Winner announcement of #30daysblogging

Hey ho!!!

Sorry I’m late for the announcement. Please bear with me… It’s been the busiest time of my life with work (post-CNY is the WORST for HR) and wedding stuffs (been going back and forth Indo), wedding crafts (trust me it’s harder than I imagined), General Election (volunteering and it was fun–stories later) and cooking (yes, been loving back to kitchen lately).

However, I spared an hour today for writing this post. :)

The #30daysblogging was fun… and of course challenging! The challenge actually pushed me to write whether I was in a mood or not. In some days I swore I didn’t want to write at all, but when I read the topic and this magic started to work on my head I just started to type like my hand was automatic machine. It also gave me a good habit to continue working on “Eloise”. I know it seemed like it was going nowhere, but trust me, it is. I’ve been writing “Eloise” and a new novel, actually. :) I just haven’t posted new chapters for “Eloise” because of some reasons.

Anyway… let me tell you how I decided the winner. At first I counted from the hits of individual posts, as seen below:

Post Hit

However, I felt like it doesn’t make sense! How on earth the highest post only got 328 hits altogether, when daily posts were varies from 100-500 hits? Actually I don’t really understand how wordpress calculate the post hits, is it only when someone click the title of the post? If so, it’s not a very fair game. I actually don’t really understand how the hit stats work. Hahaha. All I know is when wordpress told me my hit stats are booming, I was happy. :D

Thus, I add another variable for this. I add the day hit when the post was being posted, such as below:

Daily Hit

You see from the table that the highest hit happened on March 24th when I posted “The planned wedding night” but based on the post-hit stats, it only received 186 hits. Hmm.. somebody please explain this.

So…. I think the only fair game is when I combine these two stats. So here’s my calculation:

Total calculation


And the winner is…. *drumroll please*

ICHA FELICIELO!!! Here’s her blog link.

Hi Icha, if you read this, kindly drop me an email and we’ll talk about what you want for the online shop spree! :D Please contact me before Friday, because I will be on Indo this weekend and I could do some banking there. (my key bca is broken so I can only use ATM for transferring stuffs)

And for Fitri, the Bagina Ratu, if you read this, don’t hate me, you almost won. I promise when we meet someday I’ll buy you lunch! =D

And last but not least….

Thank you everyone who has been reading my non-sense rambles these past 30 days although some of the posts were soooo messy and lazy. LOL. I probably will post a lot less now that I’m not in the challenge anymore and I will try to blogwalk more, especially during my commute, it’s just that sometimes internet signal sucked when the train was underground and I couldn’t comment anything on bloglovin. Geez, May, first world problem?

Anyway… I’m getting married in two months!!!! OMG!!! I CAN’T WAIIITT!!! WOO HOOO!!!! It’s gonna be awesome!!! Hahahahahah!


May, staying in touch. =)

#30daysblogging LAST DAY!

Day 30

Post is an idea from Chelle, the cutie kid in blogsphere!

Last day! Woot woot!!!

Even though I supposed to talk about characters from movie TV series, I think I would blabber too… I’m just not in a good mood (PMS maybe?) so I feel a little stressed.

But first of all, let’s talk about the characters from TV series who I love the most…

Carrie Bradshaw

Who doesn’t love Carrie? She’s romantic, sweet, free and the greatest friend you could possibly have! She has good taste of shoes and she’s a WRITER! She’s just perfect! I love Carrie! I know sometimes she seems weak because she’s a romantic, but she is actually a strong confident woman! Even though she’s not a proclaimed feminist, I always got the feeling that she is one. :)


Monica Geller

She’s my favorite “friend”!!! She’s a freak like me! She loves things organized, she’s bossy and so weird! And I looooveee her! I know she looks crazy and obsessive and annoying with all her rules, but she’s the glue of the “friends”! She always hosts the thanksgiving and she’s actually sweet and caring. Monica knows she’s obsessive and crazy and she embraces her flaws. :) I love her.

