#30daysblogging Garuda on World Cup, someday.

Day 21

Post is an idea from Jerry.

So, today I have to write about the puzzling reality that though football is immensely popular in Indonesia, Indonesian players and clubs never excel. It’s kinda difficult, isn’t it?

Well, the easy way is just to blame our Youth and Sport Minister, Roy Suryo. LOL.

But of course blaming only one person sounds so shallow, so I think I should blame the whole government instead. Anyway, I would make points of the reasons why Indonesia doesn’t excel in football.

  1. No government support. Obviously, our government is that kinds of government who doesn’t think about future. Everything is about how much money I can corrupt now. I sound like a cynic don’t I? But seriously, money is needed to support sporting facility! Yes, we have the love for football, the culture, but without practice in a well-managed and well-established facility, what can the athletes do?
  2. The sad reality that in Indonesia being an athlete is like volunteering your life to poverty. Come on, in Indonesia social status is so damn important and when two men wanted to propose to your daughter; when one was an athlete and the other one was a banker, you’d most likely choose the later one.
  3. The sad reality that most of the good footballers chose to play overseas and then change their nationality. :( I mean, it’s perfectly fine to play overseas, it is even GOOD to play overseas, so you can improve and grow, but then usually they will never come back. :(
  4. We don’t have the mentality to win? Ok, this might be controversial because a lot of people might not agree, but we DO not have the mentality to win. Or maybe we haven’t had it yet. You see some team were born to win, like Brasil, Italy or Germany. Brasil is poor and most of the footballers came from poor villages but somehow the winning blood is within them! Well, Italy has one long history about winning in football, so it’s within them, same with Germany. We, Indonesian, tends to lose the mentality when we were not leading. I don’t know, I think this is part of the moral lesson when we were kids, to always be selfelss? (ngalah)
  5. Been thinking for minutes but nothing came up… so I think we’re done

But however, I still do believe, I DO, I DO BELIEVE, that someday Bandi and I will watch World cup when we sing Indonesia Raya on. The dream will be much better if our kid was the on the field, with Garuda on his chest. :) What a dream.

But well you know… Universe tends to make my dream comes true.

So can I hear amen?


May, will be forever in love with football.

#30daysblogging Introduction to my family

Day 20

Post is an idea from Debhoy.

Debhoy’s comment made me realize that I seldom talk about my family. I didn’t really have any particular reason, it’s not that I did that on purpose. I just didn’t have a lot of things to talk about. First of all, I love faraway from them and I only exchange messages with them once every two weeks or a month sometimes. I don’t call. Lack of contacts create no story whatsoever so I never talk about them. If I compare with Bandi whom I communicate with daily or my friends whom I text with or facetime with daily, of course the portion of the story is a lot smaller.

I love my family. I grew up with them. There’s nothing wrong with them, really. :) It’s just a normal family with dysfunctional parents and brother and sister. I mean, aren’t all families dysfunctional?

My dad is a loving and humble man. He loves animals so much, including cockroaches. Yes, he doesn’t wanna ever kill cockroaches. I’ve got my animal lover trait from him, obviously. He’s artsy, good with pencil. When he got his first heart attack when I was 7 years old, he lost control of his right hand, so he stopped drawing. But then he learned how to use his left hand. After he recovered years later, he was able to write and draw with both hands. So I guess I’ve got my artsy and never-give-up trait from him too. :)

My mom is a neurotic, OCD-freak and unstable. She didn’t love my dad when she married him, and she still doesn’t. Thus, I always remember to never marry someone with the wrong reasons. I’ve seen the outcome for the first 18 years of my life living with them. My mom loves art too. She loves painting, reading and writing. She writes a lot! We used to share books and novels when we still lived together. She was the one who introduced me to the most delicious drink in the whole world: coffee. Yes, she was a coffee addict. When I was in high school, we used to hang out in the afternoon drinking coffee together. :) I’ve got her writing talent and her love for arts, and also her caffeine addiction. :)

They were both great people, but they married the wrong people and with the wrong reason, and they weren’t happy in most of the times during their marriage. I learned a lot that marrying the wrong person could turn your life upside down. No matter what, love has to be the foundation of the marriage. Other things could follow.

I have one big sister who is a kindergarten principal. She’s easy going and fun. She’s married with two awesome kids. The oldest is Kimiko, my favorite one! (Ssst! I shouldn’t pick a favorite. LOL) In the middle between me and my sister is my brother. He was a rebel and a big trouble for the family, but anyway, things have been better. He is actually a person with a good heart. And guess what is he doing for a living? He’s a game master! It’s like MY DREAM JOB! He works for Indonesian based game company as a game master, somebody who test the game before it’s being launched to public! Whaaaat?!

So, that’s my family. Twisted, troubled, yet fun and warm.

