’ve dropped and hit you!

Life is full of risk, yet it is full with opportunity and sweet surprises.

Falling in love is as risky as ice-skating or snow-boarding or wearing contact lens in some way. But it is also rewarding, isn’t it?

We have our freedom to see the picture above as rabbit or duck. We also have freedom in life to see everything as an opportunity or as a threat, in an optimistic way or pessimistic way, with a smile or a frown.

We define life itself as how we wanted.

Make sure it’s awesome!


May, “It’s just a freaking Soft Lens for god’s sake! Look how I turned my pissed-off mood into a post!”

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