So let’s put down some GIF fiesta of Monica Geller!


And if you want to know more why I love Monica, this girl named Kim wrote it all on her blog. :)

Who is your favorite TV series character???


May, forgotten what to blabber about.


#30daysblogging Weird missing hangers are weird.

Day 29

Post is an idea from Arman, one of my favorite blogger!!

The thing I wanted to change from the past

I know that we have to be grateful and we have to embrace the present. I know saying “there is nothing I want to change from the past” sounds like a happy ending in Nicolas Spark movie. I know everything happens for reason. I know I know, jeez, I know.

But if course it’s so intriguing to imagine what would have happened if we changed one thing from our past… And for me, if I had the opportunity, I would like to change…

The last year of my high school.

What I did: I switched major from IPA (natural science) to IPS (social science).

What I would change: I should not switch major.

Did I regret it? Well, I kinda did. Because of that, I couldn’t become an architect. But again, we have to embrace the present (yeah yeah yeah). However I did have A LOT OF FUN in social science major and I ended up studying International Relations on my campus and IT WAS THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE!

But of course, sometimes I was wondering what would happen if I never switch major? Was I an architect now?


The weirdest thing(s) happened on the past

Ok, enough with all the depressing what-if, let’s move to the fun one. When Arman said I should list down all the weirdest things I’ve done, I felt that it was going to be a long post. LOL. I am weird by nature, thus, I have done a lot of weird things… some aren’t supposed to be published online. LOLOLOL. And most of the things were done when I was drunk. So, don’t judge. XD

  1. I have drank the air kobokan (dirty water used to wash hands after eating rice with hands) out of DARE.
  2. I have peed on the parking lot of a club (because apparently I thought it was bathroom).
  3. I have slept beside my own puke, literally.
  4. I cried because I saw my face wash bottle was opened in the public bathroom (when I was living with 8 girls) yes, I had a weird OCD.
  5. One night I woke up and cleaned up everything.
  6. I drunk-called a guy I had a crush on. (GOD this is so FAIL!)
  7. Me and a group of friends were going to watch Thomas Cup and accidentally hit an old lady on the toll road… and the lady was FINE. (it was kinda weird)
  8. My first love died of a toothache (I know this didn’t happen directly to me but still weird)
  9. I stayed awake for nearly 30 hours at the campus cafe with friends because we wanted to conquer the record.
  10. I clamped my hand on between the car windows… (I didn’t know why I did that) ps. this happened just yesterday in Bandung.
  11. I once accidentally skipped my 1pm class because… I was overslept.

Thankfully I have never experienced any scary weird kind of things *knock on wood* even though in my current house that I rent, ice cubes and clothes hangers are missing one by one. It’s kinda weird……

So, I know this sounds lame but I think missing ice cubes and hangers is weird, isn’t it?


May, not really in the mood.

#30daysblogging Why Sanguine?

Day 28

Post is an idea from Josephine.

She asked, “Why Sanguine?”

I answered, “Why not?”

… and case closed.


Calm down!!! I’m just kidding.

Why Sanguine’s Journal? Why not Taurean’s Journal or Pretty Girl’s Journal or The Romantic’s Journal?

Well first of all, nobody will follow a blog called “Pretty Girl’s Journal” unless it’s a beauty blog. Second of all, The Romantic’s Journal sounds like a soft porn web.

Taurean’s Journal sounds okay but still sound a bit masculine for me.

I decided to call my blog “Sanguine’s Journal” because I am a total Sanguine. If there was a task, “Explain yourself in one word!” I would definitely go for “SANGUINE”.

That’s why it is a Sanguine’s Journal. :)

Sanguine is cheerful, outgoing, talkative, messily organized (paradox), like to influence people, like to be on the spotlight, self centered, that’s all me! ME! ME! ME!



May, obviously sanguine. 

#30daysblogging Knowing yourself and motivate yourself.

Day 27

Post is an idea from Kimi.