I’m not mentally close with my family, maybe because we didn’t love together for so long. My sister went to Bandung when I was 10 years old, after that I’ve never lived with her anymore. My brother went to China when I was 16 years old and then when I was 18, I moved out from my house. Now my mom and dad lived with my brother and 7 dogs (and counting!) Yes, my dad likes to have a looooooooot of dogs. Not that my house is big, but he feed all the stray dogs daily so all the stray dogs guard our house every night. :)

But I go home once in a while and visit them. I keep in touch with them too, of course. :) Blood is thicker than water, so I never worry that time or distance will drift us apart. :)


May, the emotional one.

#30daysblogging Epiphany

Day 19

Post is an idea from Erry.

From someone as ngocol as Erry, it was kinda surprising when she gave me a serious topic to post about. She told me that she had a turning point in her life when her Mom passed away and not long after that she conceived Fathir. I don’t know if her turning point changed her life so much, and I don’t know if it was also called Epiphany, but I guess I will talk about my Epiphany now.

I don’t know what is turning point… so maybe I haven’t had any. I know something about Epiphany. Based on dictionary, Epiphany means a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization. So it’s like an eye opener, a moment that makes you realize something that has been clouded all of this time.

This happens last year on February. Bandi missed a flight back home to Singapore, so I had to flight home alone. I’ve already written the story here, so I will not repeat again, but I will tell you why this Epiphany changed my life.

Before that day, I was this girl who never wanted marriage. I did turn down Bandi’s first proposal attempt to marry me and I was so close to let him go (not because I didn’t love him, but because I wanted to set him free.)

I tried so hard to open my heart and love fearlessly, but somehow I just couldn’t. Bandi was frustrated with me. He felt that he already tried everything to assure me that his love is true and that we were made for each other but somehow… somehow… I just couldn’t open my heart. I could say that… I loved Bandi with insurance. I did love him, I wanted a privilege to be his girlfriend, but I still wanted a ticket to go out from the relationship whenever I wanted. I needed an insurance. So whenever I felt like leaving him, I could.

(I know I know, what a bitch, right?)

You guys would probably think I’m a bad person. I could accept that. I was.

But that night, I changed.

I had the epiphany. I was so close to let him go and with all the missing-the-flight things and all the signs from the universe (FYI I believe in signs) I really really thought that I had to let him go.

And then there he was… knocking the door at midnight. He came home. And he brought back all of his legal documents that I’d left at the airport and he also brought my luggage that was left at Soe-tha airport. He was like trying to assure me that he was a superhero. Everything he did was like saying there you go, universe. I made it. Nothing can make me stop coming home to her. Nothing.

It seems silly, I know. But it’s something that’s hard to explain. It’s something that’s really really personal actually and here I am sharing with you.

That moment might not instantly make me want to marry Bandi, but it was the moment I started to think about what I really want in my life.

And him was the only one appeared everything I thought about it. It was kinda scary because I have never put anyone in my life as my priority before and suddenly I realized I have invested so much feeling on somebody it was overwhelming and scary and new for me. And deciding to carry on was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.

Dreams changed and he was my new dream. And I didn’t mind.


May, feeling content.

#30daysblogging Super Cupcake

Day 18

Post is an idea from Gillian.

Whoa! It’s been 18 days straight! Woot woot! And I gotta tell you, juggle between work and blog are not easy. Phew!

Today will be fun because we’re talking about superpower!!! Woooottt! Yes, in this imaginary world I was a superhero! And what was my superpower???

Let’s cut this short and let me present to you… MY IMAGINARY SUPERHERO!!!


Well, it looks more like fairy godmother actually, but let’s just call it… FAIRY SUPERHERO!!! Awesomesauce!

The boots were made for running and/or stepping on fire and any kind of surface,

The dress was mixed between Elsa the Ice Queen and Sailor moon! The fairy wings were…. being put there because it’s just pretty to have fairy wings… and of course so I can fly.

The necklace had a special pendant that protect me from any kind of attack. On the other words… I am INVINCIBLE. (yess!!!)

And you probably guess what the sparkling star wand is for???

The wand has a magic superpower for… changing cupcakes, potato chips, fries and all other fatty food to be healthy!!! So no more guilty feeling after we binge eating! Isn’t it awesome or what???

I will visit all the nice girls and put spell on their food so it will become healthy! SO NO MORE SKINNY BITCHES because everybody would have healthy body!!!

Hahaha, I know I know, this sounds lame… But seriously I’ve always wanted that superpower!!!

I don’t want to be invisible or to be able to change steel to pot of gold or any other superpower to protect the world. I just want to make people eat whatever they want and not worrying about their weight and their cholesterol. I want us to be happy!!!

I really want to have this sparkling star wand! I want iiiiiiiiit!!!!!!

And what should I call my self? Hmm….

I think I would call myself…

Super Cupcake

Because my main power is give away so many cupcakes that won’t make you fat and make you happy!!! XD

Be happy because I’ll only give my cupcakes to happy people!


May, The Super Cupcake

#30daysblogging I regret it and I’m sorry.

Day 17

Post is an idea from Melissa.

The idea was to talk about quotes. But I don’t really have one particular favorite quote. I love soooo many quotes. So Melissa was kind enough to narrow it to talk about a quote from Paul Arden:

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

Hmm… Do I agree with this?


I think some of the things I’ve done (that weren’t supposed to be written on blog) happened out of this quote. I mean, yes you have to use your brain, of course! But when it came to guts decision or one of those moments when you were sure/unsure whether to do it or not, then you probably should do it! Unless it involves crime or hurting other people.

One of the most amazing thing I’ve done out of this quote was my impulsive Bali trip. I had spent around one hour just to keep refreshing the webpage of whether I should click that “purchase” button. But then I did click it and 4 hours later I packed my backpack and flew to Bali.

I came back to Singapore broke and happy. :)

If only I didn’t click the purchase button, maybe I wouldn’t have this awesome memory and I would never pee on the parking lot, but hey, what’s fun in that?

Another story was when Bandi and I went to Lombok. We were stranded at midnight in Padang Bai and we cancelled our midnight ferry to Lombok. The next morning we were about to ride back to Kuta but we met a fellow traveler who told us about how beautiful Lombok is and we decided to go, against all odds (and we threw up like hell on the ferry LOL).

But yeah, Lombok and Gili Trawangan was worth all the throw-ups along the way.

Even, until now, Bandi always uses the “remember Gili?” statements whenever I feel like not doing something because I’m lazy or because it’s too hard. He always said that to remind me that something beautiful usually comes after long and winding road. (This is what motivated us hiking through Cinque Terre, Italy for freaking 2 hours).

What about things that I actually regretted?

Ok, you know that I’m that person who “let’s go!” all the time, so I never really regret anything about my adventure side of life or my friendship, but there is one thing I regret about my love life.

I regret that I didn’t give somebody a chance when I was 17 years old. I was too stupid, or too scared, maybe so I didn’t give love a chance. He was my first real boyfriend. The first time I actually felt so happy for being loved and being cared about, but then I just shut him off. Just like that. Just because I was so stupidly scared to open my heart.

Yes. I regret it.

I wish I could change it and told him I’m sorry. I heard from a friend that he was still hung up on me during college years (and I was so freaking selfish I didn’t know what if felt like to be heartbroken) and I was thinking, man how stupid is that? he’s the one who chose to be hung up. I’ve never done anything to hurt him.

Wrong. I did actually hurt him. But I was teenager and I was stupid and selfish.

When I grew up and I fell in love for real and I was hurt by love, I realized that I did hurt him that time, but I didn’t know (or I didn’t care). Guess Karma is a bitch, huh, May?

Anyway… it did happen and I can’t do anything about it. I heard that he’s happy now and he has a girlfriend. So I think that’s good, right? :)


The least favorite quote

I guess this is the end of the post, but before I end the post, I would love to share my most UN-FAVORITE quote all the time:

“I love you for not who you are, but for what I am when I’m with you.”

I don’t know who wrote this quote because a lot of different names came up when I googled it, but I think this is one of the stupidest quote of all time.

I love my fiance for what he is! (and also in spite of what he is) but clearly, I don’t love him for what I am when I’m with him. OH NO WAY! Doesn’t it sound like it’s Bella Swan’s quote from Twilight? Like the one who said it doesn’t have character because their character only comes up when they are with their lover. Oh that is so stupid.

So when am not with you, don’t love myself anymore? Or does it suppose to when am with you, become this lovey dovey happy girl and when am not with you again, turn to be sulky and suicidal (like Bella Swan.)

What a weird and pretentious quote.

For me, I definitely love myself with or without Bandi. Oh hell yeah!

And now to close this post with one of the greatest quote of all time:

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend… never owned a dog.”


May, the bookworm

#30daysblogging The not so glamorous side of Singapore

Day 16

Post is an idea from Shinta.

Katanya gue ngepost selalu hura-hura melulu, katanya gue tinggal disini seneng-seneng melulu, katanya gue tuh kaga pernah post yang susah-susah.

So, buat menjunjung tinggi ke-Indonesia-an gue, gue harus mengeluh sesekali di post gue. Jadi inilah keluhan gue sewaktu menekatkan diri jadi TKI di Spore…

Dulu pertama kali gue dateng ke sini, gue belum dapet kerja, so gak ada yang mau terima gue jadi room-mate mereka. Yah, gue bisa mengerti sih… karena kan mereka pasti mau aman. Nih anak nekat banget ke Spore belum dapet kerja, ntar sebulan dua bulan nggak dapet kerja terus balik lagi ke indo, kamarnya gimana? So gue sangat kesusahan dapet tempat tinggal.