The title of this blog is Sanguine’s Journal, of course all the posts sound so energetic and positive and motivated, but if you know me in the real life, I do wallow to sometimes. I do binge eating because I’m stressed with my work, or I cry the whole night because I fight with my mom, or I bang some things… I do like to bang things (not sexually).

It’s just that I always filter what I say on my blog. I always write motivational things, full of spirit and super positive because that’s the person I always wanted to be, and I always reminded myself to.

I have so many bad qualities, but thank goodness I’m a person who is willing to change.

How to be motivated?

I wrote a draft for this post with a question, “Is everyone motivated?” This is a tricky question, isn’t it? Do you think everyone is actually (deep deep down) motivated?

Kimi asked me to share tips to be a motivated person and OMG, I am so flattered but I don’t have any tips. It’s just who I am. I personally love goals. Goals keep me motivated.

I wanted to lose some weight, so I set a goal and sucked it up whatever happened. And I did.

I wanted to travel to Europe so I set a goal and followed it. And I did.

I said I was gonna finish my marathon and I freaking did!

The only time I quit was when Bandi and I were in LDR (Long Distance Relationship). We were doing fine for 2 years and I’ve always always looking forward to the goal but suddenly he erased the goal. He didn’t come home in time he promised, and I quit. So I’m pretty sure the only thing that keeps me going is the goal.

I am motivated because I have goal. And I looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee the feeling when I tick off my goal. It’s super awesome.

So I guess, you just have to get to know yourself better. When you REALLY know yourself, it would be easy to improve. Let’s say your a lazy person but you like to please people, then you have ask your family or loved ones to expect some things from you, and you will automatically achieve it because you’ll do it to please people.

Everybody is different. How to be motivated is such a broad topic. What I’ve done would probably never work on you. So… get to know yourself. This is very very important. Not only to motivate yourself, but also for everything in life… You’ll see that life is actually easy peasy once you know yourself better. :)

How to get to know yourself?

Hmm… Step 1 would be… spend more “me time”, analyse all the things that make you happy and things that make you sad, angry, disappointed, etc. Observe yourself… give some time, don’t rush it. And don’t spend time with people you actually don’t like to be around with. Sometimes society is very twisted, you had to hang out with people who actually are not comfortable for you. Always put your happiness above everyone else. I know it sounds selfish, but trust me, this is the right way to live.

Once you know yourself, and you’re happy, every other thing around you that used to look dull will look bright. And you will start to want to make other people happy, automatically.

So I guess all the “deep” and “secretive” question in life will be answered with… SIMPLY BEING HAPPY.

How to be happy?

Arggghhh here we are again! These questions are never ending! And now I sound like Paulo Coelho! You take care of your own shits lah! I’m outta here! *throwing tantrums*


May, acting up so philosophical. 


#30daysblogging Judgments and Opinions.

Day 26

Post is an idea from Lia, a nice and kind mom-to-be!

How do you value a person you just met? Did you judge them the moment you shook your hand with them? Or the moment they made their first comment?

Some people judge someone from their handshakes, others from the way they dress or the brands attached on their shoes/bags, while others judge someone from their eye contacts or from their dialects, etc, etc…

From their appearances

I don’t judge people from their appearances, but I have built a wall with people who wears high heel with full made-up face to a theme park, and  to those who don’t eat food from hawker center. I have a tendency to not be friends with high maintenance girls. I don’t judge them, it’s their choice of life, but I just can’t handle them.

Thankfully I don’t have one. But whenever Bandi’s friends introduce some girlfriends (btw the girlfriends from Bandi’s friends changed from time to time and now I’m at a point where I don’t remember the names anymore) I indirectly judge whether i could hit it off with them based on what they wear. There is high percentage of a chance to get along when she doesn’t wear stilettos and Prada bag. So… Am I judgmental? You tell me.

Wait, wait… do I have a friend who owns branded bags? OF COURSE, DUH! And I still befriend them. I’m just saying that usually I don’t spend time getting to know a stranger who’s more likely doesn’t have anything in common with me. But if I had to spend time with a mutual friends who wore designer bag, I would still try make the conversation. Get it?