Setiap kali gue ajak chatting orang-orang indo yang di Spore, mereka selalu tanya, “Lo belum dapet kerja?” terus gue bilang belum, langsung deh mereka kabur dari chat room. Intinya mereka nggak mau menampung ketidakjelasan dalam hidup mereka (cieh.)

Akhirnya ada cewe Malaysia yang mau nampung gue. Gue cuma ketemu dia online terus gue langsung nekat aja tinggal sama dia begitu sampe Spore. OMG rumah yang gue tempatin itu paraaahhh bener! Salah satu rumah subsidi jaman jebot pisaaan! Dan tau nggak sih? Nggak ada ranjang ataupun kasur!!! So, gue beli kasur yang tipiiisss bener di toko sebelah rumah. Udah gitu, ada 3 uncle2 malaysia yang juga serumah sama kita (kalo di indo abang2 lah ini) dan ada 2 cewek malaysia lain yang nggak pernah keliatan batang hidungnya. Pokoknya tuh rumah packed dan super berantakan.

Gue dan roommate gue untungnya bisa hit it off. Dia malah traktir gue minuman kaleng di malam pertama gue makan di Spore. Dia bilang nanti lo traktir gue balik kalo lo udah dapet kerja. (And yes, we did eat like pig when I treated her pake hasil gaji pertama gue.)

Malam pertama gue nggak bisa tidur… Kasurnya tipis bener, I practically slept on the floor. Udah gitu, nggak ada AC! Gue tidur pake kipas angin dan walhasil gue masuk angin tingkat dewa kebesokan harinya. Gue bangun pagi-pagi terus pergi ke pasar buat beli nasi yang harganya $2.50, pokoknya makan semurah mungkin dah. Habis itu gue apply kerja seharian terus sore-sore gue kebawah buat people-watching.

Waktu itu kan gue tinggal di neighborhood yang agak kampung lah, so banyak orang susah nya. Gue baru sadar loh, Spore itu nggak se-glamorous yang gue bayangkan. Padahal di otak gue pas gue pindah ke Spore itu bakal kayak Carrie Bradshaw mengangkangi New York gitu… Ternyata…

Anyhow, emang gue tuh blessed dan super lucky, tiga hari kemudian gue udah dapet kerja. Habis itu gue mulai nabung dikit-dikit dari gaji gue dan ketika roomate gue mau pake kamarnya untuk adiknya, gue harus move out dan gue move in bareng temen-temen indo yang baik-baik. :) I felt like home karena pulang kerja bisa hang out sama mereka di ruang tengah, nonton Indonesian Idol, abis gitu bisa ngomong Indo. Horeeee.

The rest is history.

Gue nggak tau apakah ini bad enough buat kalian. I mean I’ve had worst and I’ve had better. Setiap ditanya cerita yang sedih atau susah biasanya gue susah ceritanya karena biasanya gue nggak inget. Gue selalu inget cerita yang manis-manis, bahagia, dan lucu-lucu lah. Yang sedih-sedih biasanya nggak inget. Otak gue akan otomatis buang itu dari memori gue.

Bukannya gue nggak pernah sedih, tapi gue nggak pernah bilang kalo gue sedih. Bukannya gue nggak pernah ngeluh, tapi gue cuma nggak ngeluh di social media (aduh, nggak glamorous banget deh) gue biasa ngeluh dan curhat hanya ke teman deket aja. I always always try to be a better and happier person everyday. The kind of person that shines when everything else is dark. :)

I know it sounds silly, but it’s me. I love being happy and I always try to be happy.

Be happy, people! And be grateful, for whatever happened were either a blessing or a lesson. :)


May, the smiley face.

#30daysblogging Surviving Singapore

Day 15

Post is an idea from Rinta Dita, Si males mandi.

Hey ho! I finally have the time to unwind and open my blog today. It’s been a very hectic day at work and it’s such a coincidence that we’re gonna talk about working and surviving in Singapore.

Gue bakal tulis dalam bahasa Indo karena mungkin lebih enak nyablak nya kali yaaa.

I must thank Rin-Dit to give this topic so I can finally write it because actually a lot of people have asked me about this and ask me to write some tips of working/surviving in Spore, but I guess I’ve been too lazy. Now that I have a challenge, everything is easier. Hahaha. So competitive, LOL.

First of all, kerja dan tinggal di luar negeri itu selalu terdengar enak. Apalagi dengan iming-iming bayaran dollar, rasanya nggak pake pikir dua kali, pengen langsung sabet aja tuh kesempatan. Let me tell you first. Nggak semua orang bisa sruvive kerja di luar negeri, sebutlah USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Gue sebut empat negara ini karena empat negara ini paling mungkin didatengin sama foreigner dari Indo untuk kerja. I mean, bener-bener didatengin untuk tujuan cari kerja yah. Kalau cuma mau tinggal di luar negeri untuk jadi ibu rumah tangga dengan cara cari suami bule, gue nggak bisa kasih tips. Ini totally tujuannya cari kerja dan tinggal sendiri (SINGLE).

Gue gak tau teknisnya gimana untuk kerja di tiga negara lain di atas tapi kalo buat Singapore, gue lumayan expert (karena ini kerjaan sehari2 gue). You have to be at least bachelor degree from an Indonesian well-known University, atau kalo kamu lulusan US/Aussie/UK yah lebih enak lagi lah. Terus apa lagi? Nggak ada. Yang penting lo punya degree, sisanya tinggal urusan lo sama yang diatas, alian LUCK. Yes, we need luck.

Step by step applying jobs in Singapore

  1. Have a degree, a passport (of course, duh?!) and a fearless gut.
  2. Apply jobs online di jobsdb dan website2 serupa. Kalo bisa lo taruh alamat dan nomor telepon Singapore. Kalo lo masih di Indo, you can always borrow your friend who lives in Spore.
  3. Interview via skype/interview langsung. Kalo company nya mau ketemu langsung, yah lo beli tiket lah, emang mesti modal dikit ini.
  4. If you finally find a company that wants to hire you, the company will apply for you an employment pass. Employment pass itu ada dua macem: EP dan SP. EP itu nggak pake quota tapi lo harus master degree atau lulusan uni keren atau uni luar negeri lah. SP itu ada quota nya makanya lebih susah, tapi ini buat orang2 lulusan Indo yang punay bachelor degree.
  5. Setelah si company apply employment pass buat elo, lo cuma nunggu dan berdoa sebanyak2nya supaya pass elo di-approve sama MOM (Kementrian Tenaga Kerja).
  6. Kalo nggak di approve, ulangi langkah nomor (1). Kalo di-approve, lo mesti pergi medical check up terus nunggu kartu SP/EP elo di-issue sama MOM. Lo harus submit beberapa dokumen tapi HR dari company lo bakal jelasin semua ke elo. (Nah ini lah kerjaan gue sehari2.)
  7. Setelah kartu SP/EP lo muncul, barulah lo legal untuk kerja di perusahaan itu selama periode 1 tahun/2 tahun. CONGARTS! you’re starting your new adventure!

Jelas nggak tuh penjelasan gue? Singkatnya adalah:

Apply kerja –> Interview –> Diterima kerja –> Apply Employment Pass –> Approval –> A new adventure!

Kalau misalnya Pass lo ditolak, apakah alasannya? Nah jujur aja, gue juga nggak ngerti, kadang gue bisa apply dua orang yang particulars nya hampir sama dan dari Uni yang sama, dengan gaji yang sama, tapi salah satu bisa di-reject. MOM emang punya hak untuk reject elo kerja disini. Makanya, gue bilang LUCK berguna juga disini. Banyak-banyak lah lo beribadah. LOL.

Working in Singapore

Apa iya kerja di Spore itu pace nya cepat dan bikin stress? IYAH. BENER. SUWER DAH. Gue pernah kerja di Bandung, Jakarta dan Singapore. I must say, pace dari tiga kita ini bener-bener beda. Kerja di Bandung itu menyenangkaaaaan banget (atau mungkin dulu gue cinta kerjaan gue) terus di Jakarta gue pernah kerja jadi Jurnalis dan gue komplen karena jam kerjanya terlalu lebay, sekarang disini gue komplen karena boss gue rada gila. Yah, rata-rata boss di Singapore emang rada gila, dalam artian mereka tuh bisa maki-maki elo blak-blak-an di depan elo. Nggak jarang ada adegan nangis2an segala.

Selama gue kerja di indo, gue nggak pernah dimarahin boss, palingan juga dikritik lembut, tapi nggak pernah dimaki. Disini? Udah biasaaaaa.

Terus disini biasanya lembur nya gila-gilaan, khususnya kalo elo adalah salah satu dari: Arsitek, Auditor, IT, Designer. Selamat deh yaaaaaaa!!! Dijamin lembur melulu. Gue pribadi NGGAK PERNAH lembur. Hahahah. pernah lah tapi paling sekali dalam setahun. Hahahah. Sedangkan si Bandi itu termasuk dari kategori occupation di atas jadilah dia tiap hari jadi penunggu kantor, temenan baek sama Pak Satpam.

Disini juga jarang ada maen-maen kayak di Indo. Dulu gue sering banget maen-maen di kantor sama temen-temen kantor gue, malah bisa maen bareng sama Boss pas jam kantor pula!! Disini? JANGAN HARAP!