I don’t judge but I presume my opinion thus I don’t want to waste my time.

But let’s say, I met a girl who wore prada bag and chanel stiletto (if there’s such thing) that is also a feminist, active in animal welfare, carefree, able to eat one pan of pizza and fun to be with; I would so gonna get to know her better and be her friend. But seriously, slim chance, my friend…

Let’s just say I’m an opinionated bitch for that department. Sorry. Maybe someday I’ll get my karma for this.

What I’m trying to say is… everyone tends to group up with people who are likely similar to them, and that’s normal. :)

It’s impossible not to judge someone, but it is always nice to be surprised about how wrong we could be sometimes. :) I would love to be wrong sometimes. I still do believe in the fact that there are good in everyone.

From the first conversation

Most of the times, I judge someone from our first conversation. When they talked about how insecure they were or how unhappy they were, or how they kept complaining about stuffs, I would definitely wish not to ever encounter that person again. I just hate hate hate hate HAAAAATE to be around pessimists.

Second, I hate girls who had to be validated by men; i.e. girls who kept complaining why they were still single, and so desperate for someone to marry them. GO F YOURSELF.

Third, I hate girls who acted weak. OMAGAHHH those are the worst species!!!

Fourth, I had never given (and will never give) any second chance getting to know a man who said misogynistic comments, such as “women are destined to stay in the kitchen” or “I’ll just find me a wife when I’m rich cause any women would want to date me when I’m rich.” GO SHOVE A GUN ON YOUR ASS. Oh, and pull the trigger please.

I so judge someone from the first conversation. What if I was wrong? Well, let’s just say it was my loss then.

Would you judge someone who…?

Ok, now let me give you some what-ifs and please answer them on the comments. I don’t have giveaway for this, but I hope you spend time answering this.

1. What crossed your mind when you met a girl who wore tank top with an un-shaved armpits?

2. What crossed your mind when you met your friend’s new boyfriend who picked your friend up without stepping out from his car? He kept honking at your friend and shouted “let’s go!”

Well, it’s not that I asked you to judge people, let’s just state opinions. Do give me your honest opinion about what crossed your mind at the first time.


May, the not-so-proud opinionated beyatch.

#30daysblogging You’re vegan, not god.

Day 25

Post is an idea from Nancy, an outspoken girl who had just married the love of her life. Say congrats to her! Woot woot!

Nancy gave me a pandora box… something that she would regret because when I talk about animal welfare, I will start bitching. Are you ready?

Talking about animal welfare could really provoke me, thus sometimes I avoid talking about it. I have mixed feeling about Animal Welfare Organization (both governmental and non-governmental – oh wait, who am I kidding? No such thing as governmental Animal Welfare Org, Govt doesn’t care!).

I am of course supporting all the animal welfare org’s with all my heart. I do my best to volunteer once in a while and keep myself updated about some issue I care the most. But on the other side, sometimes the bitchy side of me can’t help the attitudes of some of the members or volunteers of most Animal Welfare Org’s. They’re mostly vegan and oh honey, you don’t want to hear me commenting about Vegan people.

I love animals, no doubt. But I’m not Vegan. Does that make me love animal less? This is the most debatable topic in every animal welfare org’s. We have to be vegan in order to join them, because being animal’s friend means we can’t eat them. Hmm… it is true when you put it that way. And I do understand about all the animal slaughter story and trust me, my heart wrenched when I read/watched it. But I am an omnivore, I can’t don’t want to delete meats from my diet.

And that is why I avoid talking to vegan people. They would debate it like my choice is wrong, like I SHOULD NOT be an animal welfare supporter when I, in the first place, still eat meats. Suddenly it does sound like a religion. And I hate it. I hate those Vegans who think they are better than anybody else just because they don’t eat meat. I mean, THANK YOU for your sacrificial selfless act, oh hail saints, but I thought since you LOVE THEM very much, you don’t sacrifice yourself. I hate their smug face when they say “Sorry, I don’t eat that. I don’t eat meat at all. Do you know how horrible they killed chicken?” and then showing their smug face and try to convert people to vegetarianism/veganism. It’s like trying to convert someone’s religion. F yourself. You’re no better.

And yes, this includes mothers who feed their children vegan food. LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT IN THEIR LIFE!!!

Anyone’s dietary choice is anyone’s individual choice, who are you to judge?

I understand there is some people who went Vegan because they couldn’t eat meat or they didn’t like meat (I actually have a friend who doesn’t like meat) and they don’t go around telling people how good they are. It’s their choice and they don’t shove it on your face. I, myself, did try to be a vegetarian once (because of the pressure) and I failed miserably… And I’m not ashamed to admit it that I LOVE PORK just too much I’m so happy when I eat it! My life is meaningful because of pork! Yes! And salmon! Oh god, salmon!

Can’t we all just accept that everyone’s different?! Vegan is not better than the rest of the people! Oh I hate people who thinks they are better than the rest! Everyone is equal! We’re just in different chapters of our lives!!!

Anyway…. I should stop yelling in my mind because it’s kinda noisy.

Well… Ahem, beside the “veganism” part of animal welfare, I do support all animal welfare movements. :) However I put more attention to puppy mills issue and dolphins captivity issue.

I remember when Wenwen, one of many Dolphins “purchased” by RWS, died (read here) and I started to cry like I just lost a sister or a friend. It was so sad I felt so much anger inside because it happened and NOBODY could do anything. You know it’s the worst feeling when you feel sad and helpless. I really really wished I had a genie, just to grant my wish for all the government in the world to apply a real Act for dolphin in captivity. To release them all.

I know it sounds weird for common people who are not familiar with animal welfare, but I DO care a lot. I just don’t know why. Animals can’t talk, they just show gestures. We are their mouths, so we have to talk on behalf of them. :) I was born around animals and I always have weak heart for them. :) I especially love dogs and dolphins. :)

What about you? Any thoughts about animal welfare you know?


May, didn’t mean to be bitching.


#30daysblogging Dengan kekuatan bulan, akan menghukummu!

Day 24

Post is an idea from Dea, one of my favorite blogger.

Yang seumuran gue pasti kenal lah tagline “dengan kekuatan bulan, akan menghukummu!” Dulu nih, waktu jaman gue masih imut imut pisan, sailor moon itu tontonan wajib deh. Kalo nggak nonton mah kagak gaul gitu, dan udah pasti dimusuhin temen-temen satu kelas. Pokoknya sailor moon itu sacred banget deh buat kita! Dan pastinya kita juga ngumpulin kartu sailor moon dan sering tuker-tukeran. Kayaknya duit jajan gue dulu abis tuh buat beliin kartu sailor moon.

Dari semua temen-temen masa kecil, nggak pernah tuh gue ketemu cewek yang mau jadi Usagi/Sailor Moon. Entah kenapa, meskipun dia ini peran utama dan pacarnya ganteng berats, dia tuh anti-hero banget. Kerjaannya diselametin orang melulu, orangnya ceroboh dan teledor. Menurut analisis gue sih, ini dikarenakan poni Usagi yang culun belah dua macam Aaron Kwok jadul. Ganggu banget deh.

Ini dia penampakan Usagi.

Dibandingkan Usagi, sailor-sailor yang lain justru lebih banyak fans nya. Dan gue pribadi pengen jadi…..


Yes! Gue demennya sama si Ai karena dia ini… orangnya ceria! Terus rambutnya kuning! Hwahahaha, shallow reason. Tapi seriusan, dibanding temen-temennya yang lain karakter si Ai ini yang paling menyenangkan (udah gitu rambutnya kuning-tetep dong).

Dulu gue sering banget main-main sama sepupu gue si Renny pura-pura jadi sailor venus terus dia maunya jadi sailor Mars (eh iya nggak sih, Ren?)