Intinya, kerja di Spore emang dibayar dollar, tapi kerjanya tuh beneran lebih berat lah, yah kembali lagi ke diri lo lah, lebih demen kayak apa? Kalo gue sih jujur lebih demen kerja di Indo, tapi gue butuh duitnya, gimana dong? (jujur)

Anyway, semua yang gue tulis ini berdasarkan pengalaman dan opini pribadi yah, mungkin ada beberapa temen gue yang cinta mati kerja di Spore. Well… Setiap orang beda-beda yaaa!

Surviving Singapore!

Menanggapi pertanyaan beberapa teman, “Kok lo tahan sih hidup di Spore?”

Gini gini… sebenernya tinggal di luar negeri itu sama halnya kayak traveling. Ketika lo pergi atau tinggal di suatu tempat baru, lo harus adaptasi kan? Kalo lo cuma travel/visit, lo harus adapt dengan cepat tapi cepat ditinggalkan juga. Kalo lo harus tinggal, lo harus adapt pelan-pelan dan diresapi lah.

Gue suka heran sama orang yang pergi traveling terus komen, “Ih gue nggak suka deh ke Kuala Lumpur, abis berantakan dan MRT nya lama, beda banget deh sama Spore. Di spore mah nggak kayak gitu.” (jelas lah ya ini komen dari orang mana.) Gini toh mbak… namanya juga kita traveling yah, kalo lo selalu banding-bandingin, yah lo ga usah pergi kemana-mana… Selamanya aja di Spore, kan enak tuh segala-gala ada. Tujuannya traveling itu kan untuk gain experiences, good ones dan bad ones. Waktu gue ke Halong Bay tuh gue benciiiiii banget! Gue tuh kesel banget karena Halong Bay jelek mampus, sumpah deh semua yang pada bilang bagus dan foto-foto menipu di internet tuh rasanya mau gue maki-maki. Gue sempet banding-bandingin sama Lombok atau Phuket, but then gue sadar, I was wrong. Gue ke Hanoi karena gue mau tau, gue mau gsin experiences, so let it one bad experience, at least sekarang gue bisa ketawain.

Begitu juga dengan tinggal di Spore. Di spore kita nggak bisa punya pembantu (bisa lah, tapi mahal yah bok). Pulang kerja udah malem capek-capek lo masih harus cuci baju, nyetrika, sapu pel lantai, sikat kamar mandi, terus nggak ada yang masakin nasi dan sayur (huaaa! Masakan mama gue.) Belum lagi rasa lonely tinggal sendirian di negeri asing. Beli makanan juga rasanya nggak enak, tapi kalo mau makan di restoran melulu yah bangrkut dong… Kalau mau masak mesti repot ngebersihinnya. Pokoknya tinggal di negara orang itu nggak cuma enak-enak aja. Tapi yah… once kita udah adaptasi dan menerima kenyataan kalo makanan sini emang nggak lebih enak dari makanan Indo, dan menerima kenyataan kalo orang-orang sini tuh selfish nya nggak kira-kira (main terabas terobos di MRT) lama-lama kita nggak misuh-misuh lagi tapi yah just accept it as our new life.

Semua hal itu kan bisa dilihat dari bagusnya atau jeleknya. Kembali lagi ke gimana lo mau liatnya.

Soal bahasa.

Orang Indo ini agak tricky… Mau ngomong melayu sama orang Malay juga agak susah, mau ngomong chinese nggak bisa, so kita cuma bisa bahasa Inggris aja, padahal kalo di hawker/kopitiam gitu pasti mereka demennya nanya pake bahasa Mandarin (apalagi kalo muke gue begini. Sigh.) Terus tiap gue bilang gue nggak bisa bahasa Chinese, mereka pasti look down on me. Muka cina kok nggak bisa bahasa Cina. Murtad.

Dulu yah, gue sering banget nyolotin balik, yeh, elo tinggal di Spore nggak bisa bahasa Melayu?!! Bahasa Nasionalnya apa nyeeet?! Tapi yah sekarang sih udah mulai bisa terima lah… Kadang-kadang suka ngebales si Aunty jualan kopi pake Mandarin juga. Lama-lama bisa karena terbiasa lah.

Soal duit.

Nih yah, pada nanya, sebenernya bisa nabung nggak sih kerja di Spore? Secara kan Spore itu the most expensive city in earth. Jawabnya adalah: BISA. Yah, balik lagi ke lifestyle lo kali yaaa! Kalo lo beli tas LV setiap bulan sih nggak akan bisa nabung, adanya ngutang.

Soal peer pressure.

Menurut gue ya, beban mental paling parah untuk tinggal di Spore sebagai cewek adalah…. PEER PRESSURE. Cewek-cewek sini tuh langsingnya luar biasa. Kayaknya dosa banget kalo gendut disini. Buat orang-orang Spore asli yang udah modern, cewek-ceweknya suka kulit tan, tapi buat para foreigner dari Malaysia dan China dan aunty2 Spore yang jadul, mereka suka kulit putih banget. Jadilah gue selalu kena ocehan dari colleagues gue “Aduh, May… putihin kulit lo dong… Aduh May… kurusin badan dong.” Padahal gue udah ratusan juta kali bilang ke mereka, “I love my skin color just the way it is.” Tapi menurut mereka gue menyedihkan…. SWT BANGET KAN. Awal-awal gue marah-marah melulu kalo pulang ke rumah, sekarang sih gue udah ketawain aja. Ya udah sih, buat elo gue nggak cakep, tapi yang penting buat diri gue sendiri gue merasa cakep. Yeeee!

Soal apa lagi ya?

Gue nggak tahu lagi mau nambahin apa nih… Yah pokoknya survive disini tuh gampang lah asal lo bukan tipe cewek-cewek anak mami yang kemana-mana dianter supir dan nggak bisa naik angkutan umum dan mesti ada pembantu, yang nggak bisa nyuci panci abis makan indomie, yang nggak bisa bersihin kamar sendiri. Kalo kayak gitu sih, yah susah banget boook!!!

Okay then, segitu dulu aja deh yaaa… Maaf ya kalo gue nulis nya kayak nenek-nenek kebakaran jenggot, terus pasti gue langsung publish nggak pake edit lagi, soalnya beneran hari ini sibuk luar biasa. Ini gue paksain ngeblog demi challenge sialan itu. LOL.

If you’re serious to try a new adventure in Singapore, I wish you GOOD LUCK!!! And you can always email me for anything! :)


May, busy bee.

#30daysblogging Any last words..?

Day 14

Post is an idea from Tantri, whose blog’s name is so disturbing for someone who’s in Mayo Diet (and a big fan of perkedel)

Just like the person who gave the topic, the topic itself is so weird. Tantri was technically imagining me dead. And I would really have some serious haunting plan to do (WTF May, even when you’re dead you still have to plan everything?)

Let’s fly to this imaginary world called Negoh planet, which stands for Never-Gonna-Happen planet. (and then suddenly I hear Justin Bieber singing Never say never…) On Negoh, there was one rule that said “The prettiest, most adorable, and freaking cutest-that Nyan cat looks like a joke- girl had to be sacrificed to death sentence.”

I know I know not fair.

So we all know happened on that Negoh planet. Yes. I WAS BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

As the prettiest, most adorable and freaking cutest-that Nyan cat looks like a joke- girl, I have to be sentenced to death.


“So, the prettiest, most adorable, and freaking cutest-that Nyan cat looks like a joke- girl… What is your last wish before we kill you and send you to heaven?” asked the Negoh executor. (yes, in Negoh planet, I was so going to heaven)

“I would want a world peace.”

Huwahahahahaha!!!! So freaking pretentious pageant like.

Hmm… “I want one day with Bandi.” Yes that was probably it. We were gonna watch movie and eat anything we wanted. As simple as that. =)

“And what is your last meal?” asked the Negoh executor.

“PERKEDEL!!!! And must be the ones cooked by my mother!!!” I screamed frantically.

Yes. My mom makes the most delicious, moistest, tastiest perkedel ever. (perkedel is Indonesian fried mashed potato FYI) And nobody, NOBODY cooks perkedel better than my mom. Seriously. My mom’s perkedel is EPIC!!!

Ok, ok, I think I’ve emphasized enough of how my mom’s perkedel is the best on earth. So yeah, that would be my last meal.

“Any last word, the prettiest, most adorable, and freaking cutest-that Nyan cat looks like a joke- girl?” asked Negoh executor.

I sighed and I said softly, “All of you who brought me to justice… I advise you to check your closet and check under the bed every single night you wanted to sleep. Because I might be there.”

No way I’m gonna be dead without revenge. LOL


May, the prettiest, most adorable, and freaking cutest-that Nyan cat looks like a joke- girl

#30daysblogging Where to, next?

Day 13

Post is an idea from El Tandiono

After the amazing-tiring-moneysucking Europe Trip, Bandi and I had been some kind of travel immunity movement… We tried to ignore all the emails from airlines flashing about their promo prices, until… we couldn’t handle it anymore. LOL. We got a very very good price for only $200+ (I didn’t remember how much exactly) per person to explore Darwin, Australia. And we impulsively bought it. It’s for next August. Come to think of it, we didn’t really know what to explore in Darwin, we didn’t know whether we would have the approved leave, the time to apply visa and the money by then, but we did buy it anyway. LOLOL. So let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Our  next ambition is actually to resign and backpack across Indonesia. We planned it for 30days but if we ever had the guts to quit our jobs, we probably would do it for 2 months. But well, we have house mortgages and everything, we don’t know if we’re really gonna do it. :p

Remember this plan?

Remember this plan?

I’ve always had this imagination in my mind that someday we’re gonna do it. Now it’s just either we have the guts or not.