Lalu begitu muncul sailor-sailor yang lain, makin banyak deh pilihannya, gue jadi demennya sama Sailor Neptunus (nggak setia yah gue) abis dia cool gitu dan cakep bo!

Nih full team si gang nya Sailor Moon

Noh, gue kasih full team nya, inget nggak ada 3 sailor baru (paling kiri) juga yang nggak jelas lah guna nya buat apa. Pas mereka muncul di komik nya gue udah nggak terlalu ikutin deh.

Kalian inget nggak sih mereka siapa?


May, feeling nostalgic

#30daysblogging Being an adult.

Day 23

Post is an idea from Irny.

Being an adult means being responsible of your own decision; and mistakes.

Being an adult is paying your own bills.

Being an adult is living your own life, separated from the life you used to know.

Being an adult is taking care of your parents, instead of being taken care by.

Being an adult is having the bigger heart, saying “I’m sorry” first.

Being an adult means no longer sweat the small stuffs.

Being an adult is ignoring what other people say or comment about you.

Being an adult is not having enough time for yourself; because you’re too busy worrying other people.

Being an adult means dare to admit your wrongdoing.

Being an adult is letting go your childhood, though once in a while you’d like to visit it.

Being an adult means more work, more responsibilities, heavier luggage and longer list of expectation.

But let me tell you the privilege of being an adult…

You’ve got to make your own decision!

You have your freedom! you can LITERALLY do whatever you want to do, without people telling you.

You can finally don’t give a fuck, you can actually ignore what other people say.

You will have finally found YOU. The real you.

And you can either see you being an adult as a burden or a blessing. :)


May, still on the process of growing up.

#30daysblogging The planned wedding night. Uh-oh!

Day 22

Post is an idea from Icha Felicielo

Hey hoooo!!! As I mentioned on my instagram, today is my last day of Mayo Diet!!! I’ve lost 4 kg of my fats, what a relief! If you’re wondering what is Mayo Diet, it’s a 13 days diet when you have to eat clean without salt at all. The menu is already scheduled so you just follow it. You may read more about Mayo Diet here.

Anyway, today’s topic might and might not be related with the Mayo Diet. However, I do the Mayo Diet for sake of June. What happen on June? Yes! It’s the wedding, but the most important is not the wedding day itself, because wearing gown doesn’t really need Mayo diet, does it? It’s for the AFTER WEDDING. YES!!! It’s for the lingerie on honeymoon! Woot woot!!!

Icha asked, “What would you do on the wedding night with Bandi?”

Hahahaha, I wish I could give you the details, Icha! LOLOLOL.

On the night of the 7th of June, I don’t think Bandi and I will be fully sober. Yeah, so we would be pretty much having fun with our closest friends, celebrating the best day ever. :) We plan to stay in one cottage with close friends and having our after-party. So yeah, no kinky sex planned for the day. :D

However all of our friends will be leaving Bandung on 8th June afternoon and Bandi and I will stay another night and we will….. order in some Ayam Cabe Ijo and Ayam Penyet and Indomie telor kornet and will sleep in for the whole 24 hours on our favorite hotel. Hahahaha.

Disappointed? We will do the kinky sex later on. Don’t worry. LOL.

We will be having another wedding (the serious formal Chinese wedding – as requested by family) the week after that, on 14th June 2014, so yeah, we should really stay sober until then. And as we planned, we’re so gonna have our honeymoon right after that! Wooottt! So yeah, all the Mayo diet was meant for the honeymoon because it will involve some serious lingerie cosplay. LOLOLOL. (Sorry to give you all such a wicked image) XD

We haven’t chosen our honeymoon destination, FYI. We will just go wherever we can later on. :) No matter where, as long as it’s with the who that matters sound a pretty good deal for me.

So that’s it, my very first non-sense pointless post. LOL. Thanks for the easy topic, Icha! XD


May, in desperate needs for the salt.