If we really couldn’t leave our responsibilities for that long, maybe we’re gonna shift to plan B: which is take different short trips for different destination. But honestly I like the long trip better. I love to be on the run, to be constantly moving everyday. It’s tiring, but it’s ADVENTUROUSLY AMAZING. :)

But it’s still a dream now. I hope it’s coming to be true one day. :) But for this year, we’ll just settle for a week at Darwin. (oh, and a possible honeymoon :))

What’s your travel plan for 2014? I hope it’s exciting!


May, si kaki gatal.

#30daysblogging Is everyone capable or raising a child?

Day 12

Post is an idea from Nancy

There are three things I have never liked to post about: 1. about my parents or my parental family; 2. about my work; 3. about children (my future children)

However, when Nancy gave a thought provoking topic, I couldn’t say no to talk about children. Well at least we’re talking children in general, not mine.

I have made a post before regarding whether everyone is capable of falling in love, and I haven’t got the answer yet now I’m talking about the other sensitive question. She asked whether everyone is capable of raising a child?

Not giving birth, not being pregnant or putting your sperm onto someone’s ovary, not being a mother/parent technically, but raising a child.

Thankfully for this one, I have my pretty fixed opinion.

My opinion is… NO. I don’t I think everyone is capable of raising a child.

Some were born to have nurturing trait and they dreamed to have kids and when they actually have one they are good at raising them. These people are good parents. They love their kids unconditionally, give the best to their kids and the most important is… THEY NEVER COMPLAIN. They love being parents.

Some were born without the nurturing trait yet they are willing to learn and they are willing to sacrifice their selfish time for the kids. They’re probably not the perfect parents that society approves for but they work hard to be parent.

Some were just born selfish. They love themselves too much it’s impossible to put someone else’s priority above them. These people should not have kids. Yet, a lot still turned up to be one. Oh well… It is lucky (or smart) of she/he married somebody who has the nurturing trait, however I always believe that good parenting comes from a teamwork between father and mother.

For women, the pressure of being parent is bigger than the men. In our society, you are not a woman before you give birth. You are not whole as a woman. Your purpose as a woman is to give birth and be mother.


So I’m not a woman if I don’t have kids? So my vagina fails? F%#K You!

I hate those people who said “The real woman must give birth, so they become whole.” WTF, this is so wrong. I can’t imagine if somebody wanting to be whole as a woman and ended up pregnant and then she gave birth and then she thought WTF is this, nothing changed, oh no, I didn’t want the baby! So freaking twisted! She didn’t have a replay button, oh no!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I know. But everyone is also entitled to their decision whether they want or don’t want to have kids. Some stupid women let other people make decision for them!

Some people are so selfish and twisted and vain and when they became mother, they would so gonna ruin the child. I’m talking about Snooki and Farrah Abraham for examples. I’m not judging. They’re just victim of the ugly society (and broken condoms).

Because of this pressure for the society, a lot of selfish women were being pregnant half-heartedly… And who is the victim? The children… :(

Complaining moms are normal. I mean, if they complained like “Oh man, teaching my daughter Math is impossible!” or “My kids ruin my backyard again, Graaawh!” it’s totally fine. But when you read something like “Oh, it’s nice of you to go to that party while I’m stuck with my crying baby at home. X(” on facebook and the endless complains from new moms how spending time with their baby is sad, you know something is wrong.

Why would someone complain having a baby when you were the one who wanted it at the first place?

Don’t. Just don’t.

You don’t have to have a baby.

Or if you’re not ready, you don’t have to have a baby NOW. You don’t have to rush things because it’s not only your life, it’s an innocent baby’s life on stake.

Ok, I don’t want to start blabbering about this issue having child too soon because I will so gonna repeat what I said on this post. (anyway that post is one of my best blabbering ever. LOL)

So yeah, the conclusion is… Not everyone is capable of raising a child.

I mean, technically yes, everyone could raise a child, but raising a child in a proper way for the kids to be healthy physically and mentally, NO.

The kids must have some mental problem (don’t be ashamed almost everyone have at least one) or some traumas when they were raised in a disturbing environment i.e. parents fighting all the time, lack of parent’s love and/or attention. It’s just the saddest. :(

I’m not a mom, so you can say this is bullshit and I don’t know how it feels to raise kids or have kids, well you’re right I DON’T. So this might be a bullshit. But I don’t rush it. I admit it to the freaking world that I’m not ready. It’s so weird when people ask about “Oh you’re getting married? How many kids do you want?”

Wait wait wait hold on. Getting married is not equal with having kids. They are two different things. It’s like asking “Oh you’re buying a plasma TV? How many cupcakes do you want?” Not related.

Oh well, I should really stop typing before I make Bandi even more nervous. LOL. Relax Bandi, if you read this, I DO WANT TO HAVE YOUR KID(S) SOMEDAY, ok? Geez, relax!

And I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna be a great mom. I will. someday.



May, screwing off before it gets to hormon-y